It’s a Magical Care Bears Party for Rose’s Second Birthday!

This mum turned the family’s backyard into a real-life Care-a-Lot with this stunning Care Bears party for her daughter Rose’s second birthday! A rainbow of party fun, prepare to have your Care Bear-loving mind blown!

It was a day to delight in with Care Bears, rainbows and endless backyard fun to be had. Brooke has kindly shared the images with us to inspire any other Care Bears enthusiasts out there for their next shebang. Just take a look at this brilliant setup!

Care Bears party
This party is a Care Bears extravaganza! Source: Jack Hirst Photography

Kmart for Care Bear party must-haves

Posting to the Facebook group, Kmart Home Décor and Hacks Australia, Brooke did point out that a lot of things she used actually did come from Kmart, which is music to our ears, we ALL love Kmart!

Brooke’s Kmart shopping list included the Fillable Cake Stand, Happy Birthday Rainbow Foil Balloon, 100 Piece Play Balls, Wooden Climbing Set, Rainbow Twirl Ribbon, Kira Cushion, 10 Piece Wooden Spoons, Chrome Wire Napkin Holder, Scalloped Edge Loot Bags, Chocolate Coins, Lollipop Rings, Marshmallow Sticks and various other craft items. START THE CAR, WE’RE HEADED TO KMART!

Care Bears party
Brooke found lots of finishing touches at Kmart! Source: Jack Hirst Photography

HOT TIP: If you’re looking for Care Bears party supplies, Big W has an adorable range, instore now!

The backyard becomes Care-a-lot, home to Care Bears

A magical Care Bears party, this setup looks like it stepped straight out of Pinterest. What a beauty it is!

The gift and party food table looked an absolute delight with its simple white tablecloth and skirt swathed in rainbow glory and Care Bears picture bunting.

Care Bears party
Even the bin has a touch of Care Bears, love it! Source: Jack Hirst Photography

I adore this rainbow fabric swag, a really easy but effective DIY for parties. You can hang a piece of dowel or a strong piece of rope or fishing line from one side to the other and drape lengths of coloured fabric to create a backdrop. Perfection!

Care Bears party
Perfect for running off sugar highs, an inflatable slide. Source: Jack Hirst Photography

The family backyard became the ultimate play centre with Brooke setting up play equipment for kids to tire themselves out on, including an inflatable slide where kids could slide into a sea of balls and Care Bears. SO MUCH FUN!

Care Bears party
A pit of balls and bears. Source: Jack Hirst Photography

Kids LOVE to play as much as they love to party, so having various ‘play stations’ around a grassy backyard is perfect. So much to do, and so much party fun to be had!

Care Bears party
Climb on this, slide down that, crawl through this… Source: Jack Hirst Photography

And can we talk about this amazing and magical-looking inflatable rainbow? It’s actually a sprinkler.

Care Bears party
A rainbow sprinkler? WANT. Source: Jack Hirst Photography

The cutest Care Bear and rainbow cake

Rose’s birthday cake was utterly divine and made all the more special with Brooke filling the cake stand with small Care Bears and topping the cake with rainbows and you guessed it – another Care Bear!

Care Bears party
Brooke filled the Kmart cake stand with mini Care Bears. Source: Jack Hirst Photography

It’s Care Bears galore!

Brooke did mention in her Facebook comments that she’s been collecting Care Bears for a little while, finding them on eBay and in Facebook groups dedicated to selling Care Bears. So if you’re wanting a collection as big as Brooke’s, they’re the places to keep your eyes peeled!

Care Bears party
A Care Bear bunting! Source: Jack Hirst Photography

A birthday message you’ll never forget

No part of the backyard went without adorable party details. Care Bears, bunting and rainbow cushions dotted the outdoor furniture and this magnificent larger-than-life birthday sign from Sign Fairy made sure no one forgot it was Rose’s special day.

Care Bears party
Hire a birthday message sign! Source: Jack Hirst Photography

Brooke also made her own large photo backdrop frame with a round frame and some handy printing work from AliExpress. Standing at 2m tall, it’s a mighty impressive DIY!

Care Bears party
An impressive DIY, Brooke! Source: Jack Hirst Photography

We love treats beary much

An absolute whiz on her home printer, Brooke turned the pretty loot bags into something berry special indeed.

Care Bears party
The prettiest loot bags you ever did see. Source: Jack Hirst Photography

And those Pinterest-worthy fairy floss tubs? They’re from Big W, Brooke replaced the original label with custom labels she printed at home on sticky paper. Genius!

Care Bears party
Sooooo cute! Source: Jack Hirst Photography

We take our party hats off to you Brooke, what a magical Care Bears party this and we already can’t wait to see what you do next year. Happy birthday, Rose!

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