Hipsters Listen Up! Study Shows Bearded Men Carry More Germs Than Dogs

Ewwwww. If your fella is sporting a beard, a mo, a flavour-saver, goatee, chin strap or any other term they can think of to talk up that coarse mass of facial hair – it might be time to suggest he reach for a razor.

Men’s beards carry more germs than dogs fur, a study has revealed. Which, when you spare a thought for all the gross things that dogs do, it’s a little very unnerving.

In an interesting study, Swiss scientists took it upon themselves to look at the levels of bacteria lurking in men’s facial hair. The compared the samples from 18 men and 30 dogs from different breeds (of dogs just to clarify, not lumberjacks, metro men or hipsters).

It’s reported that the study was kicked off to investigate if there was a risk of humans picking up a disease from dogs if they used the same MRI scanner as a vet. But as science would have it, the results were indeed surprising and not at all as many of us would expect. Gulp. Brace yourselves.

And here’s where it gets interesting…

Upon disinfecting the MRI equipment, research showed you’re perhaps more likely to pick up something from your hairy human friend, rather than your hairy pet.

‘The researchers found a significantly higher bacterial load in specimens taken from the men’s beards compared with the dogs’ fur,’ Professor Andreas Gutzeit, of Switzerland’s Hirslanden Clinic, said.

Which frankly, has us all raising an eyebrow and wondering what on Earth a beard can do on any given day to garner such filth.

With swabs of beards and canine necks taken, the study found that all of the men had high microbial counts. Seven had bacteria which were actually hazardous to human health. Only 23 of the dogs had high microbial counts, with the rest being moderate.

It’s a clear win for #teamdog.

Bearded man with dog

So with all of that done and dusted, you can perhaps be not quite as disgusted next time your pet hound enthusiastically licks your face. Your bearded partner, not so much – it’s time for a shave, mate!

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