5 Yummy Sausage Recipes for Super Easy Family Dinners

Here’s five sausage recipes sure to expand your sausage cooking game! Casseroles, pastas, tray bakes – even the slow cooker gets a delicious mention here with this terrific budget meat.

Sausages, the unsung hero of the butcher’s chilled cabinet. Super easy to cook and reasonably priced, if there’s one thing kids love the most, it’s got to be SAUSAGES.

Here’s five sausage recipes (beyond the fried sausage in fresh bread), that are sure to go down a treat.

1. Slow cooker curried sausages

Our super handy slow cooker curried sausages recipe is sure to become a regular on your family dinner rotation. Put it on at lunch time and have it ready and waiting by dinner time, PERFECT!

slow cooker curried sausages

2. Sausage casserole

An easy peasy sausage casserole the kids will gulp down in no time.  You can even load this budget friendly sausage recipe up with extra vegetables to make it go that little bit further.

mum central

3. Slow cooker devilled sausages

Fancy a delicious recipe twist? Try a splash of mint sauce in this devilled sausages recipe from Barker’s. Eight hours in the slow cooker, these snags can simmer away all day without much fuss at all. Serve with creamy mashed potato for a real belly warming dinner. It’s bangers and mash with a delish twist.

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4. Cheesy smoked sausage pasta

Pasta and sausages are always a winning combination. Add cheese to the mix and chances are the family will fight over seconds! From Budget Savvy Diva, one pan cheesy smoked sausage pasta. Get in my carb lovin’ belly…

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5. Healthy sausage, chickpea and vegetable tray bake

For the meal prepping mamas out there, you’re going to LOVE this sausage, chickpea and vegetable tray bake dinner from Chelsea’s Messy Apron. I’ll be adding this one to my dinner line-up, that’s for sure!

mum central

From beef, pork and lamb sausages to delicious Italian sausages and all the spicy snag combinations in between – you’re sure to be winning at dinner with readily available sausage options, be brave and mix it up for a real taste sensation!

And even better – you can send any leftovers to school or work in a thermos for lunch the next day. Now that IS winning!

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