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10 Best Ride-On Toys, Toddler Scooters, Bikes and Trikes of 2021

Toddlers and preschoolers love to go, go, go which is why ride-on toys, scooters, bikes and trikes are a must for your little adventurer.

There are so many toddler bikes, ride-ons and scooters on the market, so how do you know which one is best suited for your tot?

Mum Central has rounded up 10 of the best ride-on toys for toddlers and preschoolers, ranging from $15 to over $500. Plus, we’ve created a go-to guide on what to look for when shopping for a ride-on toy.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”The benefits to ride-on toys”]

  • Encourages pretend play and creativity
  • Helps develop coordination, balance, and motor skills
  • Provides them with better spacial awareness
  • Great for confidence building
  • Promotes exercise and active play
  • Keeps them entertained for hours
  • Great for family walks and outings (no need for a pram)
  • Encourages independence and gives kiddies a sense of freedom
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Ride ons have come a long way, such as this epic ride from Little Riders Australia. Source: Supplied

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1. Make sure it’s age-appropriate. A ride-on toy can be great fun but it can also be frustrating if it’s simply too challenging for your little rider. Make sure you check the age requirements to ensure you’re choosing a toy that is suited to your child’s age and skills. Our top ride-on picks below are suitable from as young as 10 months up to 8 years.

2. Oh the places you’ll go. Are you looking for something for scooting around the house or garage, cruising on the streets and parks or perhaps you want something that can handle off-roading, sand, and grass?

3. Your budget. Simple ride-on toys start at just $15 but electric cars and trucks tend to cost around the $500 mark. It all depends on what you’re after. For example, a $500 ride-on electric car may last several years while you may only get a year or two of play out of a smaller ride-on.

4. Where to store it. Size also matters, especially if you’re a bit cramped for space. You’ll most likely want to store any scooters, bikes, trikes or electric cars somewhere safe and dry (such as a garage or undercover balcony).

5. Car compatibility. You will also want to be sure your choice fits in the back of your boot if you plan on taking it with you. Many scooters and bikes are extra compact and come with fold-and-go options for easy transport.

6. Two, three or four wheels? Deciding to go with a balance bike or two-wheeled scooter versus a three-wheel scooter or four-wheel bike can be tricky. Scooters and balance bikes are great for coordination and balance but they do take some getting used to. But once your children get used to these types of ride-on toys, there’s no stopping them!

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Globber Explorer Trike 4in1

Where to buy: David Jones, Toymate, Kidstuff, 99 Bikes, and leading independent toy and bicycle stores
Price: $299

If you’re after a trike, then the Globber Explore 4in1 is a great choice. It’s actually four products in one, starting as an infant trike for babies 10 months+. Bub will be snug as a bug on a trike with the 5-point safety harness, comfy shoulder pads, sun canopy and footrest.

Next, it’s onto the Guided Trike stage, for tots 18 months+, where the trike is still guided by an adult handle but your little one can play along. At 24 months, cruise into Training Trike mode and let your little one pedal by themselves. Finally,  when the child is ready, switch to a balance bike! How cool is that??!

The Globber Explores 4in1 comes in red, pink, lime green, teal and mint and is 100% tool-free so you can easily change from one mode to the next without any particular tools. Easy as!

mum central
The Globber Explorer 4in1 grows with your child, easily converting as your child grows. Source: Supplied

Reader offer: Get 15% off at globber.com.au using the discount code CENTRAL

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Licensed Toyota Hilux Ute 2021

Where to buy: Little Riders Australia
Price: $529

Our top pick for high-end ride-on toys goes to this incredible beast of a ride – the Licensed Toyota Hilux Ute 2021. Yes, ladies and gents, it’s a mini Hilux and it’s as luxe as it gets!

This Licensed Toyota Hilux Ute 2021 by Little Riders Australia has everything! The power of 4 motors and 2 batteries generate epic power and performance with longer playtime. Add to that a realistic design, spacious and soft seating and soft EVA wheels and decent suspension for a smooth ride. Oh, and did we mention it also comes with a parent control AND space for two kiddies?

Other features include an MP3 player, USD, AUX cable, TF and card, plus Bluetooth compatibility. Add to that LED lights in the front and back, shock absorbers in the rear wheels and so much more! In a nutshell, this car has got comfort, luxury, style and unlimited fun for you and your young one. Pre-order now. Afterpay available.

mum central
This Licensed Toyota Hilux Ute 2021 by Little Riders Australia is everything the off-road enthusiast needs. Source: Supplied

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Bluey and Cocomelon Balance Bikes

Where to buy: Big W, Target, Kmart, Catch.com.au, Toys R Us
Price: $49

It’s Bluey! Or JJ! But in bike form. These licensed balance bikes come with the fun of a balance bike PLUS the excitement of riding along with their favourite characters. Choose from Bluey or Cocomelon and let your little one discover the joy of riding on two wheels.

mum central

Balance bikes are specifically designed without pedals to help your child develop balance, coordination and confidence so that they can make an easy transition to a traditional pedal bike. The low height allows the child to reach the ground comfortably and helps them get used to riding on two wheels. You can pick either up for under $50 – a great price for the perfect first bike!

mum central
Check out the full range of Cocomelon bikes and ride ons at Big W. Source: Supplied

Check out the whole range of licensed scooters, bikes and trikes available through Hunter Leisure. They’ve got Cocomelon, The Wiggles and Bluey ride-ons available and are currently featured in the 2021 Big W Toy Sale!

mum central
Snap up savings at the 2021 Big W Toy Sale with your Bluey or Cocomelon bikes. Source: Big W

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Licensed Mack Dump Truck Kids 

Where to buy: Little Riders Australia
Price: $499

Get your kids ready for big adventures with their very own Mack Dump Truck – a battery-operated ride-on car that will make their year!  This two-seater Mack Truck comes with EVA wheels, leather seats and two batteries to give you that extra power. With 2.4C Parental remote controller, parents have control of the car and its speed too!

Like most of the Little Riders Australia models, this car also has an MP3 player with the option to plug in USB, AUX cable and TF card. Suitable for children 3 to 8 years, Mack has a load capacity of 40kg, a rear tray with a tipping function and a shiny finish.

Mack is a limited edition ride-on, only new to Australia too so be quick to order yours. Afterpay available.

mum central
The Mack Truck will seat 2 kids up to 40kg and feature a tipping tray for real removers. Source: Supplied

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Globber Go Up

Where to buy: Toyworld, ToyMate, 99Bikes, Trek, Intersport plus plenty more stores here.
Price: From $160

Preschoolers LOVE being able to scoot alongside you on walks so the Globber Go Up is a winner! Super-versatile, it’s actually a three-in-one product … a ride on, a walking bike and a scooter. It transforms from a parent-led scooter seat to a scooter seat to a proper scooter with just a push of a button.

YouTube video

The scooter seat is perfect for tots 15 months+, while the scooter is ideal for kiddies 3+ and up to 50kg. All Globber Go Ups also have adjustable seats, so you can set them to the right height for your child quickly and easily.

READER OFFER: Scoot over to globber.com.au and use CENTRAL to SAVE 15% OFF at checkout.

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Globber Go Up is the ride-on that converts to three different toys. Source: Supplied

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24V Beach Buggy Speed

Where to buy: Little Riders Australia
Price: $499

Imagine owning your very own beach buggy.  I mean, if this isn’t every child’s dream come true, I don’t know what is! If you’re after an electric ride-on with extra power and comfort, then this 24V Beach Buggy Speed is your best bet. It comes with two powerful motors, soft EVA wheels, two seats, a four-wheel suspension for off-road adventures and so much more!

mum central
The 24V Beach Buggy Speed from Little Riders is every off roader’s dream ride-on! Source: Supplied

The parent control puts you in the driver’s seat (so to speak), plus it comes with a gear stick for reverse and forward function, high and low speed, plus an MP3 player, AUX cable and Bluetooth capability.

Ideal for at home, camping, anywhere! The opportunities are endless! Afterpay is available. 

mum central
Perfect for on-road or off-road adventures, the 24V Beach Buggy Speed is sure to be a winner! Source: Supplied

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Ducati Motorbike Inspired 

Where to buy: Little Riders Australia
Price: $299

For motorbike enthusiasts, you can’t go past the incredible Ducati Motorbike Inspired which comes with a hand accelerator and foot break, just like a real motor bike. This 12V electric ride-on oozes with style and excitement and is built to grow with your child. It comes with removable supporting wheels for stability, a soft seat, and soft wheels for comfort and working LED lights.

Cruise forward, reverse, turn left and turn right with approximately 1-2 hours of continuous run battery power in a single charge. The Ducati comes in red, blue and white and comes with a rechargeable battery.

Perfect for kiddies 3-7 years old, it even comes with MP3 Plug, TF card, USB. Amazing! The Ducati Motorbike also comes in a 24V variant which offers more power and speed for kids over 8 years of age.

mum central
This 12V Ducati Motorbike Inspired from Little Riders is ideal for kids 3-7 years. Source: Supplied

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Dune Buggy Ride-On

Where to buy: Big W and Kmart
Price: $15

For cruising around the house, garage or around the park, the Dune Buggy Ride-On is a must. For just $15, it’s also a steal! It’s easy to ride, ideal for toddlers, bright and colourful and lightweight so you can carry it if need be.

The Dune Buggy comes in two colour options – pink/purple or yellow/blue/red. If you’re looking for an affordable ride-on for around the house, you really can’t go past this one – a toddler staple for sure!

mum central
At just $15, the Dune Buggy Ride-On is an affordable toy and super portable too! Source: Supplied

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The Bugs – Scootie, Scuttle, Scramblebugs

Where to buy: Amazon, Kmart, Toy Universe and other toy retailers
Price: Starting from $20 from Scuttle, $29 for Scramble, Scootie from $89

Another great ride-on option for little ones is the Mookie Bug range. They’ve got three fun ride on bugs – Scootiebug (scooter), Skuttle Bug (three-wheel design) and Scramblebug (four-wheel design).

All are great for learning to balance and suited for both indoors and outdoors. Plus, it’s ideal for travel with a 3-click folding system so you can pack them away or throw them into the back of the car and take it with you. Suitable for kids 2+, the weight limit is 20kg.

mum central
Scootiebug, Skuttle Bug and Scramblebug are three great ride-ons that fold up for easy transport. Source: Supplied

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Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

Where to buy: Little Tikes and most toy retailers
Price: Starting at $119

Another staple in every preschooler’s backyard is the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. These cars have been around for ages and kids just LOVE them! There’s a whole fleet of different designs too – Dino, Ladybird, Fairy, Police Coupe and so much more!

They are stylish and easy to cruise around in, plus come with interactive buttons, a working horn, and durable tyres. We especially love how they encourage hours of active play, imagination and the development of motor skills. Suitable for kids 18+ to 5.

mum central
An absolute winner with toddlers, the Cozy Coupe from Little Tikes comes in a large range of designs. Source: Supplied

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Well, ladies and gents, that’s a wrap on our top ride-on toys for 2021, including our top picks for toddler trikes, electric ride-on toys, bikes and scooters.

Good luck in your search for the next ride-on toy for your child, and remember, there’s no harm in having more than one, as long as you’ve got the space!

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