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The Breech Baby Photo That Has Everyone Talking

It’s a photo most of us have in our collection of newborn baby pics – the first photo of baby out of the womb, most likely being weighed (and looking pretty unhappy about it) or lying naked on a blanket.

However, for new mum Kristen, the first pic of her daughter, Emma looked a little different than her previous children. Why? Well, for one, her daughter was folded in half!

Have a look for yourself.

breech birth - Emma
Source: Kristen DiCicco Rogers

‘She came out folded in half’

That adorable smooshy folded baby is little Emma. Like 3 to 5 percent of bubs, she was born breech – where the bottom comes out first, rather than the head. Emma arrived via C-section and mum immediately took a pic of her new bub to add to her baby book.

Only minutes old, Emma is still chilling out in breech position, demonstrating her flexibility and showing us just what breech babies look like when cosied up in the womb. How cool!

A bit about breech babies

The breech position is actually quite common, especially before 30 weeks. While about a third of babies are breech at around 30 weeks, only about 3 in 100 are still breech at term.

Most babies turn around and find the exit on their own. However, even if bub is breech nearing birth, there are ways to ‘persuade’ them to turn.

Turning a breech baby

Your doctor may suggest trying to turn your baby around with a common medical intervention called external cephalic version (ECV). It might sound complicated but it basically means that your obstetrician places their hands on your belly and tries to move your baby into the head-down position. An ECV usually takes place in a hospital. You are given medicine to help your uterus relax and your baby is monitored on an ultrasound.

Mums also sometimes try chiropractics or acupuncture to encourage their baby to turn. Some acupuncturists also offer moxibustion. This traditional Chinese medicine involves burning a herb for 15 to 20 minutes near the top of the fifth toe to induce a warming sensation. Research suggests it can stimulate the production of maternal hormones, placental oestrogen and prostaglandin, which encourages the lining of the uterus to contract and stimulates foetal activity.

There are also natural methods some mums try to encourage their breech baby to turn. Most are about trying to use gravity to get your baby’s bum up out of your pelvis to help them turn.

These include:

  • Swimming
  • Yoga positions like dolphin’s pose, downward dog, child’s pose, supported bridge and cat-cow pose. All are aimed at giving your baby the room and some encouragement to turn around!
  • Pelvic tilts 

If you’re keen to get your breech baby to turn you might like to research this option more – you will know what’s right for you. However, keep in mind that breech births are completely normal. Your doctor may suggest a C-section but this isn’t always the case.

Check out this stunning vaginal breech birth below…

Warning: Graphic content

Baby Silas, the little fella coming out bum first, was in quite the hurry to come.

Image source: Karyn Loftesness Photography

His mum, Raychel always planned on having a home birth but discovered her son was breech only days before she was due. After careful consideration, she decided to stick to her decision and give birth at home.

Image source: Karyn Loftesness Photography

Please note, this isn’t advisable in every case. But, Raychel had a team of skilled midwives who were very experienced in breech birth.

Silas arrived in record time and, incredibly, his vaginal breech birth was captured by the talented Karyn Loftesness Photography

Image source: Karyn Loftesness Photography
Breech Birth
Image source: Karyn Loftesness Photography

Incredible, right?

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  1. Avatar of Louise

    My second was a breach baby, he came 4 weeks early, and I gave birth on my bed. He was folded in half as well, it took about 3-4 days for his legs to straighten out. Thanks to the special care unit nurses help and attention.

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