Fans are Baffled at why these Bluey Episodes are Banned in America

Bluey and her fam are famous around the world with parents and kids tuning in every day to see what the Brisbane blue heelers are up to. But did you know some of the Bluey episodes we know and love are actually banned in America?

Bluey is aired on Disney+ in America and Disney+ gets the final say on what makes it to viewers. Some scenes have been censored or edited on Disney+ in order to comply with US television standards and practices.

It’s quite surprising to hear what storylines have been changed, what scenes have been deleted, and what episodes didn’t even make it to air. The reasons why appear even more wackadoo.

So let’s delve into the 8 Bluey episodes that have been censored for our American viewers.

Banned Bluey episodes

TikToker and Bluey fan @world.shaker recently shared the changes he picked up on in Season Three, stating it’s the “most censoring season so far”.

Born Yesterday

Testicles are definitely off-limits. In Born Yesterday, Bandit’s crown jewels don’t get hit. In fact, that scene is completely cut out.

Pass the Parcel

Buttermilk’s pooping scene during Muffin’s birthday party in Pass the Parcel doesn’t make the cut. I guess pony poop isn’t something Americans like.


Buttermilk has another iconic poop during Markets which is also taken out completely.

Bluey censorship in US
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In Perfect, Bandit has a chat about potentially getting a vasectomy which has been edited out and instead replaced with a conversation about getting his “dog teeth” removed. Dog teeth. Testicles. Same same.


In Explorers, there is a day labourer from Argentina. He is replaced with a backpacker, according to the @worldshaker.


This one is my favourite censor. Agatha the angry cat threatens to “pee on your curtains” in the original version. Then she does. And it’s funny and relatable because cats can be such jerks.

In the Disney+ American version, Agatha now threatens to “scratch up the curtains” instead of peeing on them.

Banned Bluey Episodes
Source: Reddit

Baby Talks

In Baby Talks there is a scene where Aunt Tricks is on the toilet during “Facey Talks”. In the American version, the scene is cropped out so that you can’t see Aunt Tricks on the toilet in the background and all you see is Muffin’s face.

Family Meeting

By far one of the best episodes of Season 3, Family Meeting didn’t even get a look in! That’s right – the whole episode was pulled, most likely due to the fact that it centers around farts. While there are no obvious fart jokes in it, the plot much has been too much.

Bluey censorship confuses us all 

So what did we learn from this censorship? That, apparently, poop, pee and farts are not appropriate for American kids’ television. And also toilets and testicles. Go figure.

As expected, Bluey fans were horrified to uncover that Disney+ censored such key, and cheeky, Bluey content.

Bluey: Gains attention for discussing mature things in a child-friendly way. Disney: ‘So what if we removed all that?'”one commenter wrote.

This is very true – Bluey’s ability to discuss real-life themes in a way with resonates with kids is one of the things parents adore about it.

“Only in the USA do they sensor that to children but not guns in schools or kids’ safety. We build them tough in Australia,” another added.

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