Calling all cookie monsters (and their cookie-loving mums)! Have we got a delicious review opportunity for you!

We’re searching for 15 families to taste test the all-new Byron Bay Cookie Company Organic Wildlife Biscuits.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? It is!

And we would love for you to join us as we venture beyond the jungle and into the biscuit aisle.

Byron Bay Cookie Company kid biscuits

Not your average cookie

If you’ve never tried Byron Bay Cookies before, then you are missing out on an Aussie gem. Baked in Byron Bay, these bite-sized bickies are simply divine.

Their Dotty Cookies are a huge hit in our household (seriously, I could eat them with every meal) and we’re sure that these Organic Wildlife Biscuits are equally as yummy, especially for hungry little adventurers.

Now here’s your chance to find out!

Byron Bay Cookie Company Kids Wildlife Biscuits

You supply the milk. We’ll send the cookies!

Simply apply below and, if selected, we will send your tot three different Byron Bay Cookie Company Organic Wildlife Biscuit boxes as well as two surprises for mums. 

Byron Bay Cookie Company Organic Wildlife BiscuitsOur taste testers will each receive:

Starring Byron the Bear, each box contains 10 individually wrapped biscuits for your wildlife warrior to dig into. And, with part of the proceeds going to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, you can ditch the guilt and feel good about your cookie choice.

We’re going on a bickie hunt!

Release their animal spirit with these delicious gluten-free and certified organic bickies made for kidlets one year and up. Perfect for little paws and busy days on the go, there’s nothing artificial about them.

You get the homemade biscuit goodness but without the whole ‘you having to bake’ aspect.

Want to get your paws on them now? You can get them from the baby aisle in Coles for $5 per box.

Byron Bay Cookie Company Kids Wildlife Biscuits

Find out why the whole world is falling in love with the Byron Bay Cookie Company’s selection of cookies and biscuits. Baked to perfection using quality ingredients in sunny Byron Bay, these biscuits will make snack time extra special for your cookie-loving crew.

Simply fill out the form below to apply:

Apply to Review Byron Bay Cookie Company Organic Kids Biscuits


Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Bec Jackson Reply

    I love that they are organic and i know the Byron bay cookie company cookies taste soooo good!! Also supporting a small business is always awesome!

    • I have a fussy eater. These cookies would make the perfect snack for school or home. My child loves cookies. This line of cookies is hard to beat. Most delicious cookies around. Would make for a happy tummy and mummy if my child wins these.

    • Byron bay cookie company have been my favourites having Coeliac’s disease. The only trouble is, they’re so good my kids pinch them, so problem solved!

    • Naomie Nolan Reply

      My little one snacks ALL the time – giving him something healthy and delicious is a win in my book!

    • Because Yum! My little one eats absolutely anything, this would be a nice treat for her (and me)

    • Teigan Jones Reply

      I love that these cookies mean I can actually drink a hot cup of coffee (and eat my own “adult” cookie), with the two toddlers occupied by their wildlife adventure cookies which are more nutritious than my cookie choice.

    • Jess henry Reply

      My daughters favourite treat is the dotty cookie. I love that the new cookies are individually wrapped and the perfect size for little hands. If they taste half as good as the dotty, they will be a win in our household!!

  2. My toddler loves snacks and loves animals so putting them together would make her day!

  3. Elizabeth Denholm Reply

    Being a “Glutard”, as my Dad says, for the past 18+years and now with two toddlers who are also gluten free we all love that there’s now a kids sized GLUTEN FREE biscuit!!!!!!! Now mummy doesn’t have to share her White Choc Chunk and Macadamia or worry about making sure she breaks it in half equally. With three great flavors to choose from, being organic and gluten free you’ve ticked all our boxes. Pick us as we’ve been through the progression of ‘cardboard GF products’ to your Amazing Gluten Free Cookies, so we can give a realistic review.

  4. I like that they are individually wrapped. So tired of bubs biscuits drying out and going stale before she has had a chance to enjoy them. Also they sound tasty so I might sneak a couple.

  5. Elanor Stephens Reply

    Both my kids would love these as they love things that fit easily in their hands

  6. I love how they are organic and individually wrapped. My little one loves her biscuits and we would love to review these they sound delicious and we would love to supoort a small business

  7. Alex Portnoy Reply

    My baby is allergic to chemicals, so being these are organic, there are less chemicals in them which is good.

  8. My toddler loves his snacks and I am always looking for new things to try and mix it up. These would be great to se if he loves them as much as I love Byron Bay cookies 🙂

  9. You should pick me because my family and I are cookie crazy. We haven’t tried the Organic Byron cookies and would love to try them out.

  10. It’s mouthwatering delicious and it’s good for the kids so they will eat it happily! Win win for all!

  11. Our daughter loves cookies but sometimes she forgets to close the cookie bag. Being individually wrapped, it will help it reducing stale cookies. The cookie being organically made is a big plus.

  12. My husband and I love to indulge in Byron bay cookies and I am so excited that our little boys can can now enjoy them too!
    The flavours sound delicious and it’s really handy that the cookies are individually wrapped!

  13. I love how it’s natural, organic and contains all natural ingredients. My kids love it.

  14. At the moment it’s all about the cookies in our house – who ate the last one or more please! The entire family would love to try these but more importantly our 3yr old would go crazy for cookies!

  15. It is SO difficult to find yummy, healthy and certified organic gluten free snacks for my kiddo. We are a gluten free household and would love to taste test these cookies on my ambitious cookie monster.

  16. I love that they’re Aussie made and come individually wrapped!!!!

  17. julie morton Reply

    as they are full of flavour and snack size and moreish and I think you should pick me as I can never just stop at one!

  18. Laurinda Kelly Reply

    I’m a proud young grandmother and would love to spoil my grandkids with your yummy cookies xx

  19. Rebecca Smith Reply

    I love the Big Dottie Cookie, awesome treat when we go out for milkshakes

  20. Sandy Fisher Reply

    Oh, yummy – my little darling boy would love to try these organic, full of flavour cookies !

  21. Rhiannon Jakobasch Reply

    I LOVE Byron Bay Cookies – they are delicious! I would love to win this so my kids can try them and love them as much as I do 🙂

  22. Its often hard to find good, organic snacks that the little ones will love. The individually wrapped cookies would be perfect for those ‘handbag’ moments when out and about. I’m also super passionate about animals so its encouraging to know part proceeds go to a very worthy cause along with supporting an Australian business. Interested to also try due to the ‘gluten free’ aspect to see if it helps with allergies.

  23. Sharee Ussher Reply

    Just reading the brand “The Byron Bay Cookie Company” I know it’s a quality & tasty product. The word “organic” captures me as I want the best for my children without all the nasties. Excited to give this a go.

  24. Shayne Greening Reply

    Byron bay cookies are amazing! Perfect texture, taste and amazing range of flavors. Love supporting an aussie business. My little man would love these. Almost 1 year old and a huge eater. We try and feed him organic when possible so love these are organic

  25. Shae Pryke Reply

    I have tried Byron bay cookie samples on some domestic flights and have been delighted with their deliciousness. However, I am yet to try the Byron Bay cookies range for kids and think they would be amazing for lunch boxes!

  26. Melissa Russell Reply

    My kids go through snacks like they’re going out of fashion and it’s always a struggle to keep a variety of healthy options for them – so would love to give these a try!

  27. We love the regular gluten free Byron Bay cookie range to have a healthier and convenient option for our children is fantastic!

  28. I am ceoliac so I am limited with what I can eat. The fact that your cookies are Gluten Free works perfectly for me as that’s all that I can safely eat. Also I prefer to eat organic when I can and feed my girls the same. I also love love LOVE Byron Bay and the free relaxed feel that it gives. So for me its the perfect fit!

  29. Bronwyn Teede Reply

    Have liked them so far let’s hope this healthier range is a winner as well because It’s always a struggle at snack time to find a healthy option the kids will love

  30. Organic and just like home made without the effort plus when purchased part of the proceeds go towards a great cause. What’s not to love!

  31. As with many parents we are very time poor and finding quick packaged items that are made with quality ingredients and somewhat healthy is a struggle. We’d love to try Byron Bay Cookies in the kids lunch boxes!

  32. Its the first time ive heard of these cookies and would love to trial them as my son loves to snack as do I! Great for a nice outting snack outdoors and indoors.

  33. 4 Cookie Monsters here and I’d like to give them some Healthy Cookies –Om nom nom nom!

  34. We would love to try the new organic biscuits! My kids love delicious no nasties snacks.

  35. I’ve got 4 year old twins who are loving animals at the moment. They’ll be excited to see these animal treats without realising how good the ingredients are.

  36. Krista Wekeem Reply

    I haven’t actually heard of these yummy sounding cookies before but my 12 month old really needs some healthy snacks and as I’m currently carrying bub number 2, I don’t always feel up to baking nutritious snacks. Having something in the cupboard that is fast and simple would make all the difference. Please let us try the delicious bikkies.

  37. Benny would love these and being organic is awesome, and they are Australian made so even better.

  38. Aimee McCloy Reply

    My son(3) is a huge cookie fan. Since his little sister came along (6months) I find myself quite time poor to bake him some. I love the thought of individually wrapped organic cookies that have good ingredients for a special treat!

  39. Vicka Sugandhi Reply

    Haven’t heard this brand before and now really want to try if you are as good as they say. My son love a good bikkie and so far i couldnt fond a good and yet do tasty as well.

  40. I love that this is something I can do at home but also healthy and organic – unlike so many other cookie recipes!!

  41. I would love to win this prize as my kids are the real cookie monsters, and if I can make their cookie feast a bit healthier, then that is an added bonus. So these cookies are perfect for them.

  42. I love to bake so I know what my kids are eating, but working full-time I don’t often have the time to do it so I love that my kids can still have treats that aren’t loaded with preservatives, artificial flavours and colours and they’re Australian made

  43. Dominique Towns Reply

    I’m loving their healthiness, and especially the individually wrapped part otherwise my kids would eat through it like crrrrrazy.

  44. Byron Bay Cookies make my mouth water, I love them! I also love trying new things and am passionate when we love something to let everyone know!

  45. I’ve never tried them but love trying new things they sound so yummy i love the fact there made in Australia and Organic

  46. The convenience of these snacks is the draw card. So handy to grab when you’re trying to get out the door with a baby on your hip and toddler hanging off your leg. Both my fussy eaters will eat these like they are the best thing since sliced bread. I don’t feel bad giving them these biscuits because they are organic and they are the perfect size for my cheeky monkeys to hold. It’s also is wonderful that proceeds go to supporting the Australian Wildlife Warriors. Ticks all around from my mum point of view!!

  47. My little girls would love to put these cookies to the test! I feel like I am constantly baking as I don’t like all the nasty additives and sugar content in the usual store bought cookies, but these Byron Bay cookies use natural ingredients, seem to be a bit healthier than most other alternatives, come in handy individual packs (which are great for when we are out and about) and they look fun to eat, so I would be happy to have these on hand for those extra bust days! I know my little cookie monsters would gobble up these flavours – the banana and malt sound so delicious I may have to test a few too!

  48. Belinda LS Reply

    My kids love snacks and i love how this is organic. Most importantly, love to support the small business.

  49. We love that is a biscuit that our whole family can enjoy being that I am gluten free my children are always getting disappointed when they can’t share with Mum but with these cookies they can

  50. Leonie Jayne Nanotti Reply

    These sound yum !! And I like tha are individually wrapped for freshness although it’s not as good for the environment

  51. Emma Flanagan Reply

    My daughter is 18 months old and going throught a feircly independent phase. This makes finding foods that are healthy and safe for her to eat a challenge because she wants to feed herself. Knowing that she can snack on a bisbuit that isnt full of sugar and nastyes would make in between meals more manageable.

  52. I love the flavours the biscuits come in… I want to try them all and I’d be a great ambassador as we love biscuits and would talk them up big time!

  53. I can’t wait to try out these biscuits I’m sure my kids would love them!

  54. I love them because they are natural, organic and contains all natural ingredients.

  55. Lesley Olarius Reply

    My granddaughter loves to “snack” and healthy, organic cookies in cute animal shapes would fit the bill perfectly!

  56. Claire Williams Reply

    A snack for the whole family that i wont feel guilty about

  57. Jessica Hadley Reply

    My kids are so fussy it would be great to have am organic snack that they would love

  58. Kids love your biscuits they are so natural and that is why I love my children having them as a snack thankyou

  59. Maggie Karner Reply

    With diabetes and asthma being family issues, we have altered our dietary intake to much healthier options, such as organic, gluten free and sugar free. Byron the Bear says caring is sharing and he just couldn’t bare for my grandchildren not to enjoy his pawrrefic Cookies in Bearadise with him.

  60. With two busy boys who are always hungry the fact that these are individually wrapped is perfect as they both get to feel independent by having their own individual serve, I also love how they are Artificial free and made in Australia.

  61. Stacey Shailer Reply

    They’re gluten-free, so even mummy can sneak the occasional biccie!

  62. Lara Haynes Reply

    We haven’t had the luck of trying yet but I do have 2 fussy eaters these would be great to trial as they would be an easy snack to pack for outings & just a good size snack

  63. I can buy an extra one “just in case my son might want another” and then I get to eat it do it doesn’t go to waste!

  64. My 1 yr old and 2 yr old are super fussy – except if it looks like a snack! These would be a win win – look like snacks to keep kids happy but are healthy and nutritious therefore keeping mum happy!

  65. My kids first tried the banana biscuits at Australia Zoo, on a recent holiday. They loved them, and I’d love to be able to trial the other flavours in the range. They are a great snack to take to the park, or daycare, as I know they won’t be a problem if they get shared around.

  66. Michelle Ward Reply

    I love the organic ingredients as I have one child with a few issues we need to take care of (eczema, asthma and anaphylaxis) so I try to eliminate as much chemicals as I can form his world. I also have two other cooky loving children so I think we have a nice and random sample right within our family. We’d love to be a part of the review.

  67. Kerry Howitt Reply

    I really can’t say what I love about Byron Bay Cookie Company cookies as my grandson has not yet tried them. He is a fussy eater so if he likes your cookies then you are definately on a winner.

  68. Danielle Wilkins Reply

    My 2 year old loves cookies and we do a lot of baking because I’m conscious of what she eats. But having the delicious Byron bag organic cookies would be so convenient & awesome for her. I’d love to give these a try

  69. Kathleen Ostapenko Reply

    The Byron Bay Cookie Company make the absolute best cookies for adults, so I’m sure they do an outstanding job for kids especially being organic. I would love to review these packs for the Gandies

  70. I’m always after handy, prepacked snacks for my ever-hungry boys, especially when we are out and about. I don’t know if these are available here in Adelaide, though I have tried other Byron Bay Cookies before and they are delicious! My 4yo is a food connoisseur and is pretty discerning with his food – he is one of the best food critics particularly when it comes to my baking! His 2yo brother will eat anything so long as I’ve verified it edible. I think the two of them would certainly give you an honest and constructive review!

  71. they look like my kids would love them and that’s all I need to try them

  72. Love these cookies and love the company my youngest has allergies to most food but these cookies he can eat and he loves them. My other 2 love them too please pick us we love reviewing products

  73. Angela Stanfield Reply

    My girl is so fussy but loves cookies. I love that these are Aussie owned/made & organic. Sadly rare to find a lot of that these days. We’d love to be a part of this

  74. I love that they are healthy and organic and the flavours sound delicious. You should pick me because my son would love these (and he can be quite fussy!)

  75. Love the gorgeous cookies ! We live near Byron and love the cookie co. Best cookies around. My son would devour these !!

  76. The Byron bay cookies taste great. Our baby has had issues with foods that aren’t organic and i know with the organic foods that there aren’t the chemicals that other foods have. Plus I love byron bay 🙂

  77. Linda Lane Reply

    I love the that they are gluten free and all natural ingredients.I work on a primary school canteen and I am willing to let the students tell me their thoughts about them. They will be real honest.

  78. Jessica Sinclair Reply

    Because they are organic and made or natural ingredients, even better for bub!

  79. A great natural snack Oscar enjoys with quality ingredients that also taste great.

  80. Naomi Perumal Reply

    I love the fact that they are made for little kid’s and come in individual packets. My 2 little girls would love to try them.

  81. Richard Harrison Reply

    They’re organic AND delicious, you don’t have to choose any more!

  82. I love that the ingredients are organic and gluten free. Means I can give them to my babies without risk of reactions.


    Haven’t seen them before let alone been able to try them. I believe my kids would like them. I know I would.

  84. Organic Byron cookies, wow, the foster kids I look after would love them 🙂

  85. I love that they have nothing artificial in them and have such delicious flavours!

  86. I love that they are made locally and homemade biscuits and that money donated to wildlife. I would (and the family of little cookie monsters)!love to try these biscuits we love our biscuits and who can have a cup of tea without a god bicky.

  87. Would love to put your cookies to the test,have tried other similar cookies with my toddler and he won’t have a bar of them.If you can turn my boy ‘organic’ you’ve got yourself a BUYER!

  88. Catherine C Reply

    I absolutely love the Byron bay baby button cookies in any flavour, I always say I’ll just eat two then realise I’ve eaten them all! I think it’s amazing that part of the proceeds from the organic wildlife biscuits are going to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.
    I would love to share my love of cookies with my bub and I feel the byron bay kids organic cookies is the only choice.

  89. Olivia Furner Reply

    I love that they are all natural and I don’t need to cook!!

  90. I love that they are organic and individually wrapped (keeps the ants out). I’m pretty sure all 3 of my boys will love these and I’ll have to hide them from my husband

  91. I love the amazing taste that Byron Bay provides in all their snacks! The individual wrapping also makes it convenient to snack on and to keep their little hands busy whether we’re out or even at home. The organic range is always a tick for us as we all simply want the best foods for bub.

  92. Jenny Murdoch Reply

    We love Byron Bay cookies! We especially love that they are delicious, portable and readily available with no preparation. We’d love to try any great organic products for our little one, knowing that they’re healthy and thoughtfully made.

  93. Would love to try these with my daughter turning 1 next week. She is really good with her foods and always looking for different things to offer her.

  94. Living in a rural town we haven’t tried the Byron Bay cookies yet. But being Australian made & natural would defiantly be a winner in our house!!

  95. With four kids I always look for two things in a product – natural goodness and convenience. Byron Bay cookie company have sure come up with a winner with these beauties.

  96. We have yet to try these biscuits which look terrific for a kindy snack. You could rest assured that my 2 & 4 year old daughter’s will give an honest review. Any chance to dip their bikkies in milk would be most welcomed 😉

  97. I love that these bikkies are made from quality, organic ingredients. We are HUGE fans of the Dotty cookies so would love to try these as they look more lunchbox friendly.

  98. I like to buy premium quality snacks for my grandkids 2 and 4 and these sound perfect. Individually wrapped bite-sized biscuits containing no artificial ingredients are just the snack to take with us to the park and other outings .I have heard of the Byron Bay brand before and would love my family to try your products.

  99. Ellen camilleri Reply

    I am so glad to find a gluten free option in individual packaging so I can grab and go for my three year old and not have to worry about broken biscuit bits through my bag.

  100. My daughter is Miss Independent and loves choosing snacks and opening them herself. To have healthy, Australian made, organic snacks that she can choose from some delicious flavours and indulge in without overdoing it is perfect! It would also be a game of which animal she will get so it’s a win/win in a toddlers world

  101. I need super sneaky ways of getting goodness into miss 8, she would neevr knwk

  102. In our jungle there are four animals that love to eat and this i feel would go down a treat

  103. Vanessa Kelso Reply

    My youngest has the ultimate sweet tooth so I’m always looking for an alternative that is better and I LOVE Byron bay cookie company so I reckon he will too!

  104. My little man loves trying new food! We would love to try these and let other parents know how wonderful they are

  105. andie harrie Reply

    Byron Bay cookies are divine
    The organic biscuits will be a favourite of mine
    Locally made with love and care
    biscuits for us to share
    perfect for my family
    eating treats healthily

  106. I have tried the normal Byron Bay Cookie and I love it, to have a range for children and on top of that organic as well, that we have to try. My kids very picky with food and snacks, hope this will be acceptable by them, such a harsh judge

  107. No artificial is what I love most about this biscuits. I am after healthy but yummy snacks for my kids’ crunch and sip at school except for the fruits. These organic biscuits would be the great choice for me.

  108. I love that Byron bay cookies are organic and having these little individual gluten free bikies keeps all my cookie monsters happy.

  109. Amanda Kelly Reply

    I love that Bryon Bay Cookies are Australian so we can all support another family grow their dreams.

    My 1 year old has been slow to the good party but he is finally now exploring new tastes and textures.

    The fact that Byron Bay Cookies are already renowned for quality and taste, gives comfort to parents knowing it will be gobbled up. Adding to that it is organic and doesn’t have nasty artificial additives; you know your children are getting only the very best.

    I don’t know who would love these the most in our house, my fussy 1 year old, my always hungry 5 year old, or me sneakily snacking away (gluten free, woohoo!), but I would love the chance to find out!

  110. My son is a constant snacker and would love to try some new products!!! And we love anything healthy to add into the pantry!

  111. Sharon Johnson Reply

    I love Byron Bay cookies ranges. Im excited that the range now encompasses the little ones of your family. Biscuits that are close to home cooked with low sugar is what I look for in snacks for my family.

  112. Little Porscha loves biscuits but can be picky on what she eats. We only give organic so this is perfect to try and really saves me when we are in the car on long trips and she’s getting noisy or restless in the stroller. Would love to try out something new!

  113. MichelleDd Reply

    Love to give the kiddies a treat but don’t have time to bake as often as I would like. Would love them to try some organic homemade biscuits ready to go when they fancy them!

  114. Sheena grey Reply

    I love the fact that your ingredients are all natural and won’t hurt my kids with all the yucky preservatives and ingredients I can give my kids these bickies knowing full well my kids won’t play up afterwards

  115. Kirsty Hayden Reply

    My daughter (19 months) is always asking for biscuits! And being organic there are 100% guilt free to give to her! Win win! She gets what she wants and shes stille ating healthy!!! And the best part, they come in convenient on the go packs! Whats not to love?

  116. Gluten free biscuits my kids enjoy have been impossible to find! With a 12 year old and a 2 year old they can be so fussy! Love to give them a go 🙂

  117. Lalenya T Sutton Reply

    I haven’t had the pleasure of trying these for my 5 year old daughter. As a very busy single mum, i often reply on prepackaged snacks and wish there was better healthier options! I’d love to try these & see if they’re a hit!

  118. My daughter loves her ‘bickies’ but trying to find healthier alternatives is hard and these sound like the perfect snack for her.

  119. Yummy, Fun, Australian company and baked in Australia. Love supporting local company and an extra plus with part of the proceed goes to Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. It just what I want and need for my children to enjoy with added benefits. To learn growing up they can enjoy something in life but yet contribute back to the society.

  120. I love to find yummy treats for my grand children, and these bikkies would turn me into ‘good Nannie’ not ‘bad Nannie’! lol I can give ‘good’ treats! I love that they are gluten-free. I am sensitive to gluten and so I could share them too! The gluten-free snacks of old did NOT taste like treats! I’m sure these would be great!

  121. My kids love biscuits so much, but it’s so hard to find yummy biscuits that they love but don’t contain loads of sugar and artificial stuff. I find myself baking my own just to keep them slightly healthy, but I’m so over spending every weekend baking! I love that Byron Bay Cookie Company Organic Kids Biscuits contain none of the nasty stuff that most others biscuits contain, so giving my kids these will save my sanity in the kitchen!

  122. I love that they are packed full of organic ingredients and are a healthier alternative for my little ones instead of biscuits that a riddled in sugars, artificial colours and preservatives. Allowing my toddler to eat these would remove some of my guilt in giving them a sweet treat or 2.

  123. I LOVE that Byron Bay Co have made kid friendly bikkies!! Being a favourite in our home, my daughter will try anything to sneak one of mummys cookies!
    The flavours offered are so appealing to kids, (even myself!), and now ill be able to give my daughter a guilt free cookie treat! the less sugar the better!!

  124. My son inherited his sweet tooth from me, so he definitely loves a good cookie! However I am always on the hunt for delicious treats that wont bring on the Mummy guilt!

  125. Shine Chigwidden Reply

    I love Byron cookie but my kids haven’t tried them yet. As it’s organic with a variety of flavour, my two fussy eater children would be tempted these cookies.

  126. both my little ones love these they are the perfect side snack for on the go and i always have a few in my handbag. they are safe for my little ones to eat and its great that they can eat something that is safe for them but also yummy

  127. Sarah Blockley Reply

    I love that they are all natural and organic so that I know my children are getting the best treat I can give them. I also think it’s great that some of the proceeds go to Australia Zoo and furthering the Wildlife Warrior cause! Please pick me because I am the biggest wildlife warrior and nature lover I know. I love everything to do with nature and I’m teaching my kids a respect for their environment as well, and especially love these nature inspired biscuits!

  128. Naomi Kelly Reply

    I would love the chance to review these Byron Bay Organic wildlife bickies, they look absolutely delicious! My 18 month old son has a lot of eating problems and doesn’t like to put food into his mouth, the only thing he will really try to eat is biscuits, so I would love for him to try some healthy, organic, nutritious biscuits for once!

  129. Angie Schlegel Reply

    To be able to review these tasty looking cookies, made right here in Byron Bay, would be fantastic for both my ever-hungry 1 year old and fussy-eater 3 year old!

  130. Hayley Murrells Reply

    Byron Bay cookies are organic and made from quality products and I feel better giving these snacks to my young fussy eating kids.

  131. I love that Byron Bay Cookie Company Organic Wildlife Biscuits are organic and made locally here in Australia. And just to add to their amazingness, part of the proceeds going to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors! So I can keep my toddler happy (and healthy) while supporting a local charity.

  132. Deborah Bolam Reply

    The grandkids would certainly love to try these cookies as I would all natural and organic their mum would certainly approve

  133. Torii Rhodes Reply

    Byron Bay Cookie Company has some amazing flavours I love, it’s great to know I can now get them for my baby too

  134. Love that it is organic. I tend to pick organic whenever possible as they are healthier. My 2 little ones will love these for sure.

  135. I love that they are using organic ingredients with no hidden nasties!

  136. These are not only tasty, but great to share with my little one for a special treat. And they have gluten free which are all soooo tasty and great for coeliacs.

  137. Firstly – gluten free, secondly – organic. Everything i look for in a biscuit when purchasing for my kids.

  138. Nicole Williams Reply

    Sound like great tasting biscuits and I love organic products. If I can buy organic I certainly do for my family.

  139. Id love to try them for my son… we beed something new and exciting

  140. Yet to try them but with 3 kiddies who love nothing more then cookies and milk for a snack these organic animal cookies sound like a winner

  141. Danni Stocks Reply

    I haven’t tried Bryon Bay cookies before but would love the opportunity to as I love using Aussie brands especially for my little ones food.

  142. Mary Pavlou Reply

    I am yet to try these delicious organic snacks for my hungry 2 and 5 year old boys!

  143. I am SO pleased that Byron Bay Cookies have released a children’s range of biscuits for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I have been a Bryon Bay Cookie fan for almost a decade, however I am gluten intolerant so can only eat them in small doses. Second, my 3 year old son is gluten intolerant also so the new children’s Organic Wildlife Biscuits can be a delicious treat for us to indulge in together – hoorah! Last but not least, I find it really assuring that there are no nasty ingredients in these cookies as we try to live a healthy lifestyle in my household.

  144. Mums gotta travel Reply

    I’m always on the look out for new snacks for my 2 yo for while we are out and about and for my 6 yo lunch box.. if these are anything like their dotti cookie I’m sure it’s amazing

  145. I’ve never had them and have the worlds worst pickiest eater. She prefers dirt over most food so I’m willing to try anything.

  146. To be totally honest , i had never heard of Byron Bay Organic Wildlife KIds Biscuits before today . But i do like that they are organic and Australian made , and feel that we need to support our local businesses .
    Why should you choose me to test these ? , I will be taste testing them with an open mind , having never tried them before , and having a son who loves biscuits , i know you will get an honest assessment from us.

  147. Treating the kids to fun, individual and organic cookies would make me be one popular mum

  148. I have never tried Byron bay cookies so would love to have an organic tasty treat for my kids to enjoy

  149. Melanie Herbert Reply

    I would love to sample these cookies! I love any healthy snack that I can give to my 1 and 4 year olds.

  150. What’s not to love about Byron Bay Cookie Company’s New Organic Wildlife Biscuits.
    Gluten free… tick
    Nothing artificial…tick
    Australian owned and baked…tick
    Individually wrapped so they will stay fresh…tick
    And each box I buy will help support Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.
    A guilt free snack in every aspect!

  151. Leonie Jayne Nanotti Reply

    Organic healthy cookies ! My daughters would approve of these snacks !

  152. Byron Bay cookies are the bees knees! They are our special Sunday arvo treat. Our toddler is old enough now that I feel comfortable letting him have the occasional treat. What better than individually wrapped cookies from similar packaging that mum and dads treats come from! He’d feel ever so special and know it was a real treat!

  153. Our family already love Byron Bay Cookies, my daughter would just love these with her morning tea. We would love to try these out. Also always on the lookout for new products to share with mums at Mums & Bubs classes at our fitness studio.

  154. I’ve never tried or seen these cookies before. Who doesn’t love cookies? I’m sure my kids would be so excited to see a bag of these in their lunch box.

  155. We (Mum and Dad) absolutely love Byron Bay cookies and we love our snacks so the timing of children’s BB cookies becoming available is perfect for us. Our 18 month old now wants to eat whatever we are eating and because he is at an active age, his appetite has grown. We prefer to offer him fresh, tasty food with little to no preservatives and he doesnt love everything offered to him, so these hit the mark for us!

  156. Rosalie bernacki Reply

    Love for a more healthy and enviro targeted snack for kids. I love the Dottie but would love better choices for little tummies please xxx

  157. What’s not to like… they are delicious. The first time I tried them was on the plane. My daughter usually wants more and eyes off mine all the time

  158. Sarah Fairley Reply

    They’re Australian, they’re organic, and they’re gluten free so I I have something in the house that I can safely feed my niece!

  159. Yummy healthy and yummy. I love all the flavours of the Bryon Bay cookies and these shall be a hit for my children

  160. Sarahjudyth Reply

    The fact this came into my emails today is a crazy coincidence. Yesterday I stood in the biscuit isle trying to find cookies for my two year old that weren’t full of sugar and other junk and ended up walking about to buy whole meal crackers as it was overwhelming and I couldnt make a decision. We would love to sample these as I think these are what I have been searching for to make a healthy snack that she thinks is naughty.

  161. Alison Humble Reply

    My 4 kiddies would love this prize. They’re piggies and I’m always looking for better alternatives. I love that these are organic.

  162. Leicia Mathers Reply

    My grandson would love to try these cookies, he’s a cookie monster. If they taste as good as their other products then it’s a winner in this house

  163. Organic and tasty what more could you want for your little ones?! My kids would love to try these.

  164. Joanne Cardamone Reply

    Love that they are organic, so no more nasties in my daughters tummy

  165. Well they are delicious! But I love convenience of the individually wrapped large cookies. Perfect for the handbag. We also purchase the minis which are perfect for tiny hands!

  166. Heather Williams Reply

    Organic and Australian, what’s not to love. My grandchildren will love them

  167. My little girl is such a fussy eater. Would love to try them as they are organic and not full of nasty preservatives like other brands.

  168. I am always fussy with what my child eats, i try and avoid high sugar content products so that’s what they should be great!

  169. My kid is a cookie fiend… she probably got that from me. I’ve loved Byron bay cookies for a while so it’s nice she can have her own. Plus I can definitely justify them if I’m giving to charity… right?

  170. Caitlin Gibson Reply

    Yummy cookies without any nasties – perfect for my biscuit loving twins!

  171. I love Byron Bay cookies for their taste and texture, they are the perfect snack to enjoy and so I love that they’ve made it for kids to enjoy too, organic and no nasties, yum!

  172. Brianna Taylor Reply

    I love that Byron Bay cookies are made just 2.5 hours down the road from our house, are healthier options than a lot of other cookies and are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! My 2 little munchkins and i would LOVE to taste test these beauties as we love our afternoon cookie snack and love trying new products!

  173. Laura Stevens Reply

    Now I don’t have to feel guilty about eating my Byron Bay cookie in front of my kid because she’ll have her own kid-friendly version!

  174. I would like to try my fussy eaters on these. i had the big cookies which they loved so would like to try these for them.

  175. I always share my finds with my friends.I am always looking for things for my little man to have in his lunch box that school approves. I am sure that the kids friendly versions are just as good as the adult ones

  176. Melissa Peters Reply

    I love Byron Bay cookies. I tried the chocolate cookies and indulged on this whilst I was pregnant. I am keen to try these cookies again but now with my 1 year old daughter who is starting to nibble on cookies too.

  177. A yummy individually wrapped kids size snack? What’s not to love. It will save us having to share our “big” Byron Bay Cookies with our toddler!

  178. My almost 2 year old loves cookies and I’m always looking for new ones to try. I love the fact the cookies are organic it means there will be one less thing to worry about when he’s munch ingredients away on them.

  179. Would be fantastic to try something new and the kid’s would love this as they love cookies

  180. We love the Byron Bay Cookies taste amazing, are gluten free and organic. We would love to review them and take some amazing photos

  181. Fussy eaters test my sanity! I especially struggle to find suitable snacks when compiling the lunchbox but these nutritious yet fun cookies would be great to pack.

  182. Doreen Lim Reply

    I love that this brand is organic, nutritious and has various flavors not forgetting it is locally made. It will be perfect for my little girl who loves her biscuits.

  183. I’d love to give this product a try on my daughter as it’s organic food made by a local company which I’d love to support – they make delicious biscuits and so I think their kids products would be devoured quickly and easily.

  184. So many biscuits on the market are full of artificial colours, flavours and/or preservatives that just send my kids crazy. And that sends me crazy! These cookies by the Byron Bay Company sound fantastic and delicious and I can’t wait to try them.

  185. My 3 year old loves cookies and these ones sound delicious and I love that they are organic.

  186. In our house it’s only Byron Bay cookie co. that shares our cupboard space, fills our bellies and is packed into our lunch box or handbag! And the new range of organic bikkies is a god send to the more environmental family like ours!

  187. Katharin Jenei-Pinter Reply

    Currently eating Rafferty’s fruit snack bars & I’ve heard these are great so needing to change & have healthier snacks available for his boy to continue to function & grow correctly.

  188. Cindy Speros Reply

    My son would love this. He has only had homemade cookies as I try to make them as organic and healthy as possible. We have a newborn so I haven’t been baking healthy goodies.

  189. Homemade tasting biscuits without having to bake – what more can i ask for!

  190. Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    All organic so no nasty for my kids and they love cookies

  191. Pamela Dark Reply

    When in search for a sweet treat for lunchboxes or on the go, I’m looking for bikkies that are as close to homemade in ingredients and taste as possible. Byron Bay Cookies delivers on both counts for big and little kids alike.

  192. Kristin Booth Reply

    always on the look out for new snacks that my son will eat, especially since he will be starting school next year. Cookies are always a nice treat

  193. I have never heard of these cookies before but they sound delicious and I’m sure my 13 month old would love to give them a try

  194. My son is about to entrust me with care of his 20 month daughter, two days a week…What better snack for her than a Byron Bay Organic Wildlife biscuit.? A “little monster” she may not be at present, but the Terrible Twos are fast approaching.!

  195. Being organic means I can have confidence in the quality of Byron Bay Cookies. The fact they taste brilliant is a big bonus. Having a small bub means I have limited time to home bake for my 3 year old son, I have no doubt he’d love these!!

  196. Love that they are individually wrapped as it means they are portion controlled for my three year old and easy to clean up when my one year old tips the whole box on the floor for fun!

  197. Bianca Kaipara Reply

    Our 19month boy loves to try new foods and absolutely loves cookies!

  198. An organic cookie I can give my Bodhi while I enjoy a cheeky cookie too.

  199. I love that these are individually wrapped so they won’t go stale

  200. Sarah Wallace Reply

    I want to be able to start giving my boy some sweets. These would be a great way to start!

  201. Megan Sorrensen Reply

    Have tried the brand myself so will be great to give these a crack and give the kids a healthy tasty treat alternative.

  202. Jessica Davis Reply

    My 1 year old would live off biscuits if she could! I would love to find a yummy healthy option that she’ll be happy enough to eat and keep her entertained while I’m feeding her new little brother or sister!

  203. Our lil girl just started eating fruits as snack and I want her to have some variety. This would be a great starting point.

  204. I’d love to try these for my boys. It would be a great sweet treat for them

  205. My parents use to sell Byron Bay cookies in their cafe, when mum would give us a sneaky bikkie here and there it was the best day ever! I still love them and every time I see one it brings back the best memories ☺

  206. Sarah Mullen Reply

    My 2 lil guys love their snacks. I try to give them the healthier options, and these would be great for them as they are organic. They would love to try them.

  207. Laura hughes Reply

    We’ve never tried the Byron bay kids cookies before but would definitely love too

  208. My daughter is cookie obsessed but I hate giving her too many sugary treats. Its nice to know companies are starting to come out with healthier options for our kids. Will def have to get my daughter to give these a go!

  209. I love that they are organic and good quality! I have a little chunky monkey who loves snacks and I love to cook and bake but we would love to try these and see if they are something we can add to our lives for a quick delicious snack

  210. I would love to win these cookies to try on my fussy eater who has ASD he is super fussy and it doesn’t make getting good Quilty foods into him easy. My daughter would also love to try these and she is always encouraging her brother to try new foods and constantly says “look I’m eating them there yummy”.

  211. They’re organic and gluten free for a guilt free snack for my two kids especially handy for on the go mums like me!

  212. Louisa Frail Reply

    Variety of flavours to satisfy
    My little nephew would adore
    Perfect on the go
    Healthy choice all round
    My nephew loves his cookies
    Fingers crossed Aunty Lou can win

  213. I have a 4, 3 and 18 month old. I need kindy snacks that are a ‘treat’ but I know the truth. These look great. Ive never actually seen them before instore but my kids love anything cookie/biscuits.

  214. Byron bay cookies are organic and made especially for kids and wrapped individually which is fantastic to Throw in the backpack for when we head down to the beach or for a picnic (perfect for when we’re pretending to live the Byron beach lifestyle but really are freezing our butts off!)

  215. Rhonda Lockery Reply

    With 3 little ones it’s often hard to find healthy snack that they all like so we would love to review Byron Bay cookies

  216. Lauren Monro Reply

    I actually tried these for the first time this week! We are 3 biscuits into the banana flavoured box 🙂
    I was hesitant about purchasing them as I have tried my 17 month old daughter on other brands of biscuits, which she has not liked at all and I have had to throw them away.
    I love that these ones are individually packaged so that she can get a biscuit as a treat occasionally, instead of her having to eat them before they go stale.
    Being organic and especially good for her is just a bonus! I am just glad she is enjoying them

  217. Melissa burton Reply

    These are a great option for my little 18 month old who has a cashew and tree nut allergy. Not a lot of options I can but locally so these are great

  218. My 2yo can’t have gluten – that sucks for a lille kid and it makes life sad and food boring. We’d love to try something awesome that he can enjoy!!

  219. We love Bryon Bay cookies as a family and these gluten free mini treats sound incredible! The kids would probably be fighting me to get to them haha

  220. My 2.5 year old is an eating machine and grazes all day on snack so a yummy healthier alternative would be fantastic for him!!

  221. Mrs Lockyer Reply

    Our house is a Byron Bay Cookie virgin house and by the sounds of things, this needs to change. I am always looking for great snack options for my twins and this sounds like something they may really get into

  222. I haven’t tried them yet, they look like a great snack option that both my kids will love. I’m keen to taste them too 🙂

  223. I love that there is nothing artificial about Byron Bay Cookies

  224. I love that are gluten free and also have a range of flavours available. Also Byron Bay cookies taste amazing as well. I’ll have to force myself to leave them for my two little cookie monsters.

  225. Tara Tegen Reply

    My daughter loves to snack on biscuits but gets bored with repetitive flavors, variety is the spice of life. Nothing artificial ticks all the boxes!

  226. Kayla Thomson Reply

    I love Byron Bay Cookies and so do my 2 boys, we would love the opportunity to taste test these and love the new flavours

  227. I love that they’re organic and no artificial things. I don’t have to think twice about giving these bikkies to my son. Also, they’re Aussie!

  228. AshleighBrown Reply

    My 7yr old adores the dotty cookies..and i sneakily love them plus the white choc macadamian ones too. Im sure my 7yr old and 1 yr old would love to try some healtier cookies and i no id be happy for them to try them withiut the mummy guilt of artifical crap

  229. Byron Bay cookies are the best! I love knowing there are no nasties for my babies and they are packed full of flavour. Yum!!

  230. zombiestardust Reply

    I have a few skills: making milkshakes, calligraphy, Star Wars trivia and opening packets without my three-year-old hearing (yes, I’m a wizard) but there are many things I am not so great at. I am a total black thumb at baking. I know that’s an expression reserved for gardening which I am also terrible at, but I am so deeply cursed with abysmal baking ability that even my packet-mix cookie attempts turn into hockey pucks even with my eye on the oven as diligently as my toddlers were on the batter-covered beaters in the electric mixer. Another thing I’m dreadful at is venturing into Bunnings with a shopping list that may as well be written in Cantonese or the formula for quantum entanglement for all that I can understand it. Luckily my little one is as perfect as a peach while I try and make head and tails of the aisles with the promise of a Byron Bay cookie from the café upon completion (and of course the thrill of having her own mini shopping cart) and when we’re munching away on the delicious treats afterwards, it is one of the few moments where the mum guilt subsides momentarily – nutrition-wise, food allergy-wise, environmentalist-wise and being able to support an Australian business on top of being completely ankle biter-approved. I was very excited upon hearing about the kids range and being able to put my mixing bowl-turned-cement-mixer out of it’s misery and having the convenience of being able to pop them in her bag and have those ‘yes-I’m-totally-nailing-this-motherhood-thing’ moments on the go. We’d love to give them a try, as aforementioned, I can whip up a decent milkshake which are being wasted on hockey puck cookies (and when my husband asked if I could grab some ‘whetstones’ a couple weeks back I looked in the gardening section wondering why he wanted some pebbles that were pre-wet until a chipper Bunnings fellow pointed me in the right direction with a gleam that told me I was going to make for an amusing lunchroom story so I need a time-out from Bunnings).

  231. My little biscuit monster absolutely adores these bickies. Knowing there are no hidden nasties makes me happy to hand them over whenever she asks!

  232. I love that they are organic and gluten free so my daughter is able to eat these yummy snacks!

  233. Stacey Bennett Reply

    My 2 boys are snackaholics! I try and make sure they are healthy snacks but they want otherwise. I love that these biscuits are organic and gluten free. I just know my boys will love them!

  234. I would love to try these, my son is gluten free and it can be hard to find new, fun snacks for him to have – these look great & im sure he’d love to try them

  235. Jules Coombs Reply

    We’d love to give these yummy snacks a try. I’ve tried quite a few of their products and even eaten some of their cookies while in Byron Bay! But we have yet to try these biscuits. My 2yr old son is a picky eater, and he’s always on the go so if we can find a healthy alternative to the many packaged treats out there that aren’t very nutritious, it would be a huge win. Guilt-less mama and happy child!

  236. Nicole- soon to be Mum of three Reply

    I personally love Byron Bay cookies and my 3 and 1 year olds love picking the smarties off the top of my Dottie cookies. With another baby on the way I will have more little mouth to feed with delicious, Byron bay cookies. 🙂

  237. Elizabeth Crosby Reply

    I have three hungry kids who I’m always looking for great snacks for after school/daycare or to add with their lunches. Would be so fun to try something different

  238. Catie Browning Reply

    My little one is a cookie-holic, but I’m honestly not a fan of all the sugar and additives. I’d love to be able to give her a healthier and more natural option, and this would tick all the boxes!

  239. AMY MCMANUS Reply

    Having 3 gluten free kids it’s a challenge finding them treats they can eat. We’ve bought the malt ones of these before and they’re amazing! Awesome bikkie and my 5yr old loves them in his lunch box as a treat…. It’s his “tiny teddy” substitute

  240. Because we lurve cookies….have 7 kids and 2 toddlers who adore trying new things!

  241. Super excited to give these a try! I LOVE the adult version, and I’m sure we will love the kids ones too!

  242. My baby is just starting with solids. Would love to try these gluten free cookies

  243. Carlie Christie Reply

    I love that they are individually wrapped, are baked and are organic! But I especially love that a portion of the profit goes to Aussie Zoo Wildlife Warriors!! My kids will get to see to see the animals on the biscuits and know who they’re helping while enjoying a delicious snack!

  244. Kim McDonough Reply

    My little boy would love to try these, he loves cookies and I love that these are organic and contain nothing artificial. He is also a big lover of animals so he would get a real kick out of these!

  245. Leanne Burton Reply

    My daughter would love to try your cookies. She has allergies and I’m always looking for a good product to introduce into our cupboard and her diet. We always try and buy a product that supports good elsewhere and seeing it helps one of our Aussie Zoo’s is great. Having a new baby also will come in handy when teething down the track also. Thanks!

  246. My four year old son would love to try these! He is constantly snacking and being able to have these in my bag would make it a LOT easier when halfway home I hear the “mum, I’m starving!” call lol! I love that they’re individually wrapped so I can quickly grab them as we are leaving and they aren’t going to leave a mess in the bag if it accidentally gets squished.

  247. My kids would love the taste and shapes of the biscuits and I love the brand as they are so tasty. The individually wrapped packs would be great for when we have activities outside home too.

  248. Leisa Sandles Reply

    My 2 year old little man (also known as the mini cookie monster!) is all about finger foods at the moment, and he just LOVES his cookies (and so does his Mum!). I LOVE that they are AUSTRALIAN MADE, I LOVE that they are relatively HEALTHY for a cookie!, I LOVE that they are individually packaged (easy snack on the go), I LOVE the fact that each purchase helps the AUSTRALIAN WILDLIFE, but most of all I LOVE the fact that each package will contain 2 SURPRISES for the lucky Mums!!!!

  249. I would love to win as i have 2 picky eaters and am expecting my 3rd baby in 6 weeks . This would be good to have ready for the boys for when im in hospital

  250. Love the sound of your Byron Bay Cookies…have been a follower on your FB page for ages and have ogled your cookies. I love how natural they are and the fact that having something that spoils oneself, doesn’t always have to be a nightmare for the hips….not that my gorgeous niece thinks about her non-existent hips….she just hears the word ‘cookie’ and I swear, it’s like she’s possessed. My dilemma will be where to hide the cookies from the Grandparents and the little one…..the three of them are all as bad as each other. And I’m sure, if we’re lucky enough to be chosen to trial these kiddie cookies, I will have to taste one myself….

  251. I love Byron Bay cookies, one of the tastiest I’ve found since being diagnosed with coeliac disease. Always looking for new products to try for the lunchbox and these look perfect! I would love to try them

  252. Bianca Hensman Reply

    I love baking but I don’t always have time & it would be awesome to have some homemade like options available to pop in the kids’ lunchboxes!

  253. They look amazing! My kids would LOVE to try them! …..then they can leave mine alone 🙂

  254. They look like a fantastic healthy treat for the kids, we’d love to give them a go 🙂

  255. We buy so many packets of biscuits a week it would be great to be able to give the kids something they love but a healthier option.

  256. They look delicious and healthy. Two things that are essential when trying to tempt my toddler with food

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