Review: Britex Grout & Tile – A Fast and Effective Way to Clean Your Tiles

Got tiles? Then we’ve got a product that is sure to FLOOR you! 

Nobody likes the look of dirty tiles but sometimes mopping just doesn’t cut it. Hiring a professional cleaner would be nice, but who can afford it?

Hello, Britex Grout & Tile Cleaner. This new cleaning system is a winner at removing deep down dirt and grime from grout and tiles. Forget scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees. No siree, this system is easy to set up, simple to use (standing up, we might add) and is a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional floor cleaner.

So we put our team of reviewers to the test – some mums, some influencers, all had awesome results! Read on to hear (and see) exactly what they had to say.

britex tile and grout cleaner

Most Aussie homes have tiled floors. They are cool, stylish and perfect for the warmer weather. But they also get dirty. And quickly, especially if they are in high-traffic areas of the house (such as the shower and kitchen).

Despite all the washing, sometimes we need a little bit more than just the good ol’ mop and bucket to get those tiles looking like new again. But the cost of hiring someone to clean your tiles can set you back hundreds of dollars. I just got a quote for this service for our four-bedroom home and it came in at $450. Ah, thanks, but no thanks…

Introducing the Britex Grout & Tile Cleaner 

Luckily there’s a better and more affordable option, thanks to the masters of all-things-clean – Britex. In addition to their popular Britex Carpet Cleaner, they also have an amazing little device that’s specially designed for cleaning grout and tiles.

britex tile & grout cleaner

The Britex Grout & Tile System is a game-changer for families with tiled floors. It uses a unique bristle and sponge to clean your tiles, removing the deep down dirt and grime from the grout. The Britex machine then suctions up the dirt away from the grout rather than just pushing the dirt around as mopping does. There’s no need to get down on your hands and knees either – the grout & tile cleaner does all the hard scrubbing for you.

Simply hire the machine, let it go to work on your tiles and grout, and, voila, fresh, revitalised tiles in no time at all. And, you get all of this for just $65 (or just over $100 if you want to hire the system to do BOTH carpets and tiles)!

Britex tile and grout reviewer

Four mums review Britex Grout & Tile

Sounds great, right? But does it work? We recently asked four mums from around Australia to give it a go on their floors, including ceramic and stone tiles.

Here’s what they discovered, plus their before and after photos for comparison.

review britex tile and grout cleaner

Professional-grade tile cleaning at your fingertips

It cleaned better than I expected, was quick and easy to use. I loved it and will recommend and use again without thinking twice. And so fast too – it took half a day for my WHOLE house. Including manually doing the smaller areas with the solution and brush. And all this while looking after bub.”  – Cherese
mum central mum central

Amazing results – clean and streak-free tiles!

Britex produces a far superior result to mopping alone. My tiles looked much fresher and the lustre was enhanced compared to normal cleaning. They looked lighter, brighter and shinier. Overall a very impressive result!” Victoria
britex grout and tile cleaner

Quick and easy to use

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the machine was to set up and use. Even with old tiles and very old stains, they came up so much better! ” Mim
britex grout and tile cleanerbritex grout and tile cleaner

No scrubbing needed!

You can stand up and use the machine instead of being on your hands and knees scrubbing.” Kelly
britex grout and tile cleaner

Britex Grout & Tile Cleaner

Easy to Use 10.0
Great Results! 9.0
Quick & efficient 6.0
Value for Money 7.5
Recommendation 8.0


  • Small & Lightweight
  • Clean, Streak-free Tiles
  • Professional Grade Cleaning
  • Simple Hire Process
  • Affordable & DIY


Combine Grout & Tile with Carpet Cleaner 

If you happen to have a house with both tiled and carpet flooring, then why not combine your hire package and clean EVERYTHING?

Just like the Grout & Tile System, the Britex Carpet Cleaning System saves you time and money. Using the power of hot water extraction, it reaches deep into your carpet fibres and fabric furnishings for a thorough, professional-grade clean.

Hire the Britex Grout & Tile System along with the Britex Carpet Cleaning System and clean your way to a healthier home, free of dirt, grime, dust, and allergens. And all at the fraction of the cost of hiring a professional to do the job for you!

britex tile & grout cleaner review bunnings

Hire from Bunnings today (for just over $100 including cleaning solutions) or click on the link below to get your hands on your very own Britex Cleaning Systems to use over and over again!

mum central

This is a sponsored post for Britex. All opinions are those of the reviewers.
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