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Meet Sleepybelly: the Best Pregnancy Pillow for Safe, Comfortable and Stress-Free Sleep

Calling all pregnant women.  We’ve uncovered a must-have product being hailed an actual “lifesaver” by pregnant mums. It’s a 3-piece pregnancy pillow that’s proven to be the best pregnancy pillow on the market.  Not only is it a dream to use, it supports ALL types of sleepers. Yep – your back sleepers, tummy sleepers, side sleepers, toss and turn sleepers … and even spread-eagle sleepers! Yep, ALL the pregnant sleepers!

The best pregnancy pillow - Sleepybelly maternity pillow
A better night’s sleep awaits with Sleepybelly. Source: Supplied

More comfort, less concern 

Sleepybelly is a unique maternity pillow that provides support and relief for your belly and back, relieving back, hip and pelvic pain, while preventing the ‘feared’ back sleeping position.

Simply put, it offers expecting mums a way to sleep comfortably and safely throughout their pregnancy.

Sleepybelly - best pregnancy pillow for side sleeping
Your belly will LOVE Sleepybelly. Source: Instagram

Unlike most pregnancy pillows out there, Sleepybelly consists of three separate pieces, all adjustable and incredibly comfortable. It takes up much less space in the bed and comes with nothing but rave reviews from pregnant mums across Australia.


If you haven’t already discovered Sleepybelly, allow us to introduce you to this ingenious pregnancy product and showcase why it’s a must for every single pregnant mum out there.

Three pieces for extra support 

You’ve probably come across pregnancy pillows before but there’s none on the market quite as innovative as Sleepybelly. This 3-piece adjustable pillow allows for support from all sides and can be adjusted several different ways as your body grows or you change positions.

There’s a velcro attachment that allows you to increase the width between the pillows as your tummy grows. It’s genius really.

Sleepybelly, best pregnancy pillow in Australia
Sleepybelly’s unique design comes in 3 separate pieces to adjust to suit your body. Source: Supplied

Sleepybelly comes with long back support as well as a dual wedge pillow. The pillows surround your tummy and back, providing support and relief for your stomach as well as preventing you from rolling onto your back during the night.

  • The long-back support is ideal for those who don’t tend to wiggle.
  • The dual wedge pillow is ideal for those who like to move around and swap sides in the night.
Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow
Side sleep without pain with two pillows to support your tum and back. Source: Supplied

Each pillow is made from antibacterial activated latex which means no dust mites or other nasties and extra support too. Plus they each come with a gorgeous bamboo/polyester blend air-layer cover that is also machine-washable. 

Another feature driving Sleepybelly’s claim as the best pregnancy pillow is that it’s not too big, bulky or hot to sleep with. It stays cool throughout the night and doesn’t take up the entire bed either. So yes, your partner has plenty of room too!

Peace of mind night after night 

Regardless of how you slept before falling pregnant, most women will opt to sleep on their side during pregnancy. Not only is it the safest sleep position for baby, it also provides minimal pressure on your body.

Of course, staying on your side throughout the night can be pretty tricky, especially if you’re used to sleeping on your stomach or back. I cannot tell you how many times I would fall asleep on my side and wake up to find I’d rolled onto my back at night! And then feel worried about it and not be able to go back to sleep. 

Sleepybelly can help you remain in that optimal side sleep position, even if you’re not used to it. In fact, it’s the best pregnancy pillow for side sleepers, back sleepers and tummy sleepers.

Knowing that you are sleeping in the optimal position for your body and for your baby is incredibly comforting and hopefully will result in a more restful, less stressful night’s sleep.

best pregnancy pillow - meet Sleepybelly
Source: Supplied

Suitable for all sleepers

Sleepybelly has got your back, no matter your preferred sleeping position. Discover how to customise it for your bedtime routine and experience the incredible support it provides for your growing belly.

  • BEST PREGNANCY PILLOW FOR SIDE SLEEPERS: Opt for the two wedge pillows plus back support which will help to relieve the weight-bearing pull of your tummy while you’re trying to sleep. One pillow on your tummy and one for your knees means a comfortable sleep without any added pressure.
  • BEST PREGNANCY PILLOW FOR BACK SLEEPERS: The long ‘anti-roll’ back support will be your best friend. It prevents you from rolling onto your natural back-sleeping position. Plus it’s super soft and cuddly! Place a wedge pillow on the other side for tummy support. 
  • BEST PREGNANCY PILLOW FOR STOMACH SLEEPERS: Opt for the two wedge pillows on either side of you. This will prevent you from rolling forward into your natural tummy sleeping position.

sleepybelly-pregnancy-pillow-quoteGoodbye aches and pains 

There are several reasons why pregnant mums struggle with sleep including vivid dreams, restless legs, heartburn, and the need to pee every hour, but perhaps the most common issue is that we are uncomfortable.

The aches, pains and niggles can impact our hips, pelvis, breasts, and even our legs. It can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you simply want to get some sleep without being in constant pain!

Another reason mums consider Sleepybelly the best maternity pillow on the market is that it really does work to alleviate these common pregnancy pains. It provides optimal support for your hip, pelvis, and back which takes away the pressure and pain. 

sleepybelly-pregnancy-pillow-quote-1Sleepybelly’s “30-Day Sleeping Mum’s Guarantee”

There are a lot of products on the market designed for pregnancy but there’s always been a bit of a gap in the market for high-quality products that promote better sleep. Sleeping tablets and medications are generally off the table whilst pregnant and, while there are A LOT of pregnancy pillows to choose from, many are quite bulky, take up a load of space in the bed and lose their shape really quickly.

Sleepybelly was created to fill this gap and provide comfort and peace of mind so pregnant mummas could get some much-needed rest. This is also why Sleepybelly comes with a 30-day Sleeping Mum’s Guarantee.

Essentially, if you don’t experience a better sleep after using Sleepybelly for 30 days, simply return it, FOR FREE!

Mums love Sleepybelly, the Best pregnancy pillow in Australia
Happy mum, happy tum! Source: Supplied

Loved by mums, recommended by professionals

Every pregnant mum has their list of go-to products to get them through pregnancy – stretch mark creams, maternity bras, support leggings, and so on.

Not surprisingly, Sleepybelly consistently tops this list for countless mums around Australia. In fact, it comes with a 4.9 star rating out of 5 stars from over 250 mums. Not only loved by mums but Sleepybelly is also recommended by midwives, physios, doulas and women’s health nurses.

sleepybelly-pregnancy-pillow-quoteSo if you’re pregnant or know someone who is, a Sleepybelly pregnancy pillow is a must. It comes in two neutral colours, retails for $139.99 and includes free shipping to your door!

Get your Sleepybelly for 10% off using the code MUMCENTRAL10 at checkout. 

Try the Sleepybelly today, risk-free for 30 nights with a money-back guarantee and free shipping Australia-wide. You’ve literally got nothing to lose and a whole lot of quality sleep to gain!

It’s time to bid farewell to sleepless nights and discomfort and HELLO to better sleep!

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