Toddler’s Hilariously Unexpected Birthday Party Request Goes Viral

Ask any toddler what type of birthday party they want and you’ll probably be met with something along the lines of Bluey, Blippi, Gabby, Meeka, Wiggles, Ponies, Unicorns or Taylor Swift (if your toddler has a big sister).

But this tot had other plans for her third birthday party celebration. And no one was going to change her mind.

Caution, Funny Party Request Coming Up

Gigi made it very clear to her dad, radio host Adam Percival that she would like a “sign” birthday party. And by signs, we literally mean “signs”.

Funny Birthday Party theme - Signs
Gigi’s dad shared her request via Instagram. Source: Instagram

Warning signs. Slippery When Wet signs. No smoking signs. No entry signs. Stop signs. Fasten Seatbelt signs. ALL the signs!

No smoking sign party
Gigi’s latest obsession is, you guessed it, signs. Source: Instagram

No Smoking Party

Clearly, Gigi loves signs and her favourite sign is the “no smoking” sign. So, of course, she requested a “no smoking” cake and it may be the best cake ever.

No Smoking Sign Party
GiGi’s No Smoking Cake. Source: Instagram

Her dad shared her sign birthday party request as well as her party decorations which included everything his daughter asked for.

“Just your typical 3-year-old birthday party…signs are her new thing,” wrote Gigi’s dad as he shared a video of the party.

The party featured plenty of signs for the little one to look at and decipher as well as cookie-themed signs with all sorts of warnings.

Little girl's no smoking sign birthday party
How yummy do these sign cookies look? Source: Instagram

But the cutest thing in the video has got to be Gigi’s reaction to her assortment of signs. The video has been seen thousands of times with hundreds and thousands of comments and likes. And we can see why! Too cute.


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I have to admit this is one of the funniest birthday themes I’ve ever come across. You’ve gotta love kids and their random obsessions.

I remember my brother was obsessed with garbage trucks for years and years while a friend of mine’s son used to sleep with a tin of baked beans every night for weeks. Luckily she didn’t need to throw him a baked bean party.

More hilarious birthday party requests from kids

The comment section proved that it was not just Adam’s daughter who had some weird birthday requests.

One mum said her son asked for a “Napolean” themed party (not the ice cream flavour, the French ruler). Another said she hosted an Ancient Egypt party for a five-year-old while another mum shared her son requested a Chemist Warehouse-themed party one year. I’ve also heard of kids requesting Kmart, Target and Bunnings parties.

Huff Post asked their readers to share some of their kids’ most unusual birthday party requests and they are also pee-my-pants funny.

  1. A personal injury lawyer party (based on a commercial for the lawyer that the child had seen on TV).
  2. A poo-themed party (this one is actually quite popular with tots).
  3. A Geico-themed party. Not gecko. Geico. Like the Geico Insurance gecko (the equivalent to a ‘Compare the Meerkat’ party here).
  4. A Golden Girls-themed party, requested by a two-year-old.
  5. A Duct Tape party. I mean, who doesn’t love duct tape?
  6. An ear-themed party. The cake was a giant ear. Like an actual ear.
  7. A Kathy Lee Gifford party.
  8. An elevator party.

What’s the funniest birthday party theme your little one has asked for?

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