Get ready for a new adventure … a Minion Adventure unlike any other!  Our favourite little yellow men are back and we’ve got 3 larger-than-life Minions prizepacks to giveaway to celebrate!

In case you missed them last time in Despicable Me, Minions start as single-celled yellow organisms and evolve through the ages, perpetually serving the most despicable of masters.  Continuously unsuccessful at keeping these masters—from T. rex to Napoleon—the Minions find themselves without someone to serve and fall into a deep depression.

But one Minion named Kevin has a plan, and he—alongside teenage rebel Stuart and lovable little Bob—ventures out into the world to find a new evil boss for his brethren to follow.

The trio embarks upon a thrilling journey that ultimately leads them to their next potential master, Scarlet Overkill (Academy Award® winner Sandra Bullock), the world’s first-ever female super-villain.  They travel from frigid Antarctica to 1960s New York City, ending in mod London, where they must face their biggest challenge to date: saving all of Minionkind…from annihilation.

Featuring a soundtrack of hit music from the ’60s that still permeates our culture today, Minions is produced by Illumination’s Chris Meledandri and Janet Healy, and is directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda.  Brian Lynch has written the screenplay for the 3D-CG comedy adventure, and Chris Renaud serves as executive producer of the film.



Thanks to our friends at Universal Pictures, we’ve got 3 Minions Prize Packs to give away, each brimming with really cool Minion merchandise. Each prize pack includes:

  • In-Season Movie Pass for 4
  • Minions Shopper Bag
  • Minions Sticker Sheet
  • Minions Activity Pack
  • Squishy Stress Bob
  • Inflatable Bop Bag
  • Minions Umbrella

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Win 1 of 3 Minions Prizepacks valued at $170 each


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  1. Brooke Parker Reply

    Me lol. It’s just me and my mum in our house she and she doesn’t really no what minions are lol. I think they are so cute. I love how they are funny and that they are obsessed with bananas lol. Which I don’t know why my mum wouldn’t love them as she loves bananas as well lol.

  2. Lisa Walker Reply

    it has to be my 5th son Harry, who is 5 ! and my 13 year old too 🙂

  3. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    My daughter Charity cannot stop begging me for Minion merchandises at the shops!

  4. Anne-Marie Wingfield Reply

    My 5yr old daughter Violet, she giggles everytime she sees a minion

  5. Angela Aschberger Reply

    Pretty sure it’s my husband! 😉 But the kids and I certainly get a good laugh from them too!

  6. Michelle Green Reply

    My husband is obsessed with Minions! The kids and I love them too but my husband is the biggest Minion fan ever, his name is David, so his favourite is Minion Dave.

  7. Jenny Woods Reply

    My grand daughter Hayley is a huge fan & wants everything Minion for her upcoming 11th Birthday!!

  8. Nicole Woods Reply

    I think I would have to say me, though the kids might try to disagree with that fact. Haha.

  9. Great Grand Dad enjoyed “Despicable Me” and is already checking out when the latest generation of Minion fans are planning to see the movie so he can “tag’ along for multiple MINION exposures.

  10. Belinda Mouk Reply

    My nephew Riley who is 7 loves the minions and can’t wait to see the movie

  11. Anita Bellon Reply

    The biggest Minion fan in our household is definitely our 6 year old daughter, Olivia. She absolutely loves Minions and is counting the days until she can see the movie 🙂

  12. All six of my kids aged from 9-1 yrs are crazy about the Minions…

  13. Don’t tell the kids, but it’s me! I want them to be good so I can take them to see the film!!!

  14. bmidontcare Reply

    Despite the fact that I’m almost 30, I’m definitely the biggest minion fan – I could use an army of them!

  15. Me I stalk all things minion….I would love to live in a place where minions exist. They cheer me up no end

  16. Lisa-Marie Mummy Monaghan Reply

    My son Jaxson is the biggest fan ever.. he is 2 and my hubby always says he swears that Jaxson is a Minion.. He acts and talks like one.. lol..

  17. Lisa-Marie Mummy Monaghan Reply

    My son Jaxson is the biggest fan ever.. he is 2 and my hubby always says he swears that Jaxson is a Minion.. He acts and talks like one.. lol.. My 2 boys constantly watch the trailor to the new minon movie and constantly watch 1 and 2 on repeat.. a few days in a row my 2 year old Jaxson watched despicable me 2 over and over and over.. my computer automatically starts the movie again.. some may think that this is bad parenting but if hes happy Mummys happy too..

  18. Melissa walters Reply

    My son he has both Movies, 3 minions talking toys, 2 pictures framed up on his wall and plus t-shits with minions on them. So u can say a little bit obsessed with them lol

  19. Close call in our house between myself and my 7 year old son….lol

  20. Nicole Williams Reply

    Close call in our house with my 7 year old son and myself….we both love them,

  21. Amy Barbour Reply

    my 4 year old and one year old sons both love the minions and so do I haha

  22. My 4 year old son Noah, he loves all thing minion, he even talks like a minion sometimes…

  23. My 4 year old son Liam. He loves them. He as stuffed toys, movies, plates and cups and balls. He talks like the minions sometimes which is quite cute to hear

  24. Sarah Kuno Reply

    It’s a toss up who the biggest fan in our family is, we ALL love Minions but I think it is my son just over my daughter ❤

  25. Both of my girls are huge minion fans. Actually I’m probably just as big of a fan of them as they are!

  26. My son loves the minions and has so many accessories already…he would love to win a prize

  27. Leigh Rampellini Reply

    My 3 year old son calls the minions Happies it is very cute. The minion movie will be our first time at the cinema watching a movie

  28. Sigourney Witt Reply

    I would have to be the biggest fan in my household. They remind me ao much of myself sometimes and they just soooo cute. My 2 year old boy loves them too.

  29. Marilyn Long Reply

    My 3 year old son Campbell! He carries his mini minion sets with him everywhere, including to bed. he is obsessed 🙂

  30. Courtney Mills Reply

    My little boy Liam he loves his memes (minions) as he calls then and nearly screams the house down with excitement every time he sees the add for the movie

  31. My 3 year old daughter goes bonkers over SpicaMe! we have to employ diversion tatics in the shops sometimes.

  32. Lauren Francis Reply

    My youngest son (4.5yrs) – he loves them. Banana!! Banana!

  33. Joanna McPherson Reply

    We love Dave. It’s my husband’s name and both Daves are kind, caring and funny and sometimes a little accident prone. Although my Dave has NEVER fired a rocket launcher.

  34. Anna Erceg Reply

    We all love Minions in my family but the biggest fan would be my daughter Bella 😀

  35. Hard to pick one person – our whole family loves minions but our 3 year old son is a huge fan and he loves to dress up and behave like minions…

  36. Close tie between my daughters, but my 15year old would be the biggest fan, she is not ashamed to display her love , buying and wearing the merchandise when she can despite the Jokes from her peers… she would love this

  37. Emma Cherie Roy Reply

    Biggest fan in our house is easily my 4 year old son Elijah, he thought the mint in our garden was called ‘Minion’ !!

  38. Tuan Duc Dang Reply

    Again my 2-year-old niece who is the biggest fan of all animation movies.

  39. Dawn Taylor Reply

    Would probably be my oldest granddaughter, but all of us really.

  40. Dannielle Hall Reply

    My son Dylan has just discovered minions and it is safe to say that the fad won’t be going away anytime soon!

  41. Claire H Simmons Reply

    my daughter lily she now has to say banana in every sentence

  42. My young son, he breaks into absolute fits of laughter over these guys!..

  43. Melissa Knowles Reply

    I am, have to introduce my daughter to them but at the moment I am definitely the number one fan!!!

  44. My husband, he is the biggest kid in the house and loves them more than our 20 month old

  45. Kristy Winters Reply

    My five year old his whole class is minion mad it’s like it’s contagious!

  46. Dianne Childs Reply

    My son loves the minions! We took him to see Despicable Me at the cinema and he fell in love with them!

  47. Kate Slack Reply

    Me, they are so funny, I think I am looking forward to the new movie more than the kids!

  48. My daughter! She is Kevin’s number one fan and loves dressing up in anything yellow whenever she can! Amanda Giffard

  49. Helen Victoria Reply

    My three kids and I are obsessed with these gorgeous little critters we call minions, they’re so adorable!!! Obviously I had a very deprived childhood 😉 x

  50. My 4 month old is the miniest minion in our house, and the most demanding.

  51. Michelle Waixel Reply

    My 11 year old daughter is without a doubt the biggest minions fan about!! :o)

  52. Elizabeth Jeong Reply

    Me! I’ve been hooked ever since watching Despicable Me~

  53. Loved Despicable Me….along with the Minions! Our three boys have already been asking when they can see The Minions movie!! 🙂

  54. Laura Offerman Reply

    My toddler! He loves watching both despicable me movies!

  55. Melissa Kagie Reply

    My little girl, every time she see’s them on tv or a minion she screams Minions and giggles!

  56. Sarah Sabatino Reply

    My 4 year old – and I can thank Minions for his love of bananas too!! Crazy for the yellow fellows!

  57. Jacqui Roodenburg Reply

    My 5 year old boy and 3 year old girl love the minions. They yell “bello” to each other. Ha.

  58. JMW76mum23 Reply

    Bananas….thanks to the Minions the littlest person in our house loves bananas.

  59. Laura Evanson Reply

    My 5 year old and my mum are big fans. As she lives in England, they share their minion appreciation through her sending LOTS of Haribo Minions 🙂

  60. My 3yo girl and 7yo boy just crack up at the minions everytime, no matter how many times they’ve seen the scene!!

  61. All of us hubby, daughter (8) and even my near 2 yr old giggles at them

  62. Cathy Da Blob Reply

    Fine line between my 6 year old daughter and me, a well timed fart blaster cracks us up every time.

  63. Karina Lee Reply

    My husband. He thinks they are cute and keeps checking them out at toy stores. He says its for our daughter but secretly, it’s for him.

  64. Jodi Zimmer Reply

    My kids love them the most, they make them laugh and laugh! I think they are kinda cute too.

  65. e are all minion fanatics! Toys, clothes, dads and all sorts of miniony goodness is all over our house! And someone ate my minion tictacs so that sort of sucks!

  66. We are all minion fanatics! Toys, clothes, dvds and all sorts of miniony goodness is all over our house! And someone ate my minion tictacs so that sort of sucks!

  67. shelbyward Reply

    My two boys, Luca and Jackson chase each other around the house speaking ‘minion’ – ba na na rah!

  68. Elizabeth Rosario Reply

    My son is the biggest fan for sure,
    He’s been counting down from weeks before,
    To see the Minions when it comes out,
    It will be his favourite movie without a doubt,
    A Minions birthday party he wants this year,
    He’d be excited to win this prize pack here.

  69. Me, they are just too cute! There’s nothing minionsucle about them!

  70. Carlie Christie Reply

    My 2 (almost 3) year old son! He was a Minions fart gun and runs around the house in hysterics with it… 🙂

  71. My 13yr old daughter she got the Minions showbag this year at the show and is dying to see the new movie

  72. Lauren Barnes Reply

    My four year old son is mini minion maestro, discovering them together on you tube singing Christmas tunes and la la laaaa’ing in their high pitch voices is entertaining.

  73. we all love the minions,greatgran daughter cant get enough ,cups,plates now t-shirts

  74. My younger brother is Minion obsessed, but he has nothing on my partner! He goes crazy for them, even buying his own talking plush toy which sleeps in the bed! BANANA!

  75. Catherine Cannon Reply

    My daughter lives these crazy, funny little guys that never fail to crack her up.

  76. Kathy Bowdlert Reply

    My girls are both big on the Minions, 14 year old even asked, tongue in cheek, if she could get a Minion tattoo….not happening!

  77. My eldest daughter who is 10 is the biggest fan! But litlle miss 19 months adores them too! <3

  78. Fiona Rowlands Reply

    I’d love to say my kiddies, but I have to admit that it’s me!! They’re just super cute & super funny, love them!!! 🙂

  79. Nerys Lewis Reply

    Me 🙂
    I giggle every time I see and hear them and they also remind me of my foster cousin who just passed away as he was the biggest minions fan I’ve ever seen – he introduced me to them 🙂

  80. Stephanie H Beauchamp Reply

    my 4 gorgeous girls, they cant wait!!!! they keep asking me is it out at the movies yet

  81. John Halls Reply

    Don’t tell anyone, but I am the BIGGEST minion fan in my family. Somehow, I understand what they are saying and I relate to Kevin and his quest. *smiles*

  82. Jaybuns9413 Reply


  83. My son aged 6 is a HUGE Minions fan, I made him a Minion cake for his last birthday.

  84. Tony Meyer Reply

    My 8 year old daughter is crazy about Minions. She steals my butter nut pumpkins to draw faces on them and make them her Minions lol

  85. Edward Dekkers Reply

    My 8 your old son is a minion nut. He got minion glasses in a Royal Show bag last year and still wears them daily. Can’t compete with Tony Meyer below though – that’s just cool. Maybe one of the remaining two packs?

  86. My 2 yo loves minions but he calls them ‘Onions’- took us a whole to work out what he was talking about!

  87. My 4 year old has just become obsessed!!! My 2 year old has also jumped on the bandwagon “Pickle Me!”

  88. Samantha Bentley Reply

    Miss just turned 6 has been Minion Crazy since day 1- it increased her fascination and tendency to constantly use the word bottom! But on the plus side she totally digs bananas now 🙂

  89. My miss 4 loves Minions. She keeps asking to watch “Minions” which at the moment actually just means Despicable Me 1 (we did have number 2 but it seems to have gone walkabout somewhere!) as she hasn’t seen Minions itself, but were planning to take her and miss 2 to the cinema to see it.

  90. My kids love the Despicable Me movies particularly the
    Minions. They are looking forward to going to see the moves. Plus my husband
    and I enjoyed them due to the jokes etc. I even have a Minion on my desk.

  91. blackwidow63 Reply

    my granddaughter and my adults kids all love the movies and go every week

  92. Nadine Cameron Reply

    Both of my munchkins love the Minions and can’t wait to see the movie!

  93. My 5 year old minion….he bobs around like one, try to sing like one or talk like one, sometimes dresses like one….even gets angry and tell us that he’s the evil purple minion….cant stop him goin ~ba ba ba, babanana~ out of the blue

  94. Lisa Perriam Reply

    My daughter. She sees them on the sides of buses and billboards and screams ‘Minions mummy!’ and I have to be equally enthusiastic.

  95. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    My Great GranddAUGHTERS [TWINS] when they see the “Minions” they laugh and yell that some only have 1 eye and why don’t they only have one.

  96. Laura Malins Reply

    My partner loves them! He’s a big kid at heart. My 2yo also gets excited when he sees pictures of them even though he has never seen them and I have no idea how he learnt what they’re called!

  97. Coralie Ellis Reply

    My 3 yo daughter absolutely loves Minions and anything they are printed on 🙂

  98. Both my children, they talk in minion language all day. Bello, I want bananas, papples please. Tank you. Drives me crazy but it’s so funny trying to understand them. Imagine the minion language after watching this movie.

  99. I think im love them just as much as my son it’s a toss up between us,they remind me of curious little toddlers looking for something to do!

  100. My 5 year old son loves the minions and is dying to go and see it

  101. Crystal Adams Reply

    one of the first words my 2 year old son said was “Minion” so we bought him Minion sneakers and he keeps falling over because he’s too busy looking at them

  102. Chantal Hall Reply

    My 3 year old. Took him to the shops today took me 30 minutes to get to the back of the shops he had to check out every minion toy that existed in the shop!

  103. Shannon Lucas Reply

    It would be a close call between my 3 year old son and my husband, they have a minion calendar they are marking off the days on until the movie comes out, they insist on having only minion snacks while watching it so I had to buy heaps of kindas, minion tic tacs and minion biscuits. My son has his minion outfit ready to go complete with minion socks and undies

  104. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    My two kids love these cute minions .It is a great movie for whole family.

  105. Sarah Armstrong Reply

    My girls love the minions and can’t wait to go see the movie

  106. Colin Mashford Reply

    My 4 Year old son Cassius loses his mind when he see’s Minions and clip for the upcoming movie.

  107. Both my kids love Minions but I think my 3 year old can recite Despicable Me 2 by heart.

  108. Angela McCully Reply

    My gorgeous girl has gone mad for Minions lately. Can’t wait to take her to see her first movie at the cinema.

  109. Both my boys are really big fans, but I may just like them a little bit more!!!

  110. carolineavard Reply

    how exciting, were actually taking the grandkids to see it tomorrow 🙂

  111. both my children love the minions and would love to see the movie

  112. stacey coppin Reply

    I think its a toss up between my daughter and partner! Big Big fans.

  113. Definitly my son!! We watch despicable me at least twice a day so were super excited to see the minion movie (going on sunday)!!

  114. Victoria Mcquade Reply

    my daughter. She loves loves loves the minions. allways goes around say be do, be do

  115. My nine year old daughter, she continually walks around with a yellow swimming cap on her head and glasses on her face talking in a high pitch voice, and giggling quite entertaining…… counting down the sleeps until she sees the movie

  116. TiffanyHallard Reply

    My 4 year old daughter Layla is a massive minions fan!!

  117. Narelle Rock Reply

    ME!! I can’t wait to see this m ovie, been hanging out for it since the very first Despicable Me movie!

  118. Donna Wilkinson Reply

    OK, so I will admit it – I AM the biggest Minion fan in the family. 😀

  119. Pamela Singleton Reply

    My Adult ( law student) daughter is Minion everything.

  120. amandagorton Reply

    Our house has an equal share of love for Minions……we’ve even considered adopting one lol

  121. Lara Haynes Stewart Reply

    in my house my 1 1/2 yr old sold is he is so funny he get so intrigued in the preview of the minions im taking him to see it soon & has got a toy & plays with it constantly

  122. That’s probably me! Kids are such a great excuse to enjoy these sorts of movies!

  123. That’s a tough one, as I have 3 minions fans who are all pretty big fans.. I’d have to say my older daughter as she’s the one that can’t go too long without talking about them, haha!

  124. mustangmum Reply

    Everybody in my family is Minion crazy…..In fact I call them all my little Minions…

  125. It’s ME !!! No it’s Pa!!! the kids say Pa because a Minion is named after him … Bob!

  126. Kylie Embury Reply

    My youngest CJ who has just turned 4. We went to se the movie on Friday – our first movie together- and we loved it! He’s Minion mad 🙂

  127. Kylie Embury Reply

    My youngest CJ who has just turned 4. We went to see the movie on Friday – our first movie together- and we loved it! He’s Minion mad 🙂

  128. Kylie Embury Reply

    My youngest CJ who has just turned 4. We went to see the movie on Friday – our first movie together- and we loved it! He’s Minion mad! We’d love to go with his brother and sister too 🙂

  129. Tamara Palmer Reply

    Me! I love them. They are so cute & hilarious. Can’t wait to see the movie 🙂

  130. Kylie Clayton Reply

    I am, I love those little guys with their quirks, they prove how appealing being yourself can be.

  131. Biggest minion fan in my household would be my daughter 🙂 loves them.

  132. Adele Smith Reply

    My teenage daughter watches every youtube video and searching far & wide for a minion meme!

  133. IN my family my oldest brother is (and he’s 49 🙂 ). In our household my daughter thinks the Minions are hilarious

  134. Hannah Gleeson Reply

    My boys
    are Minions mad, they constantly play tricks on each other, call each other
    Kevin and Bob and run around shouting be boop be boop be boop for hours on end!

  135. Hannah Gleeson Reply

    My boys are Minions mad they constantly play tricks on each other, call each other
    Kevin and Bob and run around shouting be boop be boop be boop for hours on end!

  136. kristyburridge Reply

    My son is the biggest Minions fan, he dresses up as one, talks like one and makes new ones out of his figures that he has by adding things we have at home 🙂

  137. Nikita Tasi Reply

    My nearly 2 year old daughter. Niah has never fussed over anything but these ‘Mini-me’ so she calls them are her favorite! The other day I posted on social media that I was now the proud owner of all the Calciyum squeezeable yoghurts because it had Mini me on them!

  138. Charl Lowther Reply

    My daughter loves the minions the most, and laughs at their crazy antics! She’s looking forward to seeing the movie 🙂

  139. Fiona Woodcock Reply

    Miss 4 loves them but secretly the whole family do too.

  140. In my house, I am the bighest fan… So far! My little one is a tad too young to be up with they hype, but he does already know who Stuart, Kevin and Bob are!

  141. Tara Nikelis Reply

    Me – they’re just too cute – and our sons are impressed with them too.

  142. I must confess – I buy the Happy Meals from McDonalds just to get the little minion toys!

  143. I would like to say my little princess is, but I will be honest and say that I am the one with the biggest crush on the minions!!!!

  144. My son kallan who is 2 is minion mad. He’s built like a little chubby minion and walks and chatters like one too.

  145. My daughter she calls them the nin nins she Absolutley loves them she’s been getting the toys from maccas

  146. Vicki Smith Reply

    My granddaughter who calls them ninja’s ( seen too many of her Dad’s movies I think.)

  147. My partner 30 y/o biggest fan.. had to go watch the movie on the day it was release! BANANNA!

  148. Jodie Moss Reply

    My son Geoffrey who is turning 3 loves the minions. He calls gem the “funny aliens”

  149. Isabelle, my two year old daughter. She has a little Bob plush she cuddles during car rides

  150. NICOLE NOBLE Reply

    My little Minion LOVES the Minions and this prize pack would send his NANAS! 🙂

  151. Well, I am Scarlet Overkill in disguise, my husband is as kind as Gru and we have our own versions of Stuart, Kevin and Bob!!!! So, who is the biggest fan, ME :). I love all minions, especially mine 🙂

  152. Both my children have a collection on their shelves and think it’s funny to walk around saying ‘bellow’ to each other

  153. Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    Both of my children are, which is great as they are 4 and 16, it gives them something to do together and us as a family( I secretly think that the 16year old loves them a bit more)

  154. Michelle Halusko Tsimouris Reply

    I think the whole family is a bit cray cray for the minions. They put a smile on all our dials & make us laugh

  155. Ineedacoffee Reply

    ME, i want to to train them to clean and tidy, while scoring me all loose change and chocolate

  156. Katrina Phillips Reply

    It’s a toss up between Toby and Darcy in our household. Both boys love Despicable Me, and have accumulated a sizeable amount of Bob, Stuart and Kevin soft toys!

  157. My eldest son is a huge minions fan! (closely followed by his little brother) 🙂

  158. Nicole Gurney Reply

    my 4 year old loves Bob and Stuart the most. He thinking there so funny!

  159. Gillian Harridge Reply

    My daughter, she thinks the brilliant in everyway. She laughs till it hurts watching them.

  160. I’m a mumion of 2 minion loving daughters, not sure who’s more excited about seeing the movie 🙂

  161. Miss 5 – the other day she went through all the junk mail and circled every single minion item she could find. She seems to think I’m going to buy it all for her – dreaming!

  162. ME yes MUMMY minion me. I am that geek mum that everyone looks at, becuase I’m wearing the child like tshirt that screams, i am a kids trapped in a over sized body, but in all seriousness POTATOOO

  163. Nichole Mckee Reply

    Our 2 year old…We swear he can speak fluent Minion, even our friends have started to notice it 😉 He really Loooves those little yellow guys 🙂

  164. both my kids love minions they spent hours rewatching the trailer and giggling before the movie came out.

  165. Lorraine Kong Reply

    I am the biggest minion (mum) fan in the house. I search everywhere for minions for my kids. From movie tickets queues to minion collectibles, I’m loving minions as much as I love my kids lol

  166. Bec Cronin Reply

    That would be me, Minions make me smile and laugh, cannot get enough of them, my 3 kids call me Crazy Minion Mum! Love them so much I bought my son a fart blaster!

  167. well it would have to all my grandchildren they so love them and talk about nothing else

  168. Matthew James Reply

    My daughter runs round with all them little yellow things, But wtf is that purple thing.

  169. My daughter – she cracks up laughing whenever she sees them!

  170. Antonietta Reply

    My husband, who thinks he looks like Stuart and is just as smart? The kids think he’s the funniest.

  171. My youngest boy is my yellow kid (yellow toys, yellow bedding, yellow clothes) so naturally he was infatuated with the Minions from the first time he saw the funny little yellow dudes 🙂

  172. My son is ten and he has talked about this movie everyday since he first heard about it so I’ll have to take him.

  173. Sharon Markwell Reply

    I am (just a big kid at heart) because they make me laugh.

  174. Lisa Marie Connolly Reply

    My 4 year old son has become obsessed with Minions, he would love to see the new movie

  175. Judith Senese Reply

    My 8 year old, he has loved each of the Despicable Me movies and the Minion Mini Movies. They were one movie that I could put on where he would sit down and relax.

  176. Justine Hordyk Reply

    The whole family loves minions we are all crazy about them

  177. Without a doubt its me, I’ve fallen completely in love with them!

  178. Tamara Lamb Reply

    My 8 year old son is obsessed with all things Minion and yellow! Definitely the biggest fan in our house. Even has the lingo down pat!

  179. Both my daughters love them, but I think Dad and I get more of a laugh!

  180. Ingrid Robertson Reply

    Number 1 son sleeps under a minion doona, on top of minion sheets, with minion dolls. He eats with minion cutlery, out of minion bowls and drinks from minion cups. He’s a fan!

  181. Fiona Tatham Reply

    My Grandson so loves these little critters. So cute when he sees them or plays with the ones he has.

  182. Zharisse Dale Ruiz Reply

    My little girl Demy who is nearly a year and a half loooooooves Minions! She calls them “minoo-minoo!” So I reeeeeaaaaallllly need to win this prize pack!

  183. I am more excited than the kids, to see this film at the flicks. Despicable fun for the whole family,
    the biggest fan….definitely me!!!

  184. my kids love minions or as my two year old calls them, bananas! 🙂

  185. Katrina Phillips Reply

    Our Dave and Stuart stuffed minion toys have been show and tell items more times than I can count. We have two very big minion fans in our family.

  186. Tess Howard Reply

    Ha! That would be Daddy and #1 husband! He even got a fart gun for his birthday. The kids love it and its a great way to share some laughter!

  187. Alicia Bardsley Reply

    I’ve got three little Minion fans who can’t wait to see the movie

  188. nicolemorris Reply

    my 4 year old son. followed closely by my 19 month old. everything has to be minions. they just love them and they watch despicaple me all the time.

  189. Nazesh Kanwal Reply

    My 2 Years daughter. Loves blue and yellow combination with those round goggles on everything and keep on watching despicable me most of the time 🙂

  190. my 2 kiddies just adore them! They laugh at anything they do 🙂

  191. Lois Flynn Reply

    The biggest Minion fan in my home is my 12 year old daughter, she lives and sleeps Minions!

  192. Christial Shea Reply

    I must say my husband! He won’t admit it, but I can see his eyes light up whenever he catches a glimpse of those little yellow critters!

  193. It’s me…….yea. My husband won’t let me walk into Big W with all the Minion stuff everywhere. But but but they’re just so cuuuute!!

  194. My daughter is definitely the biggest Minions fan in our household. We went to buy curtains the other day at Spotlight…they had a display bed covered in Minions quilts and pillowcases. She laid down for over half an hour…much to the dismay of the workers LOL

  195. My son loves the Minions, he can’t stop talking about the movie.

  196. Minion crazy/minion obsessed, with Despicable Me his constant request!
    My little man is the ultimate Minion fan- eating Bananas whenever he can!

  197. Leanne White Reply

    Definatly me I’m the biggest kid in the household. Dressing up as a minion for book week too. Roll on August!

  198. Tracy Sedgewick Reply

    Hmm it’s definitely a fight between all human members of the household (but you never know, the dog could be in with a chance also!).

  199. Natasha Andrews Reply

    Me!! because I see so much of our crazy family in the minions!!

  200. Belinda Bee Reply

    What dresses as yellow minion (the yellow clown wig still freaks me out at night!) dressed her ‘uncool’ toys as minions, can actually understand and speak Minion and can give you a ‘minion’ and one reasons why the Minions ‘totally rule’ … my Minion obsessed daughter! 🙂

  201. Veronica Liebrand Reply

    3 year old J has only just discovered Minions and cannot stop talking about them!

  202. My son has minions fever, it’s all we’ve heard about for weeks!

  203. My Grand son Cooper he is head over heels in love with Minions that’s all he talks about

  204. My daughter absolutely loves the minions. She was begging to watch the preview clip over and over before the movie came out.

  205. Kylie Baker Reply

    My five minions are all the biggest minion fans even the teens.

  206. Kirstin Trehan Reply

    Has to be my daughter she just laughs as soon as she sees them 🙂

  207. Kim Morgan Reply

    I would like to say, it’s our daughter, but in actual fact it’s myself & my Hubbie!
    (We’re both big kids, at heart! ) ❤️ ❤️

  208. Michelle Budge Reply

    I am the bigest Minions fan in our family… I just can’t get enough of those little fellers

  209. Ingrid Hirvonen-Burgess Reply

    My mini me is the biggest minion fan in our household

  210. Joe Lawrence Reply

    My 3 yr old I think he loves them more than mum and dad lol

  211. Samantha Lethorn Reply

    my daughter (3) is the biggest minion fan , she even wants a minion birthday party

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