50 Scottish Baby Names to Please Your Outlander-Loving Heart

Outlander fans, it’s your time to SHINE. We’ve compiled 50 bonnie Scottish names to bestow upon your wee baby bairn.

Fans of the Outlander series will agree that 18th century Scotland has never looked more appealing than what it does with Scottish Jamie lighting up the screen. I digress, Scottish baby names for lads and lasses is where we’re headed.

From names you can’t help but try out with a Scottish accent to the downright cute, we have them all here for your consideration.

Aye, you say it like this..

Getting your tongue around some of these Scottish monikers can be tricky. If you find yourself wondering how on Earth do I say… we most definitely recommend Nameberry for all the nitty-gritty phonetic details, though we have helped you out with some pearlers.

Scottish Names For Boys

  1. Angus
  2. rchibald
  3. Blair
  4. Calum
  5. Cameron
  6. Clyde
  7. Darragh (pronounced Da-rah)
  8. Dougal
  9. Eoghann (pronounced Oh-in)
  10. Evander (pronounced Eh-van-der)
  11. Farquhar (pronounced Far-kar)
  12. Fergus
  13. Finlay
  14. Hamish
  15. Kerr
  16. Knox
  17. Lennox
  18. Lochie
  19. Magnus
  20. Maxwell
  21. Mungo
  22. Torquil (pronounced Tor-kil)
  23. Ossian (pronounced Uh-sheen)
  24. Rory
  25. Struan

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Scottish Names For Girls

  1. Agnes
  2. Ainsley
  3. Annabelle
  4. Bonnie
  5. Breagha
  6. Catriona
  7. Davina
  8. Edina
  9. Eilidh (pronounced Ay-lee)
  10. Elspeth
  11. Esme
  12. Fiona
  13. Flora
  14. Greer
  15. Ishbel
  16. Isla
  17. Jean
  18. Kenna
  19. Lilias
  20. Lorna
  21. Maisie
  22. Nessa
  23. Skye
  24. Una
  25. Vaila (pronounced Vay-la)

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