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Meet the BIBO Water Bar: the Best Water Dispenser of Hot & Cold Filtered Water for Families

It’s the ultimate busy mum essential – an instant hot water dispenser that saves you both time and effort! Meet the BIBO Water Bar – it gives you instant hot AND cold water on tap at the touch of a button. Preparing baby bottles, filling sippy cups and even making a cup of coffee is quicker and easier than ever with hot, cold filtered and purified water available instantly with the BIBO Water Bar!

What is a BIBO Water Bar?

BIBO Water Australia is dedicated to promoting people’s health, and well-being by providing a healthy source of instant clean, great tasting, hot and cold filtered AND purified water on tap!

Imagine a life where you no longer have to fill a kettle or a fridge water jug… That could be you with a BIBO Water Bar – the ultimate benchtop, and innovative water dispenser for your home.

The BIBO Water Bar provides instant hot, chilled, filtered and purified water (with no hidden nasties), day in and day out. That’s right, nothing but the cleanest, instant hot and cold filtered water on tap, 24/7. That’s life-changing, for sure.

BIBO instant hot water dispenser
Not your average instant hot water dispenser, the BIBO Water Bar does it ALL. Source: Supplied

BIBO Water Bar for both the time-saving and sanity-saving win

The convenience of instant hot and cold water is second to none, especially when you’re a mum. With BIBO, you can make just-right temperature bottles consistently, day and night at the press of a button. It eliminates any one-handed struggles of filling and pouring a kettle, waiting for it to cool, all while calming a cranky and hungry baby or toddler. Simply set the temperature and voila, you’re done!

But not just for baby bottles. Oh no, BIBO will save your sanity on so many other levels you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. If your fridge door is constantly open with kids grabbing the water jug, your BIBO Water Bar will put an end to that. It’s a compact water dispenser too (measuring just 30cm x 35cm) and sits neatly on a kitchen bench, perfect for kids to fill their own cups and water bottles (without the mess) with clean, cold water whenever they want to quench their thirst.

BIBO Water Bar water dispenser
Kids can easily fill their own water bottles. Hooray! Source: Supplied

Clean water you’ll want to drink

More than just an instant hot and cold water dispenser, the BIBO Water Bar makes sure it’s delivering the cleanest water to your glass every single time. Its filtration system includes a multi-stage carbon filter and UV lamp to get rid of the nasties, whilst retaining the good minerals for optimum health AND the water tastes great too, so you’ll always WANT to drink it.

We all know just how important it is to drink at least eight glasses of water every day to help feel good and hydrated. Check out these eight biggest benefits of drinking water for your valuable reminder, water really is magic for our bodies!

BIBO Water Bar filtered water dispenser
BIBO’s incredible filtration system ensures you’re drinking clean and tasty water. Source: Supplied

Set and forget

You won’t spend your days filling a water tank on the BIBO Water Bar either – no matter how thirsty your family are. The machine is plumbed into the water mains, so the unit never needs refilling. It can replace your kettle, water filter jug and bottled water too … it’s BIBO brilliant!

Safe for the whole family to use

Water temperature can be preset too, making it ideal for parents bottle-feeding as well as making sure the kids’ hot chocolates are not scalding hot. The water volume can also be pre-set, allowing kids to easily fill their own water bottle for school – it’s that little independence we all want for them at the touch of a button!

Speaking of buttons and little fingers, you can rest assured you can prevent hot water accidents – the BIBO Water Bar comes standard with a double child safety lock on the hot water system.

For an additional level of safety, you can set up a coded safety lock for a more complex safety setting to prevent people (young or old) from accessing the hot water feature. Using the touchscreen interface, the machine requires a sequence of buttons to be pressed to dispense hot water.

BIBO Water Bar
Safety first! Safety-locked hot water prevents accidents. Source: Supplied

Renting? No water worries!

The perfect solution for people who want a semi-permanent filtered hot and cold water system, the BIBO Water Bar is for you. Simply install the water dispenser easily yourself (or you can arrange for a professional BIBO Technician to set it up for you) and if you end up moving house, no dramas – this appliance is easy to disconnect and take with you. Renters rejoice!

Buy today and SAVE

Ready to make your life easier? Choose from 10 stylish colours. As a Mum Central reader, you will receive an exclusive $250 discount when you purchase a BIBO Water Bar.  Use the discount code BIBOMUMS at checkout to SAVE $250 OFF the RRP of $1298, plus it will be shipped Australia-wide for FREE. What an awesome saving!

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Satisfaction guaranteed

A reputable brand that you can trust for high-quality products and exceptional customer service, BIBO was founded in the UK in 2011 and has since expanded across the UK, South Africa, Europe, Middle East and Australia.

Buy your BIBO Water Bar with confidence with a 30-day money-back guarantee on their 100% satisfaction promise and every machine comes with a FREE 2-year warranty, where they’ll repair or replace your machine at no extra cost!

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