Space Baby Names – 36 Powerful Planet, Celestial and Star Names

Looking for a name that is out of this world? We’ve got 36 beautiful space baby names – names inspired by the stars, the moons, the planets, and the galaxy.

Whether you’re an astronomy buff or simply like meaningful baby names, check out our top picks for space baby names this year.

And no. Uranus did not make the list. mum central

Top 10 galaxy baby names

These 10 space baby names are the most common names and trendsetters that we predict we will be seeing a lot more of in 2023 and beyond.

1. Nova – A powerful astronomy name, Nova is the name given to bright stars that appear suddenly in the sky and release powerful energy. We’ve seen the name Nova on a lot of baby name lists lately and expect it to continue to soar.

2. Luna – The original moon baby name, Luna means “moon” and is one of the most-searched baby names in the world.

3. Phoebe – Another moon name that remains a popular choice, Phoebe is one of Saturn’s moons.

4. Hallie/Halle/Halley – Referencing the comet, Halley remains quite unique but the alternative spellings, such as Hallie and Halle are quite popular.

5. Stella – There are plenty of star baby names but Stella is perhaps the most well-known one. Stella means, you guessed it, “star”.

6. Elio  – Watch Elio rise! This name means “the sun” but it’s also the name of the newest Disney-Pixar hero.

7. Cosmo – Of all the popular space baby names, this one is probably the one out of this world, but we predict big things for Cosmo, especially after Scarlett Johansson used it for her son.

8. Phoenix – Speaking of celebrities and space baby names, Phoenix is another one – Paris Hilton just announced this is her newborn son’s name. Phoenix is a mythological animal as well as a city in America, but it’s also a constellation.

9. Lyra – Lyra is a constellation. It contains the star Vega and is one of our top picks for trending four-letter names. Fun fact: Ed Sheeran named his daughter Lyra.

10. Leo – Leo is currently #6 on the list of most popular baby names in Australia and it’s easy to see why. This short and sweet name ticks a lot of baby name boxes. It’s powerful, punchy and also happens to be the same as a constellation.

Constellation and star names

Check out a few more constellation and star baby names that you may not have on your radar yet.

11. Orion – In reference to Orion’s Belt.

12. Sirius – The brightest star in the sky.

13. Cassiopia (or Cassi) – Another well-known constellation.

14. Venus – The second planet to the sun and also the name of the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

15. Vesper – A rare star baby name that means “morning star”.

16. Esther – Another name that means “star”, Esther also comes with that old-school cool vibe.

17. Aquila – A constellation associated with the eagle.

18. Aster/ Astra/ Asta – All of these also means “star”.

19. Pollax – Pollax is part of the Gemini twins constellation (Castor is his brother) and means “crown”.

20. Caelum – A unique alternative to Callum, Caelum is a constellation.

21. Ara – Another constellation name, Ara means “king”.

22. Crux – If you want to pay homage to the Southern Cross, then Crux is your best choice.

23. Vela – A pretty and unique choice, Vela means “the sails” and is part of the constellation that represents the ship of the Argonauts.

24. Sterling – Sleek and strong, Sterling is another name that means “star”.

Sun and moon babies

If you’re looking for a sun baby name or a moon baby name, these ones are our top picks.

25. Elara – Let’s start with the moons of Jupiter. This mega planet actually has 92 moons and lots of name choices to consider including Elara, Leda, Io, Dia and Kale. 

26. Titan – Saturn also has a lot of moon choices but Titan is probably the most well known. Other Saturn moon names to consider include Rhea and Atlas. Saturn’s moons are all named after Roman mythology.

27. Bianca – Uranas’s moon also has a naming theme – Shakespeare. So if you’re after a literary baby name that doubles as a space baby name, check these moon names out. Bianca is just one of the many – there’s also Puck, Ophelia, Caliban and Cordelia.

28. Nix – Our top pick for Pluto moon names, Nix translates to “night” and could be short for Nixon or Nixie.

29. Selena – Meaning “moon”, Selena also translates to “bright”.

30. Ayla – This pretty contender translates tomoonlight”.

Even more space-themed names

31. Axis – Very new-age cool.

32. Apollo – A bad-ass space option for sure.

33. Celeste – Very celestial indeed, Celeste means “heavenly”.

34. Rocket – Lara and Sam Worthington went with this space-themed baby name for their son.

35. Zenith – Zenith represents the point of the celestial sphere that’s directly above an observer on earth.

36. Aurora – A Disney princess but also a ray of light in the sky, the name Aurora brings a world of beauty with it.

Additional themed baby names 

Head to our Baby Names section for more ‘themed’ name options including:

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