Mum Has Internet in Stitches after Sharing her Teen’s Birthday List

Is there anything harder in life than being a teenager? Fuelled on hormones, filled with emotions, and forced to actually unload the dishwasher EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, I swear, it’s one tough gig being a teen these days.

I suppose that’s why so many teens seem to expect the world from us humble servants, sorry, parents. But one mum isn’t having a bar of it as she shares her teen’s birthday list and hilariously shuts down her OTT requests.

We are applauding every single comeback this mum has for her daughter as she works her way through her birthday wish list.

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As Amanda Melendez, from the US explains, her daughter is turning 16 in December. Big milestone. So big, in fact, she’s requesting at least 16 years’ worth of gifts.

No party, just presents!

Amanda starts her TikTok video, which has racked up over 4,1 million views, by explaining how her daughter decided she didn’t want a Sweet 16 party, but instead wanted to take a trip. However, issues with passports put that idea on hold so she (over)compensated with a birthday gift wish list instead.

It starts off strong – with an iPhone 13. Which is about $1,300. She already has an iPhone 11, but clearly, only a newer model will do.

Next on the teen’s birthday list was a juicer (which mum agrees to), followed by a “big girl purse”.

She wants a big girl purse. But not just any purse, a Coach or Louis Vuitton,” the mum said.

Amanda then proceeds to hold up her own bag.

 “Let me show you guys something. This is my big girl purse. This is what I rock every day, Amazon, $20.99, alright?”

Amanda’s daughter also needs a new puppy, most likely to carry in her designer handbag, which Amanda also quickly vetoes.

“Why? Because I’m going to be stuck taking care of a puppy. Although I love animals and the puppy she wants is adorable, I don’t think I’ve got the time for that.”

Moving along, we’ve got something called Bred 4’s, which, I had to Google because I don’t speak fluent Teen. These are shoes. $400 shoes.

She also puts money on the list, which Amanda later clarifies isn’t just a couple of $20 notes. No, it’s $1,000.

“She clearly is confused about my income,” the mum joked.

Pink roses that spell out my name

But my favourite item on the teen’s birthday list has to be the request for pink roses – enough to spell out her name. I mean, if this isn’t the most extra thing I’ve ever heard of, I don’t know what is.

Of course, Amanda had the perfect reply to this one too:

“The girl got like seven letters in her name, that’s like a good $600.”

We’ll continue down the list to a new pair of AirPods, which sounds reasonable, except this will be her daughter’s third pair of gifted AirPods.

“I just bought her the second edition of AirPods, maybe four months ago, because she got good grades. Yeah, she lost those and they were her second pair. So… no.” 

And her final request. Undies. From Fenty.

“Fenty, not anywhere else. Fenty.

Girl, my underwear is from Walmart, you think I’m going to get you some Fenty? Bye.”

Amanda does sum up her video by giving a few items on the list a tick of approval, like the juicer, wax kit, and room decor.

All in total, Amanda would be looking at around $7,000 in gifts on her teen’s birthday list. Which, I know is totally acceptable for some families, but probably not for most.

Kudos to Amanda, for keeping it real while keeping her daughter’s ego in check. Teens, you gotta love them!

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