Meet Modibodi – Absorbent Underwear Changing the (Period) Game for Good

There are certain things in life that are inevitable, especially for us women. From the quest to find the perfect bra, adjusting to our post baby body, and the management of bodily fluids that flow on from that.

The thing is, women ‘leak’. Whether it’s a monthly occurrence or just the casual sweatiness that comes from an intense workout, the majority of us do it. We might not talk about it but it happens, so trust us, you’re not alone!

One thing that’s true though, we’re united in trying to find the best ways to manage the trickle, and, in some cases, the flow.

Clearly someone has had the smarts to tackle this issue head on, because the game HAS changed with the introduction of ‘period panties’, or more accurately, the Aussie range of high quality, innovative, leak and sweat proof undies from Modibodi.

modibodi mother and daughterWe’ve all had the experience of sitting down for a meal while we’ve got our period, only to get that sinking feeling that perhaps our choice of protection hasn’t quite lived up to the job. Cue the ‘silent slink’ or fast, yet measured walk to the loo while trying to keep ones back to the wall, drawing as little attention as possible.

‘Then there’s that thought bubble that pops into our heads while sweating it out at the gym; ‘God, I reckon I might smell a little bit whiffy.’ The fear. The horror.

Modibodi is all about eradicating that fear and restoring confidence with their range.

Thanks to patented Modifier Technology™ paired with the best sustainable fabrics, Aussie grown fibres, Modibodi aims to provide 100% protection against discharge, light bladder leakage, sweat and your period.

Think of it like a pair of knickers with an inbuilt pad that’s not only super thin and absorbent, but unnoticeable during wear.  Don’t think bulky pads that make you feel like you’ve stuck a surfboard in your pants, these are seriously no different to wearing typical underwear.

Best of all, they’re available in size 6-26 in womens, and girls 8-12.

It’s estimated that 1 in 2 women experience the dreaded ‘overflow’ during their period while 1 in 3 women experience light bladder leakage.

This is often during physical activity and after pregnancy and childbirth (thanks kids).

The Modibodi range uses Modifier Technology™ in the top layer of the underwear to draw away liquid and discharge, while the leak-proof bottom layer makes sure unwanted fluids remain safely locked away.


Made super-slim at only 3mm thick, it’s hard to believe their Modifier Technology™ can hold up to 2 tampons worth and I have to say, they’re actually really comfy to wear!


If you’ve been sweating it out at the gym, it’s simply a hot day or you’re just on the rum and being super active, the Modifier Air Technology™ in together with their breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics mean you stay cool and dry, always.

Modibodi uses high quality natural fabrics and breathable tech-savvy blends (Bamboo, Merino Perform Wool and Microfibre) with the latest in antimicrobial fibres for a soft, silky fit.

Oh and did I mention they can tick the ‘odour reduction’ box too … leaving you with an overall confidence that your underwear has your back!

The Modibodi Range has Something for Everyone

The range offers a variety of options that offer super light to heavy absorbency protection with the Active range being specifically designed to work against moisture and odour. Choose from Classic, Sensual, Sassy, Curvy and Maternity which are all made from super soft, Aussie grown bamboo and come in a range of different styles and absorbencies.

They’re super soft against your skin, and great for curvier figures … really figure hugging and won’t cut in or roll down as other underwear can do.

modibodi-active-collectionThe Active Collection: Eliminating Sweat for Active Lifestyles

The Active Air Modibodi, specifically designed to eliminate moisture, stops the dreaded ‘sweaty crotch’ that seems to be the calling card of wearing gym tights for any period of time.

It’s like a smug, protective barrier of super fine merino that sees any sweat, bladder leakage (star jumps come to mind?!) or discharge stopped in its tracks.  It’s all thanks to the Modifier Air Technology combined with the merino fibres which naturally wick away sweat and odour (though we like to think it’s just a little bit magic).


The Active range also features the ‘Active Brief – Light Absorbency’ which can be worn like the traditional, classic range, to protect against overflow and leakage during your period.

I wore them to the gym and did my usual cardio workout. They certainly kept me dry and admittedly I was apprehensive at one stage given I’d cranked the treadmill to a jogging pace (and well, usually let’s just say that can go either of two ways!).  No sweaty crotch, kept me feeling dry, no odour and just really a good round pair that didn’t creep up my bum when the going got tough!



The Sensual Collection: Sexy Meets Functional 

By far the Modibodi Sensual Collection are my favourite style. From the minute you put them on you feel beautiful, sexy and they’re really flattering to your shape.  They are super sexy, super soft and super functional!  Plus, the lace top is not only sexy and feminine but it’s also great for embracing your love handles!

Initially I had earmarked them as my ‘sexy knickers’ for special occasions only.  However that soon changed given they’re so damn comfortable I wear them everyday they’re too good to be kept in the drawer!


The sensual range is made with technical, luxuriously soft bamboo fabric and their built-in, breathable, patented Modifier Technology helps protect from leaks, periods, sweat and odour.  #winning


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COMING SOON:  Seamfree – Click here to get on the waitlist!

So What’s the Final Verdict?

In a nutshell, we just love Modibodi.  Here’s our Top 3 Reasons Why:

CLEVER DESIGN: They’re not just stock standard underwear, they’re high quality, all natural fabrics. Combine that with tech-savvy designs that have patents pending! Seriously clever tech behind the why and how of the Modifier Technology.

GOOD FOR THE PLANET: Say adios to panty liners and tampons – these babies will save you a packet over time as well as helping to reduce your footprint on our beautiful planet.

THEY’VE GOT YOUR BACK:  You’d be pretty lucky (or lying) to say you don’t have to deal with bodily fluids on most, if not all days. So to know that your underwear has your absorbency covered, without doubt, is a pretty cool benefit that any busy woman needs on her side.


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