Proud new parents Charli Robinson and Liam Talbot have released the first pics of their baby girl. And we’re already in love.

Say hello to little Kensington Claire Talbot. Isn’t she totally adorbs?

The loved-up couple have just shared images of their first child in a sweet photo shoot with New Idea magazine. It’s the first fans have seen of Little Kensy, who arrived on 27 December, 2018. four weeks earlier than her due date.

Little princess

Tiny Kensy weighs just 2.4kg, but the pair say she is doing great and is perfectly healthy.

”I must admit I was so worried that she might have suffered health-wise, coming early, but the doctors were like, ‘don’t worry, she’s perfectly cooked’ and that was a huge relief,” Charli tells New Idea.

“I was singing ‘All I want for Christmas’ too much, I think!”

The TV presenter and her race-car driving partner were especially worried after Charli suffered a miscarriage during a previous pregnancy.

“I’m in a love bubble. This is true love. This is the most important thing to us … It’s such a brand new world,” she says. “But we are so grateful.”

Image source: New Idea

Doting Dad

Charli says Liam was at her side through the whole thing. ”Liam was amazing,” she says. “He didn’t get squeamish, he was so brave, he cut the umbilical cord and I didn’t even realise.”

“It was magical,” Liam, 36, adds. “It was amazing.” In fact, he found it so magical, he wants to do it again!

”He went through all my symptoms with me,” explains Charli, “and despite going through them, he said, ‘let’s have another one straight away!’”

You never know, we might create our own little Hi5 group.”

Mum and bub doing well

After going through the 18 hour labour, drug free, Charli says she was “completely exhausted” and has a “new respect for women.”

“Childbirth is just such an amazing thing to go through.”

But now they’re home, both mum and bub are doing well and Kensy is breastfeeding like a natural.

”Kensington is so perfect,” the 37-year-old new mum says.

“I breastfed her immediately. She latched on straight away – I couldn’t believe she knew what to do. She is such a great feeder and I am so grateful I can breastfeed.”

But while the feeding is going well, Charli admits the sleepless nights are hard!

”We will adjust,” she says. “I’m just going to live my life in pyjamas at the moment.” We’ve all been there, mama.

Charli Robinson Liam Talbot Baby kiss

Named for Granddad

”Her name Kensington, or Kensy, came about as we wanted something that represented Liam’s late father, Ken.” Charli explains. Billionaire mining tycoon, Ken Talbot, was killed in 2010 in a plane crash.

”When we saw it, we thought it was a strong name and we loved it.”

Back on our screens

For now, Charli is just enjoying her maternity leave and making the most of her precious time with baby Kensy. But she says she will return to Channel Nine’s Getaway soon.

”We were thinking six months,” she says. “I can always express.”

We wish you all the best, Charli, Liam and baby Kensy and can’t wait to see you back in our living rooms soon.

Charli Robinson Liam Talbot Baby New Idea

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