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Bike Recall: Close to 40 Popular Bike Models Recalled Amid Safety Concerns

If you’ve got a bike ready to be delivered by Santa this year, it’s important to check the make and model. Due to a safety concern with the front wheel, dozens of bike models sold at Big W and independent retailers have been recalled. 

The urgent bike recall comes just a week before Christmas which isn’t ideal timing, especially for families who have purchased one of these bikes for their child. However, families must be aware of this important bike recall to see if they have been impacted.

Bike recall – what to know 

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) issued a recall notice explaining that the bikes don’t comply with the mandatory standard for bicycles.

The front wheels may become loose and fall out if the quick release (QR) skewer is not installed and tightened correctly.

There is a risk of accident and serious injury to the user if the front wheel comes loose or falls out while the bicycle is moving,” the ACCC said.

Bike models affected by the recall

There are 38 different bike models impacted by the recall, including Avant, Malvern Star, Raleigh and Diamondback bicycles supplied by Sheppard Cycles.

The bikes were sold at Big W (one model only affected) and independent bike dealers nationally and online between July 1, 2014 and November 16, 2023.

Big W bike recall - Avanti and Diamonback models
Some of the Avanti and Diamondback models impacted by the bike recall. Source: ACCC


  • Mason 27.5


  • Spice 20-i
  • Spice 24-i
  • Shadow 20-i
  • Shadow 24-i
  • Giro F24
Malvern Star bike recall
Several Malvern Star models have been recalled. Source: ACCC


  • Attitude 20
  • Attitude 20+
  • Attitude 20i
  • Attitude 24
  • Attitude 24+
  • Attitude 24i
  • Livewire 20
  • Livewire 20i
  • Livewire 24
  • Livewire 24i
  • Mustang 20
  • Mustang 24
  • Roxy 20
  • Roxy 24
  • Hurricane 27-1
  • Hurricane 27-1 MS
  • Hurricane One
  • Hurricane one MS
  • Storm 27-1
  • Storm 27-1 MS
  • Storm One
  • Oppy S
  • Oppy S1
  • Oppy S2
  • Oppy SF2
  • Oppy SF1
Big W bike recall - Raleigh
Raleigh bikes also come with safety concerns and have been recalled. Source: ACCC


  • Eliminator 20
  • Eliminator 24
  • Freedom 20
  • Freedom 24
  • Venture 27.1
  • Allure 27.1

What should you do if you’ve bought one of these bikes?

Consumers with the recalled models have been advised to stop riding their bicycles immediately and contact Sheppard Cycles Australia Pty Ltd via phone on 1300 883 305 to arrange for a replacement skewer.

  • For bicycles purchased at Big W: Sheppard Cycles will send the replacement skewer directly to the consumer.
  • For bicycles purchased at independent bicycle dealers: Sheppard Cycles will send the skewer to the independent dealer, who will then install the skewer on the consumer’s bicycle.

This is really good news for families who have purchased a bike for Christmas, as their children can still enjoy their Christmas present – they just might need to wait a little longer for the replacement part to arrive.

You can view the recall notice on Product Safety Australia’s website, as well as the full list of bikes recalled with images.

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