Best Trampolines 2021: 12 Epic Trampolines to Make Kids Jump for Joy!

Trampolines – they’re the big-ticket item on top of gifting wish lists to encourage backyard play and wannabe gymnasts. Confused about which trampoline to buy? Jump right on in to see our roundup of the Best Trampolines for 2021 as we share with you which ones we believe provide the biggest – and safest – bounce!

Trampolines are an EXCELLENT way to lure the kids outside, get them into the sunshine and be active, have fun and even develop coordination skills while learning a few clever bouncing tricks. And all that bounce-off jumping fun burns SO MUCH energy, it tuckers them out so they sleep well, all night long. #winning

Not all trampolines are created equal

When buying a trampoline, it’s super important to remember they’re not all created equal. Inexpensive trampolines are great for short-lived fun but quite often the durability just isn’t there. Between what our Australian climate and kids throw at it collectively, it’s a lot! If you’re prepared to drop a bit of cash and invest in a quality trampoline, chances are it will last you the distance and you’ll be passing it on to another family when your kids declare they’ve outgrown it. The old saying of ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely rings true with this backyard play equipment!

Things to look for when buying a trampoline

  • A net enclosure. Enclosures are great for young children or rambunctious kids who are likely to misjudge (or forget) where the mat edge is when excited, preventing falls. Do however look at how the enclosure is attached. Steer clear of unpadded poles or unprotected springs on the edge of the mat as children can bounce straight into those. Ouch!
  • Safety padding. For obvious reasons, safety padding is always a good precaution to have. Kids get easily excited or lose control of a bounce, safety padding cushions the impact!
  • A ladder. Lifting children on and off a trampoline – on repeat – day in, day out – is a helluva workout. Save your biceps and your back and look for a model with a step ladder attachment.
  • Size is super important. There are a few things to consider when thinking about the size. How many kids do you have and how many will be jumping at once and how big is your yard? The more kids, the bigger the mat required – especially if they’ll want to bounce together or learn tricks. And if you’re going to have a trampoline on grass, you’re going to have to move it around a bit or the lawn will die off underneath – so make sure you have the room to do that.

12 Best Trampolines for Kids 2021

Vuly Play Medium Lift 2 Trampoline

PRICE: From $1,249

Vuly Shade Trampoline
Source: Vuly

The Vuly Lift 2 trampoline is the longest-lasting Vuly ever. With a slick powder-coated frame married to an extra UV-resistant enclosure, it’s made for safe bouncing in even the harshest of Australian weather. Paring that with is its incredible 750kg Lad Rating (150kg Weight Rating), it’s a trampoline bound to grow with the whole family.

Available in three sizes (medium, large and extra-large), the Vuly Lift 2 is built with safety in mind. Featuring double-sided safety padding and a tough, no-gap polyethene enclosure with small weave netting to ensure no finger injuries from hands getting caught in the net, perfect for endless hours of safe play, all year round. Such advanced Vuly features mean the person busily bouncing never touches the springs, poles or frame – amazing!

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Plum Play BOWL Freebound Trampoline

PRICE: $1,999 (current SALE price!)
WHERE TO BUY: Plum Play®

Plum Bowl Trampoline
Source: Plum Play

From Plum Play® – The Active Play Specialist, brings us the Plum® BOWL® trampoline. This patented innovative product really is the “everything” trampoline. Great for the youngest little jumpers, perfect for trampolining for all ages and yet with features able to safely test the limits of jumpers from the extreme end of town as seen in trampoline parks and as demonstrated by Olympian Sky Brown. How does one trampoline do this? It has a regular flatbed which is seamlessly surrounded 360⁰ by an angled mat, making a smooth curve. All silently spring-free with 136 bungees working smoothly against each other.

Plum believes this is the safest trampoline in the world today. Instead of the errant bouncer colliding with the substantial surrounding enclosure and falling to a flat surface, the smooth soft angled mat extension brings one back safely and smoothly back to the centre. Weight rating 120kg. Exceeds US, EU and AUS trampoline safety standards.

WATCH: From set-up to play, you can watch this trampoline in action in our epic Plum Play BOWL Trampoline review!

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Jumpflex FLEX120 Urban 12ft Trampoline

PRICE: $849
WHERE TO BUY: Jumpflex

Jumpflex Trampoline
Source: Jumpflex Trampolines

Play for life with Jumplex! The whole family can jump into some bouncing fun with the Jumplex FLEX120 Urban 12ft Trampoline, Jumplex’s MOST popular size for big backyard fun. Want a smaller or bigger trampoline? Jumplex has four models available to suit every family and space, right up to a whopping 250kg weight rating!

For even more backyard fun, you can kit out the Jumplex FLEX120 Urban 12ft Trampoline with super cool accessories such as a Jumpslide, Aquajet, Smartshade or Projam. A trampoline offering an awesome and safe bounce, built to last and withstand our harsh Aussie sun, Jumplex even offer a brilliant 10-year frame warranty for peace of mind. Awesome!

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Jump Star 10x17ft Rectangle Trampoline with Enclosure

PRICE: $1600 (current SALE price)

Jump Star Trampoline
Source: Jump Star Trampolines

Calling all wannabe gymnasts, this is the trampoline FOR YOU! With nearly 5 metres of mat length to flip all over, active kids are made in the shade with the Jump Star 10x17ft rectangle trampoline, complete with enclosure for added safety. Great for one, two or three kids to bounce at once, this trampoline can take up to a huge 200kg of weight. An amazing value trampoline, if you order today you can even score yourself a FREE trampoline crazy sprinkler and ladder!

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Everfit 8ft Trampoline

PRICE: From $379.95
WHERE TO BUY: Everfit / Amazon

Everfit Trampoline
Source: Amazon

An awesome fit when space is an issue, the NEW Everfit 8ft Trampoline delivers a big bounce on a smaller yard footprint. Its heavy-gauge steel framework is built to handle all the robust play and is UV tested for quality and reliability. The curved design provides more rigidness and we love the safety features of 20mm thick padding, anti-graze mat, safety netting and a double-lock zip-and-clip entry. There’s also a ladder and storage pockets included so kids can pop their shoes in to keep them safe from the dog!

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Oz Trampolines 14ft Round Capital In-Ground Trampoline

PRICE: $2,249
WHERE TO BUY: Oz Trampolines

In Ground Trampoline
Source: Oz Trampolines

If you’re looking for a trampoline with a difference, how about an in-ground bouncing option? Neat as a pin, the 14ft Round Capital In-Ground Trampoline fits seamlessly into the landscape of your garden while delivering loads of super quiet, bouncy fun on a heavy-duty jump mat. Completely self-installed, these trampolines come with a retaining wall design, keeping the space under the mat clear. If your kids need it, you can even add a safety enclosure if you want to! The icing on the cake? These trampolines are delivered around Australia for FREE.

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Kmart 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure

PRICE: $169

Kmart Trampoline
Source: Kmart

Summer fun for everyone with Kmart! Kmart has several trampoline options available but we particularly like the 10ft size for its versatility and complete bang for your buck, value for money. It has all the features we love to see in a trampoline – safety padding, safety enclosure and a strong bouncy mat, plus Kmart offer easy-to-buy add-on accessories such as a sunshade and a ladder so you can get it all under the one roof! This model has a weight limit of 100kg and would be perfect for two kids who want to jump together. An excellent ‘first trampoline’ experience to feel out if they’re into it or not!

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Little Nation 10ft Trampoline

PRICE: $499.95 (current SALE price)
WHERE TO BUY: Little Nation

Little Nation Trampoline
Source: Little Nation

A sleek looking trampoline, the Little Nation 10ft Trampoline features a clever zipless entry, closing without the use of zips or velcro – GENIUS! This trampoline is also packed with features such as the spring seal jump mat is tightly joined to the safety net, hardwearing frame and ultra long-life big bounce springs for maximum air time. We also love the fibreglass top ring which increases enclosure net tightness and reduces net stretch over time, keeping your trampoline looking like new, for longer!

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Kahuna Outdoor Rectangular Trampoline

PRICE: $699
WHERE TO BUY: Kahuna / Amazon

Kahuna Trampoline
Source: Amazon

It’s the old-school rectangular trampolines of our youth, but BETTER! The 6x9ft Outdoor Rectangular Trampoline from Kahuna is ideal for small yards and kids who want to practice trick sequences. Thanks to the extra length of the flat-rolled, smooth mat, this is a fantastic, safe trampoline, with the U-shape frame legs providing superior stability and an included anchoring kit makes sure it stays put, even in the strongest of winds.

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Goliath 10ft Colossus Trampoline

PRICE: $229

Goliath Trampoline
Source: Amazon

This is a LOT of trampoline for the small price tag folks! The Goliath 10ft Colossus Trampoline features a heavy-duty mat for heavy-duty jumpers and UV protected PVC safety pads with EPA foam and even reversible safety pads (red on one side, silver on the other) so you can flip to whichever side you fancy.  Get ready to bounce ALL summer long with the Colossus!

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Lifespan Kids Lil’ Hopper Childrens 40″ Mini Trampoline

PRICE: $115
WHERE TO BUY: Lifespan Kids

Little Hopper Trampoline
Source: Life Span Kids

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, the Lifespan Kids Lil’ Hopper is a toddler’s jumping best friend.  At 40″ in diameter, it’s small enough to move around the house or yard and great for all little hoppers looking for their first trampoline. Featuring the safety and security of a grab bar to build their confidence, it’s colourful, durable, compact and extra bouncy. The Lil’ Hopper Toddler Trampoline is the perfect way to bounce all that extra toddler energy off!

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BOUNCE Digital Multi Visit Pass

PRICE: from $40

Bounce trampoline pass
Source: Bounce

Trampolines you can enjoy without actually OWNING a trampoline! Not everyone can fit a trampoline in their home or yard but fear not, you can STILL enjoy the thrill of the bounce. A BOUNCE multi-ticket gives kids (and the young at heart) ALL of the trampoline bouncing fun without mum or dad having to find ACTUAL space for a trampoline. Choose from 3, 5 or 10 visit tickets for junior jumpers, children, students and adults. Bouncy fun awaits!

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There you have it, folks, all of our best trampolines to suit little kids, big kids and adults for 2021. Let the bouncing fun begin!

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