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Check out the Latest Kmart Inspired Living Range and Win a $100 Kmart Gift Card

It’s no secret that we at Mum Central have a bit of a mum crush. So when the latest Kmart inspired living catalogue landed in our inboxes, we were just a wee bit excited.

If you also have a slight obsession with the superstore, then come browse through our fave items to add to your ever-growing collection of Kmart goodies.

Oh, and head on down to the bottom of the page for your chance to win a $100 Kmart gift card while you’re at it.

Because what’s better than shopping at Kmart? Shopping at Kmart using free money, of course!

Hello New Home

mum central

Kmart is all about the natural look and one of the things they’ve recently added to their range are potted plants. And not just those little succulents. Heaps and heaps of different plants of all shapes and sizes which are sure to add a little green to any room or entranceway.

mum central

If you do like the natural look, then another cute find are these wooden coasters, $6 for a set of four. They go great with the Acacia Oval Tray, $10, and are perfect for serving your hungry family or guests at your next party.

mum central

Moving to the living area, ottomans appear to be the next big thing and Kmart has three goodies to choose from – the velvet blush option, the braided beige option or the urban grey option, all $29.

mum central

It can be tricky to choose which one is best suited for your home as both are neutral and complement most styles. Which is why I have two – the pink one for my daughter’s room and the grey one for my office.

mum central

Let’s end with an obvious favourite for many Kmarters out there – the beloved Highland Cow Framed Print, which, for $19 is pretty freakin’ affordable. Plus, the black and white theme makes the print suitable for all sorts of homes and colour schemes.  Have you scored one yet?

mum central


Celebrate all things Kmart and treat yourself to a new item (or ten) by scoring yourself a $100 Kmart Gift Card.

Simply complete the entry form below and tell us in the comments what you’d spend your prize on and you’re in the running. Remember, the more actions you do the greater your chance to win so be sure to share with your friends!  GOOD LUCK!

Win a $100 Kmart Gift Card

Avatar of Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Jade O

    A new bin as well as a toaster and kettle, once I start shopping in Kmart I just can’t stop!

      • Avatar of Di

        I’d love the ottomans 1 in each colour and I’d use as side tables in my lounge to create a new look

      • Avatar of Vanessa Holm
        Vanessa Holm Reply

        Party Supplies! my two daughters both have birthdays soon! need to get my sparkle on!

      • Avatar of Michelle123
        Michelle123 Reply

        I would enter Kmart intending to purchase a new lamp and a rug to spruce my plain looking living room. Although realistically I’ll probably end up leaving the store spending an additional $100-$200 worth of crockery, candles, makeup, pot plants, shoes, towels and other items I didn’t even know I needed!

    • Avatar of Katrina

      Love Kmart. I would love to get an Air Fryer or other appliances that I need. Awesome!

    • Avatar of Fiona

      I would happily love to purchase anything from the inspired living range but would especially love the shelving or display stand. It would look fab in my salon

    • Avatar of Jeanious

      New clothes are on my list
      Kmart have a great selection
      A shopping bonanza that cannot be missed.

    • Avatar of Nicole

      I would love some new shelving for our lounge room and I desperately need new cushions

    • Avatar of Maia W

      Towels! I have needed towels for years but always find other things more important to buy and the towels feel like more of a luxury so get put at the bottom of the list.

    • Avatar of Laura Kinross
      Laura Kinross Reply

      I would by a multitude of Kmarts spectacular items to spruce up my house, reinvigorate the living spaces and give it a whole new zesty feel! Pick me please…!

    • Avatar of Jess b

      Surprising kids with a kitten for Easter, so would take them shopping to choose out everything a kitten might need

    • Avatar of narelle b

      new manchester and furniture for my bedroom to make it more relaxing and modern

    • Avatar of Em Zinger

      I would spoil my cats, and dog with pet toys and treats, while also spoiling my Mother with homeware gifts.

    • Avatar of Isabelle Sutherland
      Isabelle Sutherland Reply

      My lounge room is in need of a serious makeup, so a rug, some new cushions, a throw rug and and ottoman.

    • Avatar of Angela Marie
      Angela Marie Reply

      Ive been online and I jave my list ready!!
      4 velvet long cushions for the couches in treal blue, a framed print, a throw for the couch, a glass vase, some salted caramel melts, a long skinny doormat, a glass vase and a gold tray to put under my salt lamp.

  2. Avatar of Stef

    I would love to win and I will definitely be buying some new furniture from Kmart for my unfurnished house.

  3. Avatar of Sonia Chang
    Sonia Chang Reply

    Butterfly Chair, Button Cushion and A Frame Ladder Bookshelf would be perfect home decoration items for my little girl’s bedroom. They do look stylish and functional to keep my teenage girl’s room in organised and prices are great . This is a great prize giveaway to upgrade any house with stunning style.

  4. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    I would get the 4 Tier Shelf with Bamboo Shelf, the Scandi Ladder Bookshelf and Scandi Shoe Rack

  5. Avatar of Mandy Graham
    Mandy Graham Reply

    I’d love to buy my boys some new clothes as they are growing so fast.

  6. Avatar of Paula H

    My daughter has been nagging me for bean bags for months, so I’d love to get them for her 🙂

  7. Avatar of Marie

    I need some new cushions for my lounge. The ones I have now are getting a bit tatty. 🙁

  8. Avatar of Tracy Andreatta
    Tracy Andreatta Reply

    New home furnishings I would love to buy.
    Kmart always has the best bargains , to win would have me feeling so high !

  9. Avatar of Ying Ying Tan
    Ying Ying Tan Reply

    I have been admiring Kmart’s new range of dining ware and hoping to replace our chipped dining plates/bowls.

  10. Avatar of Sarah Ellwood
    Sarah Ellwood Reply

    I’d love a new thick doona and cover to keep me warm and stylish throughout winter

  11. Avatar of Adrienne Harries
    Adrienne Harries Reply

    I love KMart and would get some frames for my wall
    i have photos that need frames of places and events we wish to recall

  12. Avatar of Chris Sheppard
    Chris Sheppard Reply

    I would love a new doona cover set (all ours are ancient lol) and the Monsteria Framed Print.

  13. Avatar of izabella di tomasso
    izabella di tomasso Reply

    one hundred dollars would buy me an armful of beautiful egyptian cotton towels!!

  14. Avatar of Trudy M

    Some home decor and clocks to liven up the home, try and look a little bit as good as they make it look.

  15. Avatar of Jacinta K

    I would love to buy one of the plush pink chairs and of course the matching pink ottoman for my little girls room. They both look so comfy! Also, love the storage lockers to organise her school clothes, shoes and bags.

  16. Avatar of Kathy Bowdlert
    Kathy Bowdlert Reply

    I’d buy some Kmart cushions and a throw to give my lounge a fresh new look.

  17. Avatar of CATHERINE PITT

    I could just about buy the whole store for $10 but this time I would go for some groovy cushions.

  18. Avatar of Erin

    I would love some new cushions, throws and art work to redecorate my lounge room!

  19. Avatar of Sara Jochheim
    Sara Jochheim Reply

    Id love to get new sheets and towels and maybe some new crockery…

  20. Avatar of Amanda Giffard
    Amanda Giffard Reply

    I’d love the Scandi ladder bookshelf to bring some much needed style to our house now we are past the toddler stage!

  21. Avatar of Lisa

    I would spend it on storage solutions for my little school organisation area and play area I’m trying to plan for my 5 year old under the stairs, a townhouse never has enough storage.

  22. Avatar of Sarah Jean
    Sarah Jean Reply

    A complete bedroom makeover including new fresh bed linen, colourful throw rugs, 100% cotton quilts, velvet cushions, and a funky clothes rack!

  23. Avatar of Nicole Marie Williams
    Nicole Marie Williams Reply

    Can buy so much with $100 at Kmart. Start with a new clothes airer, quilt cover, cube storage, pillows and heaps more

  24. Avatar of Katherine

    Styling items to make our home more “girly”. With 3 boys and hubby at home, it would be nice to get some nice home decorations and accessories.

  25. Avatar of Jess

    I’d get a couple updated bedding for all my babies and myself. And I would get loads of clothing for all of us. We are in need of a good update of housing items too.

  26. Avatar of Heidi O'Day
    Heidi O'Day Reply

    Our carpet in our room is awful and past it so I’d love to get a nice woven mat to cover it!

  27. Avatar of Michelle McGurk
    Michelle McGurk Reply

    I desperately need new linens for my bedroom, I bought a new bed, but my linens are quite a few years old. And a few nice throw rugs for the end of my bed.

  28. Avatar of Vanessa M

    It would be baby clothes and toys for us. We have a 3 month old who is starting to enjoy playing. Then to the other extreme,
    I would get something from the home section for my 21 yo daughter and her new home!

  29. Avatar of Michelle Fay
    Michelle Fay Reply

    I would go nuts if I won a Kmart voucher as I need new sheets and towels and underwear

  30. Avatar of Caroline Noakes
    Caroline Noakes Reply

    Can never have enough kitchen wear and home decor from kmart!

  31. Avatar of Anne

    I want/need an ottoman (or five) and would most likely grab some urban grey ottomans from Kmart if I won 🙂

  32. Avatar of Naomi Kelly
    Naomi Kelly Reply

    I’d love some more bookshelves as my books are all over the place right now, i’d love some storage for my girls’ room and my baby’s room. My bub also needs a comfy rug for his room and he’s just started crawling, so definitely need some baby gates!!

  33. Avatar of Sonia Chang
    Sonia Chang Reply

    After I saw this competition, I bought a black ladder case for my youngest daughter bedroom. KMART has so many wonderful stunning home decorations for anyone and any budget. This is a great prize giveaway to upgrade my home as my both daughters are growing up. Thank you.

  34. Avatar of Jeanette Latter
    Jeanette Latter Reply

    OMG I love Kmart, my friends and family call my house the Kmart house. I would buy the industrial hallway table and something special for my cat.

  35. Avatar of Tammerly

    Large Round Mirror for the bedroom, Set of Containers, for the pantry (they receive rave reviews), pink desk tray and 2D binders.

  36. Avatar of Alice C

    I love the Highland Cow print and Set of kitchen Containers. I would also buy a chair and ottoman….then move on to the next shiny fluffy object!

  37. Avatar of Janice

    I will take Nanba Kmart shopping ,if not for her my toddler Ruby would not be toilet trainer… Go Nanna!!

  38. Avatar of Judith M

    The Oasis Bench Seat with Planter Boxes x 2. Our garden is suffering with two dogs that like to dig . But they wouldn’t be able to dig up these planter boxes. And there’s a bench seat to boot!

  39. Avatar of AmberB

    Stylish new bedding to update my bedroom – what a luxury that would be!

  40. Avatar of Jane Brummell
    Jane Brummell Reply

    warm bedding ready for this record breaking winter that is supposed to be coming.

  41. Avatar of Amy Petersen
    Amy Petersen Reply

    I love the new blush pink home accessories, I’d pick up some fluffy cushions, a throw and snuggle up ready for winter!

  42. Avatar of Nicole Rodriquez
    Nicole Rodriquez Reply

    An ottoman, oh and the grey occasional chair for my bed room plus cushions cause you can never have enough cushions

  43. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon Markwell Reply

    $100 worth of KMart pillows would have us snoozing in comfort and style.

  44. Avatar of Kate Slack
    Kate Slack Reply

    I would love some fresh new bedding for my bedroom to create a new beautiful space.

  45. Avatar of Karin A

    An ottoman or two would be very handy when the grand kids come visiting and I would also buy some potted plants because I think they really add something to living room decor.

  46. Avatar of Murni

    I would buy new quilt covers for my family as well as some warm throws from the natural range. Prepping for the cold season. Heehee.

  47. Avatar of Amanda K

    Would love to buy mum a new chair for her bedroom after her dog chewed her last one up!

  48. Avatar of Terri Todd
    Terri Todd Reply

    I’d buy new towels and sheets, I’ve recently renewed my doona/cover and pillowcases now I just need some new sheets to go with it and who doesn’t love new towels 🙂

  49. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia Warrick Reply

    Lots of storage boxes! I know, I know, I should just declutter…but I find storing things away a great step in the decluttering process, it doesn’t frighten me as much as tossing things.

  50. Avatar of Sharon Gock
    Sharon Gock Reply

    An 8 Cube Unit, it’d display all of my treasured ornaments very beautifully and stylishly in my living room!

  51. Avatar of Ben

    I’d do a seasonal bed makeover just in time for the cooler months

  52. Avatar of Melissa

    If I won, I would buy loads of home decor to transform my home.

  53. Avatar of james pizzey
    james pizzey Reply

    Put it towards the grand childrens christmas presents start hunting now

  54. Avatar of Vicki

    Bathroom accessories and plush new towels, stylish and sleek
    Affordable quality and Kmart chic

  55. Avatar of Jacky B

    Some potted plants and pots to bring some colour and life into my living room.

  56. Avatar of Helen Jacobson
    Helen Jacobson Reply


  57. Avatar of Alicia P

    I’d decorate the nursery before baby comes along; bookcase, rug and pot plants, it wouldn’t take me long!

  58. Avatar of Madison Greenway
    Madison Greenway Reply

    I would just wander around then buy something i would not normally buy as a treat

  59. Avatar of Rita M.

    Have the first grandchild to spoil, so it will be BABY, BABY, BABY!

  60. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    Ooh I get some fresh homewares for myself and some winter clothes for the kidlets

  61. Avatar of Kim Campbell
    Kim Campbell Reply

    Have always loved Kmart but now with the update of their stores and range even more reason to stay loyal.

  62. Avatar of Anna Ryan-Punch
    Anna Ryan-Punch Reply

    OMG I would buy ALLLLLL the indoor plant pots and stands. Kmart is the best for indoor gardeners!

  63. Avatar of Jackie R

    I would love to get my daughter a desk so she had a dedicated space od her own to do her homework.

  64. Avatar of stacey coppin
    stacey coppin Reply

    I would love to buy some new storage for the house to add style and de-clutter.

  65. Avatar of Polly

    As my children grow older so do their taste, so the toy room needs a makeover and the kiddy style erased!

  66. Avatar of B jones

    Would love to either update my wardrobe or some new decor for my house

  67. Avatar of Amy Lough

    I’d love to buy some of their newest clothes! The dresses are amazing!! I’d also love to get some of their new wooden toys for my little one! So cute!

  68. Avatar of Chelsea Hurring
    Chelsea Hurring Reply

    I would buy bedding for both my sons so they aren’t cold this year. Last year they froze as I couldn’t afford warm bedding

  69. Avatar of Russell Mills
    Russell Mills Reply

    I would let my daughter choose as it’s her birthday this week.

  70. Avatar of Gina Decapia
    Gina Decapia Reply

    Photo frames for a memorial wall for our youngest child (1yo) lost 5 days before Christmas last year

  71. Avatar of ErinYgarza
    ErinYgarza Reply

    If love to grab some of their new floral art prints and cushions, and I’ve been eyeing off their Bench atop mixer for ages. Fingers crossed

  72. Avatar of Kimberley

    We have just moved into a new house so we need a variety of household items but i would like to decorate my daughters bedroom she is 13mths old and this will be her first bedroom as we have moved alot in the last year. Thankyou

  73. Avatar of amandalk

    I’d go to Kmart to buy my toddler a new hat, but with $100 to spend I’m sure I’d walk out with many more items than just that!

  74. Avatar of Blossom

    I would love to purchase the Highland Cow and also a sheep print as our children come from a farm backgound, some new quilt sets and some bedside lamps.

  75. Avatar of Elyse

    I’m setting up a simple play space for my now toddler, would love some natural looking shelves and easy to access storage options, and also a wooden kitchen for my little one!

  76. Avatar of Emma.B

    I need nice plates and bowls, as we have non so when people come over they can eat off good plates. We only have plastic stuff. Also a new rug, towels, bath mat and a doona king size for winter!

  77. Avatar of Linh.tn

    I want to buy 250 x pure cotton fragrant candles because they will be our wedding bonbonneires

  78. Avatar of Nickola

    I would buy my kids some bean bags. Our new lounge room is quite small so this would make it feel more spacious but give them something comfortable to sit/lie on.

  79. Avatar of Kirk

    Kmart hmmm what can I say?
    You could get lost there all day!
    My partner gives my our card with s sigh.
    Knowing our debt will be blown sky high!!
    Help me to shop without the guilt!
    In my favorite shop up to the hilt!!

  80. Avatar of Alicia S

    I’d buy items to decorate our brand new home which we’re moving into this week.

  81. Avatar of Amanda

    I’d love to give my 18month old her own room. Currently in a cot in the corner of my room, she’d love her own space. She loves twinkle little star and I’d love to convert a special space for her into a twinkling star filled pastel paradise.

  82. Avatar of Alice Sheahan
    Alice Sheahan Reply

    I’d buy new cushions as our current collection is stained and mangled with everything from spilled milk, being jumped on and other kid related stuff.

  83. Avatar of Magda

    i look at my living room and it’s sad, dull and boring so i’d get cushions, rug, throws etc

  84. Avatar of L Collins

    I would love to have a new dinner set, the ones pictured are gorgeous. Our current one is made up of mismatched bits and pieces from about 3 different sets!

  85. Avatar of Lori

    I woud like to buy new linen for the bedrooms and clothes for my son.

  86. Avatar of Helen

    I’d have to start with clothes for my daughters. Growing children means the clothes shopping never ends!

  87. Avatar of Joni

    I desperately need to replace my torn and faded curtains so I’d buy Navy Block Out Eyelet Curtains and rods from Kmart for a fresh new look!

  88. Avatar of Jacquie f

    clothes for our first. he came three weeks early and we waited to learn gender. time to buy boys clothes

  89. Avatar of johanna rees
    johanna rees Reply

    A cuddly throw and some beautiful cushions to brighten up my old sofa.

  90. Avatar of SW

    I would update my son’s bedroom. He desperately needs some big boy decor.

  91. Avatar of Sarah-Joe Williams
    Sarah-Joe Williams Reply

    I would love to update the bedrooms with some new colour. Love kmart

  92. Avatar of Mel

    Paw Patrol vehicle figurines for my son, $100 will probably cover the cost of 5 of them!

  93. Avatar of Jess Hicks
    Jess Hicks Reply

    I would buy new bed sheets and doona covers for my daughter and myself plus pillows. And clothes and sport/gym stuff.

  94. Avatar of Freya

    Cushions! And baby clothes for our surprise gender bub due very soon.

  95. Avatar of Tracey Bentley
    Tracey Bentley Reply

    Storage, storage and more storage! I’ve been eyeing off the ladder shelving and some decorative baskets for a while – I’d love to get on top of the kids toy clutter!

  96. Avatar of Miri P

    I am setting up a home office – so exciting after trying to work out of the lounge room for two years! I’d love some of the plants for easy-care greenery to calm and inspire me.

  97. Avatar of clove

    I would go to Kmart thinking of buying something for myself, but of course leave with new clothes, books and toys for the kids!

  98. Avatar of Amanda Kelly
    Amanda Kelly Reply

    I’d purchase new winter clothes for my 5 year old daughter and 10 month old baby boy. They’ve both had very sudden growth spurts just as I’ve had to have 6wks off work with 3wks in hospital.

  99. Avatar of Kylie Embury
    Kylie Embury Reply

    I came out of our newly refurbished KMart with a wish-list a mile long last week. Unfortunately I was only there to stock up on underwear and socks for the family! Top of my list is a much needed new dinner set for our family and at just $3 a piece, I cant go past the dimpled range! I also saw a grey chain knit throw that would hide a multitude of sins (our “well loved” couch could use a makeover)!

  100. Avatar of Cathy Aplin
    Cathy Aplin Reply

    O.M.G where to start!?! I think firstly I would buy the letter board, and a new doona cover. Maybe stock up on some cosmetics and a pretty new bra set.

  101. Avatar of Heidi

    We are in desperate need of a new dinner set. And new kitchen wear

  102. Avatar of Dani

    The butterfly chair & A frame bookshelf so I can give my little Miss a beautiful girly bedroom.

  103. Avatar of Adele Smith
    Adele Smith Reply

    I would buy some home décor items such as a DIY Letter Board, some baskets, a chain knit throw, some books and more giving my study a lived in, warm & cosy feel for everyone to enjoy.

  104. Avatar of Milly

    Definitely Kindy clothes for my youngest. $100 would buy enough for the whole year from Kmart

  105. Avatar of Carol Smith
    Carol Smith Reply

    First I’d have an ottoman…..Then vases plus framed art…..A trendy rug for my lounge floor…..With K Mart, I’d look the part 🙂

  106. Avatar of Catherine Gangur
    Catherine Gangur Reply

    I’d like to buy a throw for the couch and cushions for my bed

  107. Avatar of Trudie

    Big birthdya’s in my family this year, 2 x70th, 1x 40th, 1x13th… need to decorate and style the house for our many guests.

  108. Avatar of Julia Pearse
    Julia Pearse Reply

    I would like some storage shelves for my 3 week olds clothing and some new couch cushions. Xx

  109. Avatar of Ceinwen

    It’s time to spoil me with some new bedding ready for winter snuggling !!!

  110. Avatar of Sarah Robinson
    Sarah Robinson Reply

    I would buy some new cushions for my couches and new linen for my bedroom.

  111. Avatar of Kayla V

    We are looking at buying a new house and would love to jazz it up with all the cool furniture and accessories

  112. Avatar of Rene

    Oh I would love a shelf for my bathroom and a new bin and some fake plants all the stuff that kmart has!!…love kmart products !

  113. Avatar of Chelsea

    I recently moved interstate so there’s a long list of things I’m hoping to buy from good old mums choice Kmart to complete my home.

  114. Avatar of Melanie O

    Bedding, all me and the mr is holey and from when we got together 10 years ago

  115. Avatar of Sarah Lamb

    My sons birthday is on Easter this year what an expensive Easter! We love to get a bookshelf for his room to put his books on!

  116. Avatar of Stacey M

    Omgosh… I would LOVE to buy a new quilt cover for our bedroom and some new decor for our freshly painted house. Kmart is life!

  117. Avatar of Mark Agapiou
    Mark Agapiou Reply

    Would love to win to help set up my daughters new room. But some nice girly items.

  118. Avatar of Gabi

    I would love to be able to buy some clotges for myself and my kids. The last time i actually bought myself new clothes was before my 3 year was born

  119. Avatar of cmac

    I really need to fit out a nursery and I love Kmarts kids room range

  120. Avatar of Nata

    I would definitely buy some socks and underwear, two things that my family always needs.

  121. Avatar of Iain D

    I would get some shoe racks to hide our shoes away from the bubba now he is on the move, and some more balls for his ball pit.

  122. Avatar of Alan Parratt
    Alan Parratt Reply

    Junk to replace the junk we tossed out, Like Pillows and covers for our chairs.

  123. Avatar of Megan T

    I’d start by buying some clothes for me! I can never resist a new bargain each season!

  124. Avatar of Marnie

    Would love to buy new furnishings to help my little girl transition into a big girls room.

  125. Avatar of Stacey Shailer
    Stacey Shailer Reply

    Having just moved from Darwin to Southern QLD, I’d have to buy some lovely new blankets and quilts for our first real winter in years!

  126. Avatar of Vicki Johns
    Vicki Johns Reply

    New linen of the beds & a throw to snuggle up in when the nights start to get colder.

  127. Avatar of Aselle

    I would update my bathroom with stylish goodies from Scandi white bamboo rage.

  128. Avatar of Danielle warren
    Danielle warren Reply

    Would love to use the money to buy some new kitchen appliances, new matching Kettle and toaster would be perfect

  129. Avatar of Wendy Hatton
    Wendy Hatton Reply

    I’d love some stands for potted plants. The ne pictured here is very stylish, a few in my living area would be perfect.

  130. Avatar of Belinda Costantini
    Belinda Costantini Reply

    I would love an ottoman and some lovely throws for our living room

  131. Avatar of Marija

    Kmart has been spruced up and has fantastic homewards, fashion, toys and the like. Very hip and it won’t hurt the purse.

  132. Avatar of Nic Harrison
    Nic Harrison Reply

    I’d spend it on the family ! With 2 birthdays in April and one in may it’s party town here ! Party decorations and presents for all !

  133. Avatar of Donna

    It would be spent on a new wardrobe for me I’m always buying things for my partner or daughter but I haven’t spend money on me in a long time

  134. Avatar of Kate

    I have a never ending list on my phone thatiwoyld put the money towards including:
    Marble side table
    Scandi shoe rack
    Felicia quilt cover

  135. Avatar of lex_pi

    The irregular dinner SET,
    They are a bargain at $3 EACH
    But I wouldn’t just buy plates you can BET,
    I’ve also been trying to get my hands on their palm umbrella for the BEACH!

  136. Avatar of Danielle Newbury
    Danielle Newbury Reply

    Some new pretty things for miss 22 month olds new big girl room

  137. Avatar of Anastasia Spiers
    Anastasia Spiers Reply

    I’d buy some clothes for my new bub due 19/4. We’re not finding out the sex before bub arrives so I’d love to splurge on some outfits after he or she arrives.

  138. Avatar of Karlia

    I’ve recemtly just moved into my own home and none of my decor matches! I’d love to be able to buy all new matching decor and get rid of the second hand or hand me down stuff I already have for a gorgeous new revamp!

  139. Avatar of Sue Collins
    Sue Collins Reply

    Have just renovated my grown up childrens’ old bedrooms for ‘guests’, ( those same ‘children’ and their families on return visits!), and would love some side tables to complete the new look. Kmart’s Home & Co Marble topped ones would be perfect!

  140. Avatar of Aldo

    Some awesome cushions and throw rugs to keep the kids and cats comfy…and a floor rug for me lol

  141. Avatar of Alexandra

    A new food processor and a few fresh tea towels in a fun pattern.

  142. Avatar of Sarah

    I’d love to buy my kids clothes and toys as we don’t have kmart close to us and I love kmart

  143. Avatar of Carlee Tredrea
    Carlee Tredrea Reply

    I would buy some of the gorgeous plants for my jungle themed classroom and some new quilt covers for mine and my children’s beds! Love Kmart, so affordable and stylish!

  144. Avatar of Kelly T

    We are in the process of redoing the kids’ playroom and are in desperate need of some bookshelves, so would use the voucher towards those if we were lucky enough to win.

  145. Avatar of Mary Preston
    Mary Preston Reply

    I am in desperate need of new bed linen. A great opportunity thank you.

  146. Avatar of Nikita Z

    I’d love to get some of the beautiful green pot plants to create more of a soft natural look to my house.

  147. Avatar of TeenaL

    I’d plan to buy linen or new towels, but once I got in there, the kids would probably come up trumps 🙂

  148. Avatar of Sally

    A new dinner set to replace the mismatched and chipped odds and bod set we’re using for our dinners

  149. Avatar of Sharon Mcnair
    Sharon Mcnair Reply

    I would buy my older girls a student desk each so they can do their homework in their rooms and not get distracted by the t.v or eachother

  150. Avatar of Massouna Najjarine
    Massouna Najjarine Reply

    I want to add a fresh look to my living area so new plants..vases..cushions..and anything else that will brighten up the room and my life

  151. Avatar of Rachael w

    I just started up a new hobby buisness and I would love to redo my office / spare room and turn it in to my own work space!

  152. Avatar of Luize

    Anything out of the catalogue beats my old tattered things.. cushions fir the lounge, a new lamp or a throw rug.

  153. Avatar of LizB

    I love kmart products great bargains. I would use it to finish my daughters bedroom

    • Avatar of Tara

      I would love to win so i can buy some new plates and cups but mostly i need new underwear and socks in desperate need 🙂

  154. Avatar of Lindsey R

    I would like love to by the highland cow picture and the pink chair for my bedroom

  155. Avatar of Kahlia B

    Would love to buy some new decor and wooden toys to turn our nursery into a big boy room for our son.

  156. Avatar of Carlin Lee
    Carlin Lee Reply

    My daughter is about to move into her first ‘big bed’, so would love to buy some special items for her room, maybe some new bedding and other decor

  157. Avatar of Kasey

    The cow print is so cute, so I’d get it and my boy’s rooms could do with a refresh, so new linen would be good.

  158. Avatar of Tamara Pincott
    Tamara Pincott Reply

    Too much to chose from! I would probably go with some new bits and bobs for my ensuite.

  159. Avatar of Rachel Tindale
    Rachel Tindale Reply

    I would love to buy a new dinner set including coffee mugs.
    Then i would buy a new bedding set for my son and for myself as I dont have a variety.

  160. Avatar of gigih

    I would love to buy a table tennis table. My son had a chance to try table tennis a few months ago and loved it.

  161. Avatar of Irene valentina
    Irene valentina Reply

    The velvet blush ottoman! So pretty 🙂 and ofcourse some clothes and toys for Mr 20 month

  162. Avatar of Mary Irwin
    Mary Irwin Reply

    An ottoman and new cushions for our living room. Despite my best efforts, hubby still clings to his cord bachelor cushions and they are yuck! Would love to give them a facelift!

  163. Avatar of Laurina Ainscough
    Laurina Ainscough Reply

    I would love the grey chair and I think it would look perfect in my bedroom!

  164. Avatar of Vicki W

    Where do I start?.. Quilt cover, side lamp table, kids bookshelf, coffee mugs, head-phones and some bras!

  165. Avatar of Andrea

    If I won I’d spend the money on doing my kitchen up as I need new appliances and utensils

  166. Avatar of yana

    If I won I would buy a few pieces I’ve had my eye on. First purchase would definitely be the Kmart black metal and wood bar stools. Totally in love

  167. Avatar of NaomiS

    With 2 kids birthdays coming up I would love to spend some time checking out the new wooden toys Kmart have, they look great!

  168. Avatar of Rebecca g

    I would love to win the $100 gift card to buy from the living range as my house is in need of some new decoration e.g lounge room floor rug ,
    Cushions , rugs as where getting into winter.

  169. Avatar of mickey

    I need new bookshelves and cupboards for storage and want to change the decor and style to a more modern look in the lounge

  170. Avatar of Lesley Olariu
    Lesley Olariu Reply

    My towels are looking threadbare
    And my bedding’s all mismatched
    But the Highland Cow print stole my heart
    so first on the list is that!

  171. Avatar of Tanya C

    My walls are in need of some colour so some new prints from Kmart would be just the thing to brighten up all of my rooms.

  172. Avatar of Bronnie Jonkers
    Bronnie Jonkers Reply

    I would love to get my kids some new shoes as the ones they are wearing now are getting worn out

  173. Avatar of Bree

    I would love to win I would Buy all new cutlery, dinner ware, kitchen utensils and anything to make my kitchen seem a bit more modern

  174. Avatar of Anna

    I would love to decorate my new bathroom and lounge after recent renovations

  175. Avatar of Emmi Kol

    Bathroom accessories because KMART gives my bathroom a designer touch on the cheap!

  176. Avatar of Amanda Evans
    Amanda Evans Reply

    I’d buy some toys that can be used as sensory and fidget toys for my 2 autistic girls and then some homewares

  177. Avatar of Bianca Hensman
    Bianca Hensman Reply

    I need some cute shelves for my son’s room to display all his prized possessions!

  178. Avatar of Tricia Leonard
    Tricia Leonard Reply

    I love Kmart, it’s my favourite store because it has pretty much everything and it’s so affordable. I would love an ottoman for my lounge and the velvet blush one would be perfect. I’m sure my son would like the grey one in his room. I also love the wooden coasters, they would look amazing the next time I have friends over for dinner.

  179. Avatar of Donna Leysley
    Donna Leysley Reply

    Would def get some new deco for our ensuite and some clothes for the kids.. $100 goes a long way at K-Mart.
    LOVE IT !!!

  180. Avatar of sue perry

    In need of some extra shelving & toy storage and some yummy Easter goodies

  181. Avatar of stephen elsworthy
    stephen elsworthy Reply

    Our cute shiatsu dog has a need to upgrade the 4 lounge cushions that she has destroyed while she was playing

  182. Avatar of Viny Vabriany
    Viny Vabriany Reply

    I’d love to get new quilt, pillows, linen and towel to replace my rather looking tired bedding&manchester

  183. Avatar of Kim Cockburn
    Kim Cockburn Reply

    I would buy a storage unit for all my son’s books and things to help keep my pantry organised.

  184. Avatar of Ryan H

    My daughter has had the same room features and bedding for the last four years so we would spend the $100 on giving her room a new look and more appropriate for her age.

  185. Avatar of Carla G

    I love Kmart so much! I would use the voucher to update my bedroom. Would love a new quilt cover and new decor for my bedroom. Hasn’t been updated since I moved in 10 years ago and is starting to look a little sad. Thank you

  186. Avatar of Heidi D

    Although I’m sure I would find a little something for me I would love to use this voucher to get handbags & lots of goodies to put in them for the Share the dignity handbag appeal they have each year.

  187. Avatar of Kylie Smith
    Kylie Smith Reply

    I would spend the money on my children and also my daughter is pregnant and as Kmart have adorable baby stuff that would be my choice also.

  188. Avatar of Vanessa Ahern
    Vanessa Ahern Reply

    With my $100 Kmart Gift Card I would buy a new bookshelf and a rug for the lounge room.

  189. Avatar of Christie Majorek
    Christie Majorek Reply

    I would love to tastefully deck out my sons bedroom with funky decorations, new furniture maybe, a nice rug, there’s so much to choose from at Kmart!

  190. Avatar of Tamina Boundey
    Tamina Boundey Reply

    I’d love to buy my son a new bike for his 7th birthday

  191. Avatar of Charlotte B
    Charlotte B Reply

    The kids need new shoes and leggings for school as I realised last week just how worn they look so it would be great to get them some new ones from Kmart.

  192. Avatar of Kodie McMullen
    Kodie McMullen Reply

    I would buy my daughter some winter clothes and a new bed spread for her bed

  193. Avatar of PaulaW

    I love Kmart. The beauty about shopping here is that you don’t know what you want/need until you see it. I usually go in for one thing and come out with a trolley full!

  194. Avatar of Jess S

    I’d lobe to buy some new winter bedding for our room as we’re always buying things for our son instead.

  195. Avatar of Joanna Lau
    Joanna Lau Reply

    Stuff for bubba’s room and clothes for him, me and my hubby! This amount will definitely go a long way!

  196. Avatar of Isildae

    I would buy the urban grey ottoman to put my feet up on after walking the dogs

  197. Avatar of liz

    I would makeover my DRAB bedroom and make it FAB.
    They have a great variety of items that would be perfect.

    • Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
      Barbara Fehmel Reply

      I am so tired of having a mix of plates, cups, mugs and bowls. I would buy a dinner set. How wonderful the table would look then.

  198. Avatar of Moya

    I would love to buy some cosy throw rugs for winter – and much more!

  199. Avatar of Lorraine Johnson
    Lorraine Johnson Reply

    2 stylish White metal lockers for my kids & mummys new hack entry launch/drop zone!!

  200. Avatar of Sara Holley
    Sara Holley Reply

    3 Tall Lockers for all the kids school and sports gear so I’m not tripping over it all the time!

  201. Avatar of Jeannine Barrett
    Jeannine Barrett Reply

    I’m in desperate need of a new dinner set and would love some potted plants as well to add some colour to our home.

  202. Avatar of kristina

    I need to update my lounge room so would love a new coffee table and cushions

  203. Avatar of Audrey Sin
    Audrey Sin Reply

    Oooh….I would like to go in there with the intention of buying something practical like underwear for the kids – but then leave with a bunch of stuff I only knew I absolutely needed after I saw them. Which is exactly what every Kmart shopping experience is

  204. Avatar of Lauren Duncan
    Lauren Duncan Reply

    Plants, and pots. The pots are so cheap. I love plant accents around a room.

  205. Avatar of Sharee Ussher
    Sharee Ussher Reply

    We’d buy Bathroom accessories – with a family of 6 we need more towels, toilet mats & bath mats, etc.

  206. Avatar of Tricia Hayley
    Tricia Hayley Reply

    I’d buy a couple of the beautiful framed prints, monsteria and floral, and the bamboo clothes airer, then put the rest towards a food processor.

  207. Avatar of Patricia Comer
    Patricia Comer Reply

    Bath towels because mine are 20 years old and showing obvious signs of wear, fading and other abuse. So new towels and bath mats for us. It is long overdue.

  208. Avatar of Sarah Craig
    Sarah Craig Reply

    Just once I’d love to go to kmart and skip the toy and kids clothes section and head straight to the homewares! I would buy a gorgeous quilt cover, velvet and faux fur cushions, a luscious, soft reindeer faux fur throw. and an aroma diffuser. And all for under $100! Now that’s a bargain!

  209. Avatar of Annie Burton
    Annie Burton Reply

    Some winter clothes for the kids and an all seasons quilt for our bed. Just the basics would be so useful and would save us some money.

  210. Avatar of Amanda L

    Do I go with soda stream and air frier? Or shelving and fresh sheets?

  211. Avatar of Christy

    I’d go to kmart intending to buy a new rug. But then I’d decide the rug needed a coffee table on it, and the coffee table needed coasters… and a matching mug… and….

  212. Avatar of Nicola James
    Nicola James Reply

    Some refreshing bed linen and new curtains for my very boring bedroom which needs some Kmart inspiration!

  213. Avatar of Charity

    With Kmart supplying such a massive range of everyday items, I think if I won, I would love to replace my bedding with a new all season quilt and add some new pillows. That would be Heaven

  214. Avatar of Kerrie Tullipan
    Kerrie Tullipan Reply

    I’d buy some plants. I really like the ones that drape down from shelves. It’s an unexpected touch that would really make my living/dining room memorable. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind LOTS of plants to create a bit of a whimsical plant sanctuary. So gorgeous!

  215. Avatar of Kathy Mason
    Kathy Mason Reply

    I would love to buy new sheets, they are something I don’t have enough of.

  216. Avatar of Doddy

    I buy my granddaughter items she need for her bedroom, pillows for myself .

  217. Avatar of Peta Masih
    Peta Masih Reply

    I really love the natural look, so I would love to buy the new wooden coasters, Acacia Oval Tray and a couple of the pot plants. I’d also love a gorgeous new dinner set for the extra special occasions!!

  218. Avatar of Vanesa Thaler
    Vanesa Thaler Reply

    We’ve been trying to sell our apartment with no luck, I would dress it up like a pro with a Kmart voucher and finally sell it

  219. Avatar of Jessica Morris
    Jessica Morris Reply

    The list is endless. No seriously I have a Kmart wishlist and it is endless and just keeps growing. Would love to win to be able to buy some house things just for me so I don’t constantly feel I’m being overrun by kids toys

  220. Avatar of silvana ogilvie
    silvana ogilvie Reply

    i would love 2 grey ottomans in the grey, a lana grey coverlet and a couple of lana cushions in silver.,they are simple divine

  221. Avatar of Nicola Voice
    Nicola Voice Reply

    I would love to update my bedroom with new bedding and a new quilt.

  222. Avatar of Ellie

    I love the stoneware dinner setting. I would buy these to add some glam to dinner time and to rid myself of old and chipped plates and bowls.

  223. Avatar of Belinda S

    What wouldn’t I buy! I would love to redo my lounge and bedroom with new decor and style

  224. Avatar of Jude Little
    Jude Little Reply

    I’d love to buy more rainbow gear for my daughter’s new room – the Kmart items bought so far are lovely but there’s more to get!

  225. Avatar of Charmaine Mitchell
    Charmaine Mitchell Reply

    Love to do out my daughters bedroom for her birthday

  226. Avatar of Patrick

    Wow, would love to try the kmart gear out, seeing we’ve had so many fails with the Aldi Drawers !

  227. Avatar of Sara Johnston
    Sara Johnston Reply

    I’m all about the books and insanely cheap clothes at kmart! I’d buy a few dresses for myself and a few books that I’ve been wanting to read but haven’t been able to justify spending the money on 🙂 Would be a great opportunity for a little self care 🙂

  228. Avatar of Pavlova

    Some soft furnishings for our bedroom, something warm and cozy for the winter cool.

  229. Avatar of Frodosmum

    I really like the outdoor chairs and the bar stools. Never have trouble finding someone to buy in Kmart.

  230. Avatar of Sara D

    Absolutely anything from the new range my house is in need of a revamp.

  231. Avatar of rachelvk

    Our house is in desperate need of a makeover… no matter how small.

  232. Avatar of Roslyn

    New sheet set – I just bought a secondhand Queen bed (the double wasn’t meeting the needs for a family snuggle anymore!) and I don’t have any sheets that fit!!

  233. Avatar of JulieG

    I would love to get some shelving and some soft furnishings to freshen up my dated loungeroom.

  234. Avatar of Melissa K

    Oh God where do I start!!! There is so much I’d love to buy especially from the home department. Love, love, love all the bits and pieces they have to update the decor in your house for not too much.

  235. Avatar of Rebecca Dewar
    Rebecca Dewar Reply

    I would love to buy some new bedding for my daughters room

  236. Avatar of N Beaumont
    N Beaumont Reply

    Some Kmart storage lockers will help me establish some sense of order and normality by neatly giving my kids’ belongings a “home” for the end of a busy kindy or daycare day!

  237. Avatar of Rachel K

    I’d love a couple of the ottomans and a nice throw to use while I mindlessly zone out in front of the TV. At least if I’m watching trash I won’t be sitting in it!!!

  238. Avatar of M.Fanning

    I’d love to purchase a 16 cube storage unit to make the school bag Kmart hack

  239. Avatar of Jane C

    I think i would get plants for myself, and bedding and crafty stuff for my daughter. A treat for both of us.

  240. Avatar of Janelle

    Badly need to update bedding in all bedrooms and bathroom linen always need clothing with this fast growing family the possibilities are endless and so is the list!

  241. Avatar of Sharyn

    I’d love a gardening shopping spree to add to my current endeavours to be self sufficient for vegetables

  242. Avatar of Bianca Borthwick
    Bianca Borthwick Reply

    Just had my second baby girl and would love to buy more baby bedding and toys xo

  243. Avatar of Christine Dattilo
    Christine Dattilo Reply

    Absolutely love kmart. I would purchase a new quilt cover and lots of toys for my 10yr old daughter who is currently in hospital

  244. Avatar of julie morton
    julie morton Reply

    a new vauum cleaner,i still have mine from when bought from Venutre,so small and slowly dying, when i was 16,atiffany brand,i would love a longer handle one as im over bending down to vacuum all the time

  245. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    First and foremost, a big scratching tower for my kitten. Hopefully that will stop him climbing on the dining table in his attempts to reach the highest point in the room! After that I’d probably get him some toys, or I might treat myself to a new kitchen gadget or two.

  246. Avatar of Leah

    I would spend the gift card on a few items to decorate my new home,
    Throw rug, cushions, choices are endless

  247. Avatar of Ashley Beech
    Ashley Beech Reply

    A new lounge is coming soon,
    but the coffee table receives the wooden spoon
    for ugly loungeroom feature
    when I get to Kmart I’ll reach for a
    new, stylish one!

  248. Avatar of Summer Hinaki-McDade
    Summer Hinaki-McDade Reply

    So many great buys at Kmart, however we are in great need for storage and fresh new bed linen and towels.

  249. Avatar of Carol Rittner
    Carol Rittner Reply

    Soup Bowls, Kitchen Tidy Bin, Brita Water Filters, Throw Rug, Ladies Clothing, Vacuum Cleaner.

  250. Avatar of Courtney Foster
    Courtney Foster Reply

    If I won my first purchase would definitely be a new toaster and kettle, then I would look for a new coffee table as I currently don’t have one

  251. Avatar of Lynette Hurt
    Lynette Hurt Reply

    It’s my daughters 5 birthday next month so I would use this for her presents. I’d love to redecorate her bedroom as a surprise and sneak in some hatchamals as she just loves them

  252. Avatar of L

    Love all Kmart’s decoration ideas and getting excited to shop their new collection.

  253. Avatar of Ra Jakobasch
    Ra Jakobasch Reply

    I would love to buy some new decor for my kids rooms to give them a makeover.

  254. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard Harrison Reply

    I always need more bookshelves and our two year old would love that highland cow print but my wife is the family interior designer so we would bow before her expertise

  255. Avatar of Lana harrison
    Lana harrison Reply

    UpholUpholstered dining chairs, magic erasers, contact, hallway table, new towels, so much!

  256. Avatar of LaurenG

    I would love to buy an ottoman. My husband and I argue over the chaise part of the lounge so this could prevent future disputes!

  257. Avatar of NataliaF

    Definitely enough pillows and sheets to create a permanent fort in the lounge room for movie nights.

  258. Avatar of Karley S

    Would definitely buy a new quilt cover as my fiancé sweats all over my current one.

  259. Avatar of nikki

    I would love this to get loads of cute things to fill up my 10 month old sons bedroom

  260. Avatar of Rachel

    I’d buy kitchen essentials that would be perfect for my new home!

  261. Avatar of Fionna

    I would love to buy a stack of neutral cushions to go throughout the whole house

  262. Avatar of Leicia Mathers
    Leicia Mathers Reply

    I would love to do my grandsons room up and maybe a new pillow for me while I’m there thanks

  263. Avatar of lisao

    I’d definitely buy kitchenware – our toaster has decided to only toast on one side, so it takes forever to make breakfast, and a new pot set is long overdue!

  264. Avatar of C Thompson
    C Thompson Reply

    I would buy my son the necessities for going to a interview for his first job. He really needs these clothes as they are and can be expensive. This would help a great deal.

  265. Avatar of Julie Parsons
    Julie Parsons Reply

    I’d love to buy ( among other things) the Velvet Blush ottoman. It’s so pretty!!!!!! Also the dining set. Can’t believe Kmart are selling these awesome stylish products

  266. Avatar of Marilyn Long
    Marilyn Long Reply

    I’d love to buy some new dinner ware and update my bedding for our bedroom.

  267. Avatar of Alex le Bas
    Alex le Bas Reply

    The prize would be spent on Ooshies for my wee boy and one of those moss rabbits for our toilet.. take the toilet decor up a few notches!!

  268. Avatar of Amy Murphy
    Amy Murphy Reply

    Would love to buy some home decor and even an outfit for myself would be nice!

  269. Avatar of Jacoba Evans
    Jacoba Evans Reply

    I’d buy a couple of the beautiful Kmart throw blankets, some cushions and a lamp.

  270. Avatar of Mary Joanne Ruth Lao
    Mary Joanne Ruth Lao Reply

    Portable grill for hubby, art materials and magnetic tiles for my daughter, a rice cooker and maybe some kitchen stuff for me… keeping fingers crossed..

  271. Avatar of Dale Pearce
    Dale Pearce Reply

    Kmart now have so much new product in homewares it would be hard to know where to start but I would like some new dining chairs and some shelving units.

  272. Avatar of Tash

    Setting up an area for my son to do his homework, so maybe some décor and stationary

  273. Avatar of Rachel

    I’d buy some new bed linen for my family and some home decor 🙂

  274. Avatar of Megan Sorrensen
    Megan Sorrensen Reply

    Homewares and new entry way furniture, loungeroom furnishings. This space I call home needs a face lift! What wouldn’t I buy?!

  275. Avatar of Kirsten K

    Definitely a new doona cover for my bed and new pillows for all of us as we need some new ones!

  276. Avatar of Lisa Thompson
    Lisa Thompson Reply

    If I won I would buy much needed storage for my kids toy room.

  277. Avatar of Mel

    I would finish kitting out the nursery for the gorgeous baby girl who surprised us by coming three weeks early!

  278. Avatar of Tamara BD

    We just bought a new lounge and these colours are a perfect match- I’d buy cushions, a throw rug and a floor mat. Our lounge room would be complete!

  279. Avatar of Samantha

    I would love to buy myself some new pillows and new sheets for our bed. Kids always get pretty things for their rooms, time for Mum and Dad to get some nice things too 🙂

  280. Avatar of Loui

    If by chance I happened to win, faux plants to fill my room. Like living in a secret garden full of blooms.

  281. Avatar of Jamie

    Would love to use the gift card to by my boys winter clothes. With a growing toddler and teenager, I seem to be buying clothes before I can get the labels off

  282. Avatar of Nicola Childs
    Nicola Childs Reply

    K…mart? Kmart? What should I need?
    M…aybe a cushion or two or
    A…n armchair to read?
    R…ug for the floor?
    T….oo hard to decide! Help me, I plead!

  283. Avatar of Sophia Vlake
    Sophia Vlake Reply

    I would buy more storage solutions. My wardrobe needs a major overhaul, my pantry and laundry need a little extra love, and the kids always need more storage space.

  284. Avatar of Nicky B

    Winter’s coming, the coldest in a while, so some warm pyjamas for the family.

  285. Avatar of Tegan

    Where to begin?? Home decor? Kids clothes? Kids bedroom? Kitchen? Books/movies? Pet products or maybe some of the genius Kmart hacks I have seen!! As a single mum of 4 kids, Kmart is my favourite place to shop for value for money and a great range!!

  286. Avatar of Lolo W

    $100 at KMart would go a long way,
    to spend it I might even take the whole day,
    fun, relaxed shopping for a quality bargain,
    without boutique price tags or superfluous jargon,
    I’d start in home wares, check out the new looks,
    cruising over to fashion via stationery and books,
    perhaps I’ll dream of some treats for myself,
    but what I’ll ultimately chose from the shelf,
    is most likely staple items for kids growing fast,
    shoes, socks, undies, clothes that will last,
    sporting gear for their upcoming season,
    perhaps a game or toy – of course, within reason,
    buying for my family is always an enjoyable outcome,
    especially at KMart with free money – I love being a mum!

  287. Avatar of Chloe Heatherill
    Chloe Heatherill Reply

    I don’t think I would get past the homewares section! I would love a new comforter for my bed to update for the new Autumn season. And, as boring as it is, I need some new drinking glasses to replace my old ones that have that white film on them now from years of going through the dishwasher!

  288. Avatar of Kylie W

    Baking things as I’ve got a new found love of baking and can’t afford much.

  289. Avatar of Donna Bennett
    Donna Bennett Reply

    With the cooler months coming I’d love some new throw rugs, cushions and candles! Kmart have such a lovely range this year and so much to choose from. The range really makes a house a home:)

  290. Avatar of JessBrierley
    JessBrierley Reply

    I would love to organise my kitchen cupboards, fridge and pantry so would buy some containers/shelving etc. to do that with. Some new towels and manchester are on the list too!

  291. Avatar of Antonietta B
    Antonietta B Reply

    I would love to create a reading nook for my little boy so a teepee, rug and cushions would be what I’d buy.

  292. Avatar of Kate

    Items to make a play area for the preschooler and toddler. I’m thinking bookshelf, storage cubes, mat, educational posters.

  293. Avatar of ReneeT

    I would love the pink chair and some Easter things and craft supplies.

  294. Avatar of Sarah Gibson
    Sarah Gibson Reply

    Love to get a new dinner set and cutlery.
    Every time I go to art I seem to spend it in the kids!
    Time to get what I want!

  295. Avatar of Nur Sarah Rosli
    Nur Sarah Rosli Reply

    My first home will be ready in a few month’s time and finally my 3 year old daughter can have her own room. And obviously have loads to buy from Kmart including cushion, rugs, clothes rack, lamp etc etc !

  296. Avatar of Imogen Carlson
    Imogen Carlson Reply

    A new dinner set. Kmart have 2 sets that I absolutely love so choosing could be difficult.

  297. Avatar of Lauren Iacobucci
    Lauren Iacobucci Reply

    I’d love to buy the gray velvet bench and some things to decorate my new hall table. Also some stuff to organise my pantry.

  298. Avatar of Kerry

    I’d love to buy my granddaughter something special for her 1st birthday. Oh amd some new storage ideas for my miss 4

  299. Avatar of Jessie Chibber
    Jessie Chibber Reply

    Kmart is where dreams are made – They have everything and at the best prices, I’d just wander around and find whatever I liked and splurge a little.

  300. Avatar of Malini

    I will glam up my house with the in trend but affordable furnitures and home decor. Arranging my pantry so people will envy it. The list could go on cos I want everything in KMART.

  301. Avatar of Kara McLeod
    Kara McLeod Reply

    I have just moved into a new house that’s twice the size of my old one so it’s in desperate need of some decor love!! I would buy cushions for the lounge, an ottoman, some prints for the walls, and new beds for my fur-babies!

  302. Avatar of Ruth Walker
    Ruth Walker Reply

    I would love to buy some new items to make over my room. Kmart has great things at fantastic prices.

  303. Avatar of Kristen

    everything! But first would be a new rug and deco items for the lounge room

  304. Avatar of Kristen waldon
    Kristen waldon Reply

    Everything i could! But first would be a new rug and deco items for the lounge room

  305. Avatar of Hayley parker
    Hayley parker Reply

    I’d love to print off all the family pictures off my phone and pop them in a smart modern photo album before I either break or lose my phone.

  306. Avatar of Stephanie West
    Stephanie West Reply

    No one knows what they want to buy before they go into Kmart! Kmart tells me what I need whilst I’m there lol.

  307. Avatar of Amanda sutherland
    Amanda sutherland Reply

    I would get new sheets and pillows for all of us, 3 boys and a newborn girl coming in the next week

  308. Avatar of Heidi

    I would love to buy some flat pack furniture for our extremely bare Kitchen!
    Cupboards for the win!

  309. Avatar of Mikayla

    I’m poor and need a heater or more warm blankets for winter please

  310. Avatar of Jenny Wright
    Jenny Wright Reply

    Wooden coasters I like much
    some bean bags to give the living room a comfy touch
    a floor lamp so i can read in a cosy nook
    and a pink soft ottoman to complete the look

  311. Avatar of Renee Rogers
    Renee Rogers Reply

    I’d get new towels cause lord knows we need them! And some new kitchen gadgets as well as some statement pieces to finish our home!

  312. Avatar of Magdalen

    I would but the Scandinavian shoe rack I’ve been chasing for ages and they’ve only just got in!

  313. Avatar of Kieren

    The new pink plates are so blushworthy. They’d disguise any of my meals as beautiful cuisine.

  314. Avatar of Caroline

    As I’m doing up my son’s old room for his twin teenage sister’s I’d be get prints, pillows and pretty things to make the room perfect

  315. Avatar of Jess A

    Ahh its such a hard decision! I am in desperate need of some new sheets for our bed. Then Id probably spend the rest on baby stuff as our third child is on the way and it would be nice for her to have something new and not just hand me downs!!