French Couple Sent to Court For Naming Their Baby Liam

Liam – It’s one of the most popular baby names in Australia and rightfully so. The name, meaning ‘strong-willed’ is short, sweet and full of charm. 

But it’s also causing a serous stir for a couple in France. The new parents are currently in the middle of a legal nightmare after choosing the seemingly normal name for their newborn daughter.

Every country has a different set of rules when it comes to baby names. There are certain names that are banned in Australia and around the world and it’s understandable. Lucifer, for example, is generally frowned upon. Turns out, naming your baby after the devil is against the law in many countries.

But then there are certain rules that probably leave you wondering, WHY?

What’s the problem with Liam?

This is the case for baby Liam. Liam’s parents were reported to police after they submitted their daughter’s name after her birth in November 2017.

It’s hard to understand how such a seemingly common name can cause so much drama.

In this instance, it all comes down to gender.

No gender neutral name for you

You see, little Liam is a girl. And the name, Liam, is traditionally used for boys. Apparently choosing a gender neutral name is a big ‘je na sais pas’ over in France, where the baby name laws are quite strict.

According to the prosecution, the baby has been given a name they believe is “contrary to the child’s best interests”. Meaning, the name is “likely to create a risk of gender confusion” that may “harm her in her social relations”. The prosecutor is asking for the parents to be made to choose another name or for the judge to name the baby instead.

Although unisex names are allowed in France, there is usually a slight variation to the name to help distinguish gender. For example, Jean and Jeanne. So, if Liam’s parents opted for Liame, perhaps they wouldn’t be facing court.

But, alas, they didn’t. The couple are hiring a lawyer and will head to trial to fight for their fight to call their daughter, Liam.

Other banned baby names

While Liam is a perfectly acceptable name for both genders in Australia, there are a few names that won’t make it past the Australian Birth Registration. These names include:

  • King
  • Prince
  • Major
  • Saint
  • Sir
  • Australia
  • Satan
  • Sister
  • Captain
  • Duke

You can check banned baby names for the full list. In addition, here are a few other baby names that are not welcomed in different countries:

  • Nutella (France)
  • Anal (New Zealand)
  • Robocop (Mexico)
  • Circumcision (Mexico)
  • Harriet (Iceland)
  • Metallica (Sweden)
  • Duncan (Iceland)
  • Linda (Saudi Arabia)
  • Monkey (Denmark)
  • Nirvana (Portugal)
  • Sarah (Morocco)
  • Tom (Portugal)

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