Best Bluey Easter Egg Yet! Why Everyone is Talking about the Bluey Long Dog

Bluey is loved by kids and adults around the world so it makes sense that it’s a hot topic at the dinner table as well as in various social media groups. There are heaps of Bluey fan theories that delve deep into the blue heeler world but one thing that you may not be aware of about Bluey is that there is a hidden long dog in Bluey episodes, something the creators did to make the show extra fun.

It’s like a Where’s Wally for eagle-eyed viewers, except you’re not looking for Wally. You’re looking for a Bluey long dog.

Allow us to elaborate.

Find the Bluey Long Dog 

The Bluey Long Dog appears in the background of Bluey episodes. It’s been featured in almost every episode (most likely every episode but people just haven’t spotted each long dog yet) since Season 1. The Bluey creators first mentioned this brilliant easter egg in 2022 via Twitter.

The long dog is literally a long dog, almost like a sausage dog, but it appears in various colours and in various forms, usually in the background and only seen for a split second.

Bluey long dog easter eggs
Find the long dog! Source: Reddit

For example, the long dog has been spotted as a magnet, on the cover of a magazine in the background, as a pillow, as a plush and as a figurine. Sometimes the hidden long dog is blue with spots, other times it’s brown. There have also been green long dogs, pink long dogs, white long dogs, fairy-winged long dogs, long dogs dressed in onesies and so many more long dogs.

Bluey long dog easter eggs
Hidden long dog, we see you! Source: Reddit

Blueypedia has a full list of the various long dogs spotted in every episode with viewers encouraged to add to the list when they spot more long dogs.

Long dogs in bluey
Blueypedia has a mega list of all the long dogs. Source: Blueypedia

Since uncovering this little Bluey easter egg, parents have been tuning in with eagle eyes to see if they can spot their very own long dog. Just when you thought Bluey couldn’t get any better… out comes the long dogs!

So, this brings us to the burning question – Have you ever spotted a long dog in Bluey??

New Bluey Fan Theory Dog Owners Need to Test Out

Long dogs aside, it would appear that Bluey is also gaining attention from our four-legged friends. Earlier this week a new fan theory on TikTok emerged which explains why so many dogs appear to be addicted to watching the TV show Bluey.

And it makes a lot of sense!

You may have caught your dog seemingly watching Bluey and thought nothing of it but it could be because the masterminds behind Bluey have intentionally selected colours that appeal to dogs.

dogs watching bluey
Source: TikTok and Facebook

Jaclyn Byrne is believed to have started the rumour on TikTok after sharing a video of her dog watching the show.

“If you have a pup, play them Bluey. They use colours that pups can see,” she wrote.

But, wait, aren’t dogs colourblind? Apparently not. Dogs have a limited colour spectrum which includes shades of blue, yellow, brown and gray, all of which feature pretty prominently in Bluey.

Dr Tim Montgomery, a Sydney vet, added, 

“A dog’s colour vision is more similar to humans with red-green colour blindness. With regards to watching TV, they are likely to see a flickering to the image. This is similar to the appearance you sometimes get if you try to film something from a screen with your camera. But, none of this seems to stop some dogs from enjoying watching TV.” 

So there you go – Bluey is meant for kids, adults and dogs too. This explains why all the dogs are watching Bluey … Does yours?

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