Urgent Scam Alert: Police Warn Against “Can You Hear Me” Phone Call


If you receive a phone call and you hear someone ask, ‘Can you hear me?‘ police advise you do not speak and hang up immediately. 

The warning follows a scam process which has come from the UK and USA which sees the call receiver repeatedly reply, ‘yes’ to the question and have their voice recorded.

Whilst the words may seem harmless – or as though you could be turning away someone in need, they can actually result in fraud or identify theft.

Using those (ultra annoying!) automated systems that require you to say “yes” to the “Is this correct?” questions the recorded voice can be used to verify banking or other services with voice recognition software. Because the actual voice used is your own it makes disputing unauthorised transactions very difficult when they are discovered.

Sunshine Coast Police warned anyone who received calls of this nature had “serious and legitimate reasons to be concerned, we’re now sharing this post statewide as we believe it to be hitting many areas,” they warned via the Sunshine Coast Daily.

If you receive such a call the recommended cause of action is to not respond at all and hang up. If you have received such a call and answered yes it is important to contact banks and other services which could be impacted immediately.

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