Leading child restraint manufacturer InfaSecure has announced a 3 year major strategic partnership with the unstoppable #1 young family brand, The Wiggles!

This is a major step toward their objective of increasing car safety education and best practices and what better way than to partner with the fun and colourful Wiggles family.

A key aspect of the relationship will be the integration of child restraint safety educational messages into The Wiggles’ entertaining and engaging content for parents and children.

Tom Hubbard, marketing manager and vocal car safety advocate at InfaSecure was very excited about working with The Wiggles. “We’ve been leading the way in developing the safest, most innovative child restraints in the world, and helping parents navigate the often confusing world of car safety. Our work with The Wiggles will be key to reaching more young families more often, and ensuring they have the information they need to keep their little ones secure.”

But what does that mean for you?

Do you remember how much easier our parents had it when they could call on Fat Cat to help get us little ones to bed? There was no not much argument when Fat Cat came on telly to say goodnight – we just said goodnight too. Well imagine having The Wiggles on your side when you’re struggling to get your toddler to keep those car-seat harness straps on. You know what I’m talking about, right? Or picture having The Wiggles ‘in the car’ with you when you’re convincing your spirited little one that they HAVE to GET IN the car-seat before you can leave. What a clever, clever strategy. Well played InfaSecure. Well played.

Wiggles Managing Director, Paul Field said “We live in a lucky country. Thanks to our stringent standards all child restraints sold in Australia are safe. But what really impressed The Wiggles was how instrumental InfaSecure has been in pushing those standards higher while making child seats more affordable for young families. We love that.”

So do we Paul.

Which is why, thanks to our friends at InfaSecure, we are celebrating this fabulous collaboration by GIVING AWAY an Infa Evolve Caprice Car Seat valued at $419.99!


To enter, simply complete the entry form below, comment and tell us which colour you’d like and your favourite feature of the Evolve Caprice and it could be yours! (suggestions below)

Here’s some of the things we love best about the Evolve Caprice. What about you?

  • It’s the first child restraint in Australia that allows the use of a six-point harness from around 6 months of age through to a large 8 year-old.  Now there’s value! 
  • The cleverly designed Twist & Lift™ system allows one-handed adjustment of the headrest and harness from the front of the seat. No rethreading straps, no uninstalling – you can get the perfect fit in seconds, and it’s never been easier.
  • The adjustable height harness buckle can be adjusted without removing the restraint from the vehicle
  • The new twist-resistant straps make your day to day use a little less frustrating.
  • The Evolve features a Dual Layer A.C.T. headrest, and reduces crash energy to the child more than five times lower than the level required by the 2013 Australian Standard. No add-ons, no upgrades and no extra cost.
  • Available in 6 popular Caprice Swirl designs, aqua, orange, pink, purple, ebony and grey!
  • Each seat features plush comfort padding for smaller children, which can be easily removed as needed.
  • They’ve designed the Evolve’s cover to be completely removable without taking the restraint out of the vehicle, making cleaning easier than ever.  Hallelujah to grotty back seat adventures!
  • The Gradual Recline system is extremely easy to use, allowing unrestricted recline positions which can be changed without removing the restraint from the vehicle.
  • Convenient pop-out cup holders so your children are always comfortable, regardless of age.  Milk anyone?

So what are you waiting for?  Get Wiggling!

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Good luck!

Win an Infa Evolve Car Seat valued at $419.99




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  1. Karen Van der Heijde Reply

    I would love an orange swirl one. I think my favorite feature of this car seat is the height adjustment without have to take the seat out of the car, whether when your child is growing or like me are using the car seat for multiple grandchildren of different ages, this is a great feature.

  2. Nicole Rodriquez Reply

    Ebony swirl, being completely removable is amazing so easy to get in and clean all the sand and biscuit crumbs my kids leave in their seats

  3. Oh I LOVE that it offers extended use of the six point harness. I am not a confident driver, and that extra Infa-security would bring great peace of mind. The colours are amazing, but given that my children seem to be made of 80 percent dirt …. I would have to opt for the Grey Swirl!

  4. The completely removal cover is a god send! The most annoying thing about a car seat is when you cant take the cover off to clean… not much fun putting your hand down the side to find a dummy and find food instead!

  5. tanya clarke Reply

    Ebony swirl or grey swirl would suit our car interior best. I love the one handed adjustments of the straps and headrest. Sounds practical and easy!!

  6. Jon Donovan Reply

    Aqua Swirl. I love that it can accommodate a child from 6 months to 8 years

  7. domandlauren Reply

    Our favourite wiggle is Lachie so it has to be Purple!!! I love that it will last until 8!!! and all the special little features to make my life easier, an who can argue with such fabulous colour choices!

  8. I would definitely choose pink swirl!! I love the many features of this car seat from it’s comfort, ease of use, style and versatility but number #1 for me is always safety! It seems as though safety has been a huge consideration in the design with the dual layer headrest! This car seat looks absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to see the Crep results once it has been tested!

  9. My son’s favourite colour is orange, so we’d choose the orange swirl. I love that the 6 point harness goes up to age 8. You don’t get that on other car seats!

  10. Kalina Batchelor Reply

    The Aqua is gorgeous colour and I love the fact that it can be used right up to the age of 8

  11. Annette Andreasen Reply

    I would choose the orange swirl as it is my sons favourite colour and the features i love the best are the twist-resistant straps, the pop-out cup holders and the adjustable height harness buckle.

  12. Twist resistant straps sound amazing! The fact that it will last until 8 years of age is also very tempting!

  13. I’d have to go with the purple swirl as there’s no rainbow. And twist resistant straps? Hell’s yes!

  14. pink swirl, I love that it grows with your child and comfort is good for kids too, my daughter would love one

  15. My little monster would like the Orange or Aqua Swirl best, I love that The Wiggles are getting involved here, maybe the little monster will now keep the straps on :-/
    this seat has so many amazing features! I love the tilt & lift, what a fantastic idea and the fact that it will last right through until 8 years of age is great, a worthwhile investment!!

  16. Lizzy Archer Reply

    The pop-out cup holders! Although I fancied myself as a bit of a MacGyver (using a shoe as a holder), this is way better!!

  17. I love how this lasts up till there 8 nothing worse than having to buy multiple seats on a small budget

  18. I would choose Ebony Swirl and love the fact that it has twist resistant straps making it easy for new mums to be.

  19. Richard Gledhill Reply

    Orange Swirl the fact it is from 6 months to 8 years makes it great value for money

  20. Aqua swirl please. 2 things I love the most- the age range covered and twist free belts. That is so frustrating

  21. TanyaCrerar Reply

    The Twist & Lift system combined with the Dual Layer headrest means my child will be as safe as possible in this seat and the removable cover will keep the Grey Swirl looking new for the whole 8 years!

  22. The aqua swirl is gorgeous! I love the cup holders and thatcher seat covers are easily removable so that it’s not a trigger to keep them clean.

  23. mum2midget_terrorists Reply

    I love the aqua colour but all of them I would have! I love that your child is able to stay in the 6 point harness until 8. I am upset that my 5 year old twins have hit the height markers in there current seats to no longer have the harness.

  24. Lena McDowell Reply

    I’d pick the grey swirl – I love how simple it sounds to make adjustments whilst your child is sitting in the seat!

  25. Aqua Swirl – Being able to completely remove the cover without taking the restraint out of the vehicle will save time when cleaning up the delightful mess my toddler leaves behind.

  26. 78DaysofSummer Reply

    Love the AQUA SWIRL gorgeous colour! so many great features also! child restraint age til 8 years old, 6pt harness, easy to clean

  27. I think that the aqua swirl would be the top pick from my house. And as a mum, the twist-resistant straps would be so helpful on those rushed mornings.

  28. I would be happy with any colour from the Evolve Caprice range of car seats, although I do not mind the ‘Grey Swirl’ for its neutrality, whilst still allowing the user to view the straps and buckles.
    I love the fact you can remove the cover for washing without having to remove the entire restraint. This is a great timesaver. Plus, the Twist & Lift system, is an added bonus. Need I say more!

  29. Justine Hordyk Reply

    Orange swirl pop out cup holders brilliant idea easy to clean would love 2 with my messy twins

  30. Kirstin Trehan Reply

    I would love an Ebony or Grey swirl and I love the way it converts to suit from 6 months to 8 years definitely value for money

  31. I love the colour purple so I’d love that colour to put my granddaughter or grandson in and
    it’s suitable for girls or boys.

  32. Love the grey swirl & also think the adjustable height harness is a fantastic feature-perfect for me who often look after my grandkids of varying ages & adjusting the straps can be so tricky!

  33. I Love that the covers can be removed to be cleaned without having to take the whole car seat out

  34. Sharee Ussher Reply

    We’d love the grey swirl. Our fav feature is that it’s from 6months right up to 8yrs of age so this will do all 3 of our boys!

  35. Nikki Bretag Reply

    With bub in the seat, I grab hold of the strap…
    It’s twisted again, how on Earth does it do that!

    Wriggle my hand into the holes, to pull the strap through…
    OH MY GOD, what was that – my hand landed in goo!

    Out of the car the whole seat comes;
    wrangle the straps & the cover off – when I figure out how that’s done!

    Into the wash; finally it’s clean…
    now to figure out how to piece it all together again…

    Oh, how much easier an Ebony Infa Evolve Caprice would have been!!

  36. The orange swirl would be fantastic for my gorgeous little grandson he needs a new seat all of his own. Also the safety features are so much better than the basic seat he is in.

  37. Valerie Wee Reply

    six-point harness is a great + it can used till 8 years old. Perfect! I love Aqua Swirl

  38. catherine helbig Reply

    would love the aqua swirl and love the fact its a 6 point harness and the bright colours r great

  39. Jessica Taylor Reply

    Love the Aqua swirl and the extra padding for smaller bubs

  40. Kelly Goworek Reply

    Pink swirl. I was recently involved in a car accident with my daughter (1) and am in the market to replace her InfaSecure car seat (Can not use a car seat once it’s been in a crash). I love how the InfaSecure Evolve Caprice reduces the impact a crash has on a little one. Also the fact you can adjust the height of the straps without removing the seat from the car would be a massive timesaver!! 🙂

  41. Stephanie Veljanovska Reply

    I would love it in Purple Swirl and I am in love with the twist resistant straps. I have the worst time trying to untwist straps to get my little ones in safely.

  42. Bevin Jasprizza Reply

    The twist resistant straps, my pet hat when twisted and in a rush….colour choice aqua swirl

  43. Orange for me. All the strap features, and extra comfort and padding

  44. Tracey Ibbott Reply

    Ebony. The twist & lift feature sounds awesome. One handed adjustment, no rethreading straps, no uninstalling. Why wasn’t this around when I had my first child? Please

  45. One-handed adjustment of the headrest and harness is a must when you are a Mum we have our hands full! I love the Aqua Swirl suits a Boy or a Girl.

  46. pop-out cup holders! what a novelty for missy to have her babycinos on the go. grey swirl looks perfect for hiding the subsequent frothy stains

  47. Definitely the twist resistant straps, it’s annoying when they are all twisted! The pink one is cute.

  48. It’s a combination of things, all relating to not having to uninstall to change the fit/settings. Brilliant!

  49. Veronica Paterson Reply

    It’s got to be the life of the Evolve Caprice Car Seat,from 6 months to 3 years would be a money saver for sure in that gorgeous pink swirl. ✓✓✓✓ ❤

  50. Paige Yang Reply

    Twist & Lift system sounds very handy for me. Love purple one.

  51. Tina Clausen Reply

    Not having to uninstall to change the fit/settings is wonderful, the Twist and Lift system. Really like the purple colour.

  52. Monica Camac Reply

    I would love the grey swirl, I would dearly love to have a go at the twist resistant straps, on our current seat I am forever untwisting. It would definitely be a time saver for me!

  53. anna antony Reply

    Would love the ebony swirl since I am not sure about the sex of the next baby

  54. Purple swirl is gorgeous. I love that it will suit birth-8 years old. When we decided to have more than one child we forgot we’d need to keep buying new car seats…

  55. Orange is very tasty colour. ‘It’s the first child restraint in Australia that allows the use of a six-point harness from around 6months of age through to a large 8 year-old’. It’s my favourite feature. That would save me money.

  56. I would love a pink one for my little miss nearly 3. She’s very envious of her brother’s blue evolve! Apart from the obvious safety factor being able to harness to 8 (and possibly beyond!) I love that you can install in such a way that you don’t have to uninstall the seat in order to clean the covers! Makes it much easier to keep nice and clean!

  57. Ethan AnitaLeon Reply

    Orange ! Bright and happy like my little Ethan ! My Fav feature ? The easy to remove cover. I can’t remember the last time I’ve washed the car seat cover on my current baby seat . I’m to scared to see what’s smudged into the fabrics and can’t cope with the inconvenience of taking the whole seat apart ! This seat would be a perfect gift for my toddler as he has to give up his current seat for a little brother arriving soon !

  58. jeaniousau Reply

    I love the purple swirl. What a great idea that it has 6 different harness points, so it can be used right through until the child is eight.

  59. Gorgeous colours but would have to choose the ebony swirl. Yes finally a seat that has twist-resistant straps. This would have to be my favourite feature. Twisted straps frustrate me so much!

  60. John Halls Reply

    I am absolutely torn between the Pink Swirl and the Purple Swirl for my granddaughter, Levayah, but I know she really likes purple, so my choice has to be the Purple Swirl *smiles*

  61. Aqua swirl – Living in a remote outback location,
    Every drive is a long destination,
    The padded comfort seat our child’s salvation,
    Safety, easy clean and easy installation!

  62. Norman Camarda Reply

    ebony swirl, the removal covers are great as they will need to be cleaned , often.

  63. Aqua swirl, I like the longevity as you don’t need to get a new seat every few years

  64. Aqua swirl.
    I love that I can keep my child safer by having them properly harnessed until they are 8.
    I would love absolutely love to have twist resistant straps…wouldn’t we all.

  65. Ebony swirl-twist and lift system allows one-handed adjustment of the headrest and harness from the front of the seat

  66. Ali Henderson Reply

    Pink swirl for my baby girl, best feature is it’s the one seat from now (9 months) to 8 years!

  67. Charlotte Marie Knudsen Reply

    I’d choose purple swirl. It’s one of my daughters favorite colours, but it’s also not overly girly, so her little brother can use it once she outgrows it. I want my children to be as safe as possible in the car, so my favorite feature is definitively the ability to harness for such a long time.

  68. Purple swirl looks great, the 6 point harness looks like an awesome safety feature

  69. Lara Hamlyn Reply

    Grey would go with our car. The twist resistant straps sound amazing as I’m always fighting with the straps in our current seat! Plus the easy removable cover to make washing a breeze!

  70. Karli Koungras Reply

    We would love a pink evolve caprice for one of our 4 girls.

    My fav feature is obviously the 51cm harnessing, that is an absolute winner in my eyes.

  71. Melissa Knowles Reply

    Purple swirl would be awesome. Love that it lasts from 6months to 8 years.

  72. grey swirl, i love the easy removable covers to clean it easier and the fact it lasts until the kids until their 8

  73. We would go with the grey swirl, as its unisex and wouldn’t be as hot as black. The Twist and Lift system would be a lifesaver as my son is finally growing and I need to adjust his harness regularly

  74. Love the classic look of the Grey Swirl on the Evolve Caprice. I think the removable covers are an excellent idea. Means that I no longer need to ask hubby to re-install the car seat each time I want to clean it (which is often!)

  75. I would love to win the Ebony Swirl for my friend to use with her 5yr old ASD boy as he is currently in a scary bum booster and doesn’t like keeping his arms in. My favourite feature is the Twist and Lift, making it much easier for her to adjust it for her boy 🙂

  76. Casey Leigh Rutherford Reply

    Purple is my fav… Love the longer base and the twist and lift and of course that is a full harness seat

  77. Josephine Mcpherson Reply

    Would love to win a pink swirl for my 18month old! My favorite feature about the evolve caprice is the twist-resistant straps will make putting her in the car seat a breeze cause we all know how painful it can be making sure those straps are not twisted ☺

  78. Purple swirl is my favourite.The best feature is the non twist straps!

  79. Sheree O'Nains Reply

    Id love a Pink swirl. My favourite feature is the twist and lift! 🙂

  80. I would love the Orange Swirl. My favourite feature is the 6 point harness which fits an 8 year old. I’m really not comfortable using an adult seat belt for my 5 year old and he is about to outgrow the harness on his current seat

  81. Leanne Treccase Minuto Reply

    I love the purple swirl. I would love to win this for my 8 yr old so I can put her back in a harnessed seat. She is small for her age and would get another 2-4yrs out of this seat. I’m so sick of telling her to make sure the sash is back in the sash guide in her booster seat as it slips out as she moves about. Her brother (my 4.5yr old) can use it after her as he is still small for his age too. My favourite feature on this seat is its can harness up to a large 8yr old or small 10yr old.

  82. Steph Jane Bubner Reply

    I would love ebony swirl and my favourite feature is the twist-resistant straps as this drives me insane, always having to retwist every time my bubs is in the car seat!

  83. Love how many features there are that don’t require removing entire seat.

  84. Rachel Bird Reply

    Aqua swirl
    I love the easy to remove cover which makes keeping it clean a breeze.

  85. Maria Braund Reply

    Ebony swirl, the protection I can give my 5 year old. I would feel secure in using it

  86. Narelle Rock Reply

    I love the Aqua Swirl colou rand the fact that the twist resistant straps won’t send me batty when they get twisted!

  87. Purple swirl. The best feature is a 6 point harness up to age 8. Better protection and for a bigger age range

  88. Holly-Anne Reply

    Aqua Swirl. The fact that you can remove and clean without needing to reinstall is genius.

  89. Ledam Nguyen Reply

    aqua swirl. reliable and trusted brand that make security and comfortable seat for the little ones that is cleanable and easy to reposition depending on child’s size

  90. Sorry – forgot to mention why! I love the seat’s safety; in the end that’s all that matters.

  91. terry wedding Reply

    the Orange Swirl and i love that it is easy to clean and that my grand kids will be totally secure

  92. Karina Lee Reply

    Purple swirl. The twist resistant straps totally had me! How many times have I had to stand there fixing the straps because they were all twisted and at times, too tight and needed to be untwisted before they could be buckled in comfortably!

  93. The orange swirl and twist resistant straps is my favourite feature. Why is it whenever there is the added pressure of someone wanting my parking space the twists in the straps refuse to straighten?

  94. Grey swirl – practical. The twist resistant straps are a godsend especially when ‘little and ‘big’ people play with the straps and also ease of cleaning – so love not to have to remove and reinstall the seat all the time.

  95. Orange swirl as it’s the coolest looking car seat on the market! So impressed there’s finally a car seat that will take baby through from 6 months to when no longer required. The ‘Twist n Lift’ system sounds like a dream come true for all parents – what a time saver! fuss free, safe car travel for all children in Evolve Caprice car seats

  96. Renee lowndes Reply

    Purple swirl. My little the girl would love it!! And I’d love her to be nice and safe in this seat.

  97. Ebony swirl. Best idea is the removable cover, that would make cleaning a breeze compared to having to remove the seat & straps etc in our current seat.

  98. Anjali Dhawan Reply

    Pink.. My princess would feel special sitting on it. the height adjustment and the comfort padding would be a bonus. And peace of mine for me that my daughter is safe and secure.

  99. Purple swirl and definitely the harnessing all the way until 8 🙂

  100. Amanda Gaye Mulcahy Reply

    Purple Swirl! I like that it can be used from 6 months to 8 years. Very cost effective.

  101. Belynda Vyner Reply

    Purple swirl, cost effective as it can be used from 6m to 8years

  102. My daughter’s favourite Wiggle is Lachy so it’s Purple Swirl for us! I love that you can make all the adjustments and remove the cover without removing the seat.

  103. ebony swirl. i like how this seat will grow with my child as well as provide her with the best safety features

  104. Kristy Winters Reply

    Pink swirl a cover thats replaced without removing the actual chair BRILLIANT

  105. Aqua Swirl and loving the popoff covers for washing my mucky messes away!

  106. Karen Edwards Reply

    love the aqua swirl to suit either gender. The six point harness from 6 months to 8 years is perfect never need to buy another seat again

  107. Tanya Hope Reply

    I love the purple or the aqua seat, and I love the fact that these have a 6 point harness up to 8 years of age. The cup holders are a thoughtful bonus!!!

  108. Pink is the favourite, one-handed adjustment of the headrest and harness from the front of the seat is a great feature.

  109. I like the twist-resistant straps and orange swirl is my favourite colour.

  110. Probably the light grey for practicality, but the other colours are great too!

  111. Love the Aqua swirl. Top safety features and no ongoing expenses until your child reaches 8 years of age. Evolve into the new generation and be reassured that you have only the best.

  112. Orange Swirl and love the fact they designed it with the balance of children safety and parent ease in mind

  113. What a knock out is the orange swirl. With number three on the way we are looking to upgrade number two so we can use his seat rear facing for the new bub. This seat would be prefect 🙂

  114. Vanessa Jonas Reply

    Definitely purple swirl to match my youngest daughter’s Kompressor.
    Love the Twist & Lift, so easy to get the perfect fit in just seconds.

  115. Orange Swirl, and my favourite features are adjustable height harness buckle and one-handed adjustment of the headrest and harness

  116. Nicole Tate Reply

    Pink swirl. I love the sound of the 6 point harness. One handed adjustment of headrest and harness. Omg all the features are amazing

  117. Belinda. T Reply

    I would love a pink or purple swirl for our little miss.
    I love how we don’t have to remove the seat from the car to adjust he height buckle & the in handed adjustment of the headrest & harness. I LOVE infa altogether lol

  118. Pink swirl. My favourite part of this chair would have to be the versatility of how it transforms as my daughter grows- up to 8 years old is pretty impressive.

  119. Aqua Swirl. I love that we can keep Miss 4 in a 6-point harness as long as possible, especially since she has a long torso and would outgrow the harness of a convertible booster at quite a young age. We love the Evolve so much we bought two soon after they were released, but we’d love to win one for my mother-in-law to use for all her young grandkids.

  120. Alysia Sheehy Reply

    Pink swirl. I love how everything can be adjusted, removed to be cleaned without having to take the whole car seat out! Oh and the cup holders 🙂 oh and the recline feature! Can I just say everything lol

  121. Lynndell Richards Reply

    I would love the Purple Swirl, There are just too many reasons why i love this car seat but most of all it has everything we need for safety, as Safety always comes first.

  122. Extended harnessing children and the purple swirl is my favourite colour.

  123. Any colour would be good, My daughter has 5 children, ages 5, 3,2,1 and a newborn baby 2 weeks old. When travelling in the car safety is very important and this car seat has all the safety features parents are looking for. A new car sseat is very much needed and would get excellent use.

  124. I would love the aqua swirl. I love that they can stay in a 6 point harness for longer and the twist-resistant straps sound AMAZING! As does the twist and lift system! Actually everything about it looks amazing!

  125. Orange Swirl is super cool. Safety is always number one on my list, followed by comfort and ease of use. I believe this seat has all these things!

  126. Ebony swirl. The feature that appeals to me most is the ability to keep my son harnessed for the duration of his carseat years and beyond, safety is incredibly important to my husband and I.

  127. Kasey Evans Reply

    Purple Swirl (my fav colour) I love the ‘Pop-out Cup Holders’ what an awesome idea especially when travelling as my kids always spill their drinks as they don’t have a place for them.

  128. Ebony Swirl is probaby the one I would choose because I have two kids (boy and girl) and while the pink swirl is my favourite it doesnt really work with my son 😉 I love the fact that these seats last for such a long time and will fit larger children. My two are 3 and 2 years old and quite tall and solid for their ages so its hard to know which seats to get but this one is perfect 🙂

  129. Purple swirl. Safety, ease of use, versatility and comfort. We’ve tested this seat at the shop and my kids loved it!

  130. blue swirl Jay Carter Reply

    blue swirl please, the features we love best about the Evolve Caprice is “a six-point-harness from approximately six months through to a large eight year old to keep our son safer for longer, plus all the other features : Air Cocoon Technology.the easily adjustable height harness buckle without having to remove the restraint from the vehicle, the Evolve’s Twist & Lift™ system so no rethreading straps ..thanks

  131. sangrat sirirak Reply

    Ebony Swirl as my boy likes it best 😀 We would like our son in a 6 point harness car seat for as long as possible so the Evolve’s feature we love best is built-in harness till 8 years old approx.:) another unique feature we love lots is the Dual Layer A.C.T. headrest reducing crash energy to the child’s head.

  132. Sandra Clogstoun Reply

    We would definitely love the pink swirl as we tested one of these in the shop and fell in love with how safe they are. Our daughter had a liver transplant 2 years ago and we are fanatical about her safety. It would mean not worrying about her in the car.

  133. Amy McNeill Reply

    Aqua swirl! I love the fact it fits kids safely for such a long period of time, and keeps them harnessed!

  134. Cat Cannon Reply

    Ebony Swirl please. I love the adjustable height harness buckle meaning its easy to adjust without moving the seat. And all of the safety features.

  135. Aqua Swirl – and definitely the twist-resistant straps! Always so frustrating when the straps get twisted.

  136. Aqua Swirl, I love all of the Evolve Caprice’s features especially six-point harness to a large 8 year-old and the Twist&Lift system which is very unique. Now our son is 4 will soon need a new seat… winning this seat will mean a lot for our family. I would like my son to be safe and to surprise and thank my husband ( a very hard working man who has been supporting me through my postnatal depression all these years and a wonderful father who has always been there for our son)..thank you InfaSecure…Ps. our son loves the Wiggles:)

  137. Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    Orange Swirl, I just love that it grows with the child. No more changing car seats when they grow out of them. Just 1 from 6 months ’till they’re old enough for just the seatbelt

  138. Scott Crumlin Reply

    Ebony Swirl. The adaptability in that your chair allows for your child’s growth, together with the ease of use with the Twist & Lift feature, the main thing is the headrest that absorbs crash energy; so many clumsy drivers out there, this seat means SUCH peace of mind!

  139. Nicole Kent Reply

    I love the Aqua Swirl colour. I love the twist resistant straps- they’re an endless source of frustration for me in car seats!

  140. Brian O'Keefe Reply

    Grey Swirl for my little lad or aqua swirl if you are running out of grey, just want him to be safe!

  141. Ying Ying TAN Reply

    Love the aqua swirl and the best feature for me is the one-handed adjustment of the headrest and harness from the front of the seat!

  142. Orange swirl. The twist & lift system allows adjustment from the front without having to remove the seat

  143. Purple swirl please. The twist and lift system sounds super easy.

  144. Rebecca Graham Reply

    Aqua Swirl. I love the brand in general and especially the head rest support

  145. I’d choose Purple Swirl no doubts, and I love that the Evolve Booster Seat uses the 6 point harness from 6 months to 8 years! And it looks cool 😛

  146. My little girl would love the purple swirl colour and I absolutely love the fact that you can adjust these car seats with only one hand and with ease too! Absolutely genius for busy mums and dad’s with their hands full! sounds fantastic!

  147. Ruth Glover Reply

    Grey Swirl, there are so many excellent features it is too hard to pick just one as a favorite.

  148. Ebony Swirl. Comfort, safety, suitability from 6 months all the way to 8 years of age.

  149. Sara Johnston Reply

    I’d love Grey Swirl as it’s the same colour as our cars interior :p ….my favourite feature is the Twist Resistant Straps, because let me tell you, the straps can make or break a carseat, I hate fighting with my eldest (2 year old) to strap him in lol. My 2nd boy is almost ready to go into a big boy seat: it’d be amazing to trial this super safe carseat with Dan, before having baby number 3!

  150. Aqua swirl. Love all the features but the twist and lift is great. Also love that the covers come off while still fixed in the car

  151. Orange Swirl, I love that it if from 6months to 8 years we are currently looking a buying new car seat for my son. The adjustable height harness is also a great feature as well as the twist resistant straps.

  152. Steph Hallen Reply

    Ebony swirl. I love that you can adjust the harness without having to pull the car seat out of the car. I have three seats across the back of my car and getting them out is a mammoth effort so anything that saves time is a huge tick in my book. I also like that it will last to fit a large 8 year old. This is the other thing that I dread, buying a seat that will last so that I don’t have to re-buy x3 when the kids grow out of them!!

  153. Designed to last 7 & 1/2 years will put a smile on the dial of parents from a savings and safety perspective. Aqua is cool for both genders.

  154. Emma Molineux Reply

    Ebony Swirl. I love the adjustable headrest, my son is tall so it would be much more supportive for him and I also love the cup holder. Always has a drink bottle with him 🙂

  155. Lynnette Bull Reply

    Purple Swirl, love the pop of colours, I most like the 6 point harness as knowing the kids are safely strapped in keeps my mind at ease, the adjustable headrest is great also as my three year old is tall and is starting to outgrow her current seat as the headrest does not go up enough

  156. Love the brightness of the orange swirl! Attractive for little ones while being super safe.

  157. Orange swirl . I love that it is the only child restraint, with the safety of 6 point harness, that I will ever need to buy. Very economical as it covers the ages of 6 months to 8 years.

  158. Bev Stelzer Reply

    Would love the Purple Swirl Plz , love the twist & lift , one handed adjustment without having to take chair out ,great chair xx

  159. We would love the Aqua Swirl. My fav feature in the evolve is the ability to have a 6 point harness for a child up to 8 years. I believe that if they have to be in a car seat till that age then it should be proper harnesses and not just a booster seat.

  160. Kylie Travis Reply

    Found It Day 5. Ebony Swirl. Safety is paramount for me so my favourite feature is the Dual Layer A.C.T. headrest, and how it reduces crash energy to the child more than five times lower than the level required by the 2013 Australian Standard.

  161. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Found It Day 5, I love orange colour because it is warning colour in psychology and matching my car seats.

  162. Found It Day 5, I like Ebony swirl & my favourite feature is that it has a 6 point harness for a child up to 8yrs 🙂

  163. Found it day 5

    Love the ebony swirl as it is a stylish uncomplicated seat that still incorporates the first class Infasecure safety features,

  164. Purple swirl, i love that i can use it 6 months to 8 years. That what i call “value for money”!

  165. Melissa okimoto Reply

    Found it day 5 ebony swirl, love that it is convertible!

  166. Found It Day 5. I love the Aqua Swirl. I love its deep side & head wings! My child would think he was a racing car driver and I’d have no problem getting him to sit in it!

  167. Michael Hughes Reply

    Grey Swirl. A six-point harness from around 6 months of age through to a large 8 year-old. Convenient pop-out cup holders

  168. Found it – Day 5, So car seat safety conscious so love the fact that EVOLVE Caprice has Dual Layer A.C.T. headrest, and reduces crash energy to the child more than five times lower than the level required by the 2013 Australian Standard. PURPLE SWIRL – perfect for PURPLE Tee-shirtred Wiggle fan

  169. Lynnette Bull Reply

    Will come back and try it later, it is showing me yesterdays question and saying comment day 1, something must be wrong

  170. Found it Day 5- Aqua Swirl and the adjustable height harness buckle is an awesome feature!

  171. Found it day 5
    aqua swirl – the fact that it will cope with a large eight year old – we’re over changing car seats all the time!

  172. Shu-Ching Chang Reply

    Found It Day 5, Infasecure has several features which I love, multiple colour , six points harness, dual layer A.C.T.headrest and pop-up cup holders. It’s a very smart car seat, family friendly suitable for every car.

  173. Donna Dwyer Reply

    Found it, day 5 – ebony swirl, cup holder – brilliant idea.

    • Ebony swirl and apart from the incredible safety, the fact it goes right up to 8 years old is fantastic

  174. Purple swirl love the harness, so much easier than trying to find the seat belt plug in the dark!

  175. Found it Day 5 : Pink Swirl , I love the fact you dont have to take the seat out of the car to make adjustments , that can get quite frustrating ( fancykezz)

  176. Helga Grenkowitz Reply

    I would take ‘grey swirl’ because it is a neutral colour and it does not get stained as easily as the brighter colours do.

  177. Angela Aschberger Reply

    Found it Day 5 – loving the Aqua swirl, good for both my kids (boy and girl).

  178. Adele Brown Reply

    Found it Day 5 – I would choose the ebony swirl, would be lovely with the dark seats in our car. Twist free straps = AMAZING!

  179. Found found it day 5.
    Ebony swirl
    one-handed adjustment of the headrest and harness

  180. Found It Day 5. Aqua Swirl would be a perfect match with our dark car seats. Loving the twist free straps nothing worse then having to untangle the annoying things before going anywhere.

  181. Found It Day 5
    Aqua swirl would be my pick in colour, however the reason I would choose this seat regardless of colour is purely how versatile, easy to use in so many many ways but above all SAFETY with a 6 point harness protecting my child should anything happen, my child will be protected and in a secure seat

  182. staceyshailer Reply

    Found it Day 5 🙂
    Aqua Swirl is my favourite colour, and the twist resistant straps would have to be my favourite feature, with 3 little kids I’m constantly trying to un-twist straps every time we hop in the car!

  183. challencharms Reply

    Found It Day 5. The Aqua Swirl is my favourite colour and I love that the straps are twist resistant, as I always seem to have that problem with car seats!

  184. Found It Day 5, Love the Aqua Swirl, the twist resistant straps would make life so much easier to get the children in and out quickly.

  185. Marianne Douglas Reply

    Found It Day 5. I would love ‘pink swirl’ for my girl (after two boys of course it has to be pink!). My favourite feature is that the cover can be removed for cleaning without having to take the restraint out of the car – with three kids this is a pain anytime the seats have to be taken out and put back in!

  186. Louise Patterson Reply

    Found It Day 1, Purple Swirl. My favourite feature is being able to take the cover off without removing the entire seat.

  187. Louise Patterson Reply

    Found It Day 5, Purple Swirl. My favourite feature is being able to take the cover off without removing the entire seat.

  188. Found it Day 5
    Aqua Swirl
    The security feature of InfaSecure car seats, specifically this Evolve Caprice, doesn’t compromise comfort and versatility and style. We only want what’s best for bub and we trust InfaSecure from Day 1.

  189. Jenna Mccarthy Reply

    Found it day 5 I would love a pink swirl evolve for my daughter as she’s so little and I love how the evolve will allow me to harness her as long as possible ! The bright funky colours will also make it easier to keep my daughter wanting to be harnessed.

  190. Found It Day 5 – Purple Swirl, and I love that it uses a 6-point harness to age 8!

  191. the height adjustable harness is great especially with growing kids – purple swirl

  192. Found it day 5. Purple swirl. Twist-resistant straps are an excellent idea. Saves so much time and less struggle.

  193. Jackie Blowers Reply

    Found it Day 5: Purple swirl and the pop out cup holder is a great feature.

  194. Peter Simpson Reply

    Aqua Swirl is beautiful. And the padding is my favourite feature. My little one seems to get bumped by everything – at least in the booster she’ll be bumped by padding

  195. The easy clean feature, although there are so many good features to choose from.

  196. Sarah Homans Reply

    The height adjustable harness. I love being able to adjust the height with out removing the seat.

  197. Lauren Ciantar Reply

    Found it Day 5. Love the purple swirl. Twist resistant straps are a great idea.

  198. Nicole Woods Reply

    Found it day 5. I love the fact that it’s capable of holding a child all the way from 6 months through to 8 years old. Much cheaper than having to buy multiple seats over the years.

  199. Tracey Ralph Reply

    Found it day 5. Love that it will last bub from 6months of age up to 8 years!

  200. Katie Oliver Reply

    I would love an Aqua Swirl to brighten up the back seat and my favourite feature would have to be the fact you can completely remove the cover without taking the restraint out of the vehicle….sure to save some precious time!

  201. I’d love the ebony swirl and I love the Twist & Lift system which allows one-handed adjustment of the headrest and harness

  202. I’d love the ebony swirl seat. I love that you can do so many things to this seat without removing it from the car but particularly changing the height of the harness. This would make it so much easier when ferrying around the kids’ friends and cousins.

  203. Purple as it’s a favourite of both girls and boys – So purple swirl is our pick!

    We know that those Wiggles who wear purple are relaxed peeps, wake up Jeff and Lachy! – Relaxed children, yes please!

    I love that the Infa Evolve car seat safely seats children from age 6 months to 8 years. We’ll only ever need the one car seat, Let’s wiggle to that!

  204. Purple as it’s a favourite of both girls and boys – So purple swirl is our pick!

    We know that those Wiggles who wear purple are relaxed peeps, wake up Jeff and Lachy! – Relaxed children, yes please!

    I love that the Infa Evolve car seat safely seats children from age 6 months to 8 years. We’ll only ever need the one car seat, Let’s wiggle to that!
    Please let me know if this isn’t the right place to add my entry. Thnaks

  205. Aqua swirl!
    I just love the idea of a lazy seat (no uninstalling to adjust) and I won’t have to buy another – this one will do the job until they can sit in a seat without a booster. What’s not to love about that!

  206. Pink Swirl! My girls would just love having a pink car seat.
    I love that the cover of the seat can be removed without having to take the whole car seat out of the car. It’s always the part I hate most when I have to clean my girls seats, as my 4 year olds seat in particular is not exactly light!

  207. soniaelsheikh Reply

    The orange is bright and beautiful ! I love that it is suitable for 6 months to 8 year Olds ♡

  208. amandagorton Reply

    I love the Aqua swirl, the pop of colour is a nice change from the ordinary! I’m definitely in favour of the removable seat cover for easy cleaning, kids and mess are synonymous.

  209. Kathy Bowdlert Reply


    I love the Infa Evolve Caprice Car Seats easy adjustment of the headrest and harness, one thing that would make parents lives easier. 🙂

  210. Aqua – Dual Layer A.C.T. headrest, anything that can reduce the chance of injury is most welcome.

  211. Sandy Horsfall Reply

    AQUA SWIRL is my colour choice and since my youngest is a little HOUDINI, I’m loving the 6 point harness!!

  212. My choice is Grey Swirl to match the colour of our car upholstery

  213. Purple swirl – twist resistant straps, drives me insane constantly straightening them up.

  214. Ebony Swirl. That the cover to be completely removable without taking the restraint out of the vehicle, making cleaning easier than ever.

  215. Louise Patterson Reply

    Purple Swirl please. I love the idea of pop out drink holders. Finally somewhere to hold the water bottle.

  216. Tamara Moore Reply

    Grey Swirl – I can’t choose between the the fact that it covers a child from 6 months old through to 8 years old or that it has an adjustable height harness buckle, where you don’t have to remove the car seat from the car to change it. Both great factors.

  217. I’m going with the Pink Swirl. then Aqua then Purple….wow, it’s so hard to decide! Best feature by far would be the removable cover without removing the seat. Great invention, and I’m guessing it was done by a very frustrated parent!

  218. Julie Pignataro Reply

    blue, for a boy. Love the head protection as my son hasent got this seat and have to watch when he falls asleep from head tilting forward

  219. Sonia Greenough Reply

    Ebony swirl, the best feature is definitely the fact that it suits up to a large 8 year old as I have a small 7 year old son that still developmentally requires a supportive seat with a harness.

  220. Robyn Heitmann Reply

    Purple Swirl. I like how the seat grows with the child and is all fitted with the 6-point harness from 6months to 8 years. Its great that you will only need the one seat for the child instead of the pile that seem to accumulate in the garage.

  221. Aqua Swirl. Safely of course is No. 1. It’s a one stop car seat shop. Love that. So little is built to last these days.

  222. Purple swirl
    The Gradual Recline system would be my favourite feature. Very handy!

  223. Purple Swirl

    One hand harness adjusting! Means it can be changed easily for a different child.

  224. I love the orange swirl. I love that you only need 1 seat instead of potentially 3 over 8 years! Also the fact that the covers can come off easily for washing is awesome as well.

  225. Jenny Nordström Reply

    AQUA SWIRL – Love it’s long life, that it can be used from 6months of age through to 8 years old. Fantastic value indeed and hassle free, no need to replace as child grows.

  226. Katrina Corbett Reply

    I love the orange colour. I also love that you can use this seat from 6 months to 8 years!! Brilliant!!

  227. I would love to win the Aqua swirl seat!

    To the tune of The Wiggles song “Beep! Beep! Buckle Up!”

    Sitting in my seat
    With my six-point harness on
    I’m happy to be buckled up.
    I’m buckled up! Oh yeah, I’m buckled up.
    Beep, beep, buckle up.
    Beep, beep, buckle up.

    Growing up big, mum can adjust my seat,
    No need to remove it, it’s front of seat
    I’m still buckled up! Oh yeah, I’m buckled up.

    My straps won’t get twisted when I’m getting out
    Getting back in is so easy, without a doubt
    I can buckle up. Oh yeah, I can buckle up.
    Beep, beep, buckle up.
    Beep, beep, buckle up.

    It’s safe and sound. Man, I’m buckled up.
    It’s a long way but I’ll be OK.
    With a Dual Layer A.C.T. headrest,
    We can drive all day
    I’m buckled up. Beep! Beep! I’m buckled up!

    Feeling safe and sound. Man, I’m buckled up.
    Beep, beep, buckle up.
    Beep, beep, buckle up.
    Beep, beep, buckle up.
    Beep, beep, buckle up.

  228. Ben Crocker Reply

    the pink seat would be the perfect throne for my little princess

  229. Oh how I wish there were easy to adjust harnesses when I was struggling to adjust my childrens car seats. These are awesome! All the colours are lovely but I’d choose Aqua as it’s suitable for both boys and girls.

  230. Jenna Newbigin Reply

    Orange swirl! Definitely the twist resistant straps and the fact that it comes in orange!!! Super cool

  231. Kathryn Jordan Reply

    The Aqua swirl is gorgeous! Of course my favourite feature is the fact that you can use a six point harness to an average eight years old height. Those extra years could mean the difference between life or death of God forbid something terrible happened!

  232. Melissa Gannon Min Reply

    The aqua swirl and my fav part about them is the height adjustable straps that u don’t need to re thread 🙂

  233. Ariel Rich Reply

    I’d definitely go with the gorgeous orange seat as it’s bright, unisex and just a great addition to the car.

  234. The Aqua Swirl is stylish and according to my son it is very cool. Love it!

  235. Aqua swirl would be my pick. The best feature is the adaptability through the child’s development.

  236. Lara Morello Reply

    Black – Love the length of time it can be used from 6months of age through to 8 years old. Instead of having to buy another like we are in the process of doing right now.

  237. I would choose Pink swirl for my daughter. I love the fact that you can do so much without having to remove the seat! Saves time and figuring out how to get it back together hehe

  238. Hannah Gleeson Reply

    Any colour would be great, except for pink which my three boys say they hate! How fabulous to finally find a car seat that’s grows with your child, is compact and securely sweet!

  239. Erin Hunter Reply

    Grey would be my choice. The fact it lasts until the child is 8 years old makes it a great investment for their safety.

  240. Christie Miller Reply

    Awww, it wouldn’t let me edit my entry and I only got to put my preferred colour in 🙁 lol

    I love the 6 point harness feature. Extra safety is what every parent is looking for.
    But I mainly love the easy adjusting. I’m hopeless at trying to adjust straps and uninstalling – to the point that at times, I will just end up walking where i need to go because I get to frustrated trying to do it lol

  241. Pen Johnston Reply

    Purple swirl. I like all the features…especially how it grows with your child. 🙂

  242. Amy Barbour Reply

    Aqua swirl! Love that the straps are twist resistant I always seem to have to untwist my sons straps every 2nd trip! And I love that you can take the cover off, without taking the whole seat out just to clean it

  243. Kirsten March Reply

    Grey swirl. I love that the seat will last until 8 and the twist resistant straps

  244. Pink! i love the vibrant colours and that it’s a seat that lasts to 8 with twist resistant straps. especially with a baby who hates getting the seat belt put on.

  245. Stacey Barker Reply

    Orange swirl is awesome, we have a very tall two year old boy with a long torso, I want him in a 5 point harness for as long as we possibly can, the Evolve would be perfect for him and keep him nice and safe and then can be handed down to our other boy who is 10 weeks old.

  246. Theresa Harrod Reply

    Purple swirl, love all the easy adjusting features, I always have to ask my sister-in-law to help adjust the straps when the kids grow, can never do it lol!

  247. Catherine Whyte Reply

    Pink Swirl. I love that the seat can be adjusted without being taken out, this would save so much time and effort!

  248. Denise Krispyn Reply

    Ebony swirl (would love Aqua swirl but I’m sure my munchkin would make it look really dirty real quick!!) I really like the non twist straps and that I can keep my 6 month till 8 year old in a six point safety harness- that’s a real plus for the 4 to 8 year old group

  249. Alison White Reply

    My girls would love the purple! And it would also get a bit more notice from passers-by than the black/grey. I think it’s fantastic that it designed so you can use the harness up to 8yrs of age, love that you don’t have to pull the seat out just to adjust the recline or even take the cover off for washing! Super innovative ideas! 🙂

  250. Allyse O'shea Reply

    I would love a pink evolve for one of my almost 4 year old twins. The evolve has so many features for safety and easy care. I love the fact that it has a 6 point harness and love the fact it has non twist straps. This seat would make my life a lot easier with my twins. I would also purchase another seat so my twins have the same. :). 🙂

  251. Orange Swirl. I think my child would love it so much he’d
    want to sleep in it! I’d have to say “Wake up Jeff, time to get out of my Big
    Red Car and Shake Your Sillies Out!” It’s the padding I’d love, knowing they are
    sung as a bug in a rug and protected.

  252. Sarah Phillips Reply

    Aqua Swirl is my favourite colour. The twist-resistant straps is my favourite feature as twisted straps have caused me many headaches!

  253. Orange swirl, and I love the 6 point harness so my little girl (even when she’s not so little) can’t wiggle out of it!

  254. Lavina Anlezark Reply

    I have a Wiggly obsessed 2.5 year old who would love anything to do with the Wiggles.
    I would love one of these car seats (in aqua) for that Wiggly obsessed little man. I love that the inserts are easily removed for cleaning and that I wouldn’t have to take it apart to adjust the straps!

  255. I love the Aqua Swirl and particularly the safety and comfort aspects plus the fact that you don’t need a degree in Car Seats for adjustments. Versatility is also a big thing, especially if you only have 1 child.

  256. For me, the Aqua Swirl color is very lovely. Cushioning looks very comfy indeed!

  257. Aqua Swirl – so bright and cheerful.
    Best feature is the ability to use it up to 8 years – great value indeed!

  258. Kevin Wong Reply

    Aqua Swirl. I like the Twist & Lift system and the six point harness. That’s value for money =]

  259. Ebony swirl would be awesome! Twist and Lift system sounds great and easy to use.

  260. Nicole Presutto Reply

    I love all the colours but Aqua stands out the most to me! The best feature is the six point harness I think that’s awesome you get to use it up until 8 years old!

  261. Susan Banyard Reply

    Aqua great for either sex and very bright and viberant. The fact it goes right up to eight years old is fantastic, no more buying seats for the next age group

  262. Purple swirl. One seat to take you up to 8 years is brilliant. Too many seats end up as landfill. Ruining the planet to protect the next generation seems like a poor plan.

  263. Purple Swirl. I love that it is adjustable for a wide age range. That not only saves money, but it saves resources and the planet!

  264. Shierly Ardriani S Reply

    Pink is my little girl favourite colour. 6 point harness until 8 years old is great feature, safer and more comfortable to wear

  265. Racheal Kamer Reply

    Pink. I love that the one seat can stay with my precious cargo from baby to 8 years old. It’s a great investment that lasts for so long.

  266. Ebony swirl –
    I’d give that a whirl!
    The twist & lift,
    Adjust in a jiff,
    My favourite feature by far,
    Adjust without removing from car,
    Makes life with growing kids EASY!

  267. Charlotte Mitchell Reply

    Aqua swirl. I love that this is all you need after the capsule!

  268. Ashley Edler Reply

    I love the pink or purple. I think the 6 point harness is s fantastic idea. I also love the fact that you can use it up to the age of 8. Great value for money

  269. I would like the purple, Aqua or black. The fact that once they turn 6 months they can go in the seat and it lasts til they don’t need a seat is wonderful. Plus the seat doesn’t look overly wide which means it would fit in the car with ease

  270. I like the ebony swirl and the reclining system is definitely the feature I like best. It’s the only one I know of where you can easily change the reclining position even when the car is moving.

  271. Cathy Thompson-Morris Reply

    I know my daughter would love the Pink Swirl!! I love the idea of still having the 6 point harness when they are a bit older, much prefer this to using the car seat belt.

  272. Ebony Swirl – I hate installing car seats, so it would be great to be able to use the same one until my little guy is 8 years old 🙂

  273. Leanne Ritchie Reply

    Aqua swirl love the easy adjustments and the twist resistant straps. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to untwist a strap!

  274. Bree Cluley Reply

    Ebony Swirl – You can’t go pass safety as the best feature! Harnessed until approx 8years. I do appreciate the removable covers without uninstalling from the car too 😉

  275. Orange swirl, best features are the adjustable height harness buckle & twist resistant straps.

  276. Aqua Swirl, love the Twist and Lift adjustment. I hate having to spend ages when in a rush adjusting the seat straps just because it’s cold and bubba is wearing more layers that day!

  277. Petra Mantje Reply

    Grey swirl. Safety first as well as making it a lot easier for adjustments without taking so long to make them.

  278. Andie Grant Reply

    Aqua Swirl. I love that you can adjust height and remove the covers easily, without removing the whole seat. Ours get so dirty!

  279. Hels Leahy Reply

    Blue. It just looks so comfortable and supportive and safe!! It also looks a lot easier to adjust than our current seat.

  280. celeste whispers Reply

    (Wiggles song) “I can see clearly now…
    I got my glasses on…
    I can see my favorite design ‘Ebony’, too perfect on the evole caprice..
    With my glasses on…

    Not to forget my favorite efficient safety features ‘Twist & Lift’, plush padding for cuddling mini wiggles in the backseat.

  281. Roses are red, violets are blue,
    Caprice seats are colourful,
    but grey, my fave, is practical!

    And to make the case,
    when my toddler wants a taste,
    that built-in cup to hold
    her bottle has me sold!

  282. Aqua swirl is a great unisex colour, which is ideal for me with both a boy and a girl. I adore the easy removable covers. My current car seats have to be removed from the car for cleaning making them such a chore to clean. Its so convenient to be able to leave the seat in the car and just remove the covers as car seats constantly get covered in crumbs from snacks.

  283. Trish Leonard Reply

    My favourite colour is the Aqua Swirl but they all look fantastic. What a great idea to have easy removable covers, so much easier to clean up messes.

  284. I would love pink and love the fact it has the full harness because my daughter needs to be restrained in a car due to her asd

  285. Danielle Raper Reply

    Aqua swirl and my favourite feature is the easily adjustable harness. Too many kids are sitting in seats with the wrong size harness because people find it too hard to change. There are no excuses with these seats!

  286. Aqua swirl. I love that it lasts up until 8yo and the easy adjust headrest!

  287. Belinda Baker Reply

    Purple swirl. I love the removable cover I think its a genius idea so easy to clean just brilliant

  288. Ebony Swirl. The 6 point harness is a lifesaver when you have multiple car seats installed and cannot reach between the seats!

  289. Orange swirl is my pop of colour choice.
    Dual Layer A.C.T. headrest for added safety, means I can relax knowing my child is completely covered. They just need inbuilt earplugs to save my child from my car singing!

  290. I love the Aqua colour – and that it will adapt and grow just like my toddler! 🙂

  291. Grey swirl, definitely the front head rest/height adjustment, no more difficult rethreading of straps!!

  292. Gray swirl. This would be the best seat for my small girl as I want to use her current seat for her impending brother, but she’s too small for a booster. Love the inbuilt, easy adjust harness.

  293. The grey swirl looks comfortable! I like how the Twist & list system makes it easy to adjust headrest and harness without having to uninstall. A step forward for children car seat!

  294. Belinda Whatmough Reply

    Aqua Swirl. What a great idea! I have a large 6 year old and we have been unable to get a good quality seat which fits him comfortably. This would be ideal.

  295. Emma Betcke Reply

    Love Aqua swirl. Really like that all I need is the one carseat for 8 years! And that you can adjust the harness with one hand, makes life easier when you have a wriggly toddler

  296. Love the Purple Swirl colour…. Two favourite features, firstly the ‘Twist & Lift’ system that allows one handed adjustments, just what a multitasking mum needs when her hands are already full…. And the ‘Type G Child Restraint’ which for your child/children is a bonus, as Safety is most important thing, and as they are Houdini’s at getting out of the seats, this feature has it’s bonuses!…..

  297. Nicky Palmer Reply

    I like the Ebony Swirl and I love that it can be used from 6 months to around 8 years, I wish that they had this out when I had my babies that are now 10 & 6 years old but could still use it definately for my 6 year old

  298. The purple swirl is stunning! I love products that grow with the kids, it’s great for the environment and it saves money.

  299. Ebony Swirl. Love the easy adjustment as kids grow to damn fast and I am always having to remove the seats to adjust.

  300. Kyla Booth Reply

    I would love the Pink or Purple swirl. The best features for us is the 6 point harness that can be used from 6 months to 8 years – great value for money. As well as the ‘Twist & Lift’ system which allows you to adjust the headrest and harness with one hand from the front of the seat – genius. Obviously the person who came up with this design knows how parenthood is often a one handed job. xx

  301. I would have to go with pink or purple swirl as those are my daughter’s favourite colours! I LOVE that it has no twist straps and six point harness right through the age levels.

  302. I would love the Aqua swirl or purple swirl. I think the twist and lift system is a fantastic innovation and would be very useful.

  303. Chantel Rowley Reply

    Wow, love the product. I love that it is available is so many colours. It’s so hard to choose, I say either the aqua or purple, however my son would love the red one. I love that it has the extra padding for small kids and my children are on the small side, I love the fact that you can have one seat until 8 years of age.

  304. Melinda Kiss Reply

    I would definitely go with Aqua Swirl as it is bright and cheery. I love a car seat with a harness right through til 8 years old. The easy adjustment of the straps would also be a godsend, as would be the no twist straps!

  305. Leanne Brown Reply

    I would love the teal swirls. I also absolutely love the fact that this seat is harnessed until 8, my kids are super skinny and this gives me peace of mind.

  306. Our favourite feature of the Evolve would have to be that you can use it from the ages 6mths to 8 years, that’s double the time of most other seats, amazing! We love the Aqua colour too, very eye catching.

  307. Sally Smith Reply

    My little girl would love to take a whirl in the pink or purple swirl. This feature packed carseat is so user friendly and safe with the one handed Twist & Lift, a 6 point harness and twist free straps to make getting your kids into the seat and keeping them there easier.

  308. Susan King Reply

    I love the fact it lasts up to 8 years of age and that it’s so easy to adjust without having to pull the seat out! We’d choose the aqua swirl, such a bright happy colour.

  309. Bethany Bell Reply

    I’d love purple swirl.
    Love the idea of a really safe restraint that lasts so many years.

  310. I wouldn’t be forgiven if I didn’t choose the pink! Just like I wouldn’t forgive myself if I had an accident with a sash belt before the age of 8. The infa secure ensures she never knows there’s a different option before she doesn’t need a car seat. Thanks infa secure!

  311. The purple swirl is lovely. I love the one handed adjustment of the headrest and harness is brilliant. Being able use it until they are 8 is very economical too.

  312. We would love pink swirl.Love the fact you can recline the seat when bub is in the seat. Also great you can adjust the headrest and straps without having to take the seat out of the car…The fact its one of the only boosters that keep your child in a 5 point harness until 8, which makes it the safest booster for the middle seat..

  313. Belinda Belinda Reply

    Purple swirl – great colour and overall the product is really safe!

  314. Bel Argent Reply

    Twist resistant straps!! A miracle!! 😀 We would love an aqua one!

  315. Jacobsmumma Reply

    Twist resistant straps are a dream come true!!!! Would love one in Aqua

  316. How good is it that you can remove the cover for washing without taking out the entire car seat? Love that feature. Grey swirl looks nice.

  317. ebony swirl,i love the fact it will take you right through to 8 years old no changing seats!

  318. I love the Aqua swirl design and that the restraint can be used until the child is 8. Having the option to do so not only makes the seat even more affordable, but continues to ensure high safety standards!

  319. Leanna Booth Reply

    Would love to win a pink or purple swirl car seat. I have 5 Grandchildren under 4 and this seat would be perfect for a Grandma whose prime objective is to have safety for their grandchildren while on my watch. It’s the nicest car seat I’ve seen to serve the purpose of transporting my Grandchildren from 6 months (youngest) to 4 years (eldest) and beyond to 8 years. I especially love the six-point harness, twist-resistant straps and the cover being completely removable
    without taking the restraint out. What a wonderful design and great ideas incorporated into one seat. Pick me!!!!!

  320. Catherine Howard Reply

    Love the Purple swirl & how cost effective the seat is by being suitable from 6 months to 8 years

  321. Jennah Wardrope Reply

    Just luuuurrrve the Aqua Swirl. And did you say one handed adjustment!!!!! But how does it go fitting in the back with 2 other seats?

  322. ebony swirl

    new twist-resistant straps, making it every little bit easier

  323. Moya Shanks Reply

    Ebony Swirl… Having one of these fantastic Car seats I would know my darling little grandson was safe and secure in his InfaSecure car seat till his 8th birthday.

  324. Cally Tierney Reply

    Purple swirl for my little princess.
    I love that it goes from 6 months through to 8 years.
    There is not much I dont love about these seats actually.

  325. Alexandra Morey Reply

    Purple swirl. And being a safety engineer and a mum of 2. The safety aspects are the best features for me. Anything to keep those precious ones safe.

  326. Carolyn Holmes Reply

    Love the pink swirl.
    I love the idea of being able to remove the cover without having to remove everything to get it off. My daughter is very messy and we need to wash our current car seat cover a lot. It takes me about 30 minutes just to get the cover off

  327. I love the aqua swirl. And I love the six point harness right up til 8…awesome and twist free straps…yay!

  328. Michelle Powell Reply

    I’d choose purple swirl, and just love everything about this car seat! But especially love how no upgrades are required as it takes you up to 8 years of age!

  329. Lisa Clark Reply

    Aqua Swirl

    E_very feature is amazing,
    V_ivid colours, mesmerizing.
    O_ptimal safety is my main intention,
    L_ittle ones deserve the best protection.
    V_ehicle restraints – this one’s my choice that’s for sure. My kids will be safer in an
    E_volve by Infasecure.

  330. Eunice Ang Reply

    I’ll choose Orange swirl. I love the twist resistant straps

  331. Jasmine Stanford Reply

    Purple! and how easy it is to install plus twist-resistant straps so handy!

  332. Grey Swirl – the fact that it lasts from 6 months to 8 years!!!

  333. Kristy Kleinig Reply

    Aqua Swirl – Twist-resistant straps, 6 point harness till 8 years. Safety, comfort and cool colours…How awesome!!

  334. i love the fact its for 6 months to 8 yrs and the colour choices, no boring black this time! id chose the aqua swirl! its a nice colour and when i choose to have another baby its neutral enough for a girl too!

  335. I’d choose grey swirl and after having a child with gastro (you get the picture), I think one of my favorite features is the removable cover

  336. Isobel Brown Reply

    I’d choose the Purple Swirl. I love all the great safety features, especially the six-point harness, also that the InfaSecure Evolve Caprice keeps fitting children as they grow and that adjusting is so absolutely easy.

  337. Antoinette Reply

    Ebony or grey swirl. I love the six-point harness since my 2 year old Houdini can get her hands out of her current car seat! Plus it will last me until she’s 8…brilliant!

  338. Linda Prinny Reply

    Grey or pink! Love the value in that it grows with your child!

  339. Corrina Whitehead Reply

    Aqua swirl. Love the one handed adjustment of the headrest and harness. Make it so much easier as I have grandchildren of different ages. So much easier to adjust for each one. All the features are excellent.

  340. I like the one-handed adjustment of the headrest and harness. Ebony Swirl is my favourite.

  341. Michele Jones Reply

    Would like the aqua seat as would suit both girl or boy . Also love the fact that you can use it up to the age of 8

  342. I’d love one of these for my nephew so he can be as safe as his cousin (we love ours!). I don’t know what colour he’d like, but I think he’d love being in a ‘racing harness’ like his Daddy for as long as possible 🙂

  343. Kim Schorr Reply

    The fact that it goes from 6 months to 8 years of age is fantastic – not having to buy a new seat at every stage. Grey would be the colour that I would choose.

  344. I like it will last till they don’t need a car seat at all. Grey please

  345. I love the gradual recline so that it can be reclined for sleeping or more upright when they’re awake. The purple one would be fantastic for my princess. 🙂

  346. Claudia Gildea Reply

    Orange Swirl is my choice. I love that the insert is fully removable for washing!

  347. Deborah Scheggetman Reply

    I love the purple and that it lasts for so long. Great value.

  348. It’s the Louis Vuitton of car seats due to the fact it reduces crash energy to the child more than five times lower than the level required! Purple swirl please.

  349. The purple swirl is great! I would love it for my almost 2 year old niece for when she goes out with her nanna and it will last for ages as she is growing so fast

  350. I would love the grey swirl. I love that the seat is adjustable without taking it out of the car.

  351. I would love the grey swirl. I like everything about it particularly that it can reclined for a 6 month old but can be upright for the older child. This making it last longer.

  352. Cherie Guest Boucher Reply

    that it does from six months to eight years, insert is fully removable great idea love the grey

  353. Kristin Harmer Reply

    I love the purple and the twist and lift headrest/harness adjustment is the best

  354. Donna Joy Leysley Reply

    Purple is miss 4’s favourite colour !!!!!!! I love the cup holder idea and the fact that it will last till she is 8 !!!!!!!!!!

  355. Sarah Anderson Reply

    I would love the grey swirl. Hard to pick a feature as they are all great – that it goes 6mths to 8yrs, but mainly that adjustments and removing the covers can all be done without removing the restraint!!

  356. Shirley Chang Reply

    I love the purple one, not only because that’s my favourite colour, but fit both my son and daughter. ^^

  357. stacey coppin Reply

    I love the bright colours best. They stand out nicely and would make any child (and parents) happy! I would choose purple swirl – its gorgeous! All the features are great. I just love the six point harness for long lasting value.

  358. Twist resistant straps are a must when you have your own little ‘wiggle’ . My little wiggle worm would look great in the Aqua Swirl! Perhaps we could co-ordinate with a skivvy too!

  359. kitty_wench Reply

    I love the purple swirl. It would be nice to have a bit of colour in the car.

    • kitty_wench Reply

      Being able to adjust the harness without having to take out the car seat is great.

  360. Lorraine Reid Reply

    Its hard to choose a colour, they are all so bright and vibrant! The Aqua swirl is probably what I’d choose. I Love how the seat can be reclined, perfect for when little one falls asleep as the seat can be reclined without waking them up, and it saves them getting a sore neck!

  361. Christial Shea Reply

    Orange swirl! Such a beautiful happy colour! Perfect to bring some brightness to the boring interior of the car!

  362. Aqua would be great for my boy I love all the features easy, convenient, safe and long lasting whats not to love

  363. I love that it covers ages 6 months to 8 years…it would be so handy! also for when my friend visits with her baby while my daughter is at school 🙂 my daughter loves the Aqua 🙂

  364. I love the orange swirl and the one hand adjustment makes it so simple.

  365. Bec Wenham Reply

    So many features, it’s hard to pick just one
    With this seat in the car, there’s bound to be fun.
    A Dual Layer A.C.T. headrest will keep my child safe
    And twist-resistant straps so “Wiggling” legs won’t chafe.
    The Evolve Caprice, what’s not to love?
    It’s the perfect child car seat, sent from above.

    Colour: Ebony Swirl (please)

  366. HANNA.ALGEO Reply


  367. The six-point harness safety is the most important thing and the seat lasts from birth to

    eight years brilliant

    loving the purple swirl colour

    but I would be beyond thrilled to win any of them entered so many comps for a seat

    maybe this time. many thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  368. Sarah Armstrong Reply

    Big fan of the twist resistant straps to stop my anger level rising and the Dual layer headrest to calm my nerves slightly whilst driving, knowing that my kids would be a little safer

  369. Sue McCluand Reply

    The six point harness system & twist resistant straps, tops for safety & up to 8 years. The Purple swirl is awesome

  370. Unbelievable value! Saves buying 3 separate seats! Birth – 8 years of age – wonderful!! I’d have a grey swirl – unisex….love it!

  371. Clare Jenkinson Reply

    Grey swirl – love the twist resistant straps (saves so much frustration!!)

  372. Louise Dyson Reply

    Purple Swirl. Love the 6 point harness, twist resistant straps and that it is useable up to 8 years. Our daughter is tall and trying to find something with everything we would like isn’t easy

  373. Nicole Spiteri Reply

    Grey Swirl. Love the idea that one car seat can follow through so many stages of my childs life & convenient as they grow too! No more taking out to adjust & paying for it to be reinstalled again!

  374. Lana Adele Wood Reply

    Aqua swirl.I love that it can be used from 6 months of age to 8!

  375. Nikki Denison Smith Reply

    Grey swirl please. Honestly how can you pick just one thing from the list of features. It seems for a change a manufacturer has actually listened to parents needs and made a seat that is practical – at last – hooray – and thank you!! I love the fact it is VERY safe in a crash (god forbid) and the straps don’t get twisted up…both ends of the spectrum in safety.

  376. Stephanie Canellis Reply

    Pink swirl please (my princess loves pink) my #1 favourite feature is the twist resistant straps! Twisted straps are really annoying and there is nothing more annoying especially when in a hurry.

  377. Lynley Zeitz Reply

    I love the idea that my son would be secure and safe in a six point harness for the life of the seat and up until he is eight. I think the colour I would like is orange.

  378. Briony Oldaker Reply

    I love the Aqua! So many great features but the ones that sound fantastic to me are the no twist buckles / harnesses as these drive me crazy trying to untwist them on a daily basis so that’d be great – especially when in a rush! Also easy adjust head rest and harnesses along with the fact we’d save lots of $$$ because our boys can fit comfortably in it until they’re 8 years old! Awesome car seat!

  379. Purple Swirl all the way! I love the fact it will suit my youngest daughter from 6m and last her until shes ready for a harnessed booster

  380. corrin fleming-morris Reply

    Aqua swirl looks pretty flash to me and I love the idea of tangle free straps – one less thing to struggle with would be awesome!

  381. Erika Coyne Reply

    Aqua Swirl and love the fact that is safer- by reducing crash energy to the child more than 5x lower than required by the 2013 Australian Standard. That kind of feature is so important to me.

  382. Stefanie Seiler Reply

    Aqua Swirl is a cool color for my son. This seat looks safe, secure and comfy for long rides.

  383. Angela McCully Reply

    Love the 6 point harness so we can use up to age 8! Fantastic, I love all colors but pink or purple would be great 🙂

  384. Aqua Swirl is just stunning!! I love the twist resistant straps, my current seat always ends up with the straps all twisted up and can be an absolute nightmare when trying to strap in a wiggly toddler!!

  385. Renae Allen Reply

    I love the teal and the Orange, tough choice! What a great idea being able to adjust the harness without having to take the seat apart! Yippee!

  386. Rebecca Perry Reply

    Aqua swirl so it would suit either a boy or girl, love that you can remove the evolve cover for easy cleaning, as my little ones can make a big mess.

  387. I love the Twist & Lift feature. That alone makes me want one of these seats 🙂 My favourite colour is orange!

  388. Kate Ellis Reply

    I love the grey swirl and my favourite features are that it can be used from 6 months upwards and it can be removed without taking the restraint out of the vehicle. Very clever!

  389. Anne Costello Reply

    Aqua Swirl is gorgeous! I love the Dual Layer A.C.T. headrest which greatly reduces crash energy.

  390. Sonja Prince Reply

    Grey Swirl. The six point harness is impressive. Little Mr Houdini will have no escape!

  391. Lauren Jordan Reply

    TWIST RESISTANT STRAPS!! This frustrates me no end with car seats, can’t stand twisted straps! Love the purple swirl for colour.

  392. The Aqua Swirl really captures my attention. I’m loving that it caters up to an 8 year old. Nothing like keeping our kids safe as long as possible.

  393. Love the twist resistant strap as i hate it when the straps twist around on other car seats. I would love and aqua swirl car seat for my 2 year old son.

  394. Belinda Mouk Reply

    The adjustable height harness buckle is a must. I like the grey swirl seat.

  395. Shara Williams Reply

    Aqua Swirl or Pink Swirl, I can’t quite decide which I like better. I love that you can adjust the straps without taking the seat out of the car

  396. Barbara Popa Reply

    Love the fact it suits children up to 8 years old.Grey swirl would be my choice

  397. Like all colors but would go something unisex like the blue or black. Like that it goes upto 8 and cup holders are cool.

  398. Bianca Moore Reply

    I would get the black. I like how you can remove the cover easily to clean it.

  399. zoe parker Reply

    aqua swirl, i like the longevity of the carseat. the 6 months to 8 years is most appealing to me

  400. Catherine Norris Reply

    Purple, my favourite feature is the unique colours, my daughter doesn’t like the car, hopefully with a soothing and fun colour, she might see it as fun and be more relaxed

  401. Love the aqua colour, but all are gorgeous. Twist resistant straps? Is there such a thing? That would be amazing!!! 🙂

  402. Purple Swirl. The quality of the seat really appeals to me as well as the functionality

  403. Grey and the fact you can easily remove the cover without removing the car seat!

  404. Stacey Selladore Reply

    Purple swirl and i love the sound of the twist & lift feature and would so love to have that in my life!

  405. Ebony Swirl, the adjustable headrest & harness buckle so no more removing the seat to set up for different sized children.

  406. Kerri Pettigrew Reply

    I would love the purple swirl as I lurv the colour purple! Best feature would be the twist-resistant straps as I often find this very frustrating with my current car seat.

  407. Claire Bansagi Reply

    Purple Swirl. Love the removable cover idea, would make cleaning a breeze!!

  408. Amie Wilcox Reply

    I would love the grey swirl to match my eldest daughters. My favourite feature would be being able to adjust the heights without having to completely remove the restraint and the ability to follow the child’s growth from 6months to 8 years!

  409. Paganne Kupfer Reply

    Purple swirl as it’s my daughter’s favourite colour. Twist resistant straps as my autistic daughter has a meltdown if this happens. All non removal from vehicle for adjustment/cleaning features. Recline feature also.

  410. Roberto Colombi Reply

    Orange – the convertible aspect – i can use the same seat for years so financially makes sense and as my son grows so does the seat

  411. AhmadInfasecure Reply

    ebony swirl – I love the cleverly designed Twist & Lift™ system

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