Maccas is Selling Bottles of Big Mac Sauce … But There’s a Catch

Does your mouth water when you think about tucking into a Big Mac? That cheese, those beef patties, the pickles, that Big Mac Special Sauce? 

Grab a napkin, wipe the drool from your chin and listen up. McDonald’s is auctioning off three bottles of its famous Big Mac sauce. But you better be quick!

Like them or loathe them, Big Macs are a big part of Maccas. They’ve been around for 50 years, and they’re the Maccas food of choice for both hungry teenagers AND pregnant women. Which is why we think you’re going to be super excited about Maccas’ Big Mac charity auction. This eBay auction not only celebrates Big Mac’s big day of birth, it raises money to help sick kids and their families. Plus, it puts a bottle of Big Mac sauce in your pantry. And that’s a very good thing!

Big Mac sauce for sale

Big Mac sauce up for grabs!

The Big Mac eBay auction ends 6 June 2018. But you don’t just get the Big Mac sauce. Oh no. You get an itsy-bitsy fridge to put it in.

Bidding started at a pretty fair $100, but last time we checked, it had soared past $3600. Too much? For Big Mac Special Sauce? No way! Especially when it’s supporting such a great cause. And imagine all the middle-of-the-night pregnancy cravings you can satisfy WITHOUT leaving the house or nudging your hubby in the ribs.

Big Mac ebay auction

Why bid on a burger fridge?

Because it’s awesome. And because you get Special Sauce with it.

big mac ebay auction burger fridge

But, also, because all the money goes to Ronald MacDonald House Charities, an independent charity that supports seriously ill children and their families. RMHC helps countless families by giving them a ‘home away from home’ when their kid is in hospital.

The Big Mac eBay auction is only open to Australians and ends soon. How much would you bid for a bottle of Big Mac sauce?

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