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The Best Gifts For Photographers From Beginner to Expert

Want to inspire the kids to get creative? Encourage dad to take more photos? Or to delight the photographer in your life this Christmas? We’ve found the best gifts for photographers of all ages and skill levels.

After all, what’s a family holiday if we don’t have a few (thousand) photos and videos to prove it happened?

A picture says 1000 words. But it says nothing if it’s out-of-focus or too dark to see anything. If you really want to encourage photography, you need to invest in a proper camera or at least the accessories to turn your phone into one.

Cameras don’t have to be expensive, especially when you are just starting out. In our list of the best gifts for photographers, we’ve included cameras at various price points and covered every age.

Our camera go-to guide will help make sense of different camera options on the market. We’ve got the best cameras for digital photography for kids, for teens, for parents, even for grandparents.

A love of photography can start early in life. Picture: BigStock
Christmas gifts for the family - Ted's Cameras
Photo: Ted’s Cameras

Best camera for KIDS

Camera: Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

Price: $99.95

Why kids will love it: 

It’s instant. They don’t need to wait to get the photos printed and the photos are a cute small size too – ideal for collages, photo books or hanging on a string on their bedroom wall.

It’s easy to use.  Point, click, print. Honestly, it’s that simple. This camera is a great way to encourage your child’s love of photography without the expensive price tag. There’s even a selfie mirror so your kids can become selfie-experts in a matter of minutes.

Instax has heaps of accessories. Kids can choose different Instax Film packs with fun borders and space to write messages like “best friends forever”. These accessories make great future birthday gifts, additional Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers. 

Ted's Camera - best camera for kids Christmas gift guide
The Instax Mini 9 – Mum Central’s pick for the best camera for kids. Photo: Ted’s Cameras

mum central

Best camera for TEENS

Camera: Black Eye 3-in-1 Lens Kits & Mozi Mini S

Price: Lens kit 19.95 and Mozi Mini S $99.95

Why teens will love it: 

It attaches to their mobile phone.  Teens LOVE their mobile phones and these nifty gadgets magically transform their phones into a high-quality cameraThe Black Eye lens kit contains mobile phone size lenses that clip over the existing lens on your mobile phone. It’s brilliant for capturing creative shots such as fisheye (circular shots), macro (extreme close-ups) and telephoto (long-range) photos. 

It’s stable. Most mobile phone videos have a fair bit of shake. To create a professional standard of stability and smoothness it’s wise to invest in a gimbal. This gadget will make a huge difference when they want to capture videos on the go or to start recording vlogs and YouTube videos.

The Moza Mini S smartphone gimbal is foldable and weighs less than 500 grams.  That’s less than a bag of sugar, which makes it totally easy to carry around on holidays without the kids shoving it in YOUR bag.

This has to be one of the best gifts for photographers who are keen to take their interest in photography or videography to the next level. 

Ted's Camera accessories for teens
The Mini Moz S & Black Eye lens – Mum Central’s pick for the best camera for teens. Photo: Ted’s Cameras

mum central

Best camera for PARENTS

Camera: Panasonic Lumix TZ90

Price: $499.95

Why parents will love it:

It’s the best camera for family photos.  With the Panasonic Lumix TZ90 you can skip the costs of a family photographer and hire yourself. This camera has a 3-inch touch screen so you can swiftly and easily adjust settings. Plus, it’s tiltable to accommodate shooting at difficult angles and taking family selfies. 

It’s compact and light. You can easily pack it into your bag for family outings. Plus it delivers high-quality photos and 4K video.

It’s easy to share. With this camera, you can easily post photos to social media, share them with your family, send them to your computer or into the cloud. Once you have a Panasonic Lumix, try this list of photos you must take of your child right now.

Panasonic Lumix camera - Ted's Cameras
Panasonic Lumix TZ90 – Mum Central’s pick for best cameras for parents. Photo: Ted’s Cameras

mum central

Best camera for GRANDPARENTS

Camera: Nikon D5600 + AFP 18-55mm STD

Price: $849.95

Why grandma and grandpa will love it

It’s great for the budding photographer hobbyist.  Nikon is the next level in cameras. This is the gift for photographers who want to take their love of photography even further. Or for grandparents who want more photos with the grandkids.

It is super easy to use.  Sure, it comes with a lot of extra bells and whistles, but the DSLR camera with a versatile lens is actually a straight forward camera that even first-timers will enjoy using. One quick lesson on how to use it and the grandparents will be crowned as your official family photographers. 

It has built-in WiFi with Nikon’s SnapBridge. Nikon takes the confusion out of sharing photos with built-in WiFi, which is ideal for those who aren’t super techno-savvy, ahem… nana!  

mum central
Nikon D5600 – Mum Central’s pick for the best camera for grandparents. Photo: Ted’s Cameras

mum central

Best FAMILY camera

Camera: Nikon Coolpix W300

Price: $499.95

Why the whole family will love it:

It’s great for outdoor adventures. The Nikon Coolpix W300 is waterproof and dustproof. It can handle all-weather so you can take it to the beach, the pool or camping. This is the camera the kids are going to take into the pool to take funny face underwater photos.

Clumsy children can use it.  It’s also shockproof, so you don’t have to worry about the kids having a play and accidentally dropping it.

Everyone can use it. Kids, teens, mum, dad, heck, even the family dog will be able to use this nifty camera without dramas. Okay, maybe not the family dog, but it is very user-friendly! 

mum central
Nikon Coolpix W300- Mum Central’s pick for a good family camera. Photo: Ted’s Cameras

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