The hot cross buns have hit shelves. At least one child you know has had a breakdown in the supermarket over an oversized chocolate bunny.

It can only mean one thing; Easter is just around the corner.

Alongside tasty buns and chocolate galore, Easter also means egg hunts and one of the best loved is the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt and Family Picnic. The hunt is back at beautiful Werribee Park in Melbourne’s west on Friday, 30 March, 2018. Kids can egg-haust themselves hunting for 400,000 Cadbury chocolate eggs hidden in the park. And we have TWO family passes to give away!

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt and Family Picnic

What better way to feel good about your kids’ choccie consumption than by encouraging them to forage ‘in the wild’ for their treats? #practicallypaleo

Like preceding years, all money raised goes to the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal. Which is a pretty good reason to grab some tickets and let the kids run around like – well – rabbits!

Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt and Family Picnic

The Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt and Family Picnic isn’t just about the sweet brown stuff. There’s also a carnival, pony rides, face painting and arts and crafts. So pack a picnic basket and make it a fun day out for the whole family.

Tickets always sell out fast so families are encouraged to get in quick to make sure they don’t miss out. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Ticketmaster.


Egg-citing news! Mum Central have TWO family passes, valued  at $60 each, to give away to the Melbourne event! If you live in Melbourne – or are willing to travel – just fill in the form below for a chance to win a family pass to the 2018 Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt and Family Picnic. Hop to it and good luck!

Win 1 of 2 Family Passes to the Cadbury 2018 Easter Egg Hunt and Family Picnic


Naomi is 3/4 latte drinking, peanut butter obsessed former magazine girl who now does stuff with words for a living while juggling 2.5 kids, 2 cats, 1 rabbit, husband and an unhealthy obsession with slow cooking.


  1. What better way to raise money and create a special memory than a picnic with family and friends at the Cadbury 2018 Easter Egg Hunt Family Picnic at the best setting – Werribee Mansion! With fond memories as children we love to keep the magic alive and share this event with ours. To win tickets to an event we have only heard amazing things about would be priceless to our families. We have tried to book tickets in the past but were unfortunate both times. Hopefully the Easter Bunny will hop by our way and wish us a very HOPPY EASTER!!

    • My 2nd son Nash was born at 26 weeks last year. And spent 125 days in the children’s hospital. Ive always loved watching the appeal since i was a kid. Now having my own child be apart of the children’s hospital i have seen what am amazing hospital it really is. I would love to take my 3 year old and our little boy Nash who’s 10 months (7 months) it will be his 1st Easter this year. Would be a lovely day out for my little family

    • My two kid’s love Easter and absolutely enjoy Easter Egg hunts. They would love to do this, and would have so much fun!

    • Would looooove to win these tickets for my boys! I tried to purchase tickets but they are sold out!! We are a defence force family and don’t know how much longer we will be living in this amazing city! I am trying to expose the boys to as many amazing things Melbourne has to offer while we are here. This would be one of them.

    • Would love to go as have never been before. It will also be the first Easter my husband won’t be working so we can finally enjoy Easter as a family. It will also be our little boys first Easter.

    • Wow, sounds like a wonderful day out for the whole family, especially the kids who so enjoy seeing easter bunny, eating cadbury chocolate (the best) and playing racing games.
      Wish we could go!

    • Vesna Devcic Reply

      What a great event for families and we would love to attend a real Easter hunt!

    • What a special experience to share with your family. We cant afford to go as we have lost our jobs and would have been a wonderful thrill for our only son. Everyone deserves to win and wishing everyone good luck and good health. This is a special fundraiser which we do pray that so much money gets raised for the children’s hospital. The staff at the hospital are magical wonderful people and you cant put a price on what they do. We have encounted there help on several occasions and hope that they just get bigger and better.

    • my 3 muffins Reply

      First and last since I ever attended was 2004 and it was an spectacular experience. I have been volunteering for many years every Good Friday appeal, however this year decided that I would love to spend quality time with my 3 muffins and thought of this amazing memory filled event however was unfortunately to late to purchase tickets
      However never mind there is always next time and I wish every family the best of luck and to have an absolute ball

  2. Pony rides , A carnival and Face painting are just a few of our favourite things ,A Family picnic to top it all off would be a perfect day !

  3. Teagan Morelli Reply

    Each year we support the Royal Children’s Hospital by attending and donating to the Good Friday Appeal. My husband and neice both spent a lot of time at RCH after birth so it’s close to our hearts. Having a 3 year old ourselves now, we would love to see her face light up at this amazing event which raises much needed funds for such a worthy cause.

  4. This Easter my family would absolutely go balistic to hear that we won a family pass to the werribbe mansion egg hunt. They would all be hopping mad! What better way to celebrate, than to be with the ones I love and amongst a happy community of chocolate lovers

  5. I’d love to treat the 2 more precious little people in my life, my grandchildren, to the Easter Egg Hunt. We’ve missed out on tickets before so they would love it and I’d like nothing more to see the joy on their faces.

  6. This is something I have always wanted to do but never had the chance, this year I hope I will!

  7. We spent a week at the Children’s hospital on our little bubbas 2nd week of life, staff are absolutely amazing and make such a hard time just that little bit easier

  8. Would love to take my kids to the Easter egg hunt my son would absolutely love it as it’s his first Easter where he understands the Easter bunny

  9. Sharlene connors Reply

    This would be so epic! As a family our easter is full of love,surprises, mystery and fun! We would love to go to the Easter egg hunt and explore everything it has to offer! I think us adults will have more fun then the kids

  10. Lauren Henry Reply

    This event will not only be an amazing family fun filled day out but the meaning behind it is something close to many of our hearts. Having young children means giving to the rch good friday appeal is a must for most families especially ours. We would love to celebrate our Easter at this wonderful day out.

  11. We love supporting the RCH, and more so this year as all 3 of.our children have been patients in the last 12 months. On top of their own hospital visits, losing their beloved Nanny 10 days after she was diagnosed with cancer has been rough and I would love to see them carefree and smiling again

  12. We have never been to an organized Easter Egg Hunt with the kids, this seems like a lovely one to go to. 🙂

  13. Leasha Green Reply

    This has been our family tradition for the last 7 years. So many great memories with my husband and kids. Sadly missed out on tickets this year Hoping we’re lucky enough to win a family pass

  14. We would love to win. Weve always wanted to go but never had the time. This year we do!

  15. Stacey Navarro Reply

    My son absolutely loves Werribee mansion and Easter so what a perfect way to enjoy two of his favourite things. Plus it’s a great way to help such a great cause.

  16. I would love to surprise my twin niece and nephew with this fantastic surprise following a difficult year of health issues..

  17. We would love to be considered as we don’t get the opportunity to travel over the other side of the city much and my 2 girls would be so excited to go to this event. This would be a great family outing for us and to support RCH Good Friday Appeal is a tradition for us.

  18. I would love to spend a day out with my beautiful family, all the while knowing that the money you spend on the day is going to a worthy and much needed cause. Having 2 little girls – I know just how precious children are to their mummy’s and daddy’s.

  19. Easter is a really special time and a family day involving lots of chocolate and insanely happy kids couldnt get any better.

  20. This year our son will be 20 months old at Easter and knows about chocolate! Is would be wonderful to watch him run around having fun with other children on this magical event!

  21. This fantastic event has become a tradition for us & we never miss it! What better way to raise much needed funds for such a worthy cause than celebrating & eating Cadbury eggs.

  22. Mary Irwin Reply

    Because I love my Kids (to the moon and back 1000x), I love Choclate! I Love Cadbury’s, I love Werribee (the zoo is literally my second home, ask my hubby who mocks me relentlessly about using child education to hide my obsession ) and I love Mum Central so you will be supporting all my lives in one perfect day!! Perfect Easter!

  23. Jodie Fitzgerald Reply

    We would love to win this as my son is autistic and we are so excited that in 2017 Sammy actually understood about christmas, this year he has started getting excited about, and understanding the concept of Easter.

    My daughter would love this as she is a chocolate fiend.

  24. This would be the perfect outing to celebrate my granddaughter’s birthday. Hot cross buns, Easter bunny and an Easter egg hunt what more could a little girl turning 4 possibly want, and we’d get to help The Royal Children’s Hospital to boot (the place that saved her favourite uncle’s life).

  25. To have a fun family day out spending some quality time together. What else is more important. Seeing the fun and smiles on my girls faces would be priceless. Having never been to this event before I would love to experience this with my family.

  26. Annie Brixton Reply

    As a parent of a child who regularly visits RCH I am aware of the necessity of raising money to support the hospital that we are so blessed to have care for our kids.
    We have been going to the Eater egg hunt at werribee mansion for the past 8 years with our three boys and it’s our favorite day of the year.
    Such a fun and lovely day out while raising money that is very needed

  27. The Royal Children’s Hospital saved my son’s life when he was 3 years old and I have always given back as much as I can. we are truly blessed to have such a great healthcare system and I would love to spoil my boys on Easter with a magical easter egg hunt

  28. I’ve always wanted to go the Werribee mansion and spend Good Friday together as a family ecelbrating Easter and raising money for the most worthy cause.

  29. Such a good cause to support the RCH, and Cadbury never let them down. Missed out on tickets this year, but would love to take my kids, as they look forward to it every year. :o(

  30. We are unable to go on our annual Easter holiday due to my husbands cancer diagnosis resulting in no pay for 6 months. A family pass would be a wonderful Easter Treat for the kids

  31. Charley Tankard Reply

    To do something different with the family I’m over camping and it’s for such a great cause and everyone enjoys themselves

  32. Put me out of my chocolate craving misery by allowing me to revel in the deliciousness of this Super Fun day out with my daughters

  33. Natalie Mamotte Reply

    Both my son and daughter would absolutely cherish this experience! My husband and I too!! It’s so nice to be able to do fun things as a family!!

  34. I would love to take my niece and nephew to this. I love to see their faces light up with excitement. Plus all the money raised from this event goes to a wonderful cause.

  35. Katherine Smith Reply

    We’re a family that attend the RCH frequently and donate each year to the good Friday appeal. This year, together with our donation, it would be great for our kids to have a little fun and the egg hunt would be a wonderful way of doing that.

  36. Caroline Gunawan Reply

    We have never been to this event before as it is always sold out in advance. My kids (9 yo boy and 5 yo girl) would be ecstatic if we can go this yeat.

  37. Teresa Nauer Reply

    Would love for my kids to experience a egg hunt that helps support a worthy cause and enjoy the atmosphere with fun and games

  38. Jaydene Jusseit Reply

    It would e totally eggselent if I could take my son to this egg hunt. What an eggstravaganza that we would love to be a part of. Both me and my son would be totally eggstatic.

  39. I would love to win as we have never done this before and I think that it would be an amazing day has by my whole family.

  40. My kid has chocolate radar. If I won this I would be the best mum in the world.

  41. I would love to see a 30-40 age group for this hunt. How awesome to see a bunch of parents fight for the humpty eggs!!

  42. Katie warwick Reply

    My kiddies would absolutely love this.. actually so would the hubby! it looks like it would be an amazing day out for everyone!

  43. We all love a good treasure hunt, especially if we are rewarded with chocolate eggs!

  44. EmilyParsons Reply

    It would mean we get time as a family to to relax and have fun together which we havent had a lot of this year.

  45. The royal children’s hospital is an amazing hospital to support! Plus who doesn’t love some chocolate?! Happy Easter

  46. My 3 kids love Easter! We’ve never been to the Easter egg hunt but I can just picture the look of bliss on their faces

  47. We have been taking our daughters to this event for the last 5 years and it has become an easter highlight for them. Unfortunately as a nursing student who is going to be on placement for a total of 11 weeks this year (7 of which will be at The Royal children’s Hospital) I don’t have much disposable income. It is a fun filled day full of love laughter chocolate and games that raises money for a fantastic hospital that helps so many people.

  48. Amanda Giffard Reply

    We are a Cadbury chocolate living family here and I’d simply love to treat my kids this Easter to a fun family day out! We have never been to anything like this and I can just imagine the smiles on my little girl’s faces as they see all the Easter fun and of course the chocolate! Plus it is supporting a charity that I really like to get behind and support whenever we can, such important work they do, a fun day out for a fantastic cause! Win-win!

  49. Jan Vincent Lao Reply

    Because it’s for a good cause and it will be my daughter’s first time

  50. Mary Joanne Ruth Lao Reply

    A new experience for my little one for a good cause

  51. Would love to win this eggcellent prize it’s such a fun filles day for the whole family and all for a good cause.

  52. A Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt would be an amazing sweet treat for the family.

  53. Amy cannan Reply

    A great way to spend the Easter celebrations with friends and family and even better it’s for a good cause to bring a little bit if joy to other families.

  54. This would be an amazing experience for my boys who are all chocoholics!! As someone who has spent considerable time at a children’s hospital for one of my boys, there is not a better cause than raising funds for these wonderful hospitals and their dedicated and passionate staff.

  55. It’s an amazing experience for my children and such a fun and exciting atmosphere!

  56. Lisa Brooker Reply

    I have the biggest chocolate addiction and passed on to my son. What better excuse to finally check out Werribee!

  57. My Children would love to have a larger hunt as i stage one in the house for the kids, They both love to eat chocolate.

  58. I’ve heard the egg hunt is a wonderful family event. This would be a great day out for my family, and my 4 year old is at a great age where she is beginning to understand and enjoy activities like this.

  59. I would love to be part of this amazing family event. I always miss out on buying the tickets and this year my English in laws will be here visiting so it would be wonderful to take them along! I have a 5 week old and a 3 year old, and ANY chance to get out of the house is great!!

  60. My boys would love to experience an egg hunt like this, it’s great that proceeds help support a worthy cause too!

  61. With 2 little ones at home this would be an ideal way to spend the day. Chocolates, pony rides what else can 2 little girls ask for?

  62. Rachel Chng Reply

    Would love to take my 4 year old for his first ever Easter Egg Hunt. He would be stoked if we won especially with all the cool activities around! Best of all, it’s all to support the Good Friday Appeal!

  63. Our girls are 5 and 7. They have been an incredible help over the last 2 years during my wife’s pregnancy and with our new twins. It would be nice to tell them how much we appreciate their love and help. They are great little girls.

  64. Fantastic event for a great cause and so much fun for the family.

  65. My son has just started to enjoy chocolate, I couldn’t think of a better way to help aid his new found love. Then to also be helping such a good cause…this is a great opportunity!

  66. Sara Mercuri Reply

    My three boys would absolutely love this. We have never been on an Easter egg hunt before.

  67. Kristen Brett-Furner Reply

    I would love to win this competition to have a great family day out with my two little men and husband filled with fun, excitement and giggles

  68. Would love to win as I have never been able to get tickets! My little girls would love this so much ❤️

  69. Amanda Sutter Reply

    When I was 5 a hole waa discovered in my heart and i went into the children’s hospital for a week over my 6th birthday. The hospital is amazing and every year I try to do something to support and help raise money for the royal children’s hospital. What would be more fun than an Easter egg hunt for my 2 kids

  70. Melissa Halstead Reply

    I love hearing the fun and laughter as my kids run in for the eggs, add to that the fact that whole day is for the worlds most tremendous charity and it makes the whole day so much more special.

  71. Easter is an exciting time for my little ones. What a wonderful way to spend the day as a family. Full of laughter and memories.

  72. I would love to take my family as I’d have my baby boy and my little girl would be so excited to go on an easter egg hunt as a big family with her new baby brother.

  73. Everything my daughter would love Pony Rides chocolate egg hunt and Anmials to see
    Thank you for the competition
    Good luck everyone

  74. Crystal colee Reply

    I’d so love to win this for an amazing day out with our 3 kids . Easter is their favourite time of year because they love the Easter bunny and always leave him out little treats . This would be their dream day ! And what better than to also support a great cause

  75. Indrani Sinha Reply

    Its an amazing and exciting event for both kids and adults. An eggcellent way to celebrate Easter and spend some wonderful time with family!

  76. As a single Mum I know My children would love to celebrate the day meeting the Cadbury Easter bunny and raising money for such a worthwhile cause being the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal to say thanks for the care they give my daughter. Also I’m sure they would love to hunt for a few Easter eggs aswell.

  77. Easter is a special time for our family. This would be a fantastic day out, coupled with a reminder of how truly lucky we are to have happy and healthy children. Of course, chocolate is a welcome bonus!

  78. Kim Campbell Reply

    Apart from this being for a great cause I have a little nephew who would love this, he is 17 months old and having chocolate all of his face and hands brings the biggest smile to his face and mine.

  79. Katherine Bamford Reply

    New to Melbourne. Lover of chocolate. A softy for raising money. A sucker for anything outdoorsy and fun! A beautiful day out with my family, creating delicious memories and helping those in need at this special time of year.

  80. My kids would be so eggcited to go and it would be eggtra special as daddy has been away working the past couple of easters but is home this year for it.

  81. Christine Lag Reply

    I have had alot of health issue the past 4 months and I could think of a better way for us to spend time as a family and celebrating Easter but to go to the Cadbury Easter Hunt, Master 8 and Miss 6 would absolutely love it and we have never done anything like that before.

  82. We missed out on tickets this year, and it’s our good Friday tradition for the past 12 year’s.

  83. JacquelineH Reply

    I have two children and have never been able to take them to this event. It would be a great day out with my family. And it’s for a great cause!!

  84. Sarah Antonopoulos Reply

    It would be an amazing family day out, celebrating Easter, raising money for a great cause and hunting for the chocolates… for the kids of course!!!

  85. Louise Patterson Reply

    Cadbury and Easter go together so deliciously ! This looks like so much fun 🙂

  86. Magic day with great entertainment, rides, old fashioned picnic fun with magic from Easter bunny. What better way to spend time with the family raising funds for RCH

  87. A great family day out while also supporting a fantastic hospital that has helped both of my children.

  88. Would love to take my kids, rch is a fundraiser very very close to my heart and i could think of nothing better than a family day out whilst raising money for such a special hospital ❤️

  89. As parents we all know nothing is better than the smile of the face of a child after recovering from illness.
    Thank you RCH ,The good Friday appeal and Cadbury.

  90. What a great family day out and what better way to raise funds for a great cause. I have never been to the Cadbury hunt as I have always missed out on getting tickets. Would love to take my 2 year old daighter and hubby

  91. We are new to melb and dont live far away. I would love to start a new family tradition and also support such a worthy cause. My eldest when she was born- was in the Royal Darwin icq, so I know how important it is to support our hospitals.

  92. My kids love Easter especially the morning Easter egg hunt. The excitement on their faces when they see that the Easter Bunny has come brings us so much joy. They would absolutely love attending the Cadbury Easter Egg hunt and enjoy a family picnic. The RCH has a special place in our heart due to spending some time there between hospital stays and specialist appointments, so any way to raise money for the Good Friday Appeal is a winner for our family.

  93. Billy James Reply

    My little man has lost his sparkle for Easter,this would bring back the magic

  94. Jane davies Reply

    I have 5 kids and since my eldest was two we have tried each year to get tickets but have missed out. I would love for them to have a turn at the easter hunt before they stop believing in the magic of easter

  95. Honestly, I never have the money to take my kods to something exciting and worthwhile like this. The joy on their faces would be amazing!!!

  96. Melissa Turner Reply

    It sounds like a magical picnic in a beautiful garden with wonderful things to keep the kids delighted!

  97. Pik Ching Ho Reply

    It sounds like a wonderful family event to us! We love Cadbury so much and kids will be definitely having a fun time if we able to attend this special event! Thanks

  98. Family tradition to do Easter egg hunts going on 4 generations now. My kids still anticipate waking to go looking in bushes and pots for eggs! We just love it.

  99. Billie Campbell Reply

    My daughters would absolutely love it! My eldest loves to look for things so this would be perfect for her!

  100. Tickets are sold out so unless I win some I won’t be able to take my beautiful family. I like knowing that any money I spend on the day will be going to a great place for a great cause. Having 2 little girls I know just how precious and important these little beings are to their mummy’s and daddys x

  101. Lana Colville Reply

    We would love this family pass for the Cadbury Easter hunt. With our work we don’t get to see each other often and do fun activities with our young daughter. This would be so much fun for us all to attend.

  102. I live in QLD now but would love to win the tickets to give to my friend Kate so she can take her three kids – they really deserve a fun day out.

  103. I’d love to win this for my girls as my 3.5yr old has been asking every morning this wk if we can check if the easter bunny has come

  104. Anne-Marie Reply

    So my children can give the big fluffy Cadbury bunny a cuddle followed by a big dish of chocolate for lunch ❤

  105. Rachel Tindale Reply

    Because I love to see surprise and excitement in my sons eyes (he is 2). It makes me feel happy and warm inside. And, he hasnt gone on an easter hunt yet.

  106. RCH is the only fundraiser we donate to Every year.
    I usually have an Easter party at home, with a hunt and activities, but giving it a miss this year so would be great for the kids to not miss out

  107. Marilyn Long Reply

    Because who doesn’t love the opportunity to collect as many chocolate eggs as possible??? This would be an extremely fun day with my 2 boys and husband. One they will remember for a long time.

  108. It would be fantastic if we won my daughter would have an absolute ball

  109. I have not done anything really special with the kids for easter, and heard about this hunt for the first time last year, my daughter absolutely loves bunnies, and would be so excited as would my other children, and me i only eat Cadbury chocolate, yum

  110. Tracy Painter Reply

    Noe that my daughter is old enough to run around, I think she would have an absolute blast at this event.

  111. Melita Malone Reply

    Great family outdoor adventure with yummy Cadbury chocolate.

  112. Richard Harrison Reply

    With a 8 year gap between my kids, it’s tricky to find something that all can enjoy!

  113. Melanie Patterson Reply

    Just to have something super different and exciting for the kids to do on Easter. We’ve always done little hunts around the house but this one would be the ultimate one. We’ve had a pretty rough trott at the moment financially and this would just be nice to look forward too.

  114. Tiff Kittelty Reply

    Who wouldn’t want to win tickets to this sort after event. Sounds awesome

  115. Naomi Perumal Reply

    I would love to win tickets to the Cadbury Easter egg hunt as it is the first year my kid’s are old enough to attend and they would have a ball.

  116. Kim Cockburn Reply

    I would love to win this because my son loves the easter bunny and it would be a great day out for us.

  117. my daughter is turning 4 next month and what better way to enjoy her special day with the easter bunny

  118. What a fantastic and fun way to raise money. I would love to win this to take my 2 nieces out for the day. They don’t get out very often and would be wrapped to attend. I can’t take my own daughter yet as she isn’t due till May 🙂

  119. Easter is family time, what better way to spend it then on a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt & Family Picnic. The kids get a great day and the adults get great food and company.

  120. Travelling to Victoria from Queensland for a family gathering this Easter. Have always read about Cadbury’s Weribee Easter Egg hunt from afar. This year there is a distinct chance, at las, that i’ll be able to attend with family members.. Tix? Yes please.

  121. I would love to surprise my niece and nephew and take them for Easter egg hunts!

  122. Sharing the magic of Easter with family. Creating memories and all for a good cause

  123. Tracy burfitt Reply

    What a great day. Wounderful cause, love the Good Friday Appeal.

  124. Sarah-Joe Williams Reply

    We have never been to an easter egg hunter and i would love to share the experience with my family

  125. My two girls are still pretty new to the egg hunt thing. Although they do know what Easter eggs are and enjoy eating those.
    For years I have watched the Good Friday appeal and seen the Cadbury egg hunt and finally I have children who can participate.

  126. I would love to win this for my children.
    An amazing cause to celebrate and donate to.

  127. Georgie Mason Reply

    Every year I live in regret that we didn’t attend the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt and Family Picnic. My sister and I say that that next year we will take our girls because it would be the most wonderful way to experience Easter!

  128. When I was younger I always wanted to go to the Cadbury Easter Egg hunt but my parents never took me. Now that I am a parent myself, I would love for my children to have the opportunity to go that I missed out on – so I can live vicariously through them!

  129. Caryn Hearsch Reply

    I would love to be able to share this day with my grandchildren Aurora and Kody as I have never been in the position to purchase tickets myself. I have supported the cancer centre in other ways as I have lost members of my family to this terrible disease. If I should be lucky enough to win a ticket for my little family I would be so happy to share the day with my grandchildren and give them the opportunity of being aware of what the day really means and how it helps those who are less fortunate.

  130. I can not think of a better way to start the easter celebrations! Watching my 2 yr old run for eggs, spending the day with family at a beaitiful mansion whilst supporting an amazing cause.

  131. My fiancé works shift work and unfortunately misses out on quality family time with myself and our two sons often. To enjoy a family day at the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt at would be absolutely beautiful and grant us the opportunity to be thankful this Easter for our little family and the opportunities for time together.

  132. Rouba Kaakour Reply

    My girls play easter egg hunt in the backyard every year, and absolutley love it, l love seeing there faces pop up with big smiles each time they find an egg, what a wonderful day with massive garden to be at the cadbury easter egg hunt my girls would be estatic.

  133. Loren Mcculloch Reply

    After my partner and i seperating while i was pregnant we have only just gotten together our daughter is now 7 this is our very first easter as a family and feel it would be an amazing memory to make at this event

  134. I would really love to win a family pass because my son would think it’s amazing and I’d like to give my kids a reason to smile and his big sister would be more than happy to help find and eat the Easter eggs 🙂

  135. My husband works away quite often, and has been away every Easter since my eldest (nearly five) was born. This year is the first year he will be home for the Easter break. Being able to hunt for Easter eggs with my husband and my two girls would be an amazing day out for all four of us and be sure to bring lots of smiles, giggles and memories!

  136. Anne-Marie Wingfield Reply

    Our 5 week old bub spent the first 2 weeks of her life at the RCH in the NICU and I would love to be able to take my 3 kids along to have a little Easter magic at this fantastic event and show our support for the amazing hospital.

  137. JOHANNE STONE Reply

    The total joy and excitement on ALL the kids faces. So no need for a sob story as ALL KIDS would love to be part of this exciting day

  138. Rana Robertson Reply

    Wow to be able to raise money for an amazing cause and to see the look of pure joy on my girls faces, it will create memories that last a life time

  139. Rachael Maddock Reply

    My kids and I Easter egg hunts, and Cadbury create THE BEST tasting eggs!

  140. It will be my little boy’s first Easter, what better way to celebrate!

  141. We were lucky enough to attend the Easter egg hunt a few years ago, would love to take my son back again as he had such a great time. He is also obsessed with all things rabbit so it would be heaven for him to hang out with the Easter Bunny.

  142. I would love to win tickets for my little man and husband to go. Its the fist time my little one will be able to try and enjoy a chocolate egg and this isn’t something we could generally afford to just go and do as our budget is very tight. We love the RCH, and have spent a decent amount of time there in the last two years.

    I would love to bring a little extra magic into my sons easter this year.

  143. I have two young children who love getting out and about. We don’t live near Melbourne but it would be great to take them for a fun day out and visit some relatives while we are down there.

  144. Paul McCallum Reply

    Who wouldn’t want to win this? Nothing better than an easter egg hunt and this one is epic! We will go even if we don’t win, but fingers crossed!

  145. Kate Sanford Reply

    I would love to win tickets to the Cadbury Easter egg hunt!! I’ve missed out 4 years in a row!! I never seem to hear when they go on sale and miss out. I think this will be the last year with my son believing in the Easter Bunny now he’s in the senior half of the school so this would be really special for us to win!

  146. Cindy Nickels Reply

    It’s my 10 month old grandsons first Easter and I would love to treat his parents to a wonderful memory of his first Easter with the most amazing family outing ever

  147. I would love to attend this with my little ones and help raise money and beat last years record for the children’s hospital

  148. The Cadbury Easter Egg hunt is all about spending time with your family and supportinga great cause. We all live such busy lives and opportunities like this give us the chance ro truly enjoy what we have. For me, two healthy girls who I feel like are growing faster than I can keep up with. The chocolate Easter egg hunt is a bonus that they would talk about for the next year.

  149. vonnie1964 Reply

    I would absolutely love to take my grandchildren aged 3 and nearly 4 . they would be just so exited to go on a real easter egg hunt

  150. Gina Decapia Reply

    Would love to treat my kids to this after the death of their baby sister at RCH and be involved in such a great cause.

  151. My family would love it and it’s a wonderful way to raise money for an amazing cause.

  152. Alison O'Gorman Reply

    We would be greatly egg-cited to search amongst the beautiful property that is Werribee Park joining the egg-travaganza hunting for the most delicious Cadbury Easter eggs. Egg-ceptional memories will be created. A fun filled family day, happily egg-hausted by all the joy, Cadbury sweet dreams for the girls and boys.

  153. What a wonderful activity,
    For our choc loving family!
    After dad’s been in hospital all week,
    After a nasty accident which knocked him off his feet…
    By Easter he will be ready to join in with family fun,
    The Cadbury Egg Hunt would be number one!
    A family picnic is just what we need,
    To celebrate Daddy’s recovery indeed!

  154. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    This would be just the very best Easter Gift for my 3 and a half exuberant GREAT GRAND SON I would be just the very best GREAT GRANDPARENT around.

  155. To be able to spend time together at such a wonderful family day would be amazing!! Making some awesome family memories xx

  156. Went last year for the first time with my then 2yr old daughter. She had an absolute ball. Seeing that smile on her face was priceless and raising money for such an amazing cause. I’d love to do it all again!!

  157. I try every year to get these tickets, unfortunately I never seem to get any before they sell out. I’ve two girls I’m a single mother and my oldest is 14 so she never got the chance. My youngest is 4 I’d really love to do this with my kids even if it means my 14 year old goes in as an adult. I’m 40 years old and because of thyroid issues it caused me to have multiple strokes last year. Life is a blessing now I make every day count. I would love to experience this with my kids, it’s on my bucket list but honestly it seems impossible to get a ticket. Please MumCentral send us to the Cadbury Easter hunt Good Friday Appeal ✝️

  158. Koshita Wimalaratna Reply

    I love Cadbury chocolate eggs and havent been in an egg hunt since I was 10. What a great way to relive my childhood!

  159. Our kids love exercise and love chocolate. We can kill 2 birds with 1 stone this way.

  160. “Easter is magic, Easter is fun”,
    Say Master 11 & Little Miss 1.
    To attend the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt would be such a treat,
    With games to play, rides & yummy chocolate eggs to eat.
    A special day our whole family could share,
    Creating wonderful memories while we are there..

  161. Diana Angel Reply

    Its a great way to raise the money for the hospital that looks after our precious ones. And its great time for the whole family to enjoy some tasty chocolate!

  162. We don’t normally get a chance to do family activities due to work commitments. Last year I was able to volunteer in the phone room for the good Friday appeal and it was fantastic. Now I have a week old newborn so would love to take her on her first family outing with her big sister and dad and have a fabulous day at Werribee mansion. My 20mo daughter would love to see the Easter bunny.

  163. Rebekah Ballingall Reply

    I’d love to take my son to this as last year the birds attached all his eggs in the garden – he still ate them but it wasn’t the same

  164. Gina Decapia Reply

    What better way for my 4 kids to support the hospital that invested so much time/money/emotion/effort into our whole family while they tried desperately to save our youngest member (unsuccessfully) 5 days before Christmas.
    My 4 little ones (1-6) would love to give back to the hospital, its patients and staff some of what they were given and what more fun/memorable way could there be? ❤️

  165. cheerie murnane Reply

    Never been to a real Easter Egg hunt, we do have them each year around the house, this large one with other families and lots of kids would be a real experience they would always remember.

  166. Cadbury IS the only chocolate, hence the only place to see the real Easter bunny. I’m as excited as my kids are!!!

  167. Rowena McCarthy Reply

    My family loves easter egg hunts as the children find the eggs and mum and dad eat them when there not looking. THis family is a winner!!

  168. Finding Easter eggs my family love the very most
    Love and laughter will be shared by all, guaranteed this Easter we’ll have a ball!

  169. Samantha W Reply

    This looks like so much fun! My kids love Easter egg hunts and this would be so much more exciting than just poking around our garden.

  170. Would love to create memories together as a family happily 🙂 besides, I really really love chocolate

  171. Grab the easter basket, the hunt begins,
    what a great prize to win,
    family bonding-no mobile phones,
    so many easter eggs, our minds will be blown!

  172. Vicky Harrington Reply

    My little twin bunnies and I are eager to hop over to Werribee Mansion and take part in the hunt. No yolks my little chicks are a tad shy, but we’re prepared to egg them on, encourage them to come out of their shell, and scramble across the lawn to hunt high and low for those wonderful eggs. I’ve read so many times before to never put all your eggs in one basket, however just this one time I think we will. I’m sure on our first Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt and Family Picnic adventure, we’ll create fun memories we’ll forever treasure.

  173. C McCarthy Reply

    It all about the magic of Easter Our kids love an Easter hunt and this would be one special hunt!!!

  174. Pinky Hong Anderson Reply

    I’d love to win this family pass.
    I know my 3.5 year old daughter would love the day out and to hunt for the chocolate eggs with the other kids and enjoy some mm
    I’ve taken her the last 2 years and we have a ball but naughty mummy forgot to buy tickets this year and just realised they have sold out so feeling very sad.
    This year she can take her baby sister (6months) along too and show her how it’s done 🙂

  175. I can have fun too without worrying about the aftermath of cleaning to do!

  176. I totally miss egg hunts when i was little. My mum would hide eggs around the hoise and leave brown paper bags outside our doors. The best part was finding eggs much later…. what a great surprise. I want my kids to enjoy easter as much as i did. Spending time with family and just having fun is the best fun to have.

    Aimee v

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