‘Onesies’: The Bluey Episode Hitting Parents Straight in the Feels

The Bluey episode has never been a show to shy away from reality. Other than the small fact that it features a family of four talking blue heeler dogs.

Over the course of their 3 seasons, the producers have touched on all sorts of important subjects, from death, divorce, bullying and several other tough life moments.

Last season they made headlines by representing miscarriage or stillbirth in a heartfelt way in The Show episode (episode 16, season 2).

This week they’ve introduced the world to a new character – Brandy, who is Chili’s sister and voiced by actress Rose Byrne.

bluey episode onesies
Meet Aunty Brandy! Source: YouTube

Bluey fans will know that Chili and Brandy haven’t spoken for years but no one seemed to know why. Until now.

‘Something Aunty Brandy wants more than anything’ 

In the episode, called Onesies, Brandy gives Bluey and Bingo onesies as a present. Bingo becomes one with the onesie and turns into a feral cheetah (as kids do).

There’s that innocent sweetness to it all, combined with the Bluey humour we all love.

bluey's episode onesies
Source: YouTube

But there is also a tinge of awkwardness and sadness.

Brandy seems uncomfortable around her nieces and there’s some underlying reason why she hasn’t visited in four years.

As Chili explains to Bluey while they hid from Bingo in a bathtub (again, as you do), Brandy can’t have children.

There’s something aunty Brandy wants more than anything as well but she can’t have it, and there’s not really anything anyone can do,” Chili explains.

The camera then pans over to Chili who is happily wrestling with Bingo (in her cheetah onesie). Bingo then hops off on a cheetah mission, leaving Brandy alone in the grass. It’s a simple and innocent, yet empathetic way to represent infertility – in a way that children will be able to understand.

YouTube video

Praise for Bluey’s episode representation of infertility 

Now, this isn’t the first time a Bluey episode has made us tear up, and we’re not the only ones. Viewers have turned to the Bluey Facebook Page to thank them for addressing the issue of infertility with empathy and for bringing this struggle to life.

Woah, that hit this IVF mumma HARD. This is the first time I’ve actually felt ‘seen’, and I’m just sad that it’s taken a children’s cartoon to make me feel this way. Thank you to the writers for addressing such an intensely emotional subject, for so many, with such kindness, empathy and consideration,” one wrote

I was not ready for this episode. Such a sensitive topic handled by the Bluey team with the kindness and grace they are known for. Beautifully done. I’m sure there are many viewers out there this morning having some big feels,” another shared.

The way this episode is structured and written is brilliant and beautiful! You were able to weave several small stories together that perfectly gave emphasis and deep meaning to a very complex and heartbreaking reality for so many. Congratulations on another wonderful and powerful episode,” said another.

Hundreds of people also flocked to the page to admit that, yep, the episode left them in tears.

I am still crying at this episode days later even if I just think about it. An absolutely beautiful episode that was done so gently. It really hit the heart. I feel for all the women and men who have this heart ache.”

Watching ‘Onsie’ with my 2 year old miracle baby… I cried my eyes out. Beautiful episode, delicately placed. Thank you for this episode!” 

Representation of Auslan community

The episode Onesies comes straight off the back of another beautifully done episode by the Bluey team – Turtleboy.

mum central
Source: YouTube

In Turtleboy, fans are introduced to a newcomer, Dougie, a cavoodle, and his mum, voiced by actress Miranda Tapsell. Dougie is deaf and uses Auslan to communicate with his hearing mum, who signs and speaks. Again, the producers have managed to weave this into the show flawlessly, not making it the central theme.

As one fan wrote,

Thank you for turtle boy. My 5 year old suffered unknown hearing loss last year and now wears hearing aids. My favourite part about this episode is that you didn’t even make it a thing. Bluey at its best. Also I’m not crying you’re crying (yes dear, happy tears).”

Ludo Studio – the team behind Bluey – worked with consultants from not-for-profit service provider Deaf Connect to authentically create the Auslan interaction between Dougie and his mum, which includes 62 Auslan handshapes and signs.

All the praise for Bluey – this show really is the best!

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