Hot days, warm nights and sweaty babies! Welcome to summer. 

Prepare for the sticky season with a new set of PJs for your little dreamer. We are so excited to introduce you to the ergoPouch Layers range – the easiest sleeping option to keep bub cool and comfortable, regardless of the temperature.

ergoPouch Layers range

If you have little ones who like to wriggle through the night, then you’re probably already familiar with the range of sleeping bags and sleep suits from ergoPouch. These sleep suits are especially designed to help keep bub sleeping longer and safer.

But, with the weather already heating up and the temperature spiking, it’s time to make the transition from sleeping bag to something a little less wintery.

Keeping cool, comfortable and content ALL night long

ergoPouch Layers summer sleep suits for baby

We’ve discovered the PERFECT solution for summer nights – the ergoPouch short sleeve layers range. These all new short sleeve sleepers are ideal for warmer weather and available in 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, one year, two years and three years.

What’s so cool about these pjs? Unlike other baby pyjamas and onesies, the ergoPouch Layers range comes in two Tog (warmth) ratings. There’s the 0.2 Tog for the warmer months and the 1.0 Tog as the weather cools.

Sweat less, sleep more

We all know how hard it is to get a good night’s sleep when your pyjamas are too hot, itchy or riding up your bum. Babies feel the same (perhaps not about the bum bit though).

ergoPouch Layers summer sleep suits

The ergoPouch Layers range is made from a luxuriously soft organic cotton fabric and feels amazing on bubba’s skin. Plus the fabric is highly-breathable and stretchy, but without allowing escape artists to make the break from their bedtime attire.


Want one? Me too. But only little ones can win (and they don’t come in mum size anyway).

Our friends over at ergoPouch have THREE new organic cotton TOG rated layers sleep suits to give away, valued at $24.95 each.

Choose from a range of adorable styles and sizes based on your baby or toddler’s requirements (and your tastes). Have a look at ergoPouch for more information on the layers range as well as their ultra-handy What to Wear and temperature guides.

To be in with a chance, simply fill in the form below, then tell us which ergoPouch Layers style is your favourite and why we should pick you!

WIN 1 of 3 NEW ergoPouch Short Sleeve 0.2 Tog Layers, valued at $24.95 each!

If you’re already breaking a sweat, then you can bypass the competition wait time and buy your bub a brand new sleepsuit online as well. Because, in some parts of the country (ahem…Queensland), summer is well and truly here.


Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Love the Ergo pouches!!! I’d absolutely love the pink spring leaves or petals one for my niece’s birthday present 🙂

    • Philippa tudor Reply

      Would love to win the pink spring leaves suit for my 5 day old baby girl to help her sleep through the hot nsw summer nights she would look adorable in it

    • Amber Morrison Reply

      I’d love the spring leaves design in 3-6 months for my 9 week old little girl Isla; or mountain design in size 2 or 3 for my 2 1/2 year old son Thomas. Thomas is always kicking off his blankets but wakes at night cold if uncovered – he hasn’t yet worked out how to put his blankets back on!

  2. Elizabeth Anderson Reply

    I have a new niece on the way that I’d love to spoil.

  3. The Layers Short Sleeve Sleep Wear in Spring Leaves design is gorgeous. Our little GD has some eczema and the breathable cotton is perfect for her sensitive skin.

  4. I’m loving the grey triangle print! We are expecting our first baby in December so it would be great to be ready with some great products like ergoPouch!

  5. Sarah Craig Reply

    My Rosie sleeps in the cocoon,
    All cosy, snug and warm.
    Upgrading to a sleep suit soon,
    She’s such a wriggle worm!

    I love the triangle pop design,
    Of yellow, grey and white.
    Maybe we’d all sleep all night.
    Win this, and we just might!

  6. Ying Ying Tan Reply

    I love the short sleeve Pink Spring leaves print for my god-daughter. She will be due to arrive in March/April 🙂

  7. Tina Elvins Reply

    I love the Long sleeve arrows design for my little boy. Babies are always so hard to keep warm because they kick their blankets off! This way they stay nice and snug.

  8. I would love the short sleeve triangle pops design for my little boy who is almost 4 months old, please. I love sleep suits, they are so much safer than sheets and blankets, stay on them when they wriggle around in circles, and are great for creating a sleep association (wearing sleep pouch – sleep time!). It gets up to 42 degrees in our house but changes so quickly, so layers would come in very handy.

  9. Kelly Elyssa Reply

    LOVE the pink & grey! Would be amazing to win one for our new baby girl for summer! ❤️

  10. I am expecting bubs #1 in March so have no idea on my favourite….or any anything for that matter!! That being said I would love 3 to try…..the fear factor of waking a sleeping baby makes me terrified so any freebies that help would be amazing!!

  11. Debbie McCarthy Reply

    I would love the short sleeve triangle pops design for my 8 month old boy. He’s a sweaty little boy with sweaty little feet so would love one of these to help him sleep better in summer ☺️

  12. I love the aqua coloured one!! My bub is 10 months old and must i say has a collection ogmf ergo sleeping bags and the swaddles. He has been using them sonce day 1.
    I love the fact that there is no guesswork in figuring out what layers he needs to stay warm/cool.
    I still use my thermometer that i received with my pouches to decide how to dress him every night!!

    We love ergopouch!!!

  13. I love the blue triangle design for my son or pink leaves for my daughter

  14. The aqua one as I am foster carer of babies and it would be unisex for the different beautiful babies I have i our lives and home

    • I meant grey….i read a comment above…..the beautiful grey would be unisex

  15. Wendy Winters Reply

    I love the pink spring leaves short sleeve in 0.2 tog for summer. Perfect for keeping my baby cool on hot summer days.

  16. Bethia Lehane Reply

    I adore the blue triangle one and it would be perfect for my son! We love the sleep suit with long sleeves and used it all through winter and the cooler part of spring but his room gets quite warm in the summer months so long sleeves aren’t an option and blankets he just kicks off all the time.

  17. The short sleeve in the mountains print. We’ve got a super hot house in summer and bubby suffers so much in the heat I’d like to make him comfy so sleepy time goes smoothly.

  18. Alexandram Reply

    Spring Leaves- I don’t really have a reason to win just because I’d love one

  19. Loving the grey suit would love to win one for my little dude for summer

  20. I love the ‘Triangle Pops’. I love the calm grey with the little pops of yellow. You should choose me to win because I would love these for my best friend who is expecting her first baby.

  21. Love the short sleeves blue triangle..I am due early december, and this would look perfect for my baby boy..can’t hardly wait to have him in my arms

  22. I love the triangle shapes. With not knowing what gender our baby will be, it is very cute for both sexes.

  23. Maree Gray Reply

    I love the Mountains design and if I was lucky enough to win I would gift this to my friend who has gorgeous twin boys

  24. I would live the green and blue arrows for my little boy. I’ve just had to let his arms out of the ergo cocoon because he can now roll so would love to move him into this for summer. Its so gorgeous

  25. I love the triangle pops because the grey colour is neutral so will suit any bubs. Im a first time mum and now know what tired really means so any gift that makes my bubs comfy helps. It increases my hope of a good nights sleep

  26. Bridget wheatley Reply

    The spring leaves would be perfect for my eczema prone bub.

  27. I love the Triangle Pops because the pattern is sweet, dreamy and fun, just like my little one. You should pick us because we will gift it to a very treasured rainbow baby arriving this summer.

  28. I’d love the spring leaves one for my little girl as I’ve already bought the triangle pops mountains ones for her. I really love the colour and design.

  29. Love the autum leaves design – we live in Puckapunyal (country victoria) so super cold in winter and super hot in summer. These would be perfect for my new little bubba due in February (summer). ❤️

  30. Absolutely love the Ergo cocoon swaddles! Would love to try one of these layers

  31. Love to try the short sleeve pink petal one. Have my baby in a swaddle and since summer is coming would love to transition her into a summer sleeveless pouch.

  32. leanne mills Reply

    My grandson is a hot baby so he will need something comfortable for his first season of Summer so he doesn’t overheat during the night. The short sleeved mountain print sounds perfect!

  33. I would love the short sleeve pink petal one. My daughter sweats like her dad this would be great for her as we live in Qld. Thankyou

  34. The lovely blue tones of the Mountains design would make my little boys blue eyes look stunning!

  35. I love the blue and green! My son moves around so much before he falls asleep and during the night, these suits are perfect so he still gets a lil extra coverage without needing a blanket and saves me going in every few hours to make sure the blanket is still on.

  36. Catherine Whyte Reply

    Mountains please. My son always wears Ergo and loves it but has nothing 0.2 tog for summer!

  37. Shell Decats Reply

    Spring leavevto keep my daughter cool as we don’t have air con in her room.

  38. I’d love to win one for my hot little boy. He really struggles with the heat here in Cairns and we need everything super light weight

  39. We love the Triangle Pops design! Matches Lachlan’s neutral colour scheme! We’d love the ergoPouch layers summer sleep suit to test against a nursery will varying temperature. Warm at bedtime but cooler in the early morning

  40. I love the short sleeve blur and green triangle layers. So cute and would look really good on my little boy.

  41. Spring Leaves for a little girl 7 months old named Emerald because she deserves something special.

  42. I love 0.2tog spring leaves for my 1 year old daugher. She loves ergopouch brand the best!

  43. I’d love the pink feathers for my little one, she’s the youngest of 5, so has lots of hand me downs, but is finding the already hot qld weather a bit much! I’ve been wondering what to sleep her in this summer, so happy I’ve seen these!!

  44. Christina L Reply

    I love the girls pink one. I would love one for my little girl as I think she would look amazingly beautiful and pretty in pink in it

  45. I do love the geometric lime and blue pattern is very lovely. Thank you for the chance to win and good luck to all who enter.

  46. Baby Rafa would love a new swaddle to sleep in especially organic cotton ❤

  47. Kate Slack Reply

    The Triangle Pops is my fave, the splash of yellow is so cute, please pick me as this would be the perfect gift to give to my friend who is due to have her baby any day now!

  48. Id love to win a spring suit… 1 years… my little fatty is just learning to sleep through the night

  49. Jan O'Bree Reply

    I would love to win the Layers Triangle Pops for my grandchild due next year. Thy are all lovely designs but not knowing the sex of the baby is why I decided on this one. Unisex and delightful

  50. Perfect bags for Melbourne winter .My LO has eczema and ergopouch is so soft on his skin. He is not at all itchy anymore .Also, my son use to get up multiple times at night . After using Ergopouch sleeping,he stopped getting up at night . Earlier I was using 2. tog grobag.My son was always cold in it .

  51. Roziana Nordin Reply

    I would love the Layers Short Sleeve Sleep Wear (0.2 Tog) – Mountains. As its getting warm. My son is a hot baby. And this will suit him just nice. To Know that its made from organic cotton for its breathability and comfort. He will definitely love this. And i do too!

  52. It’s still chilly at night here in Victoria, so I’d love the Layers Long sleeve Sleep Wear in Petals. It is so pretty. My little darling would still be cosy even if she kicked off the blankets.

  53. My cousin’s 1 year old would look totally adorable in the “Layers Short Sleeve Sleep Wear (0.2 Tog) – Mountains”.

  54. I love the grey or pink because they match the bags we have and are very fresh spring designs.

  55. love the short sleeve triangle design for my little boy . Sz 2 but 14 mths old

  56. I would love to win the mountains design for my boys, it’s bright and colourful just like their little personalities.

  57. Blue short sleeve triangle – what a great prize and whoever wins will be lucky. Hopefully it’s me!

  58. My son would look super cute in the mountains layers. He is a very hot sleeper & hates sleeping bags so this would be amazing for him in our hot australian summer coming up!

  59. I would love to win the spring leaves design for my little miss as I’ve never had the money to buy one.

  60. Aimee McCloy Reply

    I would love to win the spring leaves design for my week old baby girl. WA summers are super hot and I think this would be perfect to keep her comfy.

  61. Nicole Marks Reply

    I love the pink spring leaves design this would be perfect for my baby girl due in summer. Living in hot, humid Brisbane, I’ve always struggled to know what to dress the little ones in at night – ergoPouch short sleeveLayers look like the solution to my problem!

  62. I would love to win spring leaves! We are expecting our first bubs in 17 days and with no air conditioning we need all the help we can for bubs to get a good summer night sleep!

  63. Would love the layers long sleeve clouds please for 2 to 3 yr old All his other clothes are currently hand me downs so this would be amazing.

  64. We would love the Short sleeve spring leaves in 3-6 months please. My little chunky monkey is such a sweaty bub already & its only spring. Eep!! & if i won 1 & could show daddy how amazing it was for her would be easier to convince him to get more

  65. Rosemarie De Bari Reply

    Love the mountains, would look amazing on my little one (and might help her sleep past 5am when she tends to get chilly, even in summer.

  66. Would love the spring leaves or mountains but they are all nice designs 🙂

  67. Love the cloud design! My little one is due in the height of summer and our house upstairs is a sauna. These would keep our little buba nice and cool!

  68. Short sleeve mountain print! My almost 4 month old has a heart condition which makes him a super sweaty sleeper! Can never have enough suits for sleeping and these look amazing and cool

  69. Emily Collins Reply

    I would abaolutely love an ergoPouch layers short sleeve in spring leaves size 0-3 for my 3 week old daughter. She has very sensitive skin and sweats like her Daddy! The soft breathable cotton sounds like it would be great for her skin and to help her be more comfortable as she sleeps.

  70. Ergo Pouches keep us snugly and cosy
    Even in summer when our cheeks are rosy
    Spring leaves pattern has captured my eye
    Like breezy leaves falling from the afternoon sky
    The extra layer helps to keep baby happy
    Even if the weather decides to turn crappy
    ErgoPouch is our favorite brand all the way
    So please choose us for comfy sleeps night and day.

  71. Louise Herlitz Reply

    I would love the Clouds design! So so pretty and perfect for my little girl. Love the design and that it’s perfect for Summer in the tropics! Could not do without an ergoPouch at night but also for day sleeps.

  72. Breeanna Bramfit Reply

    I would love to win the blue and green Ergopouch for my little man. He is such a hot sleeper and often wakes up really warm. So one if these would come in handy

  73. Amanda Bratton Reply

    What a must have product for summer! My 1 year old Sadie would look very cute in the Spring Leaves design, and as the weather warms up we are in need of a 0.2 tog sleepsuit

  74. I love the petals. It’s beautiful and my little girl would look beautiful in it.

  75. My favourite Layers style is the Short Sleeve Sleep Wear (0.2 Tog) with the Spring Leaves print. Absolutely refreshing to look at during the warmer months.

  76. Would love the short aqua with blue triangles for my 18mth old. He suffers from severe eczema so I’m always on the look out for sleeping aids that’s have breathable material.

  77. I love the triangle pops! My new bub needs some new things rather than hand me downs!

  78. Short sleeve triangle pops for my newborn coming into the warmer weather. If she’s anything like her brother and dad she will sweat heaps., keeping her nice and cool would be great.

  79. Rachelle Lofts Reply

    Hi! I would love the short sleeve mountains print for my 9 month old son in size 1! Summers here and it would be nice amd comfortable for maverick to sleep in this! Fingers crosser it helps him sleep through!

  80. I love the short sleeve layers – mountains, I should win as I have the most adorable, happy and healthy baby boy and I am so proud of myself on this motherhood journey so far.

  81. I would love to win the mountain design for our bubs due in January! Mint green is my favourite colour which I have decked the nursery out in so bubs sleeping attire would match the room

  82. I love the blue mountains design! This would be great for my little wiggly man, who will be one in February. I put him in one end of the cot and he ends up at the other end, so we’ve loved all the ergo products we’ve had so far!

  83. SelenaBaker Reply

    My lil bundle is due early next year and I would just looove the pink spring leaves design.
    Just today I brought several of the sleeping bags. Love how they feel and the different selection of cute designs.

  84. Rebecca Stretton Reply

    The midnight long sleeve layers is divine!!! Perfect for our littlest man who insists on ‘adjusting’ himself if he doesn’t have long PJs on, and we are 1 week out from moving to Townsville! The 0.2 tog suits would be perfect for Townsville summer nights.

  85. I would love the spring leaves for my little one who is now a week old. I already have a liking for ergo pouches and with summer just around the corner this would be perfect.

  86. We would love the mountain summer sleep suit for my 9 month old! The feature colour in his room is that same mint green and he has mountains painted on the wall. Such a coincidence! Would make him match beautifully for bed time ☺

  87. Layers Short Sleeve Sleep Wear (0.2 Tog) – Mountains is so cute! Would love to try.

  88. Would love to win the grey one for my little bub. New to Melbourne weather so i’m keen to clothe bub with a great product! Already bought the sleeping bags

  89. Bianca Zhong Reply

    Personally love the spring leaves. About to pop in Nov, and then we can decide on team pink spring leaves or team blue mountains when gender has been revealed! Then I can start stocking up on bubs summer wear.

  90. I’d love the pink one for my twin girls. My bigger one is a really hot sleeper and has nearly outgrown her summer sleeping bag so this would be perfect!

  91. I would love to win the Short Sleeve – Mountains style in 6-12 months for my Son as it not only matches his painted mountain bedroom wall and decor theme colours, it is also starting to get hot here and my son tends to overheat at night.

  92. Kayla Hicks Reply

    I’d love a 0.2 tog as my little man is such a horrible sleeper at the best of times and if this helped his sleep I’d be forever grateful as I’ve missed out on 16 months of good sleep lol

  93. I would love the spring leaves sleep suit for my twin girls Maple and Marley. We currently use ergo pouch and we love how light and breathable the fabric is and how the soft stretch fabric allows there body’s to move so freely . I love that the fabric is organic cotton which makes it great for those warmer days and great on there skin.

  94. I would love the mountains design for my bub as he has moved mountains with how he has conquered his first year! Going through eczema, food allergies and issues with eating, he has done so much to improve and thrive past this Year!

  95. I love all of them would love to win one for a friend or if i decide to have baby #3 lol

  96. We would love the green and blue style, we have used ergo pouch since birth and just love them, being in hot sunny qld these would be perfect for our summer nights!

  97. Blue triangle design so comfortable for Oscar who can sleep better at nights.

  98. I love the Layers Short Sleeve Sleep Wear (0.2 Tog) – Mountains. Super cute and perfect for me as a 1st time mum-to-be of a little boy. Id love to win this to be able to keep my bubba comfortable and cosy at night and love the fact that it is organic cotton too!!

  99. It’s not about the cubby at all…. It’s all about decorating the cubby to make it my granddaughters and to give us a place to play and let imaginations roam free

  100. Donna Briggs-Wilson Reply

    Spring leaves in 3-6 months for miss 3 months. Both for 5 yr old and now this bub are both ‘hot’ babies so this summer suit would be perfect for sleeping

  101. Pravina Prasad Reply

    The new summer short sleeve 0.2tog looks perfect for summer, would love to win it.

  102. Kim Campbell Reply

    Mountains, our house gets hot in the summer months winning the NEW Short Sleeve 0.2 Tog Layers would give me peace of mind, knowing my son was as comfortable as possible, so he could get a good nights sleep.

  103. Jenna Lewis Reply

    love ergopuch have been using the sleeping bags since Evie was born – would love to try the short sleeve 0.2 tog spring leaves sleep suit through the qld summer.

  104. Lisa Osborne Reply

    I would love a midnight arrows for my son who seems to really feel the heat

  105. Spring leaves for sweet dreams. The little miss has her dads heat and I dress her how I feel and she always wakes uncomfortable. A whole night sleep is my dream.

  106. Katherine F Reply

    Mountains is perfect for my blue-loving darling little girl who is 2. She is the kind of child who wriggles around in her sleep, so is always in a sleeping bag but she’s a little sweat machine, so this would be the perfect cooling layer for her!

  107. Tracey Taylor Reply

    Aqua short sleeves for fun in the sun, no sun on bubs bum.Im into dressing for comfort and fit but style is still important for little miss 1.She is my Simba and I am her Lion King.

  108. Sharon Markwell Reply

    Ergopouch’s Spring Leaves is perfection plus for sweet dreams for my brand new grand-daughter. I’d be number one Granny.

  109. I’d love the blue mountain short sleve sleepsuit. Perfect for hot Melbourne nights (yes, I swear they happen!) when no one can sleep, and blankets are out of the question.

  110. Megan Marot Reply

    I love the Summer sleepsuit in the Mountain design,
    perfect for my nephew who is due to arrive.
    I would love to give him a luxuriously soft suit,
    So that he can sleep soundly in the Brisbane summer heat
    Organic cotton fabric that’s breathable you see,
    Only the best for this precious baby –
    ERGOPOUCH “Sweat less, sleep more” luxury…!

  111. As Mum in a family of committed “greenies” my obvious choice is Layers Short Sleeve Sleep Wear in Spring Leaves design. Even at 6 weeks Babe’s skin is causing me some worry. This outfit would be prefect for the sizzling Summery days and nights ahead.

  112. I love the pink spring leaves design. My little girl wears all her brothers boyish
    Hand me down suits to bed so would love to giver her some girly pink to wear and something of her own!

  113. gail davies Reply

    I love the pink spring leaves short sleeve in 0.2 tog for summer for my sweetest granddaughter, Macie xx

  114. Christina E Reply

    Would love the grey print for my 11wk old girl always love natural colours on my kids. This suit would be perfect for her this summer as the temp changes so much through the night in our place.

  115. Spring leaves is stunning! Being due for our first little girl right in the middle of Aussie Summer, it would be the perfect suit.

  116. tracy wedding Reply

    I would love to win the pink spring leaves suit for my new grand daughter and then id be a popular granny

  117. My favourite would have to be a free one. Baby girl is about to turn 1 and what better gift than sleeping comfortably through the night.

  118. Ergo have designed so many unique baby products (“copies” appear later).
    For our 14 month old boy I appreciate the opportunity to win a Layers Short
    Sleeve “Mountain” Sleepwear outfit.

  119. Jordana Hodgetts Reply

    I love the mountains design, my son has the 1.0 tog mountains design transitional sleep suit which has been perfect for spring weather. I would love to pop him into the summer sleep suit of the same design so that he will still continue to be comfy whilst staying cool and not overheat in the dry Adelaide weather!

  120. Jiana Sumner Reply

    I would love the mountain design as we are moving to Queensland soon and the short sleeves are stylish and would work perfectly in the heat.

  121. Courtney Foster Reply

    Pick me pick me I would love to win the mountains short sleeve as my son would look absolutley adorable in it and it matches his room

  122. I love all the Layers items especially the Short Sleeve Sleep Wear Mountains design because it’s perfect for Summer.

  123. Angela Fuller Reply

    I’d love to win this for my friend, who’s just given birth to a baby boy, at 29 weeks. He’s still in the hospital and these have been tough times for her. This would make her day. Thank you.

  124. Zoe Marshall Reply

    I love the pink spring leaves I guess you could say I wouldn’t be able to “leave” the little one alone if she were wearing it!

  125. Kylie Travis Reply

    The Triangle Pops would suit my little man to a T! I’d love to win because he’s almost grown out of his current short sleeved jammies and the weather is warming up 🙂

  126. Paige Yang Reply

    Love Mountains design for my little boy. After dealing with loads of chores for one day, I can easily have a deep sleep at night and it’s so hard for me to get up to check whether my little boy is still under the quilt or not. Every time when I go to check him, his body is freezing and he has running nose on next day. I tried to use the sleeping bag for him several times, but he always screamed because he didn’t like the bag. This summer sleep suits would help me out.

  127. I love the “Mountains” with it’s touch of blue,
    I know a little man I could give it to.

  128. The Layers Short Sleeve Mountains would suit our 8 month old who is on the go go go.

  129. Chris Sheppard Reply

    The Mountains print is my favourite & I would love for you to pick us because I’m having trouble keeping my sweaty, itchy little guy comfy (& asleep) at night.

  130. Triangle Pops. Would be for our future niece or nephew so this looks the most gender neutral.

  131. Megan England Reply

    We would be grateful to win the new mountain short sleeve baby jammies because we live in country Queensland and boy does it get hot out here hahah

  132. I would love the triangle pops short sleeved 0.2tog for my son as we have no aircon this would be amazing to help him sleep! He has severe eczema so anything hat can help not aggravate it would be amazing!!

  133. Edwina Fletcher Reply

    I’m having a baby girl in January and would love to have her in the pink spring leaves short design to keep her cool and comfortable.

  134. 0-2tog-shortsleeve-mountains is my favourite style.
    You should pick me so that I can gift this to my step daughter as she has just had a new bub 🙂

  135. I LOVE the Layers Short Sleeve Sleep Wear – Mountains design for my little one who would be as cool as a cucumber in one of these every night!

  136. Michelle Budge Reply

    It can still be a bit cool at night this time of year. And cool in the mornings so as the day warms up the layers come off. All your outfits are awesome. I’d love anything for our little man.

  137. Natasha Collisson Reply

    Layers short sleeve. My little man loves to take his clothes off but I think he would be comfortable in these and won’t take them off!

  138. Sarah brownlee Reply

    We would love to win The Mountains as it looks really fun.

  139. Melinda Grant Reply

    The short sleeve pointy one well actually all of them are absoloutly beautiful

  140. I love the blue arrow one. Blue colours look fantastic on my boy, and really bring out the colour in his eyes

  141. I love the pink spring leaves. After having w boys my baby girl has lots of blue hand me downs!!

  142. Tammy Campion Reply

    I would love to win the Mountains ergo sleep suit for my little man, he’s 7 weeks old. Living in Far North Queensland, it can be tricky to keep bubs cool, but still warm enough at night time.

  143. The Layers Long Sleeve Sleep Wear in Midnight Arrows is gorgeous and my pick. Entering for a friend who is having her first baby – how wonderful to introduce her to a quality brand and product in sleepwear.

  144. Winter17au Reply

    I love the pink one with the leaves perfect for my grand daughter

  145. My bubba would love the mountain layer. This would be perfect for him during th hotter months coming up, especially to help him stay cool and sleep easier with his eczema

  146. Heather McAuliffe Reply

    We have no aircon in our super hot qld rental so these would be perfect for our 2mth old. Love the mountain design ☺

  147. Would absolutely love to be able to spoil my 4 week old nephew, he hates blankets and being wrapped so these would be perfect❤

  148. kathy Ferguson Clark Reply

    Love the Spring Pink leaves as it looks so calming

  149. I really love the leave covered pink suit
    In it my daughter would look pretty cute
    As I kiss her good night
    And she shuts her eyes tight
    For a comfy sleep
    So happy I won’t hear a peep

  150. I really love the leaf covered pink suit
    In it my daughter would look pretty cute
    As I kiss her good night
    And she shuts her eyes tight
    For a comfy sleep
    So happy I won’t hear a peep

  151. Would love the blue & green one for one of my boys! They look so comfy!

  152. Asenath Lynch Reply

    I love the mountains design!!! It is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

  153. Layers short sleeve ‘Spring Leaves’ is my selection for precious, soft skin protection
    Unlike Little Bo Peep, I won’t need to count anymore sheep
    ERGOPOUCH please ensure our household receives some blissful sleep
    Every new mother’s idea of perfection!

  154. The Layers Short Sleeve Sleep Wear in Spring Leaves design is gorgeous. Would love to give this to my niece.

  155. Emma Flanagan Reply

    Pink please! My little angel generates heat like her daddy so any help i can get to help her sleep comfortably, ill take it!

  156. Sheena Douthie Reply

    Oh my lordy my granddaughter due next march would look amazing in the short sleeve spring leaves layer.
    Such a sweet pattern she would look gorgeous in it 🙂

  157. Alison Hunble Reply

    I love the aqua one. Baby due early Feb and this would be perfect for him

  158. Alan Parratt Reply

    The short sleeve arrow design for us, As the bub is going to be a boy.

  159. The Blue Mountain short sleeve suit for me please. Great when the night gets too hot and I don’t want to use the Aircon

  160. Triangle Pops would be perfect as I’m expecting a new grandchild and have no knowledge of the sex

  161. Meaghan Mack Reply

    Love the Layers Short Sleeve Sleep Wear (0.2 Tog) in Triangle Pops style. We are first time parents and we have been recommended your brand by all our friends so would love to try it out!

  162. Deanne Hartin Reply

    Would be nice to win the mountains Short sleeve sleep suit for my new nephew/ nice due in Feb 2018.

  163. I would love to win the 0.2 tog in the grey and white pattern. My baby boy sweats like crazy when he sleeps, so I’d love to be the recipient of one of these amazing outfits for him. 6-12 months size

  164. I love the one with the arrows my little man is a tummy sleeper now that he can move around all by himself, I never feel safe putting him to bed with blankets, these type of suits are perfect for summer sleep time.

  165. I love the mint mountains suit, looks so cozy and soft for bubs and goes with my mint theme.

  166. Maria Gillies Reply

    Short Sleeve Triangle Pops please for my nearly 8 week old Great Nephew, Charlie. This little man was a huge surprise for all of our family! I would love to give this outfit to him for his 1st Christmas!!

  167. Mary Preston Reply

    I love the ergoPouch Sleep Suit Bag in Mountains. Ideal for the night time wriggler thank you. Great that extra layers can be added.

  168. Pick me as I love telling my mum friends the great products I come across & I’m yet to try Ergo Pouch. I have heard many great things!

  169. Tamara House Reply

    I love the blue mountains! my little man would look super cute in those! You should pick me because I have friends and family with babies in quick succession behind mine and I would love to pass one of these on after we have outgrown it, just like our LTD swaddles 🙂

  170. Girlie Eyre Reply

    I love the grey one with shapes. My little boy sweats like crazy and the 0.2 tog would be perfect for summer for him.

  171. Sharon Johnson Reply

    Love all things pink. My niece will adore this as she is due any day now. Wish these were available when my boys were born.

  172. mary moschovakis Reply

    perfect for my gorgeous nephews Jesse 3 and Kiran 1 and not fussed about colour but the 0.2 togs would be perfect

  173. Jamie Angus Reply

    the pink one is love to win it for my friend who is expecting a little girl

  174. Danielle M Reply

    I love the mauve with the shapes. These would be perfect for my little miss thus sprinf/summer. She’s such a restless sleeper

  175. Alexie Morgan Reply

    I’m always unsure as to what to dress my son in at night. This would really help and let me get a better nights sleep too knowing I have him dressed appropriately. I love the mountains design. My son was born on Christmas Day last year so I would love to Separate his Christmas and first birthday presents but it’s all a bit too expensive. Please pick us

  176. steph thorn Reply

    I would love the Layers Long Sleeve Sleep Wear (0.2 Tog) – Midnight Arrows. My son has eczema so he likes to scratch his legs so these long sleeve ergopouch would be perfect to cover his legs.

  177. Kimberley Owens Reply

    Loving the pink leaves outfit. This would look gorgeous on my little girl!

  178. If I win, I would love the autumn leaves, because my December baby is a girl.

  179. Dawn Taylor Reply

    I really like the short sleeve spring flowers design. Why should you choose me? I don’t know I’m more worthy than any other entry.. I do know this ergo pouch would be a gift for a little girl due on the 8th of January. She is the child my friend and her husband have dreamed of, and prayed for, for such a long time, and I know I will love this little girl my whole life.

  180. green is cool and I can place either Miss S or Master M in it and not worry about the colour.

  181. Jess Grinter Reply

    Organic, breathable and super cute,
    Ergopouch your summer layers are so beaut!
    You’ve been helping my baby sleep since 2017,
    That’s why winning a ‘mountain’ layer would be a dream!

  182. The one with blue arrows. Will look gorgeous on either a boy or girl!

  183. Kirsty Bedford Reply

    I love the mountains design. It would be perfect for my 1 year old son!

  184. I love the spring leaves design. As my 6 week old was a gender surprise baby, she has a lot of unisex clothes and this screams girl! I think Emily should win as we would send you a photo of how cute she looks in her new ErgoPouch Layers Summer Sleep Suit!

  185. I love the mountain design, it would match m little one’s nursery so well

  186. We would love the grey suit for my little girl. She loves wearing her egropouch sleeping bag but since the last few days have been so hot this would be perfect to help her stay cool and sleep well.

  187. spring leaves- these would be great for bub to wear! it’s hot in qld in the summertime

  188. It has to be the Triangle pops. We already use the ergopouch but with the temperature about to heat up this would be great for him to sleep in

  189. Adele Smith Reply

    The Layers Short Sleeve Sleep Wear (0.2 Tog) – Mountains is the perfect choice for my little adventurer it would be so noice! (well I wanted it to rhyme lol)

  190. I am already dreading summer and sleep time with my baby. I love the pink spring leaves as it looks gorgeous.
    It looks cool to wear especially in our QLD heat. Already in in September and October we got heat waves of up to 39 degrees and not even summer!! I am definitely dreading the summer coming!

  191. Teresa Clark Reply

    Love the colours/pattern of the mountain design. It would be an amazing little present under the christmas tree for my little man.

  192. Sarah Blockley Reply

    I love the ‘mountains’ design it’s so gorgeous for a little boy. My little boy would love something more comfortable to sleep in than his winter sleeping bags he has at the moment – we have just moved interstate and it could be a while before I find which box his summer gear is in! Good thing we are in Tassie so it isn’t as bad as Queensland would have been.

  193. Amy Thomason Reply

    The long sleeve clouds design is my favourite style of Layers!
    You should pick me because I love Ergo Pouch (I gift them to all expecting mums at showers!) and it would be perfect for our first bub due in April. 🙂

  194. I would love one of these for my son and his wife who are expecting their first baby in March and I would love the mountains on it. And I’m sure that this is a great product that would assist the baby in the hot weather

  195. I love the triangle pops design.
    You should choose me as I’m about to lose my sanity as my baby boy has learnt how to escape from swaddles, and kicks off blankets. This 0.2 TOG may be the answer to my prayers

  196. andie harrie Reply

    ergoPouch Layers range stretchy and cool is great for summer wear
    no need for blankets sleep easy all summer long without a care

  197. I love the pink spring leaves suit in 6-12 months size for my little one. She has loved her 1.0 tog Ergopouch sleeping suits but they are starting to get a little squeezy and a touch too warm!

  198. The freshness of Spring leaves will give my little one a sleep in perfect temperature and a sound sleep for Mum 🙂

  199. Sonia Manoukian Reply

    With twin boys on the way next month I would love to try the blue and green

  200. I do love the Triangle Pops print the most, the Mountains & Spring Leaves print are just as gorgeous. I would love if you picked me as a new grandbaby will be born soon & after a 10 year gap, we need all the new stuff we can get.

  201. I think the grey triangle print is gorgeous and would love one for my newborn

  202. I would love to win the blue and green suit for my 11 month old boy, just in time for summer.

  203. the triangle pops is gorgeous, would love it for my bubs so she can sleep well at night !

  204. I would love to win the green and blue one for my newborn as I don’t have any yet and this colour would suit the theme of his nursery x

  205. Jaimie-Lee Pettigrew Reply

    I would love the short sleeve triangle design for my little boy due in a few weeks! 🙂

  206. I love the ‘mountains’ print for my little boy. Just perfect for Aussie summer nights!!

  207. One niece celebrating her first birthday today and another one due any day, Summer is not always comfortable for the precious babies hey, but ergopouch can save the day, and we’ll watch these princesses sleep comfortably no matter where they lay, in every colour, pink purple or even grey.

  208. Skye Danaher Reply

    I love the Layers Short Sleeve Sleep Wear (0.2 Tog) – Spring Leaves and you should pick me because I am a first time mum at 40 and I have no idea what I am doing and need help 😉

  209. My favourite is Spring Leaves. I’d love to win one for my little Houdini who escspes her pyjamas

  210. I love the ‘mountains’ design in short sleeve. My 2yo son suffers from eczema which is aggravated by the heat, so he really struggles to get a good night sleep in the summer months. I would love to win one of these to help him have sweet dreams and a good night’s sleep.

  211. I have a sweet 2 week old that would look and be comfortable in the gorgeous Triangle pops!

  212. Ooh this baby thing is far too overwhelming. My imminent being is due in mid February, i.e. in the middle of Kalgoorlie’s crazy hot summer. So when not freaking out about the roly poly and mega melting final weeks of my first pregnancy I seem to freak out about the cheeky little things first weeks in the heat with a numpty naive mum. As the wee one keeps on hiding it’s gender from my husband and I, I think the cool aqua would be a good choice.

  213. The spring leaves is adorable, I don’t have anything like this and it would make a great addition!

  214. Sally Jones Reply

    The Mountains! Or i like to think of them as little peppermint sleepy hills that boost nighttime rest! We adore our ergo’s and recommend them to everyone. As i always say, quality over quantity!

  215. Katherine Fielder Reply

    Pink petals are my fav,
    They help my babe sleep in these summer days,
    Mountain designs are all the rav,
    They let me share our luck with upcoming boys

  216. Kelly Ryan Reply

    The short sleeved Pink Petals is perfect for those cooler nights making my niece sleep her very best!

  217. I’d love the spring leaves design in for 9-12 month big boy. He’s not a great sleeper so would love to try him in this to see if he/I can get a good nights sleep.

  218. I’d love the Mountains design for my little boy who is aged 1. He’s a wriggler at night so hoping this would keep him more comfortable and get a better nights sleep.

  219. Ergopouch offer an excellent quality product for Aussie mums designed especially for our babies in our own country!
    The pink spring leaves design is gorgeous and I’d love to try this for my daughter over the summer period!

  220. clouds designs as they are neutral colours and can be dressed for any ocassion

  221. Michelle M leach Reply

    I would love a Layers Short Sleeve Sleep Wear (0.2 Tog) – Spring Leaves please for my niece. She slept in an ergoPouch Sleeping bag through winter & it kept her lovely & warm. So this summer sleep wear should keep her comfortable through summer. Thanks for the chance xx

  222. Laura Scriven Reply

    The Clouds Design for our unborn, unknown sex baby on the way,
    We’d be excited when he/she’s snuggled in this sleeping away.

  223. I love the layers Long Sleeve Sleep in Midnight Arrows. Would have loved this a couple of months ago when it was cold, as my son gets quite warm in bed at night and so we prefer long pyjamas that don’t have feet so he doesn’t get too hot in bed.

  224. Ego Pouch, in Petal is my favourite its gender neutral and perfect to keep my baby warm, cosy and comfortable day and night.

  225. Laura Power Reply

    Love the spring leaves design, perfect addition to my new bubs wardrobe

  226. Amy Hannah Reply

    Grey triangle- perfect softness for our boy due in February!

  227. I love the short sleeve Pink Spring leaves design, It will make the perfect gift for my niece this Christmas!

  228. The ‘clouds’ range! I want to win so my toddler can sleep comfortably at night in this one of a kid breathable Natural Fibres! Made only with quality breathable natural fibres & organic cotton

  229. The short sleeve layers for northern NSW as well. Love the leaves. We need this to share some cuddles without getting over sweaty. My little love will get too hot and push me away… enter the ergopouch for more mum cuddles.

  230. Alison Draper Reply

    I would love to win the short sleeve pink spring leaves suit – I would love to gift it to my great nephews new born baby girl – it would surely make me the ‘Greatest’ Great Aunty to him….

  231. Helen Schulz Reply

    Grey triangle print for 3 week old grandson who is in hospital with suspected meningitis. Such a stressful time for us. This would make his mum smile..

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