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Charlie and Lola are Back with their Extremely New Play

Direct from the UK, everyone’s favourite brother & sister, Charlie & Lola, are back in “Charlie & Lola’s Extremely New Play”. Enter to win a Family pass and make sure you don’t miss this magical duo!

After a sell-out tour with “Charlie & Lola’s Best Bestest Play” in 2012, this show promises to be bigger and better than ever!

Enter a magical journey though the seasons, as Charlie and Lola discover that everything is different and not the same as the stars of the hit ABC & BBC TV series and books by Lauren Child, are bought to life by a magical mix of puppetry, live action and music.

What happens when Lola and her best friend Lotta say they will honestly and promisedly look after Sizzles?

And follow Charlie and his best friend Marv on a Pirate Squidbones adventure!

Playful, funny and full of surprises, this extremely new play about friendship and adventures promises to be a treat for parents and children alike.

Charlie and Lola Extremely New Play

Charlie and Lola’s Extremely New Play Tour Dates

NSW:  The Concourse, Chatswood – April 9, 11 and 12
SA:  Dunstan Playhouse, Festival Theatre – April 16, 17 and 18

For complete tour and ticket information, visit: &

Here’s your chance to win a Family Pass to Charlie and Lola in Adelaide!

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  1. Avatar of Sandi Giles
    Sandi Giles Reply

    Their funny & make my nephews laugh, he also loves the name Charlie, they can learn from this duo 🙂

  2. Avatar of JodieD

    I love how gentle Charlie is and how he teaches his little sister stuff, even when she is being annoying!

  3. Avatar of Cleo Sids

    Fun , adventurous and entertaining watching these two sibblings.

  4. Avatar of Kirsten Goebel
    Kirsten Goebel Reply

    My son loves watching Charlie and Lola, it would be such a great experience for him.

  5. Avatar of Julie Krieg
    Julie Krieg Reply

    Charlie and Lola are so much fun! Charlie is an awesome big brother and Lola’s imagination knows no bounds!

  6. Avatar of Catrina

    I love how Charlie teaches Lola different things and is so caring towards her.

  7. Avatar of Rachael

    I love how Charlie and Lola bicker like normal siblings but really do love and care about each other.

  8. Avatar of Alex

    I love how gentle the program is and how well Lola captures the wide-eyed innocence of small children.

  9. Avatar of Scott Crumlin
    Scott Crumlin Reply

    Lola’s wonder and sensitivity is refreshing in the world of what can be brash children’s programming.

  10. Avatar of cat

    I love that my 8 year old thinks that he is Charlie as he has án annoying little’ brother who is 4!

  11. Avatar of Carly

    relates to the real world – so similar to my kids my older son is very caring & looks out for his sister but they have their disagreements too

  12. Avatar of Erika Bon

    I love Charlie and Lola. I always tell my 7yo daughter that she is Charlie and have to look after her little brothers.
    Very caring, very real

  13. Avatar of rmckay01

    The sibling dynamic and how they work through their disagreements

  14. Avatar of Jane Somerville
    Jane Somerville Reply

    Charlie looks after Loa just like a big brother should – they learn lessons from each other

  15. Avatar of Kristie Cubbin
    Kristie Cubbin Reply

    I love how the show encourages kids to use their imagination and talks at their level.

  16. Avatar of CC

    My son tries to be as good a big brother as Charlie, what could be better!

  17. Avatar of Trisha Boss
    Trisha Boss Reply

    Lola makes good choices with Charlies help after she makes poor choices 🙂

  18. Avatar of Jess Sharrock
    Jess Sharrock Reply

    I love the sibling relationship they have. I hope my 2 get along as well as they do when they are older!

  19. Avatar of John Halls
    John Halls Reply

    They seem to capture Levayah’s attention whenever they are on, so they must be doing something right *smiles*

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