TWEENS: Buying Her First Bra – The Real Mum’s Survival Guide

Do you remember shopping for your first bra? It’s something that for many of us, stays in our memory bank forever. Good or bad. So, in the interest of making the milestone event as PAIN-FREE and TEAR-FREE as possible, here are some handy tips for the big day!

Buying a first bra is an (unspoken) milestone

Your daughter’s first bra is a BIG deal. It’s an exciting (sometimes daunting) time for girls and a pretty huge deal for mums too. But refrain from writing it down as a milestone in the baby book. As mums, we have to be cool and controlled about it.

Repeat after me: “I will be SO (silently) cool about buying a first bra, they’ll call me Elsa.”

With that said, here are some handy tips to create a drama-free first bra shopping experience. For everyone, not just your daughter!

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Perhaps one of the most daunting factors of the day weighing on your daughter’s mind is that she might have to expose herself to a stranger clutching a measuring tape. Lighten the mood by reassuring your daughter that she can be fitted for a bra WHILE wearing a crop top or singlet. Also, the fitting experts see lots of boobs, all day long, so to them, they are just boobs. No big deal to them whatsoever. Please don’t be embarrassed.

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We guarantee there will be a moment (or two) during this whole bra-buying experience that you are bound to want to say something. Please, we beg you, bite your tongue and SAY NOTHING.

For example … the fitter says “your daughter is actually a C cup and not a B cup”. Please don’t say “WOAH, WE COULD SHARE BRAS!”  Don’t do that. Your daughter will likely want the ground to swallow her whole and you will never be invited to share this moment ever again. Be the silent hype girl!

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Be a cool mum! Source: Tumblr

[mc_block_title custom_title=”What age for a bra?”]

The beauty (or curse) of puberty is everyone develops at different rates and at different ages, so there’s no specific age. DO start approaching the subject if she starts saying her friends are wearing bras, if she’s quickly developing breasts or if she feels she needs the support for playing sport. On the flip side, don’t push your daughter into wearing a bra before she is ready. From experience, it can be a tough gig being the first in your class to wear one!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”The right fit is EVERYTHING”]

I know it’s REALLY easy to want to skip out on the bra-fitting step, but it’s super important to GET FITTED. The right fit, right size, right bra, makes ALL the difference. Not choosing the right bra can result in wearing uncomfortable, unsupportive bras which no one wants, especially on a growing body!

Wondering where to go to get fitted? The team at Bras N Things make sure the first bra fitting service your tween receives is a positive and empowering one. Expertly trained, a Bras N Things team member can not only help with the perfect fit but also help choose styles, show how to make bras more comfortable and advise when to come back for another fitting. Fabulous!

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Make sure the bra fits perfectly! Source: Bigstock

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Choose quality over cost”]

Now isn’t the time to skimp on your daughter’s underwear drawer. Sure, bras can be expensive, but don’t be trying to save money by buying cotton bandeau bras if your daughter needs something more supportive. They won’t last long at all! Three bras on a wash and wear rotation will probably suffice when starting out!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Pick your battles in bra styles”]

You might have one style of bra in mind and your daughter may well have another. No one wants a family showdown in the change rooms so have the discussion beforehand if need be. Together, choose practical, age-appropriate bras. Remind her she has until the end of time to buy red racy-lacy numbers.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Bras for beginners – our top picks!”]

Here are three bra styles recommended by the experts at Bras N Things you should definitely look out for and have your daughter try on at her first bra shopping expedition!

PICK 1: The Jewel Wirefree Contour Bra ($39.99) is the perfect bra for every day.  The contour cups provide a smooth surface in a comfortable wire-free design, sitting smooth under any shirt, and nothing to dig in all day long!

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Source: Bras N Things

PICK 2: The Body Bliss Wirefree Bra ($54.99) is the ultimate bra for comfort and design. Featuring soft brushed microfibre fabrication and super light and soft marshmallow-like cups, the Body Bliss Wirefree Bra will be a definite favourite.

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Source: Bras N Things

PICK 3: The Casual Comfort Bralette ($44.99) is a wire-free lace option, perfect for everyday wear. In the event that your daughter is stamping her feet for a lace bra, this is a sweet pick. The Casual Comfort Bralette features a boho look cotton lace, comfy wire-free cups in a pretty long-line design.

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Source: Bras N Things

All three of the above bras are a great blend of fashion and practicality for beginner bra wearers – WINNING!

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Practice makes perfect”]

Bras are fiddly to do up and undo. And like all fiddly things, they need practice. Lucky we have a whole LIFETIME ahead of us of bra wearing to perfect those pesky clasps. My first bra did up with a single hook at the front – and while I was mortified at the time that I didn’t have a “real bra”, in hindsight it was actually one of the best things ever.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Make it a girls day out”]

Head on into your local Bras N Things store and be met with staff who know their stuff! From making you both comfortable to finding the perfect bra that fits both your daughter and your budget!

You don’t get many milestones like this to celebrate one-on-one with your daughter, so make a day of it and have some fun. Go to the movies or get your nails done, have a nice lunch and enjoy all the warm and fuzzy feels. That is, of course, if she hasn’t torn shreds off of you in a change room and you’re sulking in the car.

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