Calling All Chocoholics, You Can Now Apply to Be a Cadbury Taste Tester!


If ever there was a dream job made for mums, it has to be this. Cadbury is looking for taste testers (YES, TASTE TESTERS!).

And they’ll actually PAY you to eat chocolate. Hey, Cadbury. PLEASE PICK ME, I have outstanding skills in this area.

But, like with all dream jobs, there’s a catch. To be an official Cadbury taste tester, you’ll have to move to England. Small price, we say! Want to apply? Then read on.

Show us the chocolate

Mondelez International, the company behind household favourite brands Oreo and Cadbury, is offering Reading (UK) based jobs to chocolate enthusiasts willing to taste chocolate and give their opinion.

Let’s be honest, many of us already do this on any given day of the week – usually while hiding in the pantry – but now you can be PAID FOR IT. And you won’t have to share with the kids! Both full time and part time positions are available, earning around £9 per hour (AUD$16). That’s surely money for jam chocolate. Frankly speaking, we don’t think there’s ever been a sweeter deal.

No previous experience required

The job states that no previous experience is required. Though on a personal level, I beg to differ. I’ll mow down a Cadbury Snack Block quicker than the kids will ask Can I have..? Not to mention that flavour discrimination is not for me – I won’t let those pesky caramel squares put me off devouring the delicious strawberry, pineapple and orange fondants. It’s tolerance at its finest.

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If taste testing chocolate sounds right up your alley (and within your waist band), don’t dilly-dally. Applications to be an official Cadbury taste tester need to be in by 16 February 2018. You’ll find all the details you need at Mondelez International. May all your Willy Wonka dreams come true!

Want another reason to tuck into that chocolatey goodness, especially if you’re preggers? Science says eating chocolate can actually help your baby grow. Pass the family block, thanks!

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