Babywearing Must-Have: 3 Chekoh Baby Wraps and Carriers Ensuring Comfort and Style

If I could offer one piece of advice to every expecting and new mum out there, it would be this:

BABYWEARING. Buy a Baby Wrap. Or a Baby Carrier. Or a Baby Sling.

Attach that baby to your body in whatever way feels right for you, and own it. It will be your saving grace, especially in the early days.

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Clingy baby? Chekoh baby wraps and carriers to the rescue! Source: @katerosefolk / @ella_oshea.

Here’s why we love babywearing: 

One of the hardest things about new motherhood is that you’re in high demand 24/7. Your baby doesn’t know much about this new world, but they know you. They know the sound of your heart beating, the taste of your milk, the feel of your skin, and the sound of your laugh. You’re their safe space, which is why they tend to get a little fussy if you’re not around, holding them, or feeding them.

Babywearing was designed as a way for babies to experience the security they need, but to also give mums a bit of their freedom back. Or, at least, their arms and hands. With babywearing, you can go anywhere, settle bub easier and experience the world together. Carrying them, guiding them, and showing them their surroundings, is such a wonderful experience for both of you.

Choosing a carrier

There are so many options when it comes to baby carriers these days – it’s easy to get overwhelmed or to buy something on a whim or on a quick sale (and regret it later).

So allow us to simplify things a little bit for you.

First, let us introduce you to Chekoh

Chekoh is an Australian baby carrier brand, designed by a busy mum of three and created for one main reason – to give parents a stylish, safe and comfortable way to carry their baby.

Chekoh baby wraps and carriers are simple, slim and safe. These beautiful products make baby-wearing easy and enjoyable which is why Chekoh is leading the way in the baby-wearing world.

Chekoh is home to THREE different babywearing choices:

  1. their incredibly popular Chekoh Baby Wraps
  2. their equally gorgeous Chekoh Sling Carriers and
  3. their newest addition is the convenient Chekoh Clip Carriers.

All are lightweight, portable and affordable, so let’s find out which one is the right fit for you.

Chekoh baby wraps, slings and clip carrier
Chekoh has three different babywearing styles – the sling, the wrap and the clip carrier. Source: Supplied

1. Chekoh Baby Wraps – the ultimate newborn carriers 

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Chekoh Baby Wraps are super soft, super stretchy and so comfortable. Source: @ninagonthier

We’ll start with the Chekoh Baby Wrap Carriers, which are best suited for itty bitty newborns who LOVE to snuggle up close. Extra stretchy and simple to use, they are also under $100! Score!

Chekoh Baby Wraps are made from super soft and stretchy bamboo that moulds to your body, breathes easily and all the while supports your precious cargo. There are no clips, zips, velcros or fasteners – just a lightweight piece of fabric that fits all body shapes and sizes and is suitable for babies up to 10kg.

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Chekoh baby Wraps come in several colours and designs too, all ergonomic and safe. Source: @felicityanthonyy.

What mums love most about the Chekoh baby Wraps is how content their babies are in them. During that tricky fourth trimester, most babies will only be content if they are close to you. This is what Chekoh baby Wraps offer little ones – a way to have this much-needed comfort, but without sacrificing your own sanity or ability to get anything done.

Chekoh baby Wraps are great for around the house, running errands, light walking and even relaxing on the lounge. But remember that these baby Wraps are only designed for the first 12 months so they will eventually outgrow it, usually around the 6-month mark (we recommend wearing up to 12 months or 10kgs).

2. Chekoh Sling Carriers – from newborn and beyond

Chekoh Sling Carriers are another option for newborns, plus they allow you to wear bub for a little bit longer. Sling Carriers can hold up to 15 kg which is well into the toddler years.

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 Sling Carriers are a great alternative, and will last you to the toddler years Source:  

As with the Chekoh baby Wraps, the Slings are priced under $100 too. They are also made of a super soft blend of bamboo and linen and, like all Chekoh babywearing products, are certified ‘Hip Healthy’ by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

What makes the Sling different from a Wrap is the ring aspect. Instead of wrapping bub to you, you place bub into the Sling. There are three different ways to carry your little one depending on their size and age, including on your front, hip or back.

Chekoh baby slings
Babywearing will be a game-changer for you. Source: Supplied

Chekoh baby Slings are also very lightweight and a great bring-anywhere option. Simply chuck it into the nappy bag and, if bub starts to fuss, grab the sling and let your little cling monster enjoy some cuddles without sacrificing your hands.

The great thing about the Chekoh baby Sling is that once they are a little older, they can easily see what’s going on in the world from the comfort of their sling. And, if they get sleepy while taking in the sights, off they drift.

3. The Chekoh Clip Carrier – Sleek, stylish and simple 

If you are looking for a carrier that will go the distance, then the Chekoh Clip Carrier is your go-to. It’s designed for babies 4 months AND 5kg up to 15kg and offers two ways to carry – front and back. Both ways are incredibly comfortable, hip-healthy, safe and, best of all, really easy to do. Putting your infant in and taking them out is simple and stress-free which is a godsend!

Chekoh Clip Carrier
Chekoh’s Clip Carrier allows you to carry facing you or facing out. Source: Supplied

What makes the Chekoh Clip Carriers stand out from the crowd is that they are incredibly lightweight and portable too. There is no excessive panelling, offering a streamlined carry for both you and your baby.

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Every Chekoh Clip Carrier comes in a cotton mesh pouch which doubles as a wash bag and travel bag. Source: Supplied

There are a few different colours and styles of Chekoh Clip Carriers, starting around $190 to $220 for their new cord-fabric range. The Chekoh Clip Carrier is also machine washable and size-inclusive, fitting up to a women’s size 24 and a men’s XXXL.

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Chekoh’s Clip Carrier allows for a chest-to-chest or back carry. Source: @chelseallen_-_-ella_oshea⁠-@katerosefolk-

If you are looking for a more traditional way to carry your baby, then you’ll fall in love with the Chekoh Clip Carrier. You can easily wear it for hours and hours and be comfortable, all the while bub remains content.

It’s great for walking, hiking, travelling, around the house, running errands – pretty much everywhere and anywhere! It also comes with a 5-star rating – no wonder it’s considered one of the best baby carriers in Australia!

Never compromise on safety or style – you and your baby deserve both

If Chekoh isn’t on your radar for a baby carrier, it really should be. We promise you will be over the moon with how easy and comfortable Chekoh makes the babywearing experience.

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Source: Supplied

This is a natural, beautiful thing and it shouldn’t be stressful or frustrating. That’s why Chekoh also provides a free babywearing video consult call with a trained babywearing educator so you can ensure you’re wearing your Sling, Wrap or Carrier correctly from day one.

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Source: Supplied

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