Choco Loco! Caramilk Chocolate is Back and People Are Paying Big Bucks For It!

The latest must-have product ALL mums need is none other than a bar of chocolate. Because chocolate fixes everything. 

That’s right – a $5 Cadbury chocolate bar is leaving social media aflutter and causing serious chocolate-envy in those who can’t get their hands on the coveted caramelised white chocolate bar.

Some chocolate lovers are even paying hundreds of dollars for the limited-edition chocolate on eBay. That’s some serious Caramilk fetish! Even a recent recall on some bars can’t stop the Caramilk love.

Caramilk chocolate bars
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Known as Caramilk (not to be confused with Caramello, another Cadbury favourite), this recently revealed chocolate is pretty much heaven in bar form.

You had me at “caramelised white chocolate”

When you caramelise white chocolate, you pretty much know it’s going to end in a serious chocolategasm. And it certainly didn’t take long for ALL of Australia to become obsessed with the Cadbury white chocolate gold mine.

Caramilk on ebay
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Pretty much every supermarket, servo station and corner store have sold out. Many people are turning to eBay to cash in on the Cadbury rush, with seven bars selling for $150. That’s $21.40 each. 

Caramilk Deja Vu

Although new to this decade, Caramilk has dropped down from heaven to earth once before in 1994. The Caramilk rush of ’94 was just as intense and short-lived with Cadbury discontinuing the popular product shortly after releasing it.

Caramilk limit in grocery store
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Here’s hoping they don’t decide to do the same this time around!

Calm your cravings with this Caramilk recipe

But before you hit the shops and inevitably come home empty-handed in your quest for gooey chocolate glory, we’ve uncovered a Caramilk recipe, courtesy of chef and author David Lebovitz. All you need is a block or two of Cadbury’s regular white chocolate and an hour or two of time.

Sure, it doesn’t come with the same satisfaction you get when opening a chocolate bar wrapping (and hoping your kids don’t hear the sound as you hide in the bathroom eating it).

But it tastes pretty much the same. Of course, if you don’t want to make your own, you can always apply for this job as an official Cadbury taste tester.

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