Out of all the fun things that comes with being a mum, getting up at midnight to change my child’s bed sheets after an accident doesn’t make the top 10. 

In fact, ‘changing bed sheets at midnight’ is somewhere near the bottom of the ‘fun-mum-list’. You know, right before cleaning vomit off the car seat and right after picking caked-on play dough out of the carpet.

But, alas, it’s all part of the job. And, by the end of the potty training days and nappy-free nights, we mums are master midnight bed re-makers.

This is why we are SOOO grateful for products that make our daily and nightly tasks just that little bit easier. Like The Midnight Gang and their Bed Mates – waterproof sheet protectors that make the whole middle-of-the-night bed-changing caper so much easier.

Want to try them for yourself? You’re in luck because we have FOUR Bed Mates prize packs up for grabs. Keep on reading to enter to win.

waterproof sheet protectors bed mates midnight gang bedwetting solution

Stop stripping the bed

What makes Bed Mates so ideal for all parents and kids? Unlike mattress protectors, Bed Mates go ON TOP of the fitted sheet so you don’t have to strip everything when there’s a bedwetting accident. You can simply remove the waterproof sheet protector, change your little one into dry pjs and it’s back to bed for everyone.

Simply place a fresh Bed Mate on top of the fitted bed sheet, tuck the wings in and your child is ready to drift back into a comfortable sleep.

Prevent bedwetting anxiety 

If an accident happens, pull the Bed Mate off and the sheets remain perfectly dry! This saves you from having to remake the bed every time AND can reduce the stigma, stress and shame that bedwetting can cause your little one.

Accidents are no big deal with Bed Mates, which is what children need to know when they do have a mishap. It happens. It’s okay. It’s a quick pitstop and the wee little problem is fixed! There’s no need for our kids to feel anxious about it and there’s no need for it to be a big deal, especially in the middle of the night. Plus, the designs are so gorgeous that your little bedwetter can feel special instead of embarrassed to have them on the bed.

Bed Mates Midnight Gang

Why we love them 

Aussie designed – And in four on-trend patterns to choose from including funky Morning Glory, classic Vintage Floral, dino-riffic Jurassic and mystical Aussie Bush Fairies (as above).

Free from nasties – Bed Mates are nontoxic and free from PVC, phthalates, lead and formaldehyde. They are also washing machine and dryer safe.

Super absorbent and soft The 100% cotton top means a comfortable night’s sleep and the cute designs makes the bed feel bright and fun to remove any stigma your little one might feel.

Stays in place Because Bed Mates have wings, they remain firmly in place throughout the night, even if your child is a squirmy sleeper.

Great for more than just the bed You can also get Bed Mates to protect other surfaces including the couch, floor, cot, pram (there are wing-free options available which are ideal for these areas). They are also awesome for camping trips and even sleepovers if your little one is still having the occasional overnight bedwetting accident later down the road. And trust us, when your kid has gastro, a Bed Mate will save your sanity.

Perfect for pregnancy tooThey are even great for pregnant mummas like myself who are in their final trimester and worried that their waters might break in bed. Or in the front seat of the car (yes, it happens!).

Bed Mates have been a serious game changer in our household and we highly recommend that all parents who are entering the potty training phase or dealing with bed-wetting stock up on these waterproof sheet protectors. It will save you and your kids a lot of stress along the way!

waterproof bedsheets the midnight gang bed mates

Accidents happen. Be prepared with Bed Mates

We can’t guarantee that your child is going to sleep through the night without an accident. In fact, cleaning up wee at 2am is pretty much a rite of passage for parents.

But what we can promise is that The Midnight Gang’s Bed Mates can make those late night bed changes so much easier.

You can pick up a Bed Mate through The Midnight Gang’s website via the button below. There’s Bed Mates for single, king single, double and queen beds, with or without wings. Each Bed Mate starts at $49.95 (single, without wings). Buy one and get a second Bed Mate at 20% off. Nice.

If you are keen to try Bed Mates, make sure you also enter our competition, where you have the chance to WIN a pair of Bed Mates for your place!


We’ve got FOUR Bed Mates Prize Packs to give away to FOUR lucky Mum Central mums.

Each prize includes TWO of The Midnight Gang’s Bed Mates in any size or pattern you choose, so you can all sleep easy.

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Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.

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