Cheese and Crackers, You Can Now Stay in Bluey’s House, For Real Life

Holy, holiday fun! Airbnb just upped their weekend getaway game by around 1 trillion per cent! Check out the one-and-only Bluey’s house, fresh out of the Blue Heeler world and available for families around Australia on 15 February 2022! 

That’s right folks, the countdown is on until you can hire out the Heeler home, located on a leafy street in Brisbane.

But before you hop on Airbnb to secure your spot, let’s take a sneak peek into the home. 

Welcome to the Heeler’s house

Hosted by none other than the Heeler family, this holiday house is literally a dream come true for any Bluey fan.  The entire house is customised to bring the cartoon experience to life and they really haven’t missed a beat! 

Bluey house Airbnb
Photo credit: Hannah Puechmarin
As the Heeler hosts write on their Airbnb page: 

We hope this dreamy home inspires a joyous weekend of play and adventure for you too!”

The Queensland-style home features a lovely garden in the front and stairs to the front door.

bluey house airbnb
Photo credit: Hannah Puechmarin

Out the back, they’ve got the same toys as Bluey and Bingo – a trampoline, a sandpit, Grannies’ car, custom toadstool seats and bespoke dog garden gnomes (Gerald’s there – but alas, no Hecuba).

There’s also a lovely outdoor area, play tent and BBQ. 

bluey's house on airbnb
Photo credit: Hannah Puechmarin

Inside is amazing. I swear my kids would DIE if they got to step foot in this place. The details on the walls, the kids’ furniture, the bedding – it’s all happening, folks!

mum central
Photo credit: Hannah Puechmarin

Not only adorable but also functional, the house has two bedrooms (one for parents, one for the kids) and three beds. There’s one bathroom, living room and toy-packed playroom. 

Head to the kitchen stocked with yummy treats; including Magic Asparagus, plenty of fruit (Bluey’s favourite!) and Bandit’s famous duck cake!

Bluey's house on airbnb
Photo credit: Hannah Puechmarin

Everywhere you turn you’ll spot familiar touches – the iconic bay window, the bone-adorned chimney, the playful pops of colour and the signature rainbow canopy. 

mum central
Photo credit: Hannah Puechmarin

Kids will love sleeping in Bluey and Bingo’s bedroom,  complete with a custom stained-glass window, surrounded by colourful hanging lanterns, cloud cushions and, of course, a hand-crafted watermelon rug. 

bluey's house airbnb stay
Photo credit: Hannah Puechmarin

And parents, you get to retreat into Chili and Bandit’s bedroom in comfort, with a queen bed and neutral tones. 

Bluey house available on Airbnb
Photo credit: Hannah Puechmarin

There are a few cheeky house rules too including, “A game of musical statues to the Bluey theme song is recommended on arrival.” Hell yeah it is! 

And let’s not forget “Please keep sticky geckos off the ceiling.” 

Sadly, no pets are allowed, including emus named Shaun. 

stay in the iconic Bluey house
Photo credit: Hannah Puechmarin

How can I book this????

There’s a bit of a catch to the Heeler home. You see, while bookings open at 8am AEST 15 February 2022, you can only book it for ONE weekend at this stage – 18 to 20 February 2022, for two adults and two children.

Bluey’s house is also only open to Australian residents and, well, we’re predicting that it’s going to be hard yakkas to secure. But, hey, someone’s gotta be the lucky family, right? And it could be you. 

mum central

mum central
Photo credit: Hannah Puechmarin

If you do happen to secure your spot, you will literally be the ONLY family in the world to have stayed in Bluey’s house. Now’s that’s a pretty cool feat. 

And, get this… the whole two-night stay will only set you back $20 ($10 per night). Plus, the lucky family will receive a whole slew of extras too including Chinese takeaway (of course!) and an afternoon decorating the Heeler’s famous duck cake. 

mum central
Photo credit: Hannah Puechmarin

The money-can’t-buy weekend getaway includes:

  • An exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Ludo Studio, where Bluey is created 

  • A Chinese takeaway feast in the lush backyard (don’t forget the spring rolls!) 

  • An afternoon decorating the Heelers’ famous duck cake, where the whole family can test their culinary skills

  • A puppet-making craft session featuring Bluey’s famous Bob Bilby character (a local Aussie marsupial)

You can try your luck at 8am AEST on 15 February (set the alarm now).

mum central
Photo credit: Hannah Puechmarin

No word on whether the home will eventually open to the public but it is being advertised as an Only On Airbnb Program which aims to provide guests with unique, once-in-a-lifetime, money-can’t-buy experiences. So probably not. 

Fingers crossed one of our Mum Central readers will win the Bluey jackpot and be Brissy-bound in two weeks! 

*Bookings for the Online Experience sessions open on Tuesday, February 15 at 8:00 AM AEDT at Guests who request to book the Online Experience must also have
a verified Airbnb profile and be aged 18+.

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