Why This Year’s BONDS Baby Search is Well Worth Entering


You’ve probably heard of the BONDS Baby Search before. It’s an annual thing where adorable little infants from around Australia duke it out for the title of BONDS Baby of the Year.

There’s are great prizes attached to this prestigious title and parents go pretty nuts over it, often sharing their baby’s entry photos on their socials to secure more votes. 

Well, ladies and gents, this year BONDS has switched it up a little bit with their Every Baby Search. And we are ALL FOR IT! 

There are 21 new categories with 21 chances for your little cherub to win. Parents can cross-enter categories too plus you can enter different kids.

But that’s not all – the categories are hilariously relatable AND you can even enter your fur baby.

BONDS baby search 2021
All babies, big, small or furry can enter. Source: BONDS Facebook

The BONDS Every Baby Search categories

Gone are the days of having to show off your baby in a new BONDS Zippy in order to be even considered. Now you can proudly show off their extra squishy features, messy faces and awkward angles. #nofilterneeded. 

Some of the categories include: 

  • Triple Chin
  • Milk Drunk
  • Poop Face
  • That. Tastes. Gross.
  • What’s up with my Hair?
  • Naptime (haha)
  • Furry BFF
  • So Over It 
  • Little Old Souls
  • Not my Best Angle
  • Evil Genuis
  • I’m in a Box
  • Plus plenty more! 
mum central
Put baby in a box, snap a pic and you could win. Source: BONDS Facebook

What’s new this year?

1. No public voting, which means you don’t need to share your baby’s pictures all over social media. It’s up to the judges if your little one makes the cut or not.  

2. Daily winners. There will also be daily winners on social, however, picked at random. Use @bondsaus or @bondsbumpsandbaby and make sure the pic is public. 

3. Discount! Plus, every single person who enters gets a 40% off BONDS discount code via email. 

4. Bigger kids allowed. Children 0-4 are now eligible to enter. It’s also open to New Zealand residents too. 

mum central
Source: BONDS Facebook

5. Pregnant mums included. This isn’t a new feature – mums-to-be were included last year, but there are 7 different categories for preggo mummies to enter this year. 

6. Pretty epic prizes. If you win one of the main 21 categories, you’ll get $2,100. Noice. If you win a daily contest, you’ll get a $100 BONDS Gift Card plus plenty more prizes. 

So, will you be entering this year? 

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