25 Must-Have Toddler Products for Sleep, Potty Training, Play & Much More

Ah, toddlerhood. One of the most enjoyable yet challenging stages of parenting. Be armed for the many adventures ahead with Mum Central’s top picks for toddler products in 2021.

We’ve searched far and wide and uncovered toddler must-haves for indoor and outdoor play, for out and about, for mealtime and sleep time and, of course, for toilet training.

Allow us to share our fave finds with you, and some great discounts on these great toddler items too.

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1. High chair/booster seat: Tripp Trapp® Chair

PRICE: $349
WHERE TO BUY: Stokke Australia

Bring your toddler to the dining table and closer to the family with Stokke’s adjustable Tripp Trapp® Chair. Made from European timber, this ergonomic chair can grow with your child in every life stage with its highly adjustable seat and footplate positions. Your child can sit comfortably at the dining table or anywhere else and it’s pretty enough to use in any room.

European made Tripp Trapp® Chair’s classic and iconic design has been chosen as 1 of the 100 Greatest Designs of Modern Times by Fortune Magazine and was voted as the highest-rated high chair in numerous award categories. It’s also trusted by over 11 Million users over the world. Experience first hand the only chair your child needs for life. It comes with a 7 years extended warranty plus personalised engravings are available.

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2. Food catcher: Toddler Messy Tray

PRICE: $19.00

This Toddler Messy Tray will transform your toddler mealtimes into a (somewhat) clean experience. Less stress, fewer messes all around. Best of all? It’s under $20!

Suction cups, spill-proof edging and easy carry handles make for less mealtime mess and toddlers will love the adorable veggie pictures. Who knows, they may even be tempted to TRY a carrot or piece of broccoli. The Hello Sunshine Toddler Messy Tray fits perfectly over the table edge and is great for family outings too. A must-have toddler accessory for sure! See it in action here.

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3. For colouring play: Reusable colouring-in mat

PRICE: From $16.00

Toddlers LOVE to colour-in, over and over and over again. HeyDoodle lets them release their colouring creativity in a much more eco-friendly way compared to colouring-in books or paper.

HeyDoodle is a large erasable drawing mat made of premium silicone. Toddlers can colour to their hearts’ content and you can wipe it clean, ready for them to start again. There are heaps of HeyDoodle designs to choose from including traceable numbers and letters. Plus, you can easily take HeyDoodle with you – ideal for trips away, meals out or days spent at the grandparents.

Reduce paper wastage and foster creativity through colouring and drawing with this innovative activity.

HeyDoodle - toddler product pickMUM CENTRAL READER OFFER: Use code HDMUMCENTRAL for 10% OFF orders $60 and above!
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4. For educational play: Metta Play cards

PRICE: From $19.00
WHERE TO BUY: Metta Play

Toddlers love flashcards and Metta Play cards are perfect for little learners. Metta Play yoga and affirmation cards help kids learn mindfulness, cultural awareness, and even another language through play. The cards are available in four languages – Mandarin, Indonesian, French and Spanish. 

Designed, printed and packed in Australia by conscious and mindful suppliers, 10% of profits are also donated to ROOP (Reading out of Poverty) to help improve the education and future of children in need.  What a brilliant idea!

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5. For creative play: Magicube

PRICE: From $25.00
WHERE TO BUY: Amazon and Geomag World

For your budding builder, Magnicube is a toddler must! Magicube is a construction set that combines the magic of magnets with colourful, connecting cubes. There are several different kits to choose from – insects, vehicles, robots, animals, princesses, castles, fruit, to name a few.

Each set comes with 4 magnetic cubes and six building cards and blocks all attach through magnets. Kids can follow the instructions to build the various objects or they can simply make their own combinations.

child playing with magicube, construction cubes

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6.  Plum Play®  My First Playcentre

PRICE: $599.95
WHERE TO BUY: Plum Play® 

The perfect first playcentre for those little scramblers and climbers in your family! The My First Playcentre will encourage healthy, active play, and aid in the development of gross and fine motor skills while setting imaginations free.

With a colourful rock wall, a mini cargo net, a 4-foot toddler slide, a fabric den with a Velcro door, and a toddler height climbing platform with stairs, your little one will be on top of the world! Designed for mini adventurers, the Plum Play® My First Playcentre will start energetic toddlers on their journey to outdoor play in a safe and secure environment.

Plum Playcentre - top toddler picks

MUM CENTRAL READER OFFER: Get 10% OFF the Plum Range using code MUMCENTRAL10 at checkout.
*Excludes sale items, spare parts and shipping. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Valid until 30/06/21

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7. Trampoline: Lifespan Kids Little Hopper

PRICE: $109.00
WHERE TO BUY: Lifespan Kids

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, the Lifespan Kids Little Hopper is a toddler’s jumping best friend.  At 40″ in diameter, it’s small enough to move around the house or yard and great for all little hoppers looking for their first trampoline with the safety and security of a grab bar to build their confidence.

Colourful, durable, compact and extra bouncy, the Little Hopper toddler trampoline is the perfect way to bounce all that extra toddler energy off.

best toddler trampoline - Lifespan Little Hopper

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8. Balance bike: VULY Balance Bike

PRICE: $149.00

All toddlers need their very own transportation and a balance bike is an awesome choice! Designed for toddlers as training bicycles, the Vuly Balance Bike helps even the littlest one balance and steer – while creating a whole lot of fun and adventure! They are recommended for ages 2-4 years and available in three vibrant colours.

VULY balance bikes come with all the bells and whistles too: 12″ wheels, soft handgrips, footrests and an ergonomic saddle seat with an integrated handle for parents underneath. Not to mention the incredible quality and reputation that Vuly represent in the market.  Check out the new range of Vuly’s kids’ bikes – your toddler will LOVE them!

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9. Scooter: Globber Go up

PRICE: From $160
WHERE TO BUY: Toyworld, ToyMate, 99Bikes, Trek, Intersport plus plenty more stores. Check the Globber website for your nearest store.

Another good choice for outdoor play is a scooter, perfect for teaching toddlers all about coordination and balance. Plus, toddlers LOVE being able to scoot alongside you on walks. The Globber Go Up is a cool choice because it’s actually a three-in-one product. It goes from a parent-led scooter seat to a scooter seat to a proper scooter.

You can go from ride-on mode to walking bike mode with just a push of a button and without the need for any tools.  These toddler scooters are also designed to support your little ones as they grow. The scooter seat is perfect for tots 15 months+, while the scooter is ideal for kiddies 3+.

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10. Waterproof bed sheets: Brolly Sheets

PRICE: From $54.95
WHERE TO BUY: Brolly Sheets

Brolly Sheets are the toilet training experts and the perfect solution for all your bed wetting needs. These bed pads are made with a 100% soft cotton top for comfort but also come with the ability to absorb up to 2 litres of wetness! They are designed to protect your bottom sheet, mattress pad and mattress all the while keeping your little one comfortable at night.

They are simply fabulous, eco-friendly, easy to wash, and will save you time, money, loads of laundry and above all your sanity! Just place your Brolly Sheet on top of the fitted sheet and tuck the wings in under the mattress.  It’s a good idea to have two – one on the bed and one in the wash – so you’re never caught out.

brolly sheets - best toddler products for potty training

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11. Potty: BabyBjorn Potty Chair

WHERE TO BUY: Baby Bunting

Once you’re ready to get the potty started, it’s a good idea to go with a cute little potty that’s all their own. After all, the toilet can be a tad scary for toddlers. BabyBjorn’s Potty Chair is a great choice.

With its high back support and comfortable armrests, the BabyBjorn Potty Chair is a comfy “armchair” for your child. Its ergonomic design offers lots of legroom and the inner potty has a high splashguard, plus it’s easy to remove, empty and clean. Fun for them, easy for you. WIN/WIN!

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12. Toilet seat: Cushie Tushie Padded Toilet Seat

PRICE: $18.95
WHERE TO BUY: Baby Bunting or Big W

Once your tot is ready for the toilet, a Baby U Cushie Tushie is an easy way to get them accustomed to sitting on a toilet seat. This softly padded toilet seat offers comfort and warmth to your child during the vital toilet training period. Cushie Tushie easily fits onto a regular toilet seat and features glow-in-the-dark characters to guide your child at night.

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13. Haircare: The Dream Detangler

PRICE: $22.95
WHERE TO BUY: Tangled Kids Hair Care

Make hair brushing fun with this dream product, perfect for toddlers and beyond! The Dream Detangler is the Original Aussie Detangler creating pain-free hair brushing and tear-free mornings. Guaranteed!

It can be used on wet or dry hair, and works by dragging the tangles through the hair and out the ends without causing pain or discomfort. Perfect for toddlers!

must have toddler products - tangled hair brush


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14. Baby wipes: Velona Cuddlies Bamboo Water Wipes

PRICE: From $7.50
WHERE TO BUY: Cuddlies.Co.

Baby wipes are a must for toddlers, period! I tend to keep a package of wipes in every room of the house, plus the car. We love CUDDLIES Bamboo Water Wipes – a Gold award winner at the Organic Baby Awards 2021.

Softer on your baby’s bum, free of nasties, and planet-friendly, they are perfect for cleaning sticky fingers, dirty bums and beyond.

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15. Bubble bath – ecoStore Double Trouble Bubble Bath

PRICE: $7.99
WHERE TO BUY: ecoStore or Chemist Warehouse

After a messy day, toddlers LOVE splashing in the bath and the more bubbles, the better! ecoStore Double Trouble Bubble Bath is a great choice for your bubble needs because it’s extra bubbly and good for the environment. Even the packaging is made from renewable sugarcane plastic, so you can 100% recycle those empty bottles!

Designed for children 2+, the mixture is full of plant-based ingredients rather than nasty chemicals or synthetic fragrances and is a winner in our house!

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16. Toothpaste: Grants Surprise Kids Natural Toothpaste

PRICE: $3.95
WHERE TO BUY: Grants of Australia

Australian made and owned, Grants has got those toothy pegs covered with their range of kids’ toothpaste. The extra Xylitol boost kills bacteria to minimise plaque and reduce tooth decay. But, best of all, this toddler toothpaste tastes great so you don’t have to argue with your toddler to use it.  It comes in a fluoride-free and low-fluoride option and is certified vegan.

best toddler toothpaste

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17. Protective hat: Tumblbear Hats & Beanies

PRICE: $49.95 (free shipping)
WHERE TO BUY: TumblBear and Baby Bunting

Protect their little heads from the sun AND knocks and spills at the park, playground, daycare or the backyard with these ingenious padded hats that come with a hidden layer of protection. They look and feel like normal hats but just wait to see what is inside! Each hat contains impact reducing foam which can absorb up to 50% of intense impact force. 

TumblBear hats and beanies are made in Adelaide and come in sizes for ages 6 months to 3.5 years, ideal for toddlers finding their feet and taking a few tumbles along the way.

Toddler must-have products - TumblBear hats

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18. Toddler shoes: Ggomoosin

PRICE: From $34.95
WHERE TO BUY: Ggomoosin

Protect your child’s delicate skin, offer room for natural growth and comfort and provide the closest barefoot walking experience with Ggomoosin baby shoes.

They are great for everywhere (indoors, outdoors, beach, pool) and come in so many cute styles that it’s impossible not to want to buy ALL of them. The patented unique ‘Air Pocket’ between the sock layer and sole provides extra cushion and prevents sweaty baby feet for superior comfort and breathability.


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19. Car seat strap: Houdini Stop

PRICE: $24.99
WHERE TO BUY: Baby Bunting and Super Cheap Auto

Toddlers are pretty good at getting out of tough situations, especially the car seat straps. Houdini Stop is a seat belt clip that will help prevent your child from taking their arms out of their car seat and is a safety MUST for clever toddlers.

It will help prevent your little Houdini from making great escapes again. Houdini Stop can also be used on stroller harnesses and highchairs. Since it has a universal design, it fits babies and toddlers of various ages and is compatible with a variety of harness systems.

toddler products - Houdini Stop
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20. Backpack: Skip Hop Zoo

PRICE: From $39.95
WHERE TO BUY: The Stork Nest

Be prepared for the days of daycare, playgroup and adventures with an adorable backpack of their own. The Stork Nest has you covered for their Skip Hop Zoo Friends Pack.

Made from durable materials and spacious enough to store all those important belongings, this backpack is as clever as it is cute. It includes an insulated pouch for snacks, mesh side pockets and extra comfy padded straps for little shoulders. There are heaps of cute animal-designed backpacks to choose from too – a fox, butterfly, dragon, llama and penguin to name a few.

best toddler backpack

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21. Lunch box: b.Box Lunchbox

PRICE: Starting at $29.95

Your toddler will also need a lunch box for outings and daycare and the Lunchbox is ideal for pretty much everywhere you go where you’ll need to bring snacks and lunch. The large compartment fits a whole sandwich or bagel/roll and you can easily remove trays to use for pasta or salads.

You can move the dividers to suit all sorts of snacks and the leak-proof silicone is ideal for wet foods and easy cleaning. lunchboxes are easy to open, easy to clean, freezer safe and BPS, PVC, BPA and Phthalate free. They come in heaps of great colour options too, check out the full range at the link below!

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22. Waterbottle: Thermos FUNtainers

PRICE: $25.95
WHERE TO BUY: Howards Storage World

The Thermos FUNtainers are vacuum insulated and a great choice for hungry and thirsty toddlers. They keep foods hot and cold foods cold, perfect for hot soups, pasta, rice and more through winter and cold yoghurt, fruit and snacks in the summer! come with the high quality you’d expect from Thermos but in colourful characters and fun designs.

FUNtainer food jars are lightweight and compact with a push-button lid – super easy for little hands to open and carry! Best of all they come in a gorgeous and colourful range of designs to suit even the fussiest of tastes! Howards Storage World, Thermos containers

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23. Sleep aid: Glow Dreaming

PRICE: $149.95 for the Premium Bundle
WHERE TO BUY: Glow Dreaming

Glow Dreaming is Austalia’s #1 ranked children’s sleep aid that combines the powers of red LED light therapy, pink noise, a humidifier, and aromatherapy (sleepy essential oil) into one.  That’s right – it DOES it all!

Perfect for toddlers who have trouble getting and staying asleep, simply turn it on and enjoy a calming bedtime experience.

In addition to the Glow Dreaming machine, the premium bundle also includes a 14-day sleep program to help create positive sleep habits. The bundle also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and countless success stories from sleep-deprived parents.

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24. Night training clock: Tommee Tippee GroClock

PRICE: $59.95
WHERE TO BUY: Tommee Tippee

Teach your toddler all about night and day, and why we don’t wake mummy up at 4am with this toddler sleep essential. The GroClock is a visual teaching tool designed to help kids understand when it’s sleep time and when it’s wake-up time. It’s perfect for toddlers who can’t tell time just yet.

GroClock features a bright sun during daytime hours and a dark night sky during night hours. The stars go out one-by-one during the night to show the passing of time too. Cute! There are heaps of extra as well – Sleepy Farm – a fun bedtime storybook, adjustable brightness, and an optional audible alarm.

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25. Blackout blinds: ergoPouch Window Blockout

PRICE: $44.95
WHERE TO BUY: ergoPouch

Another way to prevent early wake-ups and help convince your toddler to nap is with blackout blinds. The ergoPouch Window Blockout is a window cover-style blackout blind that gives any room instant darkness. These magical blinds are ideal for setting the stage for slumber at night and during naptime.

The Window Blockout comes in a roll and simply adheres with static cling to the glass, meaning it can be peeled off and reused over and over again. Best of all there’s no sticky residue on your window. Simply cut to size, apply to the panes of your windows and voila! Instant darkness!


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So there you have it – Mum Central’s top picks for toddler products to get you through this cheeky and challenging stage. Tell us below your favourite products and what are your ‘must-have’ products!

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