The Bizarre Bathroom Trick to Put a Newborn To Sleep

How do you calm a crying newborn? You can try feeding her, singing to her, rocking her…

Or, you can go to the bathroom and turn on the tap.

In a story that has made headlines across the world, US mum and nurse 31-year-old Lauren Sessions recently discovered the secret to soothing a newborn baby lies in running water.

Running water, sleeping infant

We’ve all been there – baby won’t settle and you’ve tried every trick in the book. You’ve paced, you’ve fed, you’ve burped and checked that nappy. But have you tried this trick? This is how to put a newborn to sleep – and we’re told it works just about every time!

After trying to soothe her newborn niece, three-week-old A’Mire with the usual tried and tested methods, Lauren headed to the bathroom with bubba in her arms.

With A’Mire’s mother still in hospital following the birth, Lauren couldn’t simply hand the unsettled baby back to her mum.

“I placed her in a football position and just rocked her and to my surprised it worked!” Lauren explains. “I actually got some sleep that night after numerous sleepless nights – I was ecstatic.”

As Lauren explains, the baby seemed to instantly settle with the white noise of the running water. Lauren continued to lightly bounce bub and, within a matter of seconds, A’Mire’s eyes shut.

Lauren remembered using a similar method with her own daughter, Dalani, now four, and many parents agree that this unusual (and incredibly simple) technique really does work! The next time your little one just won’t settle, try this tap water trick. All babies are different, but maybe, just maybe, running water will be a winner in your household too.

If running water isn’t working and you still need to know how to put a newborn to sleep, then try this David Bowie song, which instantly soothes an infant in 30 seconds. 

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