Erin Molan Launches New Range of Premature Baby Clothes, with Sizes as Teeny as 0000000

When your preemie baby is ready for their first outfit, Best&Less have you covered for the cutest premature baby clothes! Launching TODAY is the affordable and gorgeous Berry Basics by Erin range which includes the tiniest of sizes. It has all the layers a teeny tiny baby needs!

Maximum comfort and ease of dressing are important for dressing ANY baby, but definitely a preemie baby. For babies that come early enough to be called preemies (babies born before 37 weeks gestation), their arrival is often unexpected and a shock to their parents…

Needless to say, those tiny clothes you may have already indulged in buying just aren’t tiny enough. Generally speaking, a 0000 fits a full-term newborn and moving down the sizing scale can prove hard to find – and sometimes quite expensive.

But the search is over, thanks to Best&Less! These super cute styles are available to fit preemies and beyond – and none of them will hurt your hip pocket!

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Size inclusive: Berry Basics by Erin fits the littlest babies and big babies! Source: Best&Less

Wait, do I need special clothes for a preemie baby?

Yes and no. When it comes to premature baby clothes, small and simple are best. Clothing for premature babies should be buttery soft, comfy and easy to get on and off. Clothing made from cotton and natural fibres is fantastic as it sits softly on the skin and allows for airflow, which is really important.

Premature and low-weight babies usually have very little body fat and can’t yet regulate their own temperature, even when in a warm environment. Layering light pieces of clothing and blankets are ideal to find that balance between being too cold and overheating!

Berry Basics by Erin: made for mums by a mum

Even for the most experienced mum, dressing a little baby can be tricky. Erin Molan, an Australian TV presenter and mum to daughter Eliza, is making dressing your tiny little human a whole lot easier with an exclusive new organic and sustainable baby range in partnership with Best&Less, called Berry Basics by Erin.

“When Eliza was born I took 10 baby singlets to a tailor and asked her to put on buttons, zips and Velcro down the front so they were easier to put on… 4 years later… the ‘world first’ (yes… really!) designs and more will be available nationally at Best&Less!” – Erin Molan, Instagram

The new collection incorporates Erin’s patented design, making it easier and more comfortable to dress your baby. It avoids ‘over the head’ dressing or bending the baby’s tiny delicate arms to squeeze the outfit on.

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Mum and TV presenter, Erin Molan designed the PERFECT preemie baby clothing range. Source: Best&Less

Berry Basics by Erin, exclusive to Best&Less

Berry Basics by Erin is exclusively available at Best&Less from 17 November 2022 in-store and online – you won’t find these pieces anywhere else! Catering for tiny and mighty babies the Berry Basics by Erin range is available in premature styles starting from 0000000 (7 x zeros) all the way up to 18/24 months. That’s right, these styles also extend to fit bigger, full-term babies and beyond!

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The prints are CUTE. Source: Best&Less

The perfect preemie layette

Wondering exactly what you need for a preemie or newborn baby? Erin together with Best&Less has thought of it all! The Berry Basics by Erin collection includes everything from vests to bodysuits and even sweet, lightweight blankets. Every detail has been thought of with wrap-front closures, concealed internal snaps, and turn-back mitten cuffs – even eliminating the garment tag for added comfort.

Organic and sustainable, the Berry Basics by Erin range is available in pointelle, bamboo or rib fabrics and in sweet colours. Some designs feature sweet bumble bees, white posies, and snail prints – and there’s even a nod to Christmas with red and white candy canes and Christmas trees also available. So cute!

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It’s all about the snaps for easy access. Source: Best&Less

Best&Less for quality and affordability

We know Best&Less offer brilliant choice, quality and affordability across their store and it’s no different for the Berry Basics by Erin range. The price point is perfect – you can pick up a sweet nappy cover for just RRP$6 and the most expensive (though I use the word loosely) item is the PJ Sets at RRP$14 a pair. Amazing, right?

Premature baby clothing, Best&Less
Berry Basics by Erin Pj Set is just $14. Source: Best&Less

World Prematurity Day is 17 November

World Prematurity Day is a globally celebrated awareness day to increase awareness of preterm births as well as deaths and disabilities due to prematurity and the simple, proven, cost-effective measures that could prevent them. Worldwide, one in 10 babies are born too early – that’s more than 27000 babies each year in Australia alone.

A wonderful gift idea for early babies or baby showers, head to Best&Less to check out the whole Berry Basics by Erin today, on World Prematurity Day. Nothing but the most gorgeous premature baby clothes await!

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