Whackadoo, Bluey Fans! These No-Bake Bluey Biscuits are a Winner!

Cheese and crackers, get busy in the kitchen with the kids (or just yourself!) and give a packet of biscuits a brilliant Bluey makeover!

Originally from Be a Fun Mum, I saw this brilliant at-home Bluey biscuit activity doing the rounds on my Facebook and Instagram pages and decided to give it a crack myself and whackadoo, what a result!

There’s absolutely no baking to be had – you simply have to decorate and build your Bluey biscuit. You only need a few things to get you on your way:

Bluey biscuits
The blues have it! Source: Mum Central
Bluey biscuits
Toblerone for chunky Bluey ears! Source: Mum Central

Important Bluey biscuit notes:

  • Unless you’re buying a bag of just blue jelly beans, you’re likely to get a limited amount of blue jelly beans in a packet. To make them go further, slice jelly beans in half lengthways. They stick better to the icing this way too.
  • You can use ANY icing to ice your biscuit. I chose royal icing, but you can use regular icing or even melted white chocolate. Whatever takes your fancy!
  • Remember, it’s a lot of stuff to fit on a biscuit – so don’t go too small in size.
  • I think he still looks cute without, but if you have an edible marker pen, you can add a smile to Bluey!

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Makes: 10 biscuits


  • 10 Rectangle-shaped biscuits (I’ve used Arnott’s Nice biscuits)
  • 2 Toblerone bars, snapped in pieces (One bar creates five sets of ears)
  • 10 White chocolate melts buttons
  • 10 Chocolate chips
  • 20 Eyeball edible decorations
  • Blue jelly beans halved lengthways

For the royal icing

  • 250g icing sugar
  • 1 large egg white
  • light and dark blue food colouring
  • piping bags (optional)


1. Prepare your icing. To make royal icing, mix 250g of icing sugar with one large egg white. Whisk until combined and smooth. Separate into two bowls. Colour one bowl a light blue and the other a darker blue. If using piping bags, transfer to bags.

mum central
Source: Mum Central

2. Outline the edge of the biscuit with a dark blue square and fill in with icing. Do the same for the bottom of the biscuit in the lighter blue icing. (If not using a piping bag, carefully spread with the back of a teaspoon.)

mum central
Source: Mum Central

3. Make Bluey’s snout by dotting the back (the flat side) of a white chocolate button with icing to glue a chocolate chip on. This then becomes Bluey’s nose!

mum central
Source: Mum Central

4. Place it so that the top of the button is just below the centre of the biscuit. Add the eyeballs and the jelly bean eyebrows into the still wet icing. Awesome!

mum central
Source: Mum Central

5. Finally, add the Toblerone ears. These ears will need some support while they dry in place, so use a knife or wooden spoon handle to help rest them on.

mum central
Source: Mum Central

6. Let the biscuits dry for at least a few hours if you can. We totally understand if you can’t, the temptation to bite one of those chunky Bluey ears right off is strong!

Bluey biscuits
Source: Mum Central

Bluey biscuits
Source: Mum Central

Perfect for a party activity or Bluey lovers on school holidays, what do you think, will you be giving them a go?

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