Is an ultrasound the only way to determine the sex of your unborn baby? Apparently not if the latest ancient Chinese gender prediction chart that’s doing the rounds on social media is anything to go by.

Many are actually claiming this to be scarily accurate, unlike many of the old wive’s tales that we used to go by to predict the gender of our unborn baby.  This Chinese gender prediction chart is said to have been found in an ancient royal tomb near Beijing. It’s also hailed as being over 90% accurate in predicting the sex of your baby.

It’s really simple to use too.

Simply match your age at conception (not birth) with the month you conceived and the chart will tell you if it’s a boy or a girl!

Does it guess your baby’s sex correctly?

Try it and see and tell us in the comments below if it was right or wrong!

So, how did it fare? Tell us below, we’d love to hear!


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  1. Christine Clarke Reply

    I am 67 years old and I used the chart to see if it correctly told me the gender of my children who are now 37 and 40 yrs old respectively and the Chinese gender chart was correct for me.

  2. Didn’t prove right for me, my daughter was born last year and according to the chart, depending on age and month of conception, it should have been a baby boy

  3. Shana Van der berg Reply

    According to the chart both my girls are meant to be boys, so I’d say it’s not accurate in my case lol

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