A Cheese Hotel? You Better Brie-Lieve it!

Sweet dreams are made of cheese, especially at Café Rouge, an actual hotel dedicated to all things cheese. The scrumptious suite just opened and is FREE to stay in (if you win their cheesy competition).

Nothing gets cheddar than this…

Cheese hotel room, London
The Cheese Suite IS officially open for business. Photo: Cafe Rouge

It’s a (cheese and) cracker of a hotel 

The Cheese Suite is part of the trendy Cafe Rouge and the boutique hotel room pays homage to their new Fromage-filled menu.  The delicious digs are located in Camden, North London and come complete with an array of cheese boards, wine and crackers for guests to enjoy.

mum central
Wine and cheese on demand? It’s too Gouda to be true! Photo: Cafe Rouge

Extra cheese, please 

There’s cheese soap, cheese wallpaper, cheese pillows, cheese doonas. Everything is dripping with ooey gooey cheese. And, it wouldn’t be a cheese suite without a cheese hotline to Cafe Rouge where you can call to get melted cheesy goodness delivered to the door.

cheese hotel soap
Stay clean with cheese soap. Photo: Cafe Rouge

They’ve even got an array of cheesy board games to devour.

mum central
Photo: Cafe Rouge
the cheese hotel board games
Fancy a game of Par-Cheesy? Photo: Cafe Rouge

Brie their guest

Cafe Rouge has pulled out all the cheesy stops to introduce their cheese hotel to the world. They are even running a competition where you can enter to win a free night at their Parmesan Palace, complete with food from Cafe Rouge and a bar stocked with wine and cheese.

cheese suite, cafe rouge london
Photo: Cafe Rouge

Speaking of wine and cheese, after taste-testing the Cheese Suite, we highly recommend stumbling over to France where there’s a wine theme park and museum. 

I mean, if you’re flying ALL the way over to Europe, you might as well check BOTH places out, right?

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