The Best Dog Breed for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign (Scarily Accurate Too!)

Ever wondered which dog breed is best suited to your personality? Have a read of this guide to the best dog breed for your zodiac sign.

See which pup is best suited to your star sign, according to Family Minded, and let us know what you think of this pet pairing. We reckon it’s pretty accurate!

Aquarius: Poodle or Corgi

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Airy Aquarius needs a companion who is relaxed, happy and social to help coax this shy star sign out of her shell. Enter the Poodle, a happy, relaxed and beautiful pup who is also a show-stopper.

Another good choice? The adorably cheeky Corgi who is sure to be a crowd-gatherer at the park. I mean, who can resist that cute face and those big ears?

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Who can resist a Corgi? Source: Bigstock

Pisces: Chihuahua or Maltese

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Pisces are bright, curious and adventurous which is why a lively pup like a Chihuahua or Maltese are the perfect pet companions for this water sign.

While both dogs are little, they have big personalities and will go to great lengths to charm their owner.


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The perfect Pisces pairing? A sweet Maltese! Source: Bigstock

Aries: Labrador Retriever, Sheepdog or Australian Cattle Dog

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Aries are as fierce, fiery, and competitive as anything which is why they need a dog who loves play and challenge. The Labrador retriever is an ideal choice. This beautiful breed is one of Australia’s most popular dog breeds and they are just gorgeous souls – active, outgoing, and friendly.

Another good choice for the ambitious Aries is a sheepdog or Australian cattle dog to keep Aries on their toes.

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The gentle lab is an ideal pet for any Aries. Source: Bigstock

Taurus: Boxer, English Staffy or Great Dane 

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Taurus is one of the most loyal zodiac signs so they need a dog that will return this devotion. The perfect choice is either a Boxer, English Staffy, or Great Dane. All three are incredibly loyal and great family protectors.

Boxers are known for their bright, fun-loving personalities while Staffies are loyal, loving and just as stubborn as their Taurus owners! And Great Danes are big, patient teddy bears!

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A boxer is a loyal companion for loyal Taurus. Source: Bigstock

Gemini: Border Collie or German Shepherd 

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Geminis are known to get bored easily and will need a pet that can keep up with their craziness. So an energetic Border Collie is a perfect choice! These active creatures are easy to train, incredibly smart, and will embrace any challenge thrown their way.

The intelligent German Shepherd is also an ideal choice for Geminis as they tend to share the Gemini twin personality. German Shepherds can be incredibly affectionate but also quite aloof.

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Border Collies can keep up to the crazy Gemini. Source: Bigstock

Cancer: Greyhound, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or Rottweiler

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Cancers are the sensitive sweethearts of the signs and need a pet that is as good-natured and devoted to them as they are.

Greyhounds are incredibly patient, noble and loyal, just like Cancers as are sweet-tempered and chilled-out Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Even the often misunderstood and protective Rotties will be a beautiful pup for this water sign.

greyhound dog
Greyhounds are sensitive souls, just like Cancers. Source: Bigstock

Leo: Bull Mastiff or Pug

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Leos are brave and bold warriors so will need a dog that comes with plenty of roar! Enter the massive, muscular mastiff who is a powerful giant with a beautiful soul. These fiercely loyal beasts are the perfect pet for all lion signs.

Another choice for Leo’s who don’t have the space for a big mastiff is the playful pug! Upbeat and excitable the pug will complement Leo’s playful personality.

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Small in size, mighty in character, the pug is perfect for Leos. Source: Bigstock

Virgo: Siberian Husky or Doberman

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Not only are huskies absolutely beautiful to look at, but they are also amazing family pets and a great mate for any Virgo in the household. Virgos are known for their hard-working attitude and huskies are classic working dogs. While they probably won’t need to pull any sleds across the ice, they will love keeping up with their owner.

Another good choice for Virgo is the fast and fearless Doberman.

Dog licking a happy woman in whit shirt on the lips on the couch.
Big Husky kisses for Virgos. Source: Bigstock

Libra: Shih Tzu or Bulldog

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The perfect pet to balance the scales of Libra? A charming pup like the gentle and elegant Shih Tzu. These sweethearts are full of charm, cheek and grace, just like Libra.

Another pairing for Libra is the bulldog, which may seem like a bit of a strange choice, but these big bruisers are lovely, calm and kind.

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A bulldog is a great mate for the peace-loving Libra. Source: Bigstock

Scorpio: Dalmation or American Staffy

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Competitive Scorpio will need an active pup who loves adventure – the sparky Dalmation is a great choice! They are incredibly athletic creatures, just like Scorpios and are loyal and loving.

American Staffies are also great for Scorpios. They are a bundle of fun, incredibly strong, stubborn and smart. They are also very social, just like Scorpios.

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A Scorpio and a Dalmation – a match made in heaven. Source: Bigstock

Sagitarrius: Lhasa Apso and Dachshund

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Sagitarrius love to laugh which is why they need a cheeky character to keep them giggling. The best breeds for this? The mischievous Lhasa Apso or outgoing Dachshund. Both of these dogs are known for their crazy antics and hilarious personalities.

Life will never be dull, that’s for sure! And that’s exactly what a Sagitarrius needs.

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Prepare for plenty of giggles with the adorable Dachshund! Source: Bigstock

Capricorn: Shibu Inu and Kelpie

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Our final star sign is the dependable Capricorn who will need a pet that is committed, dedicated and disciplined. The Shibu Inu is an ideal choice – these lovely Japanese dogs are attentive, active and good-natured.

For a more Aussie choice, you can’t go past the dependable Kelpie, built for hard work and 100% committed to their owner.

shibu inu dogs
The adorably cheeky Shibu Inu crew. Source: Facebook

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