Everyone’s favourite little pink personality, Peppa Pig is more popular than ever in Australia!

The most watched kids show on Australian TV, and seen daily by 250,000 viewers, Peppa Pig has been a big hit with Aussie families, selling over one million Peppa Pig books and mountains of Peppa Pig toys.


And it’s not hard to understand why. With a strong focus on family values, fun and simple pleasures kids are drawn in by the british accents and just enough snorting to keep them entertained!

Contain your excitement, as we’re here to announce that Peppa Pig is back in Australia later this year with Peppa Pig Live! Big Splash.

The puppets will be bigger than ever and brilliant sing-a-long songs as the nursery roof is leaking and Peppa and her friends need to fix it quickly. They set up a fete to raise the money for Mr Bull to do the repairs. There’s plenty of fun to be had as Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig, as well as Danny Dog, Pedro Pony and Suzy Sheep put up bunting, run stalls and organise a great day out. There’s also a Champion Puddle Jumping competition judged by Mr Potato where everyone gets wet and Peppa needs to find her Golden Boots.

Another all-singing, all-dancing adventure full of songs, games and muddy puddles is guaranteed for all the family.

Tickets are priced between $30 – $45 each, and are on sale from 9am on 23 June at PeppaPigLive.com.au. Playing premier theatres in capital cities Australia wide, Peppa Pig Live! Big Splash will tour Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. This show is direct from the UK and has never been performed in Australia before!



IMPORTANT: There will be a pre-sale offer beginning this Thursday 18 June. Join the Life Like Touring email list to make sure you get your invitation to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public.  If you’re not on the list, jump on over and join up today! PeppaPigLive.com.au 




PERTH – Regal Theatre, Subiaco
Thursday 15 and Friday 16 October

BRISBANE – Brisbane Powerhouse
Wednesday 21 to Friday 23 October

GOLD COAST – Arts Centre Gold Coast
Sunday 25 October

NEWCASTLE – Newcastle Civic Theatre
Tuesday 27 October

SYDNEY – Roslyn Packer Theatre Walsh Bay
Friday 30 October to Sunday 1 November

MELBOURNE – The Concourse, Chatswood Playhouse
Tuesday 3 November

MELBOURNE – Arts Centre Melbourne
Friday 6, Monday 9 to Wednesday 11 November

ADELAIDE – Her Majesty’s Theatre
Saturday 14 November



We’ve got our hands on some money-can’t-buy tickets and are offering them out to one of our lucky readers!

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  1. Kirsty Harrison Skok Reply

    We have a house filled with George fans here (what’s not to love about a small boy obsessed with dinosaurs?) so they will be thrilled to hear about this!

  2. I have the biggest peppa fan. She is only one and says very few words but peppa pig is among them.

  3. Danielle Gergely Reply

    Darling daughter loves Peppa but I like Madam Giselle.

  4. Lauren Jordan Reply

    George Pig is the favourite character in our house! We think he’s cuter than Peppa.

  5. mitch araya Reply

    my son loves all the peppa pig characters.. and we will be very happy if he saw them in show

  6. Valentina Valentina Reply

    peppa!!peppa and more peppa!!love all the others too

  7. Melissa Knowles Reply

    Peppa is definitely favoured by my daughter but I must say I like Mrs Rabbit.

  8. Melissa Ware Reply

    Peppa! My daughter loves how inquisitive and bubbly she is.

  9. Nicole Donnelly Reply

    William would love to go to the Peppa show and his little brother/sister will be born around that time so it would be nice for him to get out of the house with his grandparents and do something fun

  10. My daughter loves Peppa of course and naturally my little man loves George

  11. We love Edmond Elephant – he’s full of fun facts and too cute

  12. My kids definitely love George because he is so cute and says ‘dine-soar’!

  13. Sarsha O'Connell Reply

    We love peppa. She’s fun & creative & gets the kids involved

  14. Kyla Booth Reply

    My daughter just adores Peppa – definitely her favourite character. xx

  15. Tuan Duc Dang Reply

    I love Danny Dog but my niece loves Peppa because she thinks Peppa is cute!

  16. daddy pig is my little ones favourite and mine too! his so silly and he can always make my little one giggle!!

  17. Mrs Rabbit. She does a bit of everything (plus she’s the same voice as Nanny Plum 🙂 )

  18. George because he loves dinosaurs as much as my boys and I do.

  19. Lisa Walker Reply

    George and daddy pig have to be the best ever , my 2 littlest think so anyway 🙂

  20. Brooke Parker Reply

    George. He is just the cutest of them all. And he loves dinosaurs which I think is adorable. My cousin would love to go with her little one.

  21. Mel Cochrane-Finlay Reply

    My 2yr old loves peppa & Rebecca rabbit… Really she just loves them all!! 🙂

  22. My littl girl likes mummy pig. Watching peppa on our iphone is the only way she behaves when out at dinner

  23. Sarah Phillips Reply

    My daughter loves Peppa and my son loves George and his dinosaur.

  24. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    I don’t know what Peppa Pig character is the Twins favourite all I know as a Great Grandmother, that I have never heard such laughter from these little girls.. They love “Peppa Pig”

  25. Xzavia Green Reply

    Mrs Rabbit! She’s the Jack of all trades which is how I feel lol

  26. Kristy Winters Reply

    George he reminds me of my boys and i think that is why they love the show so much

  27. Lisa Loizou Reply

    Little miss loves peppa the most. She calls her purple pig instead of peppa pig 🙂

  28. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    My daughter loves Peppa, her wish came true this year when she finally have a baby brother who can play George with her.

  29. Miss Rabbit. (Funniest…and the best role model to encourage a work ethic in children!!!)

  30. Tonia Anderson Reply

    We all love little George especially the little man in the house. He takes all his George toys to bed with him, it’s adorable 😉

  31. Felicity Turner Reply

    My favourite is Mummy Pig .. Her mannerisms remind me of myself

  32. jane whelan Reply

    My nephew loves George, he would be over the moon if l won this.

  33. Laura Offerman Reply

    George is my toddler’s favourite character along with his dinosaur

  34. Rebecca Roffman Reply

    Peppa is my daughters favourite character. I think we own every Peppa plush toy and everyday she is wearing at least 1 piece of Peppa clothing. To say she is a fan is an understatement

  35. Pedro Pony – when Pedro went to hospital, my son was already there – shared experience with his favourite character was the highlight of his hospital stay.

  36. Daddy Pig is the favourite in this household, but EVERYTHING is all about daddy lately 😉

  37. Jodie Brolese Reply

    My daughter loves all the characters but really lves jumping in myddy puddles and yelling “Im Peppa
    chters but she loves jumping in muddy puddles just like Peppa and says Im Peppa piggy and giggles hehe

  38. Jodie Brolese Reply

    My daughter loves jumping in muddy puddles like Peppa and she giggles and says she is Peppa pig 🙂

  39. Peppa would have to be the favorite in our house, we have 3 little peppa enthusiasts who live and breathe peppa 🙂

  40. Jenny England Reply

    Peppa steals the show each time, she has to be the family favourite!

  41. Leanna Booth Reply

    Would love to win for my Granddaughters, just the right age to enjoy Peppa Pig

  42. Peppa is a family favourite, there is even a dog called Peppa, next best thing to a pig!

  43. Andrew McKeown Reply

    Grampy Rabbit as he always a great song to inspire the kids.

  44. Angela Aschberger Reply

    I like Miss Rabbit! She’s so skilled working so many jobs! 🙂

  45. Victoria Buckeridge Reply

    My son loves Peppa pig. He keeps asking me if we’ve won the competition yet.

  46. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    We love George…cute and not an annoying little brother at all

  47. Kate Marshall Reply

    my grandson loves them all but especially Pedro because they both wear glasses

  48. My 3 year old’s favourite is George because he has a dinosaur just like his!

  49. Lisa Serraino Reply

    We all love daddy pig as he makes us all laugh as we think he is like my dad 🙂

  50. lisa hardy Reply

    my son lves them all but george his fav he watches them everyday

  51. my nephew loves george cause he love to ride bikes like he does

  52. Joanne Ashby Reply

    Peppa of course…. Peppa pig Peppa pig.. will be singing this all night 🙂

  53. I love Daddy Pig – poor thing is always getting picked on. Though I do totally admire Miss Rabbit’s work ethic!

  54. Emma Hough Reply

    My daughter loves Peppa. I find George a cutie, Daddy Pig is hilarious and Mummy Pig is a typical mummy that does lots with little recognition lol

  55. My son is crazy about George.. It’s funny how they are so alike, even their passion for dinosaurs..

  56. Christa Wheat Reply

    My daughter thinks she and her brother are actually Peppa and George lol

  57. sheree Reardon Reply

    Miss 1 & Miss 3 would go absolutely crazy to see Peppa Pig live

  58. Lovely Peppa of course. Have nearly all the toys for my sweet child.

  59. Karyn Munro - Little Opinons Reply

    My girls just cannot go past Peppa as their fav.. Although Zoe zebra is a very close second

  60. Paige Stephens Reply

    Miss Rabbit – the quintessential ‘Jack of all trades!’ The modern woman indeed.

  61. Tiffany Anne Fitch Reply

    Daddy Pig because he is funny, stubborn and has a huge round belly that he often gets teased about!

  62. Juanita Thompson Reply

    Grandpa Pig… Love the way he says “George and Peppa”

  63. George pig because he loves dinosaurs and muddy puddles just like my son.

  64. Lorraine Kong Reply

    Peppa Pig because she is a “special friend” that every kid dream of having. A cute friend to cuddle and to “imagine” jumping into puddles with, and a happy family, we all love to be part of!

  65. Janet Martin Reply

    Rebecca rabbit is my idol, imagine being a professional at so many careers

  66. Lisa-Marie Mummy Monaghan Reply

    Peppa as that is the first word come out my 2 year olds mouth in the morning because he wants Peppa Pig.. sometimes its early hours when he wakes up and he still says PEPPA!! I have many videos of him waking up saying PEPPA!!

  67. George Pig, because he says “yuck” at vegetables and only wants to eat chocolate cake. A pig after my own heart!

  68. Dawn Smithson Reply

    My little ones favourite is Peppa, of course, but I am fond of Miss Rabbit!

  69. Melissa walters Reply

    My son loves George Pig and his Dinosaur that goes Roarrrrr

  70. My daughter doesnt have favourites she loves them all the same. My son just calls them all pig.

  71. Divya Raghunathan Reply

    My son likes George and Pedro Pony makes him laugh 🙂

  72. Chris Spencer Reply

    I’m glad the ABC didn’t cancel Peppa and cook her bacon in funding cuts..

  73. Christopher Jackson Reply

    My little boy loves peppy pig. Of course, that’s his fav

  74. Vicki Smith Reply

    Like all kids, granddaughter (4) is Peppa Pig mad. Would love to win this

  75. Peppa is my daughters fav. I personally love miss rabbit. Very talented

  76. My daughter was close to tears when she heard that the new budget threaten to take Peppa Pig off the air form ABC4Kids. 🙂

  77. Sigourney Witt Reply

    My 2 year old little boy absolutely loves george as he loves dinosaurs too. And gets so excited when he knows the dino sooore is coming on

  78. I love Mrs Rabbit. I’m convinced she was created for the parents but my little one loves Peppa.

  79. Kelly Dyett Reply

    Who doesn’t love pedro pony. But seriously my daughter Poppy just loves all of them.

  80. Hannah Colhoun Reply

    My daughter loves Peppa, but mummy and daddy love Daddy Pig!

  81. My 21 month old daughter, who loves snorting like a pig while she watches Peppa!

  82. Dannielle Hall Reply

    My son loves George so much we named our puppy George! Definitely a favourite in our family!

  83. Mandiii Hammond Reply

    Eron loves George and I love hearing Blaine sing the theme especially when he snorts

  84. daddy Pig he makes us laugh with his jolly big belly we love him

  85. Michelle Moody Reply

    I love Daddy Pig. He’s just like my husband! My 2 year old loves George.

  86. Mummy Pig! She’s so patient and understanding, and in my opinion, underrated. She’s got so much love unconditional love for her family, and has a great sense of humour! She’s a great mum and wife to Daddy Pig, and it’s refreshing to see her kindness and understanding to others. My youngest daughter calls me Mummy Pig, which is hilarious as I know she’s just copying her favourite TV show. Well I hope she doesn’t see me as a real pig, haha!

  87. Berrenson Thai Reply

    my daughter likes peppa pig because she loves muddy puddles just like my daughter.

  88. My daughter love love loves Peppa! This would totally blow her mind!

  89. Justine Seddon Reply

    Definitely George Pig, my 3 year old son is so obsessed he thinks he is George Pig and calls me Mummy Pig and his dad, Daddy Pig. It’s so funny and the house is full of snorting.

  90. Annette Prout Reply

    Peppa, my grandson always wants to watch peppa on nan fans laptop, would love to take this little peppa fan to watch the excitement on his face and to hear him snort like a pig

  91. Marnie Ryan Reply

    Our favourite is George Pig although I do like Rebecca Rabbit and her ability to multi task 🙂

  92. Kathryn Marjoram Reply

    Peppa is the fave in my house! My 3yr old would go nuts to see this show! Even my 6 and 7 yr olds would love it! 🙂

  93. My 3 yo girl loves Peppa. She also loves George coz she has a younger brother just like Peppa!

  94. Little miss 4 and 2 love Polly Parrot. They think it is really funny when Polly repeats everything

  95. Jennifer Robertson Reply

    I love Rebecca Rabbit – skilled at so many things.

  96. Danielle Hall Reply

    Definitely George!! His giggle is gorgeous! And I love his dinasour!!

  97. Carol Bond Reply

    Zoe Zebra because my daughter associates her cousin Zoe with this character.

  98. SarahBirch Reply

    I love Mummy Pig – her wisdom, patience and humour are a true inspiration!

  99. Rebecca Yates Reply

    I love Rebecca Rabbit and her multi-tasking abilities! 🙂

  100. Nikki Deayton Reply

    It’s so hard to have one favourite!! I’m pretty sure my daughter would say Peppa but she does sometimes call me mummy pig! Very cute and funny!

  101. Tash Wright Reply

    Grandpa pig is a little fav of my sons. He thinks he is funny and reminds him of his poppa. My daughter loves peppa.
    Peppas family reminds me of our little family.. my son is like george and daughter like peppa.. 🙂

  102. Sarah Sabatino Reply

    Daddy Pig – his Dad jokes always make us smile! So much like our own Daddy, can’t help but love him!

  103. Susie sheep – everyobe needs a best friend, even a pig ☺️

  104. Jacqui Roodenburg Reply

    Pedro pony is our favourite. He loves to sleep on and is always late!! Ha

  105. JMW76mum23 Reply

    We love them all but Daddy Pig always gets my little one laughing and she thinks he has a big round tummy just like her Daddy (she also adds just like her Mummy when she is in cheeky mode)

  106. Alison Lin Reply

    George.. my son has a soft toy of the little pig whom he his to sleep!

  107. Elizabeth Rosario Reply

    I love how Daddy pig tries pretends to be an expert on everything, when it is obvious that he isn’t, but the family always humours him.

  108. Lauren Barnes Reply

    Peppa should be crowned super amazing children’s character. “My Daddy” Peppa Pig book is hailed winner, night time’s my son rushes into bed for it.

  109. Karly Tonkin Reply

    I love Mrs Rabbit. Shes always popping up doing random jobs!

  110. My boys go nuts for Peppa, can’t wait to take them to the live show!!

  111. Kathy Bowdlert Reply

    Daddy Pig, my little people say he’s good, just like their Big Daddy….don’t think I’ll tell our Big Daddy that. 🙂

  112. Katie Dalla Santa Reply

    George is my sons favourite. He loves watching him, and reading his book

  113. Cass Mahony Reply

    My 3 year old daughter Kadence LOVES, and i mean LOVES, Peppa Pig LOL

  114. Stephanie H Beauchamp Reply

    My girls love peppa pig and watch it with their 8 month old sister. They would love to see this show

  115. Mandy Mason Reply

    Peppa is my daughter’s favourite – because she is ALWAYS allowed to jump in the muddy puddles!

  116. sarah Trevaskis Reply

    We love Mr Bull – expecially when he digs up the roooaaad!!

  117. Tanya newton Reply

    My daughter Taryn loves peppa pig and has all there toys and dvds

  118. My kids favourite is Peppa Pig – “Piggy” to miss 2.
    My favourite is Daddy Pig, he reminds me of an uncle of mine, tries so hard to be handy with tools and around the house, but fails badly and ends up making things worse! But after everything, he absolutely loves his kids and family.

  119. Miss Rabbit and her twin sister Mummy Rabbit! I LOVE how they do everything…. fly helicopters, emergency services, cake stands, museum attendant, the list is endless! Such a great role rabbit!

  120. Kara Healey Reply

    My 2yo son absolutely loves George- I think he relates to him because they both love dinosaurs

  121. Elizabeth Ellery Reply

    My little girl love peppa and george (or as she says georga), we have clothes, toys, books, dvds, cds, bed covers, microphone (ahhhhhhhh that battery never dies – lol). when it rains we have to go outside to jump in muddy puddles. love the show and characters.

  122. Loni Vigurs Reply

    Love George. My 10 weeks old absolutely loves when Georges little oink comes over the tv.

  123. Angela Stacey Reply

    My daughter loves all of them but Peppa just that bit more xx

  124. Peppa and George as my son and daughter think they’re just like them.

  125. Murray Allen Reply

    My daughter will love this, her fave word at the mo Is “pig-ah!” Whenever she sees Peppa who is her favourite character of course!!

  126. Roslynne O'Leary Reply

    Pedro Pony because he is always losing things but finds them so easier too.

  127. carolineavard Reply

    Masters 2 and 3 grandsons absolutely dote on George Pig they would be ecstatic to see this live 🙂

  128. Heidi Lang Reply

    My Granddaughter Athena absolutely loves Peppa and George there with her all day and sleeps in her bed .Athena jumps with up and down with excitment when on TV .calls it her Baby TV with Peppa .

  129. Carissa Harford Reply

    It’s got to be Peppa Pig, she’s quite the little ‘know it all’.

  130. Emma Knight Reply

    My daughter loves both Peppa and George. She loves how they get along so well.

  131. Emma Moody Reply

    Well the favourite character of the family at the moment happens to be daddy pig because of the sound of his voice and the fact that he can make anything sound creepy.

  132. Daddy Pig is my favourite, trying to raise youngsters so full of mischief

  133. Emily Tynan Reply

    Miss Rabbit because she’s an absolute jack of all trades and she never ceases to amaze me with her endless talents!

  134. Connie Christensen Reply

    miss rabbit because shes an assertive kind of bunny!

  135. Peppa Pig is my family’s favourite to my son, who thinks he is George. A great cartoon

  136. Sophie Merchant Reply

    Miss Rabbit is our favourite for sure – she can do anything!

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