Tammy, Carol, Ross, and, of course, Nigel. These are only four of the names dubbed ‘unfashionable’ by the baby name experts.

Want to know which other names are quickly fading into our past? Below are just a few names no one seems to care about anymore.

Parenting website Channel Mum has analysed data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) to compile a list of the baby names fast going out of fashion. These names have been given to less than one child a week in 2019 and may soon fade into oblivion.

Unfashionable 80s names

The big hair and neon socks from the 80s aren’t the only things not making a comeback anytime soon. Here are a few names that were quite popular in the 80s that aren’t topping the baby name lists anymore.

  • Tammy 
  • Tracey
  • Ashley
  • Kelly
  • Donna

Culture shock 

Of course, some names become popular due to certain TV programs, movies or historical events. And some lose their cool after these shows end or after the main character turns into a mad-dragon-riding-nut-bag-who-burns-the-whole-city-down. Ahem, Khaleesi.

Below are a few names that were either built up or ruined by certain historical events or pop culture.

  • Isis – Yep…there is no coming back from this name.
  • Reese – Witherspoon perhaps?
  • Ross – He was a Friends favourite. Now, not so much.
  • Chandler – Could this name BE any more outdated?
  • Monica – Another Friends-name fail.
  • Kirk – One word. Spock.
  • Ken – And we reckon Barbie too.
  • Ronald – I blame the Macca’s clown for this one. Creepy and crazy.

Golden gals (and guys)

Another common trend we don’t see as much anymore is to revive the old-school names. Sure, some vintage names are iconic, such as Elizabeth, which has reigned popular for over 100 years. But we’re not talking about a classic like Elizabeth.

Oh no. We’re talking like “super” old school here. Like, “Oh, congrats, you just gave birth to a 97-year-old” name. Here are a few examples:

  • Norma
  • Melvyn 
  • Clive
  • Marlene
  • Carol 
  • Linda

Super posh British names that no one likes anymore

Our final category in our names-no-one-loves post goes out to all of those super-British-sounding-names that clearly have no place in our hipster society.

That’s right Niles and co, you’ve been replaced by the likes of Kale, Bear, and Ace.

  • McCauley
  • Graeme
  • Niles
  • Grant
  • Clive
  • Piers
  • Nigel

Other unfashionable baby names

Here are a few more baby names Channel Mum identified as unfashionable. Sorry Gary, Barry and Ainsley, you are no longer considered cool.

  • Gary
  • Greg
  • Geoff
  • Ainsley
  • Barry
  • Leoni
  • Leigh
  • Rowena

What names are taking their place? 

The latest baby name trends are nature names, animal names and, of course, royal names. Check out a few of the most popular and up-and-coming names that we are definitely going to hear more of.


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