Best High Chairs and Booster Seats 2023


Highchairs have become SO much more than just a simple, old-school raised seat. They’ve now become amazingly stylish and comfortable weaning thrones for babies and toddlers – far from anything you want to hide away in the kitchen corner. Here are all our tips on what to consider when buying a high chair, along with 7 of our top picks for the best high chairs and booster seats across 2023!

What to look for when buying a high chair or booster seat

  • Easy to store: if you don’t have the space to keep a high chair out all of the time, you’re going to have to consider how big it is, even when folded. A compact fold helps reduce its footprint, assisting in squeezing it into tight storage spaces.
  • Style: Nothing is going to stick out more in your dining space than a ghastly-looking high chair. And if it’s truly awful, you’ll rue the day you bought it every time you see it. So if interior design and aesthetics are important to you, pick a high chair you love the look of – you’re going to be looking at it in your home for a reasonably long time!
  • Secure harness: Chances are, your baby or toddler will try to escape their high chair on their own at least once – it’s as though such antics are in their DNA. Look for an adjustable, secure three or five-point harness and always, always buckle your little one in.
  • Ease of cleaning: This is a big factor to consider. Cleaning your child’s seat is child’s play when you’re in control of the spoon, but for baby-led weaning and toddlers, all bets (and bibs) are off. Your high chair or booster seat will be often encrusted with crumbs, dried food or slippery sauces and squashed matter. Moulded seats are far easier to clean than pesky crevices and dishwasher-safe parts are life savers!
  • Longevity: If you’re buying your very first high chair or booster seat and you plan on having more children, buy a high chair to grow with your family. Something that suits young babies, right through to larger toddlers or can be turned into booster seats or cool furniture between children. Modern designs will blow your mind with some of their transformations.

High chairs can be handy even before weaning

It’s not always safe to leave your baby at floor level with rambunctious siblings (or pets) also in the room. A reclining high chair with a baby seat can be an absolute sanity saver, avoiding accidents and providing the reassurance busy mums need that their baby is safe in that after-school or dinner-making chaos!

Rice cereal and pumpkin puree at the ready? Take a look at our picks for the best high chairs and booster seats for 2023 below!

Best high chairs and booster seats 2023

Baccani CIBO High Chair

PRICE: $249

Source: Baccani

Sporting an easy clean and removable food tray teamed with machine washable seat covers, the Baccani CIBO high chair is the ultimate meal-time companion for busy mums and messy bubs!

One of the most practical two-in-one luxury high chairs in the market, the Baccani CIBO highchair can transform between a high chair and a rocking chair with a simple flick of the feet. Designed to grow with your family, as your little one gets older, the highchair tray can be removed completely so your child can sit seated at the table with the rest of the family. Perfect!

With a myriad of amazing features, this high chair features a three-position adjustable footrest, easy one-touch seat recline, five-position height adjustment, lockable front wheels, smart rolling rear wheels and a super compact fold for easy storage just about anywhere. This is one epic chair! The Baccani CIBO highchair is available in two colours – pink or grey – and is a must-have for young families.

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Maxi-Cosi Moa High Chair

PRICE: $299

Source: Maxi Cosi

The new Maxi-Cosi Moa 8-in-1 stylish, multiuse highchair is designed for your child to use throughout their first five years, matching your child’s seating needs, saving you both money AND space around the home.

One of the best places for your child to eat, discover and grow, the Moa high chair easily converts from a highchair to a booster seat, then a low stool, toddler stool and finally, a small table and chair, perfect for play!

Suitable for children aged from six months to approximately five years, the Maxi-Cosi Moa high chair is gorgeous to look at and ticks all the boxes of practicality. Good looks aside, it’s lightweight and includes a tray with water-repellent inlay, a three-level adjustable footrest, and anti-slip rubber feet. There’s also a five-point harness to secure any hungry Houdini-like cherub, stopping them from escaping their high chair. All that’s left to consider is what’s for dinner!


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Nuna ZAAZ High Chair

PRICE: $238.86

Source: Nuna

Big eater. Messy eater. Playful eater. It’s all good with ZAAZ at the table, this high chair caters for EVERY kind of eater!

Making messy meals with messy kids easier than ever, it’s music to any parent’s ears that the ZAAZ tray can not only be wiped clean easily, but the removable plastic components can go straight into the dishwasher. This high-quality, no-crevice design also outwits pesky crumbs and food being wedged in places it shouldn’t be. That means less time spent cleaning up and more time for the fun stuff.

It’ll last you a while too as it’s been designed to seat babies who can sit up unaided right through to older toddlers weighing up to 15kg. You can completely customise the ZAAZ fit to suit any size, height or level of wiggle, so it’s super flexible! Children can easily be seated at the table just right using the easy-to-use hidden lift mechanism. Air-filled cushions make for comfy mealtimes and a five or three-point anti-loop harness ensures your little one remains safely seated until you’re ready to release your smallest food critic from the ZAAZ high chair!

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Redsbaby HILO² High Chair

PRICE: $229
WHERE TO BUY: Redsbaby

best high chairs Redsbaby
Source: Redsbaby

Want to make mealtimes as easy as child’s play? The easy-to-clean HILO² High Chair has a removable tray, stain-resistant straps AND the ability to convert to a junior and play chair! The HILO² High Chair brings the family together for easy meals and even playtime as your little one grows.

Packed with great features, the HILO² High Chair sits at table height and features an adjustable shoulder strap fitting, a five-point harness, a larger dishwasher-friendly tray for kids to explore their food, plus a smaller seat depth for correct posture and an adjustable footrest for shorter legs.

Available in stunning Australian-inspired colours and paired with gorgeous solid beechwood legs, the HILO² High Chair gives every four-month-old to six-year-old child a seat. Plus, watch as the HILO² High Chair morphs from a stylish high chair, to a junior chair and then with the addition of short legs (available separately) … a play chair! For seating both little kids and big kids, choose HILO² High Chair for all your meal and playtime moments!

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IZIMINI Baby chair

PRICE: $85.00


If you’re searching for a lightweight option that’s ideal for camping trips, days at the beach or picnics at the park, then the IZIMINI has your babe’s name all over it! We adore these practical yet funky little baby chairs. They are safe, stylish and designed by Australian artists too. Oh, and they also come with over 500 5-star reviews from very happy customers!

The IZIMINI baby chair is lightweight (just 1.8kg) and easily folds into a matching carry bag. It comes with a built-in harness, a detachable tray and additional straps to convert as a booster seat for dining chairs, which makes it great for indoor use and travelling too.

It’s incredibly easy to clean and even comes with a storage pocket for your baby’s bib, hat or anything else. IZIMINI baby chairs are suitable for children 6 months to three years old (up to 15kg). The only question left is, which adorable design will you pick?

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Joie Baby multiply™ 6in1 High Chair

PRICE: $369

Source: Joie Baby

It’s a dinner date plus a play date all in one. Designed and engineered as a tasty mealtime chair, big stuff booster or play table treat, the Joie Baby multiply™ 6in1 is ALL the seats and more. It’s a baby-mode high chair, traditional high chair, booster seat, portable booster, toddler chair AND a mini play table!

Completely height adjustable with a multi-recline seat and rear leg tray storage, the multiply™ 6in1 high chair is brilliant for keeping babies safe and close by, even before they’re ready to tackle their first meal. In high chair mode, the multiply™ 6-in1 is designed with comfort and ease in mind with a removable, wipeable seat pad and height-adjustable footrest, an extra-large, adjustable tray with a dishwasher-safe tray insert and a cup holder.

When it’s time to graduate to a big chair, the booster seat mode brings kids up to table height at home or out and about. And when you need a dedicated play table, the multiply™ 6in1 morphs into a toddler-sized table and chair set. I’m sure we can agree, that’s some amazing value for babies and beyond!

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Little Lou Baby Switch Adjustable Baby to Toddler High Chair

PRICE: $149.95
WHERE TO BUY: Little Lou Baby

Source: Little Lou Baby

Switch by name and by switch nature, Little Lou Baby’s Switch high chair makes it easy to switch from a high chair to a toddler booster seat – easily and with oodles of style!

A safe, robust, secure and comfortable high chair with an easy-to-clean moulded seat, Switch is a stylishly practical choice for your little one’s first chair. It features a five-point harness, an adjustable and completely removable tray and a stable footrest to perfectly support your baby’s feet and seated posture. An absolutely beautiful chair to look at with its stunning quilted seat cushion, this is a high chair you’ll most definitely want to show off, and not hide in a corner.

Ready to switch from baby to toddler mode? In just a few quick adjustments, the baby high chair can be lowered into a toddler play chair with a footrest, that supports up to 50kg, brilliant for colouring at the coffee table or play table!

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Boori Byron High Chair

PRICE: $399.90 with Seat Insert, $349.90 with Chair Cushion Set.

Best high chair
Source: Boori

Crafted from gorgeous European Beech timber, Boori’s modern-look Byron high chair is a stylishly versatile high chair perfect for baby… and your interior style, too!

Featuring a five-point harness complete with length extenders, it will ensure little ones are always safe in their perfectly fitting seat. A sturdy plastic, ergonomic seat insert supports and keeps bubs upright, plus a comfy cushion insert and its tray can easily be removed for cleaning if required.

With three in-built seat levels and two footrest positions, the Byron can be used as a high chair for babies aged six months to three years old. When a high chair is no longer necessary, the Byron high chair can then be transformed into a gorgeous kid-sized dining or study chair by simply removing the seat insert and adding the comfy Chair Cushion Set (sold separately).

Famous for their longevity, Boori is a classic choice, brilliant for serving families from babyhood and beyond!


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There you have it, folks, our favourite high chairs and booster seats for 2023, let the weaning begin! Wondering what our other favourite items are? We’ve also got plenty of other guides to cater for all your shopping needs.

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