13 Delicious Chicken Drumstick Recipes for Easy Weeknight Dinners

Kids who make a beeline for chicken drumsticks know where the flavour is at!

An awesome budget-friendly cut of meat, there’s no fighting over who gets the drumstick when EVERYONE can have them!

Here’s 13 ways to dress up chicken drummies for dinner!

Our Favourite Chicken Drumstick Recipes

1. Honey mustard baked chicken drumsticks

Holy mustard, I can just about smell how good these will be cooking away in the oven! Team with smashed roast potato and broccoli and you have yourself a full meal. Find the recipe at Recipe Tin Eats.

mum central

2. Slow cooker honey orange chicken drumsticks

Yes you can cook chicken drumsticks in the slow cooker! Want to have a go at it yourself? Try this delicious slow cooker friendly honey orange chicken recipe from Eating Well.

slow cooker honey orange chicken

3. Thai fried chicken

Fancy your chicken drummies crunchy, with hints of Asian spices and topped with coriander? Me too! You’ll find this Thai fried chicken recipe at Rasa Malaysia.

Thai fried chicken drumsticks

4. Sticky honey soy baked chicken

One of my all time favourite recipes for chicken drumsticks, it DOES require a little babysitting with the basting – but it’s well worth it! Check out the Mum’s Pantry recipe for honey soy baked chicken drumsticks!

sticky chicken drumsticks

5. Grilled honey chipotle chicken drumsticks

Fire up the barbecue and get the hotplate cranking for these lucky legs! This Tastedocs recipe is just the ticket for those who love their meat with heat.

honey chipotle chicken drumsticks

6. Sweet and sticky chicken with vegetables

It doesn’t get much easier – or yummier – than a one pot, tray bake dinner of sweet sticky chicken and vegetables. Full of colour and flavour, find the recipe at Don’t Waste The Crumbs.

one pot sticky chicken with vegetables

7. Extra crispy southern fried chicken

Hand up if you occasionally have a craving for a particular food chain’s famous chicken? Now you can attempt your own at home with this recipe from CD Kitchen – just don’t forget the sweet and sour sauce!

extra crispy southern fried chicken drumsticks

8. Baked honey glazed chicken

A set and forget oven meal, this baked honey glazed chicken recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen looks to be finger licking good!

baked honey chicken drumsticks

9. Lemon, pepper and rosemary rubbed chicken

Straight to the pantry spice cupboard with this Woman’s Day recipe for lemon, pepper and rosemary rubbed chicken. Delicious!

lemon pepper chicken drumsticks

10. Tandoori chicken

Indian inspired tandoori chicken drumsticks are coming right up with this recipe from Once Upon A Chef.

tandoori chicken drumsticks recipe

11. Creamy chicken and risoni tray bake

Is there anything tastier than chicken paired with pasta? I think not! Cut down on the dishes while still delivering a fabulous meal with this sensational chicken and risoni tray bake from Taste.

chicken drumstick risoni bake

12. Garlic lemon chicken drumsticks

I love my air fryer and the kids love these lemon infused chicken drumsticks. Only half an hour to cook, they’ll be on the table in no time. See the Mum’s Pantry recipe to make it at home.

garlic lemon chicken drumsticks

13. Hoisin chicken and rice

Give your chicken drummies the complete hoisin treatment with this delicious recipe from Woman’s Day. Teamed with baked greens and rice, you can bet the kids will love it!

hoisin chicken drumsticks recipe

There you have it, 13 delicious chicken drumstick dinners! Now, what do kids love just as much as chicken drumsticks? Sausages! So when you’re done with drumsticks, give these easy sausage recipes  a go.

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