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Best Toddler Toys of 2024: Toys that 1, 2 and 3 Year Olds Will Love


Looking for the perfect gift to brighten your toddler’s big world? We have 7 great toddler toys that are sure to excite and delight! Active play toys, ride-ons, bikes, soft toys, activity mats and more, check out the best toddler toys of 2024!

What do toddlers love?

Toddlers are bundles of adorable energy just bursting with curiosity! Any toy that surprises them, fosters their fine motor and gross motor skills, engages their senses or lets them practice their problem-solving skills are going to be winners!

Some great toys for toddlers include toys such as building blocks, activity sets, puzzles, books and musical instruments. Shape sorters, stacking toys and soft toys are also ideal for toddlers.

Any toy that expands their imagination and lets them engage in pretend play is also great for toddlers, such as playsets, toy vehicles, dolls, kitchens, cooking and BBQ sets.

Sensory play is also extra fun for toddlers – think sand and beach toys, dough and slime (if you dare)and any activity that lets them play with or in water! 

Movement toys are also a big benefit, especially for active toddlers, including ride-ons, bikes, trikes, scooters, trampolines, pull-along toys and climbing or swinging equipment. 

Check out our Top 7 picks for the Best Toddler Toys for 2024

Sky Rider Up & Down Roller Coaster by Step2

RRP: $319
WHERE TO BUY: Step2 Direct 
BEST TODDLER TOY FORActive play and gross motor skills

Step2 Sky Rider Roller Coaster Best Toddler Toys 2024
Source: Supplied

Prepare for takeoff! The Sky Rider Up & Down Coaster™ by Step2 is built for big, high-flying thrills in any indoor or outdoor space. This roller coaster for kids will keep them entertained for hours as they work on gross motor skills by pushing the coaster car up onto the platform. Then, let them perfect those important balancing and coordination skills as they fly down the ramp. Weeee!

It’s double the fun, as kids can also use the toddler roller coaster car as a foot-to-floor ride-on off the track. This is one of the best toddler toys for playdates too – every toddler will want to have a go!

Plus, the kids’ roller coaster is built to last with durable construction and unmatched strength. The ride-on roller coaster is easy to clean and sure to become a staple for both indoor and outdoor play. The Step2 roller coaster comes with a four-piece track, the ride-on car and two sets of non-slip steps for easy climbing. It also comes apart for convenient, compact storage.


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Baby GUND Animated Flappy the Elephant

RRP: $99.95
WHERE TO BUY: Baby Bunting
BEST TODDLER TOY FOR: Toddlers who love music and peek-a-boo

Baby Gund Best Toddler Toys 2024
Source: Supplied

Cuddly, cute and interactive too, Flappy the Elephant is always ready to play! The animated Flappy the Elephant plush by Baby GUND is an adorable singing elephant with two different play modes and encourages your toddler’s love of sound, music and peek-a-boo. 

Press Flappy’s left foot to engage him in an interactive game of peek-a-boo, where Flappy hides behind his soft, oversized ears. Press his right foot to sing along to a ‘Let’s Play Peekaboo’ playful song in a cute child’s voice, while his ears flap in time to the rhythm! Ideal for toddlers who love to move, Flappy is also surface-washable for easy cleaning and features baby-safe embroidered details, super-soft limbs, and a huggable body.

Part of GUND’s famous Animated plush family, Flappy has been entertaining families across the globe for over 8 years, delighting young and old with his infectious personality. If you’re after a first birthday gift, Flappy is a stomping good choice!

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B. toys Locbloc Hippo Ride-On with Blocks

RRP: $59.95
WHERE TO BUY:Target, David Jones and B. toys website
BEST TODDLER TOY FOR: Encouraging active play, STEM play and developing motor skills Hippo Best Toddler Toys 2024
Source: Supplied

Ride all day, indoors or outside with the B. toys Locbloc® Hippo Ride-On playset. It comes with everything toddlers want – sounds, lights, blocks and tons of ride-on fun. Not only is Sunny the Hippo a ride-on with a comfy seat and easy-to-fold handle, but he also comes with a secret storage space that fits all 26 building blocks to foster STEM learning in little ones.

Toddlers will love riding Sunny around the house, making pit stops to build and play. And with Sunny’s smooth wheels, light-up eyes and silly sounds, you can expect your little one to do a lot of riding and giggling along the way!

The Hippo Ride-On also comes with 26 chunky, colourful blocks to encourage open-ended play. Toddlers can build their own structures or add the blocks to Sunny. They can even feed Sunny the blocks for another element of excitement.

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HeyDoodle Classic Mats

RRP: $31.95
BEST TODDLER TOY FOR: Educational and creative play

Hey Doodle Best Toddler Toys
Source: Supplied

Ditch the need for endless pieces of paper and coloured pens with HeyDoodle silicone activity mats. These eco-friendly and educational activity mats are beautifully designed, built to last and loved by toddlers, preschoolers and even older kids.

HeyDoodle activity mats are reusable, portable and perfect for on-the-go entertainment during travel or dining out. Each design is crafted not only for fun but to enhance cognitive skills like motor coordination and colour recognition, making learning interactive and engaging.

What sets HeyDoodle mats apart is their sustainability, durability and quality thanks to the highest grade silicone. We also love how these beautifully crafted mats have an educational element, ensuring that children learn effortlessly while they play. For creative kids who love to colour, draw or get their right brains ticking, this is the perfect choice.


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The Totli Box

RRP: $89
BEST TODDLER TOY FOR: Montesorri-based play

Totli Best Toddler Toys 2024
Source: Supplied

For little ones who love to explore, the award-winning Totli Box is the ultimate gift and one of the best toddler toys out there! It combines Montessori principles and early learning skills with joyful play for hours of developmental fun.

Designed to build confidence, fine motor skills, and cognitive development, your little one will love playing with the colourful items including the vibrant play silks, rainbow coins and sensory balls. Each ball features a different auditory and tactile experience and all items fit into the beautifully-crafted Totli box.

Made from high-quality, non-toxic, eco-friendly and child-safe materials, it is as safe as it is engaging and perfect for curious toddlers, aged 0-3. The Totli Box was designed by an Australian Early Childhood Teacher and Mum in collaboration with child development experts, (including teachers, speech therapists, and occupational therapists) and is sure to be a firm favourite in any playroom. We love it, and we know your children will too!


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Slumberbum’s Santi the Sloth 

RRP: $169
WHERE TO BUY: Slumberbum
BEST FOR:  Sleep and play

Santi the Sloth Best Toddler Toys 2024
Source: Supplied

A toddler toy that doubles as a sleep aid – it’s Santi the Sloth! This snuggly friend is the perfect companion for toddlers and their many adventures both at nighttime and during the day.

Santi is drool-proof, shockproof, chew-safe and super cuddly. He comes in three lovely colours and is designed to be cuddled, carried or hung safely outside the cot. Toddlers love having a soft teddy to take on their many adventures and Santi is the perfect fit.

But, best of all, he’s also a clever sleep aid! Santi features an internal Bluetooth-enabled speaker, variable night light and safe teething ring. Santi plays soothing lullabies, gentle white noise, and is customisable and controlled by a convenient app on your phone so you can wirelessly stream music. Santi also includes smart sensors, such as a cry sensor and temperature and movement sensors – alerting you to changes in your toddler’s sleep.


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Trybike Steel

RRP: $259.95
WHERE TO BUY: Kaleidoscope
BEST TODDLER TOY FOR: 2 in 1 conversion from tricycle to bicycle

Trybike Best Toddler Toys 2024
Source: Supplied

One of the best toddler toys that will get them moving, build confidence and develop their gross motor skills is a trike or a bike. The Trybike Steel is both! This versatile 2-in-1 tricycle balance bike is for children 18 months and older and allows them to go from trike to bike as they grow.

Starting in a low tricycle mode for added support, it easily converts to a balance bike with a footrest to help them learn balance for riding a pedal bike without training wheels. The bike is ideal for toddlers up to 6 years of age and features an adjustable control disk on the rear axle to change the ride height and wheelbase length.

The small turning circle ensures easy maneuverability and allows children to turn without needing to lift the front wheel. It’s designed in the Netherlands with durable materials and the pneumatic tyres ensure a smooth comfortable ride.

You can add a few cute extras to their Trybike too including the handlebar bag or weather-resistant handlebar basket to hold their treasures. If you’re after a helmet too, Coconuts Helmets by Trybike are ideal with vibrant designs, a magnetic chin strap (no pinching), an ABS hard outer shell, and a lightweight inner shell with foam pads.

best toddler toys 2024

That’s a wrap on our best toddler toys of 2024. Be sure to check out our top picks for kids’ toys this Christmas as well as our other toddler gift ideas:

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