Princess Mary’s Royal Twins Just Turned Eight – and Aren’t They Gorgeous!


The Danish Palace has just released a new photo of Princess Mary’s twins to mark their birthday – and they’re so adorable we can’t even cope!

Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine have just celebrated their eighth birthday, and are looking oh so grown up – and gorgeous!

Take a look at these stunning photos, taken by our very own Princess Mary herself.

Happy birthday!

The royal twins celebrated their birthday on 8 January 2019, and it seems like just yesterday they were cute little buttons! We love these photos, taken by their mum and our very own homegrown princess, HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark. Or Mary from Tassie, as she used to be known.

Princess Josephine
Happy birthday Princess Josephine. Image source: HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark
Prince Vincent of Denmark
Happy birthday Prince Vincent! Image source: HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark
Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent
What a pair of royal cuties. Image source: HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark

Gorgeous runs in the genes!

Our own Aussie princess Princess Mary and Prince Fredrick have four kids – Prince Christian, Princess Isabella and twins, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent. But they’re royal tots no longer! Christian is 13, Isabella 11 and the twins are 8! And with this kind of gene pool, is it any wonder the kids are growing up to be gorgeous!

mum central
This gorgeous family shot was taken to mark Prince Frederick’s 50th birthday in 2018.

Our Aussie royals

But while these children may be royal, they are still allowed to be kids. The Royal’s Official Instagram page is full of happy family photos, including the kids with pet dogs, puppies and horses!

mum central
Princess Isabella loves horses. Image source: Instagram

Here they are making some Christmas cookies.

mum central mum central

And here they are looking like they’re channelling their Sound of Music side.

mum central
Image source: Instagram

And like the (part) Aussies they are, the royal siblings are shown enjoying a visit to the beach!

mum central
Image source: Instagram

And ok, there might be the odd parade, carriage ride and photo shoot with the Queen, but to keep the twins’ childhood relatively normal, there’s plenty of outdoor fun. Matching jackets and all.

mum central

Danish royal darlings

Princess Mary even released a video last year of the family out camping! Complete with dad Crown Prince Frederik popping popcorn on a campfire – and one of the royal Princes busting out the ‘floss’ dance move like every other child his age!

And with more royal babies on the way, we can’t way to see Harry and Meghan’s arrival added to the gorgeous royal gaggle! Meghan is due in the English spring of 2019, so we look forward to more cuteness coming soon!

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